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Vicki loved visiting her grandma. Her grandma had lived a full and adventurous life, even been a whore, selling herself on the street, until she learned to make a lot more money, less dangerously, by being a high class escort. She no longer sold herself routinely, being wealthy now, but, when she remembered some of people she fucked, who made love to her in the tenderest ways, or abused her on the climb to her inevitable climax, she would grow wet, and advertise herself again. She had become the most sought after escort for groups. Couples, swingers’ parties, women’s evenings out, celebrations. It was not only her beauty, but also that she would do anything to give pleasure. She had no boundaries.

She remembered one night well. The men’s group at the gym retained her to be their entertainment. The gym was very well-equiped, and offered classes: yoga; aerobics; boxing. She loved the feel of the place. Everyone there was working with their bodies. They were beautiful to see. She also loved showing her body. Her workout tights could have been sprayed on. The V neck was cut to her waist, and her breasts and nipples outlined their shapes against the thin cloth.

She used the lighter dumbbell weights a lot. It let her wander around the gym, enjoying the people, and toning her body at the same time. She stopped, watching a young man in the squat rack. He was using 200 lbs. He bent to bring himself under the bar, gripped it, and freed the bar from the rack. He stepped forward to the angled footrest, placed his feet there, and lowered himself to where his thighs were parallel to the floor. Then he rose, pushing the weight up. Seven reps. He settled the bar back in place.

He smiled at her. What a beauty he was. She came to him, leaned into his chest and licked the sweat there, while her fingers gathered more of his sweat by stroking his arms. When her fingers were wet she inserted them one by one into her mouth. He tasted salty.

She felt him, his firming cock, already large, pushing against her pelvis.

He pulled her to the showers and changing rooms. The men and women shared them. He pulled her into a shower before he undressed and before she could peel the tights from her body. The warm spray from the shower touched her. She stroked her tights down and away. Then she knelt before him. Watching the water find its way down his body. His shorts were distorted because of his prick, straining against the fabric.

Several people watched them.

She leaned forward, stroking the swollen area at the front of his shorts with her face, and her mouth.

She placed her hands on the waist of the shorts, curled her fingers around them, and slowly lowered them. The red and swollen head of his prick seemed to breathe in the fresh air, swelling.

It was huge.

She pulled the shorts off. She leaned forward and anointed the head with her mouth. She tried to restrain the urgency of her need to feel this huge cock down in her throat. She knew that, if she were light and bostancı escort bayan slow in the stimulation she gave now, his climax would build to such an explosive ending that all, all his cum would splash down her throat, a flood of pleasure for them both.

She licked him. She sucked him. She swallowed him and held him deep in her throat. The sensations he gave her were beyond pleasure, into a realm where the mind and body are so integrated in pleasure that she felt as if she were floating on a warm sea of his cum. She fantasized drowning in it, slipping below the surface, feeling it engulf her.

Once she had enjoyed a cum shower. They were above her, and she was naked, looking up, watching the circle of men above her, some being sucked, some stroking themselves until they came and their cum showered her. As soon as one ejaculated, another took his place. The warm falling cum wet her hair and her face as she stood under the stream with open mouth, filling with cum. She ran her fingers through her hair, soaking her long hair with the cum juice.

Her lake of cum fantasy continued.

His cum lapped at her feet and she splashed them in it. The ripplets she caused washed over her, covering her with his cum. She turned her face to the side and lapped at the lake of cum. The viscous liquid clung to her tongue, and she sucked it into her mouth as she laid back. She languidly dipped her hand in his cum, and spread the warm liquid across her breasts and the front of her body, stroking her clit, inserting her fingers into her cunt, stroking as deep as she could reach, groping with the other hand for the vibrator floating next to her. She found it, turned it on, and teased herself with it. It nibbled into her, a thousand times a second. She changed the frequency and the style of the vibrations. Now there was a bass cycle, slow and deep.

She extracted the vibrator out from her cunt, and found her anus. She stimulated the circumference of it, holding back from inserting it. She touched the opening, only for an instant, and the pleasure wave engulfed her. She pressed the tip of the vibrator into her anus. Under the slow massage of pleasure from the vibrator, her sphincter relaxed, and the vibrator took possession of more of the tight tunnel of her ass.

Her climax would come quickly, from her three fingers now plunging and stroking her cunt, and the faithful vibrator, gently opening her ass.

She felt his cock swell. It pressed against her throat, deeper.

The spark of her own climax glowed deep within her. It quickly grew, fed by the fuel of her own juices dripping onto the floor below her. She put her hand flat onto the wet place under her, brought it up wet, and covered her breasts with it. She gripped her nipple and squeezed. The jolt tipped her climax over, and her reaction with her mouth was to suck harder, and bring his flood forth now along with hers. Down deep in her throat the torrent of his cum splashed into her, becoming part of her. He was so deep ümraniye escort in her throat there was no need for her to swallow. Slowly his spasm faded. She reluctantly lifted her mouth, slowly, releasing his cock, still hard, a fraction of an inch at a time. But she could not give up the head yet. She milked his cock, bringing up a tablespoonful of his cum. Tipping the spoon into her mouth, she laid on her back and savored the flavor of him.

She told Vicki stories of real people and happenings, of her many excesses, and her loves.

Vicki had just turned eighteen. She had developed quickly, but with the sweetest girlish face and manner of a virgin teen.

They both heard the knock at the door. Heavier than Aunt Sara, who lived less than one hundred yards away. So they looked at one another, and Vicki went to the door. She opened it, and a handsome man, twenty-something Vicki would guess, asked if they might come in for a moment to warm up. Vicki nodded assent. We’re trying to get our car started, but no luck yet. “I heard the engine grinding. Did it just cut out suddenly? Vicki asked.

The three young men entered, removing their coats and breathing on their hands to warm them up. Her grandmother, who was loosening two more buttons on her blouse, took the dark-haired one’s hand and inserted it in her blouse against her warm breast, holding it there, while he let his surprise slip away and began to caress her. Grandma reached down to the clasp on her skirt, undid it, stood up, and let it drop to the floor.

Grandma was her grandma in terms of their family relationship, but grandma was only forty-eight, and looked much younger.

Vicki sighed at her grandmom. No panties. “I apologize for my grandmom, she’s not usually like this”.

All three of the men turned toward her, as her grandmom took off her blouse, and straddled the dark one’s thigh, rubbing her cunt sensuously up and down.

Vicki was beyond blushing at her grandma’s antics. And she knew, from experience, that grandma would get her own fill of pleasure, and, that she would ask Vicki to join them.

Vicki looked as the two men watched the other as her grandma took him in her mouth. Grandma expertly fellated him, not clinically or mechanically, but lovingly, as if the pole of flesh in her mouth was a missing part of her that she had to restore to its rightful place, deep in her throat. She licked around the head, flicking her tongue across the sensitive spot on the front, down the shaft, into the tangle of curls, and up again, sucking the wet cock, shining with her saliva, up with her mouth, pulling gently with her suction the whole length of him into her.

Vicki stroked the front of the blonds’s jeans with her mouth and face. “It cannot be comfortable for him to be caged,” she said, indicating the bulge in his jeans. As the fly buttons of his jeans were undone, one by one from the top, his cock slipped through the fly slit in his boxers, and stood at attention. Vicki breathed in sharply. It was kartal escort thick. It was long. It was hard.

She walked forward toward the beautiful cock on her hands and knees, stopping to remove her top on the way. She felt the power of the erotic atmosphere surrounding her, entering her as she breathed. She wet her lips with her tongue, lubricating them so they would slide easily over the cock she would suck. Grandma and her lover paused, as grandma played with the cum in her mouth, and they watched Vicki begin the dance of her throat on the cock in front of her. She had never before tried to swallow a member this huge. She wanted to make him cum by thrusting all of him into her throat, so deep, so tight, that she could never remove him.

Grandma touched Vicki’s face with her hand and stopped her sucking. Then she leaned close to the young blond man’s face and spoke to him, gesturing to the closed French doors. “Take her in there and make her our slave.” Vicki noted the “our”. What erotic pleasure spiced with pain, perhaps obscene, servitude would her grandma force her to perform?

The young man folded the French doors back and reached for a circular light switch which allowed him to adjust the illumination to a comfortable level. A room was revealed with the furniture and equipment of pleasure and restraint. Vicki stood up and removed her shorts and panties and began to move toward the room, looking at the floor, submissive, hypnotized by her imaginings of the degradations she would submit to.

The other young man got up and followed her, releasing the band around her hair and spreading it out down her back where is reached her waist. The first young man had looked around the room, and now took Vicki’s right arm and cinched the wrist into a velvet cuff, secured by a length of bright linked chain above attached to a horizontal beam. Now the left arm was similarly restrained.

Vicki tested the span of her reach, until the first young man stretched her right arm to the boundary of its comfortable limit, fixed its chain there, then the left, and when he was finished she was left almost suspended from the metal beam above, balancing on her tiptoes. Both men admired her, hanging there so naked and vulnerable before them. Unable to do anything except twist her body a little.

The second young man noticed that there were ankle cuffs on both sides which could be used like the wrist cuffs, to spread and pinion her legs, open. First the right, cinched, and drawn open, further open. Then the left leg, ankle cinched, chain tightened, her legs drawn apart, her cunt completely open to penetration.

The first young man was exploring one by one the rack of whips, striking them across his bare forearm, testing them. He found one he liked and set himself before Vicki. First the stroke came across her breasts. Singeing her erect nipples, lashing the tender flesh of her breasts. She pulled away as much as she could, until the restraints forced her forward again, just as the second lash struck and the O of shock and impulse of pain escaped from her mouth. Her eyes rolled up in her head as the third lash struck, driven by more force, reddening her breasts. “No more,” she pleaded, knowing that that would only bring much more.

(to be continued, erotically)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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