Growing on My Own Ch. 02

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After my conversation with Lee I forget the beer and head straight for the hard liquor. Jim, Jack, and Caption Morgan are starting to sound amazing, sadly after 2 shots of Jim I’m feeling carefree. Hoping to avoid Lee at lest a little longer i head to the back yard. Looking around I see Justin and Allison talking to a group of people. Allison catches sight of me and excuses herself from their conversation and walk over to me.

“That bad huh? Want to talk about it?” Not wanting to tell her I got caught masturbating to my brothers roommate, I just shake my head no. She wasn’t happy about my reply. “I wont tell anyone, besides we will be family one day.” Debating to answer or not, I decide to give her an answer just not the right one.

“I’m just nervous, I haven’t seen my brother since i was 13, to make matters worse dads leaving me. It’s like I’m all alone again.” Knowing only part of that was true I’m hoping it gets her off my back.

“Well first we need to sober you up so come with me, okay?” Nodding my head I try to follow her to bad my body said no, you must sleep. Why is it when you drink you get sleepy and this being my first time drinking I’m surprised I lasted this long. Closing my eyes haft way up the stairs I start to fall back, anticipating a hard fall I’m shocked it never comes. I try to open my eyes but they just wont open. who ever was holding me smelled really good, kinda like AXE but not as strong.

I felt him lay me down gently, I can tell its not my room because the shits smell just like him. Who ever he is he just leaves. I’m so thankful he didn’t try any thing. Drifting completely to sleep, I feel dead to the world.

Kisses trailing up my neck. Hands roaming my sides. It feels so good agents my burning hot skin. It takes me a minute to realize he’s not on top of me but I’m on top of him. The room is pitch black, At this point I don’t care who he is.

Slowly pulling me down to place small bits across my chest and collar bone. Grinding my pelvis against his, I stop to pull my dress up and over my head. Leaning back down to take his lips in mine. I feel hungry for him. Trailing kisses down my chest he removes my bra with the up most ease. taking my left nipple in him mouth, his tong circles it he most have felt like he was abandoning the right cause güvenilir bahis he switched.

Not wanting to just receive, I take off his shirt over his head and gently push him back against the mattress. roaming my hands over his chest, I feel his six pack brush under my fingers. Sliding my hands down his body I push my hands against his jeans. I know he’s hard I can feel him wanting, begging to be released from his prison. I unbutton his jeans and slowly slide them down his hips, taking his boxers with them. Its to dark to see so I slide my hand up his thigh slowly approaching his member.

Once i reach my destination I rotate my hands around his member. Judging by my hands it feels like a good 9 inches. Being as this is my first time I decide to just dive in. placing my mouth at the tip of his head i reach out my tong and lick the head. Twirling my tong around and around, he splits out a moan. I take this as my que to continue. Sliding my mouth over the head completely i slowly lick like I’m licking a melting Popsicle. Feeling his hands on my head I lower my mouth more. Opening my throat like i’m about to sing I push him all the way in. I feel him push in and out, just when i think i’m going to die of air loss, he pulls completely out and flips us.

Only this left between us in my silk pink underwear. His hands seemed urgent as he removes them in one swift move. Kissing his lips before I can change my mind he pushing his head to my opening. Taking my lips from his to tell him I’m a virgin. I never get the chance as he pushes in side me. I grasp as the air leaves my body I bit down on his shoulder to stop myself from screaming. He must have understood cause he didn’t move, not even a inch. Finely I nod my head but it’s to dark so I reach up and kiss his lips letting him know it’s ok to move.

He pulls out slowly and begins to push back in just as slow. I feel the urge to move faster and just like that he picks up the speed. Feeling like I need more I push my hips up to meet his. I feel his balls slap my ass, surprising it feels so good it pushes me over the edge. My orgasm rocks by body harder than ever before, I feel him pulsing inside me, it’s like his member has it’s own heart beat. Laying back against the bed he pulls me to his chest. Sleep pushes at me once more.

The türkçe bahis next morning I wake to find my mystery man gone. Who was he? Why’d he leave? Deciding to get up and get to my room before any one can see my walk of shame I run to my room and lock the door. This time I make sure both doors are shut. Grabbing some clean cloths I lock Lee’s door, start my shower, and scrub my body. I still feel the pain between my legs letting me know last night wasn’t a dream.

Drying my body I dress in black shorts and a orange bless me shirt. Now time for hair and makeup, going with a messy bun and some light makeup I’m out my room and headed down stairs when I hear voices.

“Alexzander, you was up really late this morning did something happen?” I know that voice it’s Justin’s. Stopping to hear the rest I just stand still.

“He looks like he got laid if you ask me. Boys had a stick up his ass since Emma dumped him.” hearing a smacking sound I jump. “What was that for, truth is the truth. Zander is loaded, good looking, and smart. Yet he wants to brood over a cheating whore. I’m happy he’s moving on. I want to shake the girls hand.” This earned him another slap.

“Look who I sleep with has nothing to do with you. So mind your own damn business.” His voice was deep and solid, it made my knees go weak.

“Are you just going to stand there or go on in.” Lee whispered in my ear. Startled by his breath on me ear I jump knocking over a stand. “Didn’t mean to scare you little Justin, Wow you look so much alike, f only he had boobs.” This earned us company.

“Lee shut up. You okay Jessie?” nodding my head he continues on. “You disappeared last night. Allison said you wasn’t feeling so well you went to lay down, but you look fine to me. Come let me introduce you to your new roommates.” Justin said while turning and walking away.

My nerves was going crazy cause in that room was the man who took my virginity. I could not be any more scared. Lee pushing me on in the kitchen. Walking around me Lee takes a spot at the table. I’m in awe as all of them look like gods sitting around the table.

“Well introduce yourselves. She’s not a mind reader.” Lee said load and clear earning me everyone’s glances.

The first to speak was a lite skinned African American. “My names güvenilir bahis siteleri Micheal, I’m a first year medical intern like your brother if you need anything let me know.” He seems like a sweet heart.

Next was a red head. He looked at me before deciding to speak. “I’m Kennith, but you can call me Kenny.” Judging by the voice he was the one who got slapped. He had deep hazel eyes nothing standing out in particular. “I’ve know your brother since 10th grade. Don’t ask about my job i’d haft to kill you.” this earned him another slap upside the head.

“He’s a moron, He’s a police officer. He has a big mouth but he’s harmless.” Justin said with a smirk on his face.

Last but not lest was the one called Alexzander. He slowly lifted his gaze, upon meeting my face we had the same thoughts ‘your the one’. No matter how much I wanted to ask him I knew if I did my brother would kill us both. He had ocean blue eyes dark brown almost black hair, and i was right a six pack. Just looking at him reminded me of last night. We couldn’t speak, lost in thought I didn’t notice Justin or Lee speaking before Kenny jumped up waving his hand in my face.

“Earth to Jessie,” this gaining my attention I lower my head and apologize. See my honesty they turn and look at Zander.

“Sorry, My names Alexzander but they,” pointing at the boys, “call me Zander. Its up to you.” Not wanting to say more he slides his chair back and walks out the door. I turn and walk out the room headed for any where but in there when suddenly I’m pulled to threw the back door. “Your Justin’s sister?”

“I’m so sorry? I should have told you. I was just really drunk and before i could stop myself I was turned on.” I stopped to look him dead in the eye. “I really am sorry,” lowering my gaze to his shirt then his pants. I lick my lips while remembering what is in those pants.

Lifting up my chin he places his lips on mine. “I cant turn back now.” He replies before pressing his lips even harder to mine. I raise my arm around his neck. He slides his hands down my side, stopping on my hips I push my pelvis as close as i can to his. Grinding I can feel his member growing.

“Jessie want to go with me and see Allison?” We jump away before the back door swings open. I turn so my backs to Justin and I’m facing the pool.

“Sure just give me a minute, I’m texting mom.” I look around and Zander is no where to be seen. He sure does move fast. Turning around I walk in the house and out the front door. I sure do hope life becomes less complicated.

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