Getting The Love Of My Life Back

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For the last year I have lived in 3 different states searching, in vain, for someone who had the passion, heart, understanding and true inner beauty that my ex-wife has.

Everything I thought was fine between us. Our marriage, I thought, was solid even with the problems we were having with her 13 y/o adopted daughter. The girl was self-centered and thought the world owed her everything. She was jealous of Mary and I and did everything in her power to keep us from a moment’s peace even to the point of breaking the lock I had put on the door so she and I could make love in peace.

It got to the point where after they were in bed I stayed awake all night playing on my computer.

Mary began thinking I didn’t love her anymore and after talking to a friend, she took her advice and tossed me out.

I won’t go into how she did it but there I was escorted out of our home.

That’s how it began.

Thanksgiving! One year later.

Unexpectedly she calls.

A year’s worth of heartache and anger came swelling up but I put them behind me and talked to her.

Long story short, we spent the whole day on the phone.

By that evening, I had discovered that the problems with the 13 y/o got much worse after I left and she eventually put her back up for adoption.

She too had spent the year searching for love and coming to realize that there was only one man she truly wanted.

We talked everyday for the next few weeks deciding to put the past behind us and start over.

She called her oldest daughter and discovered that after the new year she was going to be moving from the 2 bedroom trailer her and her son lived in to a 3 bedroom house and if we wanted to we could live with her or take over the trailer.

We never even talked about our decision.

Dec. 30th she calls to tell me she is headed to the bus station.

A few days later, I arrived in Tennessee. To my delight, Mary met me there wearing the most attractive short dress, and smiling as big as she did the day I married her.

After retrieving my bags, I walked up to her and was nearly knocked over when she grabbed me and began smothering me in her wonderful kisses.

As we kissed, my hand slid up and down her back and finally came to rest on her ass.

I managed to peek around behind her and found no one paying us any attention so I let my hand continue exploring her ass sliding down to the end of her dress and underneath.

Mary had said during çatalca escort one of our talks that she had abandoned wearing panties and to my delight, I found this to be true.

Her body suddenly tensed up when she felt my hand on her bare cheek and I just kissed her deeper as I began squeezing it.

My finger traced across her ass from cheek to cheek then found it’s way to the crack and began sliding up and down it.

She relaxed and began letting out soft moans as I explored and after a bit she wasn’t ready when I brought my hand around in front and began rubbing her mound.

She opened her eyes and stopped kissing to protest and instead let out a soft moan when a finger slipped between her lips and hit her clit.

I pulled her back to me again and our tongues found each other as she became wet.

She whispered, “Baby please. Lets go.”

We pulled apart and before grabbing the bags that wet finger found my mouth.

I savored the taste and smiled.

We loaded the car and as she got in, I had her raise her skirt up so I could gaze at her pussy.

A couple of blocks away I reached over and began to rub her pussy lips.

“You just can’t wait, can you?”

“Baby you know how much I have looked forward to this.”

We arrived at the house and once inside she said we had the place to ourselves for about an hour or so.

She showed me to our room and I got clothes together for a shower as Mary went to make some coffee.

After the shower, I was met in the hall with a cup and a kiss and we headed to our room.

She turned down the bed as I drank the coffee watching her and felt myself getting hard.

She finished and left long enough to make sure the front door was locked and as she returned I met her and we began kissing again.

I whispered for her to raise her arms and I took her dress off and was rewarded with the prettiest pair of D cup breasts with hard “oh they need sucking” nipples and that incredible mound that garnered my attention earlier.

Before we could begin, the phone rang and she broke away to answer it.

It was her daughter calling to say her and her son were going to a movie and they wouldn’t be home for at least 2 hours.

She came back over to me after hanging up smiling and we resumed kissing.

It wasn’t long before my kisses began exploring getting reacquainted with the body that I missed for too long.

She eased esenyurt escort away long enough to lie down on the bed to get comfortable.

We whispered, “I love you” repeatedly as I rediscovered the woman, I never stopped loving.

She moaned her approval as her breasts were licked and kissed till they were soaked.

The exploration then continued down finding her wet hairy mound.

She spread her legs open in anticipation and her hair showed signs of being sticky from the wetness that started at the bus station.

Leaning in I inhaled the scent and whispered, “Oh baby girl it’s better than I remember.”

“Eat me baby. Kiss it and eat me.”

A soft moan filled the room as her wish was granted and she felt her lips being kissed and licked. Once parted her lips really became wet from both tongue and her own arousal.

“Ohhh Yes! Right there! Oh please don’t stop. You have me so close already.”

Licking and sucking that beautiful swollen clit for just a few more minuets caused her to suddenly arch her back, wrap her legs around my head tighter and begin moaning, “I’m cumming..Ohhhhhhhh!!”

I lapped up and sucked at her clit until she finally relaxed and pleaded for a break.

“That was so wonderful honey!” I just need a couple of minutes.”

I whispered, “I know baby. Just relax and allow your body to calm down.” As I climbed up the bed to lie next to her.

I actually succeeded in getting her to do something she never would do while we were married.

“Kiss me baby girl. Taste your sweet cum on my mouth.”

To my surprise and excitement, she leaned toward me, began kissing me, and actually licked up some of the juice.

“Oh Mary. I am pleasantly surprised baby girl. You’ve never done this before. Do you like it?”

“I have to admit I’ve acquired a taste for it. The last guy I dated got me into trying it after I’d get myself off for him.”

“Oh baby girl! You’ve become more dirty than I thought.”

“Well a little dirtier I suppose.” She said smiling.

We laid there relaxing and rubbing each other for awhile until I could hear her beginning to moan again.

Hearing this I began at her nipples, kissing and sucking them then moving down until once again I found her clit.

As my tongue darted in and all over her hot pussy, I eased 1 then 2 fingers deep inside her and began fingering her.

“Oh baby, you taste so wonderful!”

“Ohhhhh etiler escort Larry!!”

After a few minuets, I had her lift up some, leaned in spreading her ass-cheeks and began tonguing her asshole causing her to quiver with excitement.

I stopped long enough for her to turn on her side and went back licking her ass as I slid a finger back in her pussy.

After a bit I slid a finger into her ass and fingered both of her holes at once until she once again began quivering and came hard.

I removed my finger from her pussy and continued fingering her ass as I leaned up and sucked her juices as she came.

Once finished, I slid up next to her still fingering her ass and once again, she licked her cum off my mouth and shared it with me.

She continued pumping her ass against my finger and I eased a second one in to open that sweet hole up wider.

As it went in she began pushing back against them every time I thrust in.

“You like it baby? You like feeling me finger your sweet ass?”

“Oh Yes it does feel good. Do you like it baby?”

“Now you know I have always loved your ass.”

I keep pumping her sweet ass bringing about moans of ecstasy until she once again quivers with an orgasm.

I pull my fingers from her ass and turn her once again on her back. She spreads her legs open and I begin first by rubbing my cock up and down her lips then begin rubbing the head all over her clit.

“Oh baby, put it in me. I’ve been wanting it for so long.” Fuck your baby girl”

I slide it down her moist cum soaked lips and slowly ease it in.

I just lie there with it buried all the way inside her for a moment letting her enjoy it and it’s not long before she begins pumping against me to get me to fuck her.

I finally give in and begin slowly fucking her spreading her legs out as wide as I can watching her devour my cock.

Starting to moan I look into her eyes and whisper, “Feed me a nipple baby.”

As I lean down she lifts a breast up to my mouth and I begin sucking it hungrily causing more moans of pleasure.

After a bit I lean back up and begin really pumping. She reaches down at my request and begins fingering herself and moments later she cums soaking my cock and causing me to be able to stroke it in even easier.

That was all it took.

The feeling of her sweet juices coating me sent me over the edge and I ram my cock in as deep as possible and cum hard and deep filling her sweet pussy and bringing about a sigh of pleasure from Mary.

Once the last of my seed hits her inner walls I collapse on top of her exhausted.

I eased myself down to her side and she gets up as close as she can and we kiss one last time before falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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