Grocery Shopping

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Marie was in a particularly naughty mood this morning, earlier she had masturbated to a delicious orgasm while spending some time on-line. It was only 10:00am, the kids were at her Mothers until 4:30 and she had the whole day to herself. She decided she would go out grocery shopping for a while. Now some people might find grocery shopping tedious or boring, but Marie knew how to make the most mundane tasks seem very erotic. She picked out a short red skirt, matching red shoes, and a thin white blouse. She dabbed on her favorite perfume in all the right spots, on her neck, behind each ear, the top of each breast, the inside of each thigh and on each ankle. She double checked her hair and headed for her favorite grocery store.

The store was busy, but not quite the zoo it turned into later in the afternoon. Marie liked to shop at this time of day. The people were not in a hurry to get home, so they had more time to chat and check out the other customers. She grabbed a cart and headed towards the produce section to find someone interesting. There was a good looking, nicely dressed gentleman, who was maybe 6 foot with well groomed dark hair and a goatee, looking at the asparagus. She walked past him to let him catch her scent. She paused momentarily as she went by and said “Good morning”.

He looked up and smiled at her “Good morning”.

His eyes lingered on her as she walked by. He watched her butt sway back and forth as she walked past, then his eyes drifted down her muscular legs. Marie accidentally dropped her grocery list and slowly bent over to retrieve it. Her already short skirt sliding further up her thighs almost exposing her butt cheeks. The man’s eyes were riveted on her skirt, he licked his lips thinking about the possibilities. Then he returned to his task, bagged his asparagus and moved over to the fruit bins. He was looking for some pears to poach for dessert. The store had a nice selection. As he pondered which verital would be best in the recipe, Marie made her way over to the opposite side of the bin. She started picking out some Anjou pears, being careful to find the best ones that were farthest away from her. The man looked up at her and smiled once again. As she stretch out to pick up a pear her blouse draped down exposing most of her full breast. The man couldn’t tear his eyes away from her breast and stood staring, competely losing his thoughts about the dessert for which he was gathering ingredients. Marie picked out eight pears, each time leaning over the bin. The man could clearly see she wasn’t wearing a bra. A couple times he could see her hard nipple as she leaned to pick up a pear. As she reached for her last pear she looked up at him. He was staring right at her breast.

She smiled at him “The pears are beautiful today.”

His cheeks flushed as he realized he had been caught staring. He smiled at her, “ummm yes ……a lovely pair…….firm …….ripe…..sweet”

Now Marie’s cheeks flushed, “Do you prefer the Anjou or the Bartlett?”

“For eating I prefer the Bartlett, they tend to be fuller, juicier, their skin is softer, more succulent, but for poaching I like the Anjous which are firmer and tend to hold their shape when hot.” He replied.

She laughed with him and extended her hand, “I’m Marie, nice to meet you.”

He gently took her hand, it was smooth and warm. “Nice to meet you Marie, I’m Jason.”

He picked out his pears and moved across the isle to get a cucumber for his salad. Marie followed him as he selected a cucumber. She reached across him to get a bell pepper.

“Excuse me”. She said as she had moved close enough that her breast dragged across his elbow as she pick up a bell pepper. “Uhmmm…. I love cucumbers they go so well in so many different things, don’t you think?”

Jason looked at her, “They are quite versatile……………..You are a big tease aren’t you?”

“Well I guess I do like to tease a little. Do you mind?” she replied.

“I don’t mind a all, although I do like it better when the person isn’t afraid to follow up on it.”

“Well sometimes I can follow up quite well.” Marie replied. She then slowly sauntered off to get some garlic.

Jason watched her walk away. He decide to see how far she would go, so he left the busy produce section and went over to the next isle to look for some spices. He squatted down and pretended to be looking for something on the bottom shelf. Shortly he heard the click, click, click of Marie’s high heels coming from behind him. escort bostancı He continued to look at spices on the bottom shelf ignoring her.

Marie came around and stop right in front of him. She looked at some spices on the top shelf. Jason eyes were right at her waist level. He looked at her bare legs and breathed in her scent. Marie then turned slightly towards him and reached for a spice jar on the top shelf. Her skirt lifted up her thighs as she stretched. From Jason’s view it was now barely covering her pussy. He quickly reached behind her, placing one hand on her butt he pulled his face up under her skirt into her crouch. He really wasn’t surprised to find she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. His lips meant the bare shaved skin of her pussy, as his tongue pushed up in between her pussy lips to flick across her already wet clit.

Startled by his bold move, Marie started to jerk back, but she was held fast by his firm hand on her butt. Then as she felt his tongue run across her clit she froze. A moan escaped her lips. Her heels slid outward to spread her thighs a bit more. Jason’s tongue flashed across her clit again and again. Then his head dropped, his tongue sank deep into her pussy and then slowly slid up through her slit until it flicked across her clit once more. “ohhhhhh…. please……ummmmm.” escape from Marie’s lips.

Jason pulled back, looked up at her and smiled, “You taste as delicious as you look”.

“Ummm… thank you, you certainly are a naughty one” she replied.

“Oh I’m only getting started, shall we go somewhere a little less public before they sell they security tape of us on the internet?”

“I think I’d like that I just need to get one more item”

She headed down the isle to get some salad dressing. Jason followed her watching her skirt swish back and forth. They made their way through the check out counter. As Marie bent over the grocery cart to unload her groceries, Jason step right up behind her and lightly pressed his bulging jeans into her butt. Marie pushed back into him and wiggle around on his stiff pole. As Marie scanned her ATM card Jason’s hand wandered up under the back of her skirt to caress her butt. When they had finished paying they headed out to the parking lot.

“I live right around the corner, You could give me a ride there and I’ll walk back later for my car” Jason inquired as they walked across the parking lot.

“That’s sounds like a good idea” she replied as she climbed into her mini van.

Jason put his groceries in her car and climbed into the passenger seat. “Just go down Vine Street, it’s 14560 Vine.” He told her as he put on his seat belt.

He then leaned over next to her and started undoing her the buttons of her blouse. Marie fumbled for her keys in her purse. Jason finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled each side wide open. A man walking by her car almost dropped his bag of groceries. Marie smiled at him and started the car as she felt Jason’s tongue start to swirl around her nipple. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove to his house. Jason continued to tease her nipples, gently flicking them with his tongue and then nibbling on them with his lips. His hand ran up along her leg, up her thigh and lightly brushed her pussy.

She pulled into his driveway, “We’re here, I think”

Jason look up “Yep this is it”.

He jumped out of the van and walked around to her side. She was just starting to button up her blouse. He opened the door and took her hands and help her out. As he helped her out of the car and into his arms he kissed her. His hands undid the button she had buttoned and then pulled her blouse down off her shoulders.

“You won’t be needing that”.

He tossed her blouse into her van and pulled her back into his arms. Her bare breast pushing into his chest. He unzipped her skirt, pulled in down over her butt and then let it drop to her ankles.

“What will your neighbors think?” Marie asked as she glanced over his shoulder.

“Oh they’ll probably think I’m the luckiest man on the planet.”

She stepped out of her skirt as he picked it up and tossed it into the van. He then pick her up and carried her down the driveway into the back yard. Once they were through the gate Jason set her gently down on the grass by the fountain. The spring sun was warm and felt good on Marie’s bare skin. Jason removed his shirt and pulled her against him. Her breast felt warm and firm against his chest. They kissed passionately ümraniye escort as his hands explored the crevice of her buttocks.

“Make yourself at home I’ll be right back” he told her as he hurried into the house.

Marie walked around his backyard, which was fairly secluded. She could see a few houses had views of his backyard, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she hoped someone was watching her right now. After five or ten minutes she heard the door open and turned to see Jason coming out of the house, naked, his semi hard cock bouncing up and down with each step. He had a large blanket, some rope, a hammer and some tent stakes in his hand.

“You really think we need a tent? Are you going to use that as the center pole?” she asked pointing at his cock.

“Oh this isn’t going to be a tent. Come over here and help me spread out the blanket”.

They spread the blanket out on the grass, then Jason had her sit down. He quickly began to tie her wrist together.

“What if I don’t want to be tied up? She asked him.

“Well you shouldn’t have been such a big tease. Now lay down and turn over on your stomach”

He stretched her arms out above her head. He then hammered in a tent stake and tied her hands to it. He then tied a piece of rope to each of her ankles, hammered in two more stakes, spread her legs and tied each ankle to a stake.

She closed her eyes and relaxed. She felt him sit down between her feet. He spread some oil on his hands and began to massaged her calves, slowly his hands moved up her legs. He watched her pussy as his hands worked her legs. Her pussy was already moist when he started. As his hands moved up her legs her pussy lips opened like a water lily blooming, revealing the sweet succulent inner petals. Moisture flowed down over her clit.

He messaged the back and outside of her thighs first and then moved to the inside, where he let the back of his hands gently touch each side of her pussy. He then massage her butt, pulling and spreading her cheeks apart. Her breathing was becoming erratic and deep.

He moved back to her feet and started licking and nibbling her instep and ankles. As he slowly moved up her calves, he ran his hands very softly across her thighs, lower back and butt. As Jason began to lick, kiss and nibble his way up the inside of her thighs, his hands began to knead her buttocks again. He changed position, laying on his stomach between her legs, caressing her butt with both hands, spreading her cheeks apart. She felt his tongue start at the top her butt and slide down between her cheeks. He spread her cheeks with his hands as he flicked his tongue across her asshole. Marie’s body tensed with the pleasure his tongue was giving her. Jason continued to rim her, pushing his tongue against her orifice. She started to moan and thrust her hips up as much as she could straining against her bonds.

Then he slowly started moving closer to her pussy. He was flicking his tongue between her asshole and her pussy with quick light strokes. Marie’s moaning became louder and more frequent. Jason leaned over further and his tongue entered her pussy. She felt a warm shudder move through her belly.

Her pussy was now completely agape with juice running down onto the blanket. Jason spread her cheeks allowing his forehead to come to rest against her ass. His nose was starting to slip into her pussy. His tongue caressed each side of her outer labia. Marie tried to push her hips back against his face. Jason’s tongue moved to her inner folds, and he began to taste her juices. She was as sweet, soft and delicate as a rose. He moved back a bit and ran his tongue from her asshole down through her slit, pulling his tongue away just before it touched her clit.

He felt her body tremble. She was moaning loudly and constantly now. Her hips rotated and pushed back as far as the rope would allow her. He repeated the moment again and again, never touching her clit. Each time her body shook longer and she struggled harder against her bonds. She strained to force her hips back into his face, trying to make him touch her clit. He then repeated the moment using his nose instead of his tongue. When his nose reach her slit he pushed it into her. He continued to tease her unmercifully until she began to beg him to lick her clit.

“Lick my clit …………….Please Jason ……….Lick my clit……………….Ohhhhh god….. I want to come……………………….Please lick me…………………….make me kartal escort bayan come please”.

He then stood up, untied her ankles from the stakes and rolled her over on her back. She watched him as his hand reach down and stroked his very rigid cock. It was long and thick and the veins were bulging from being so hard. He kneeled between her legs. On his hands and knees he slowly moved up her body dragging his hard cock and balls across her legs and up her thighs. His tongue licked the sides of her breast. He moved his mouth in circles around her breast, spiraling inward until his tongue was licking her nipples. The head of his cock brushed against her pussy. She raised her hips, trying to force it into her, but he pulled it back away from her. He took each nipple in his mouth and gently sucked on it. His hands caressed the sides of her breast as his tongue swirled around her nipples. He started slowly moving down her belly, stopping at her navel briefly before continuing down. His tongue began to caress each side of her outer labia, as his hands caressed her breast. Marie’s hips instinctually raised to push against his mouth. Jason’s tongue moved to her inner folds, and he again began drinking in her juices. His tongue moved lower and pushed into her pussy. As he slowly slid it out of her, he moved his tongue up until it flicked across her clit causing her body to convulse.

“Oh God……Yes……. Please… Make me……….ughhhhhhhhhh” Her screamed ripped through the silence of the backyard.

The most powerful orgasm Marie had ever felt exploded from everywhere at once. Her legs locked straight, her teeth clinched, her arms strained against the ropes, her whole abdomen was on fire. She screamed and screamed and screamed. Jason pulled down hard on her hips forcing her to hold still as his tongue started doing circles and figure eights, moving her clit around and around. Marie’s hips bucked up and down as Jason struggled to hold her still. He took her clit into his mouth and sucked very softly. Marie’s orgasms kept coming one after another.

“Please don’t ……………..I can’t take it anymore…… I …………..Oh shit…………………. please don’t stop……………………….Oh God that feels good!”

Jason continued to hold tight to her hips and his lips, mouth and tongue continued their relentless assault on her clit. Orgasm after orgasm shook Marie’s body. After 5 minutes of continuous ecstasy her orgasms started to subside. Marie’s whole body was wet with perspiration. Jason released her clit and moved up her body. His cock pushed easily into her pussy in one long stroke until his balls where pushing against her ass. This triggered yet another orgasm to race through Marie. This orgasm was different from the others though, it emanated deep in her vagina. Jason’s cock moved in and out of her pussy in long even strokes. He started fucking her faster as the orgasm continued to race through Marie’s body.

“Oh Yea Fuck me……Fuck me hard…… oh that feels good.” She screamed.

Jason continued to fuck her for 10 minutes then pulled is cock out of her. He moved up and straddled her chest. Placing the head of his cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and took in his cock hungrily. Sucking it deep into her throat. Jason moved it in and out fucking her mouth as he untied her hands. After he had untied her hands, he moved back and sat between her legs. Marie moved with him, sitting up, she never took his cock out of her mouth. He leaned back and untied her legs as she continued to engulf his cock. He pushed her back down on to her back and then pushed his cock back into her pussy as she wrapped her arms around him.

He rolled over pulling her on top of him. She sat up taking his cock deep into her. She rocked back and forth feeling his balls against her ass and the head of his cock buried deep inside her. Then she started fucking him slowly at first as she pushed her breast into his face. Gradually she pickup speed.

“Marie, I want to fuck your ass, Do you like anal sex?” He asked.

“Yes and I want you in my ass too” She replied as she lifted her pussy off of his cock.

She held his cock against her anal sphincter and slowly pushed down. His cock pushed slowly, steadily into her until she sat against his balls, his cock buried in her ass. She rocked back and forth feeling his balls against her ass and his cock buried deep inside her. Then she started moving up and down his shaft, his cock sliding in and out of her ass.

“Oh Marie that feels so good…. Oh yes fuck me….. Fuck me with your ass!”

She was now bouncing up and down quickly on his cock Then she felt him start to swell and she slowed just enough to savor his cock exploded spurt after spurt of come into her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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