Good Morning, I Love You!

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You had been sleeping so peacefully, while I tossed and turned half the night. The room was hard but the window was slowly letting in light as the sun started to rise. I had a tingling, wanting feeling in the pit my stomach and needed you, but enjoyed the teasing that had happened for the entire week and didn’t want to stop… I needed so much I couldn’t stand it.

I grabbed the silk scarves from the nightstand beside our bed and carefully tied your wrists to the headboard. You didn’t wake up thankfully and I set out to find the rest of the things I needed to satisfy myself. Pulling the objects from the nightstand I pull the blanket off of you and lay the objects beside. You move and find even in your sleepy state you are restrained. You open your eyes and see me standing before you and slowly stripping off one of your old shirts that I had slept in that night.

The rising sun giving just the right amount of light to see my hard nipples protruding from my large breasts and my hairless pussy that I had shaved the night before. I bend over and kiss you passionately as I climb on top of you straddling your stomach and resting your rigid cock between the cheeks of my ass. I begin to tweak my hardened nipples between my forefinger and thumb while the other hand begins slowly sliding down my body towards my heated slit that’s firmly pressing against your stomach.

Lifting myself slightly and stroking my hand over my moistened labia I begin letting out a low moan each time it slides close to my swollen clit. Your breathing quicken making me rise and fall with each breath and my fingers dipping between my lips and rubbing a little harder. You trapped cock being massaged by your breathing, bostancı escort pulling and pushing between my smooth cheeks.

I lean back a little and insert my middle finger into my moist core and moan a little louder. I begin to speed up a little more, and your breathing quickens as I clench my cheeks and begin to rock my hips. Your breathing pushing your stomach against my hand causing my finger to go in deeper and with more force. My breasts begin jiggling with each breath and my other hand lets my breast go and slides behind me cupping your balls in my palm.

My juices begin dripping over my hand and onto your stomach and my breathing gets shorter. I begin finger fucking myself as fast as I can and moaning loudly. “You want my cum baby? You want your girl to cum for you?” You only moan in response and let out a loud moan. My body stiffens and begins to shake while my head is thrown back and my girl cum drips from my pussy creating a little puddle of girl cum on your tummy.

After my orgasm subsides I lift my head up, remove my fingers and slide my middle finger into your mouth. Letting you taste my girl cum before pulling it out and bending over to give you a kiss, your cock springing from between my cheeks. I break the kiss and move to my side of the bed and begin to get onto my knees. I crawl on top of you once again and my dripping pussy and ass close to your face. My huge tits rubbing and trapping your fat cock between them.

I reach between my legs and begin stroking my wet slit dipping my middle finger inside my drenched cunt and pulling it back out. I place my middle finger on my tight asshole and begin applying a little pressure each time. Thrusting ümraniye escort bayan it is a little farther and letting out a loud moan and I finally get the whole finger in there. I begin fucking my ass slowly for you, letting you watch my tight finger being squeezed by my tight hole.

I begin rocking back onto my finger , your big cock now being massaged between me huge tits. I begin moaning louder and my pussy begins to drip more. I pull my finger from my ass and reach up beside your leg. I pull a white vibrator and slide it into my cunt once before pressing it into my tight ass. “Oh fuck baby, I want you to fuck me. Fucking stretch my ass with your fat cock.” I begin rocking more and grab your balls massaging them. You begin moaning louder not taking your eyes off the vibrator being rammed into my ass.

“Oh fuck… Oh God… Im gonna cum for you again baby” And I begin bucking my hips against the hard white vibrator and more girl cum escapes from my pussy and you watch it run down my labia and dripping onto your chest. I pull the vibrator and push my finger back into my ass before shoving my finger into your mouth.

“You like the taste of my ass baby? You want more?” I get off you and straddle your hips again before leaning over you and placing another kiss, tasting my ass on your mouth and tongue. I moan as your thrust your hips forward and your fat cock rubs against my sensitive clit. Breaking the kiss I sit up sliding my soaked pussy over your painfully hard cock and begin rocking my hips. Your cock bathing my juices.

I lean over you again but instead of a kiss I reach for your hands. My breast set before your face. You reach out your tongue and flick my kartal escort hard nipple and suck it into your mouth. Lightly biting and sucking my nipple while I untie one wrist. You hand falls free and instantly go to my other breast. You pinch and pull my nipple while continuously teasing my other nipple with your mouth. I take your hand and mouth off my breasts and lean over to the other side, untying the other wrist. All the while you attack my other breast with your mouth and your hand snakes between up and you grasp your pulsating cock positioning it just right where you want it.

This time before you hand has time to drop you place it on my ass and pull me back while pushing your fat cock into my tight pussy. I moan loud as you thrust hard and fast, making my breasts bounce with each forced thrust. I push back onto your cock and you start feeling my tight cunt clasping your as another orgasm rips through my body and my cum washes over your cock. But before you cum you pull out of my pussy and push my off your lap and onto the bed on my knees.

Quickly positioning yourself behind me you forcefully shove your cock into my ass with a loud moan. You begin pumping my ass slapping it here and there as my moans become more clearer. I look back at you and see you staring at me while you wildly fuck my ass. I slip my hand beneath my body and begin feverishly stroking my clit. Your thrusts g et faster and harder and your grip on my hips tighten as you throw your head back and begin shooting into my ass. My orgasm starts and I tighten my body tightening even more around your fat cock as your empty load after load into my ass. You fill my ass and it begins leaking from my hole around your cock and trails down to my pussy and over my fingers.

We collapsed on the bed beside each other and you watch me rubbing your cum into my now sore pussy then bring my fingers up to my mouth and suck them clean before kissing you once again. “Good morning baby. I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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