Going Bi – 4

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This section is gay, b/b like the others that will follow. Please move on to another story if you are not into gay, or you will be disappointed.

I’ve had comments that my stories read like true stories, not fiction. The truth of the matter is that writers do best when they write from experience and much of what I write draws from my own experiences. That’s why I tend to write both b/g and b/b, because I started at a very young age with each. And yes, some of the accounts in this story are from experience. The pool wrestling with Tyler was pretty much a faithful account. 😉


I nodded toward the bathroom door — Jason and I each had our own bathroom. “Ill go with you,” I told him.

Tyler got off me, and as I followed him into my bathroom, I thought Tyler, from behind, naked, was as perfect as a boy could be, literally.

Tyler saw my shower and his mouth dropped. The room I had was originally going to be the master bedroom, and I had a great walk-in shower. The front wall and door were clear glass, the other three walls were tile, and at each end was a detachable shower massage head.

“Un-be-liev-able!” Tyler exclaimed under his breath. He turned to me. “Let’s shower!”

Tired as I was, it wasn’t a bad idea. “Sure.” I opened the door. And motioned for him to step inside.

“I still gotta piss,” he said.

“I always piss when I shower,” I told him.

Tyler’s eyes lit up, and he stepped in. I followed and by the time I closed the glass door behind me, Tyler was pissing on my package. So I pissed on his, then up on his belly and chest, and Tyler pissed up mine. Our warm piss smelled of beer and sex. We aimed our streams downward onto each other’s legs.

His stream ran out a second or two before mine, and he grabbed me by the hips to rub his wet package against mine as I finished. I pulled him into my arms, wet belly to wet belly. We embraced and kissed hungrily – the pissing was a bit of a turn-on. Speaking of which, I turned on the shower behind him and it came out cold.

“Eeyow!” he hollered, dodging out of the way.

“Geez, dude!” I protested. “Not so loud!”

I aimed the shower head to the back wall and turned the water warmer, but behind me, Tyler had already detached the second shower head and he turned it on my back, fully cold.

“Ayeeee!” I complained.

“Not so loud!” he said, giggling.

I detached my shower head, turned it back to cold, and aimed it at Tyler. Neither one of us could get away from the other, though we each tried, backing into corners, turning backs, only to freeze our backsides.

“Okay! antalya escort bayan Okay!” I told him. “Truce!”

We aimed our shower heads down. “Play nice,” I told him. Then reached past him to turn his off and aimed mine between his legs. Tyler hollered again and wrestled me for it. He started to slip and I caught him in my arms. He smiled up at me, all wet-faced, and I kissed him again, and while kissing him, I reached for his shower control and turned it on warm. I did the same with mine.

We showered one another by hand, and by that, I mean with soapy hands. Tyler and I are both lefties — lefty lovers sometimes happen. So while we held shower heads with our right hands we lathered soap on bodies with our left. We worked quietly, caressing, cleaning, exploring.

There’s something about using soap and a bare hand to bathe your lover that is intimate differently from sex alone. As you caress each little bump of a bone or lump of muscle, or trace the curve of the spine or gentle flare of a bottom, or gently sweep inside a leg, or over a muscled butt cheek or intp an armpit, you memorize one another. You learn about how your partner responds, spot by spot, action by action. You care for him with your hands in a way that softens how you feel for him.

No one had bathed me like Tyler was doing since my mom, who I barely knew. And Jason, of course — when we used to bathe together and had to take care of one another as kids, we bathed one another, but it was never thorough.

I reattached the shower heads and aimed them to the middle of the shower. There I pulled Tyler’s slender, slippery body to mine. We had erections again, and our dicks slid upward between us. We embraced, and used our hands and the water to wash away soap.

I turned Tyler’s back to me and pulled him into my arms. Pressing myself to his bottom, I kissed inside his neck while sweeping soap from his chest and stomach. I dropped my hands to his balls and hard dick, rinsing them with warm water.

Tyler ground back into my lap. “Do you want to fuck me?” he asked in a voice barely louder than the shower.

“Yes, but I like holding you like this. I’m glad to only do this.”

“You can try,” Tyler told me. “You can try fucking me.”

“You sure?”


I turned off both shower heads. Keeping his back to my chest with one forearm, I reached down between us to the crevice between his butt cheeks. I had been there earlier, rubbing soap and water. Some soap remained, and along with the water, his crack was slippery. I rubbed that slipperiness over his rosebud, massaging, cleansing. escort bayan I played at the entrance with a finger and slipped that finder inside.

Tyler moaned softly and laid his head back onto my shoulder. I circled my finger and moved it in and out. “Does this bother you?” I asked beside his ear.

“No,” Tyler said. “I like how it feels.” He rolled his head and rested the side of his face against my jaw. “I’ve stuck a finger in before, jacking off. I’ve even done it with two fingers,” he told me.

“Let’s see,” I said, pulling my finger almost out before working in a second finger beside it. I worked both in.

He tensed. I waited and let him relax. Then I moved my fingers slowly in and out, stopping whenever Tyler tensed. Before long, Tyler began grinding back on them. I knelt behind him and probed deeper, searching for his prostate in the spot Carolyn had found mine she was showing me the places I could feel pleasure.

“This could work,” I told him. “My dick is long but not much fatter than yours. It’s how thick a dick is that can make it hurt or not,” I added repeating what Carolyn had told me.

“Do you want me to get on my hands and knees? You want to do it doggie?” He asked.

“No,” I said. Keeping my fingers in his butt, I got to my feet behind him and wrapped an arm around his chest. “I want to try it standing, like this.” Carolyn and I had done it standing, and though the mechanics of a dick-vagina connection might be different from those for a dick-rectum, I thought it would work. Remembering her stance, I released my arm from around Tyler’s chest and told him to rest his hands on the wall.

Bending my knees to line my dick up, I placed the head at his opening and pulled out my fingers. He started to close, but I pushed my dick in. With the water lubing us, and our youth, and the fact that even a long dick on a sixteen-year-old is not yet full-grown, Tyler handled my entry with little tensing.

That’s not to say he wasn’t tight. He was. A sphincter is a tight ring as opposed to the snug sheathing of a vagina, but Tyler was tight even for that. Up until that moment, he had been a virgin.

Gazing down at his hips in my hands and at my shaft, the end of which was buried between his smooth-muscled little glutes, I felt a strange mix of lust and affection for this boy like me. I had felt the lust before in sex with girls. I had never felt the affection.

I pushed forward with my hips slowly. Stopping, pulling back, going deeper. Tyler, hands on the wall, kept his butt pushed back. I wrapped my arms around his chest. I kissed the nape of his antalya escort neck and held him in my arms as I made longer strokes with the pumping of my hips. Without intending to go deeper, I did, and when my thrusts resulted in my lap slapping his bottom and the slapping sound echoed in the bathroom, I embraced him with one arm around his chest and one around his belly and ground in. I wanted us to be one.

“This is awesome,” I murmured. “I don’t know if I can come again, but just let me do this for a minute or two.”

Tyler grunted. But as I kept thrusting, he had relaxed and moaned more pleasantly.

I was right, though. I was too tired and had come enough already that evening. I would have to go a long time to come again, and I didn’t want this first time to be unpleasant for Tyler.

“You want to try me?” I asked.


I slowly pulled out, and we traded places. Since I was taller, I planted my feet farther apart and bent my knees. I felt the thick round shape of Tyler’s dickhead press between my cheeks.

“Dude!” I reminded him. “I’m a virgin back there, too, and you’ve got a thick dick. Do a finger first.”

“Sorry,” Tyler said. “It’s just — you’re hot and I’m ready.” He probed in with a finger, and I jumped when it entered. Though Carolyn probed me to show me about my prostate, I’d never stuck a finger up my butt to jack off. I got used to Tyler’s, though. It wasn’t bad, and I was hard. I would learn that it was easier for me to take Tyler if I was hard.

Two fingers went okay, and soon, the thickness of Tyler’s crown pressed between my butt cheeks once again. I concentrated on relaxing, and felt that thickness enter me. It wasn’t bad, filling me up, Tyler took it slow, but soon had both arms around my waist, rabbit fucking. It felt wild.

In fact, it began to feel pretty damn good, and I still had an erection. So I started jacking. Tyler’s cock rubbed that spot Carolyn told me was my prostate and I started bumping back against his banging. We made slapping sounds again.

He grabbed my shoulders and drove harder.

“Are you gonna be able to come?” I asked him. “Because I think I might be able to come this way if you keep going.”

“Yeah. I think I can.”

He banged. I jacked. Tyler finally came.

“Don’t pull out!” I told him. “I’m almost there.” Seconds later, a few tired squirts from the end of my cock barely made it to the shower wall.

We soaped off again. Dried each other off, and fell naked into bed. I was on my side and Tyler backed on his side into me so that I spooned him from behind. I wrapped an arm over his waist and nuzzled into the back of his hair.

“Now,” Tyler said sleepily. “Now I love your butt.” He pulled my arm more tightly around him. “And other things.”

We fell asleep quickly.

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