Geri’s Resurrection

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Although the marriage had fallen apart a long time ago it had been just a bit over a year and a half since Jack and I had separated and at last my divorce was now final. It was a difficult and lonely 18 months living in our large house with my two children, but then again it had been a difficult and lonely 6 or 7 years living with someone who started the day’s drinking as he brushed his teeth in the morning! Now in addition to going to work every day to make ends meet I also had all the responsibilities of being a single parent.

I had just come over to the United States from Germany where I met Jack at the start of our junior year in college when we were both quite young. He was the ultimate college jock and he swept me off my feet. We were married just after our junior year. It wasn’t until after the children were born, perhaps too early in our marriage, that I realized Jack had a serious drinking problem. Of course there were the usual “beer blasts” at school, but after we graduated the drinking not only didn’t let up it became more frequent and more intense – actually escalating from beer to whatever cheap hard liquor was available. Al-Anon helped me a bit, but the strain became simply too much and I finally accepted that for my own sake and the sake of my children I just had to get out of this relationship. Although I earn a decent income as department manager of a sizable German company based in Connecticut, like many ex-husbands, Jack hasn’t been the best at keeping up child support which made thing rough from time to time.

During the period since Jack moved out I have pretty much lived the life of a celibate recluse. I had become a robot mired in the mundane daily routine. Make breakfast; get the kids off to school; straighten up the house; go to the office; dinner for the kids; help with their homework; go to bed and start all over again the next day. In addition there was the requirement of being a “Soccer Mom” — Swim team; little league; field hockey and of course soccer. Not to mention all the other responsibilities of a single mother catering to an 8 and a 9 year old which required weekends spent going food shopping; doing the laundry; cleaning and vacuuming; and trying to do all the myriad of other chores necessary to turn a house into a home. Even though Jack had the kids every other weekend when he wasn’t called away on business (read as inebriated) I spent those times doing stuff around the house working in the garden plus trying to relax and unwind a bit.

Although I went out on rare occasions with some girl friends the thought of “dating” and any desire for physical intimacy were not part of my agenda. I had stayed in good shape, what with all the activities with which I had to cope and using the exercise machines that stayed with the house, but didn’t go out of my way to look particularly eye-catching or feminine. The bad taste left by the marriage had killed my interest in any relationship. Even the thought of sex didn’t appeal to me – certainly not with another man, not with a woman and not even with myself.

Realizing I needed a change of pace I finally decided to get away by myself for a few days and chose the long Columbus Day weekend. Jack had the children that weekend and I forced myself to believe them when they told me that he really didn’t drink during the times that they were with him. I had heard good things about a place on Lake Placid called Falcon’s Rock Equine Center. I had been an avid rider for years, until the financial drain of Jack’s alcoholism prevented me from doing so. I thought this would be a nice place to “recharge my batteries”. So I packed up my saddle and a couple of riding outfits along with some casual wear, took an extra day, and headed out bright and early Friday morning for the long drive from Connecticut to Lake Placid.

I arrived at Falcon’s Rock just before lunchtime to find a delightful equine facility. The rustic main house was a large stone and log building covered on one side with ivy perched on a small hill and having a lovely view overlooking the lake.

After a very tasty lunch I went over to the stables to see what was in store for me for the weekend and discovered a very nice line of well-kept horses in a surprisingly neat and clean stable. I quickly went back to my room and put on my boots and my britches, grabbed my saddle from my car, (most of these riding facilities are Western style I have always preferred English) and headed back to the stables. There was only a small group of us going out that Friday afternoon for a trail ride as many of the weekend guests weren’t expected to arrive until later that evening. The riding master, recognizing from my outfit that I was an experienced rider, brought me a nice sized dark bay mare named Bolero. He told me that she was a bit more spirited than the run-of-the-mill lead line ponies and that as I was a “rider” I would undoubtedly enjoy myself more.

One of the people heading out on the ride, a young handsome man dressed in jeans, T-shirt, rather expensive looking cowboy boots and a short denim jacket, caught my attention. He was tall, blond and kind of cute – well, more like sexy taksim üniversiteli escort actually. (Vaguely I remembered sex far in my distant past.) He introduced himself to me as “Bobby” and I told him that although my name is Gerlinde everybody calls me “Geri”. After a brief conversation he complemented be by casually saying how good I made a pair of britches look. I’m sure I blushed as I mumbled a quiet “Thank you”. This was probably the first time since the early days of my marriage that I’ve been complemented that way by a man!

We then mounted our horses and trotted off together down the trail. Bobby had to be at least 10 or 12 years younger than I and why in the world he would want to ride out with me rather than one of the other younger women was beyond my comprehension. Nonetheless, we rode alongside each other, (he was actually a pretty decent rider) chatted and joked together and had a lovely afternoon. Bolero was quite a delightful ride! After this all too brief ride in the lovely rural fall countryside of northern New York we arrived back at the stables just as the sun was setting over the hills. Everything was wrapped in the warm golden colors of the autumn twilight. We put our horses away and I went to my room where I took brief nap after which I cleaned up for dinner. As I stepped out of the shower, I looked at myself in the full length mirror. What I saw wasn’t bad, especially for a woman in her 30’s having had two kids. Light blond hair (natural); clear, albeit very pale, complexion; clear blue eyes; busty; femininely firm belly; nicely rounded hips; still had really good legs. Even though there was a fairly big difference in our ages, like some silly schoolgirl, I found myself actually looking forward to the next morning when, hopefully, Bobby and I might ride out together again.

Bobby came into the dining area shortly after I did and surprisingly came over and sat beside me. We had a nice wine with the meal and after dinner was over the group of us sat in the beautifully wood paneled lounge area of the main house enjoying the warmth of the large fire sipping after-dinner drinks and getting to know each other a little bit better. Bobby sat next to me and we had a very friendly very platonic conversation. He mentioned my German accent and told me that American men find women with foreign accents quite appealing. (More blushing!) There was a certain boyish charm about him which I found engaging. He was some sort of computer whiz fresh out of college working with a prominent soft-ware company in nearby Vermont. Eventually we bid each other good night, shook hands, and went to our separate rooms. (Was it perhaps wishful thinking or did his hand linger in mine a bit more than “platonic”?!)

Although the forecast had been for nice weather the entire weekend I awoke Saturday to a miserably chilly gray morning with dense dark clouds hanging overhead and the threat of rain a distinct possibility. Hoping it would blow over I went to the stable but no sooner did I finish tacking up Bolero than the rains came! We all hustled back to the main house hoping that the storm would pass and we could go out on the trails later that afternoon.

I went up to my room and changed out of my riding clothes into a white silk shirt and black slacks and went back down to the large lounge of the main house. Again Bobby came over to me and suggested that as that long as we were stuck indoors how about playing scrabble. We laughed and joked at some of the words we tried. It was fun doing something with a person other than my children or my girlfriends. I think Bobby deliberately let me win. Eventually we went into the dining room and sat together again during our lunch. After we finished lunch and realized that the rain was not about to let up we headed upstairs to our rooms which were both on the second floor at either end of the landing. I figured I’d spend the afternoon lounging around in front of the fire downstairs reading a book.

No sooner had we reached the second floor landing but Bobby shocked me by taking my hand in his, drawing me over to him and holding my arms gently in his hands smiled down warmly. As our eyes met I melted. After a few second Bobby gently cradled my chin in his fingers and gave me a delightful affectionate kiss. Not only was I totally unprepared for anything like this but I had no idea how to react to the advances of some man (boy?) I’d known for only 24 hours. React isn’t accurate. My body was certainly reacting! My heart began racing, I was flushed and felt stirrings that I hadn’t felt in many many years. I hadn’t dated much at all before I met Jack and he was the only man I had ever “been with” during my entire life. After we broke our kiss Bobby took my hand and started in the general direction of his room. At first I automatically drew back but the look in his eyes and the effects of his kiss had apparently gotten to me. Despite my feeble stammering protests of “I can’t do this!” and “I hardly know you!” and “I..I don’t..I…” his kind and tender and alluring manner won me over and with a soft “Please Geri. Come with me” from him tophane escort I hesitatingly let him lead me to his room. After all, we were going to be in his room and I could always get up and leave.

Very little light was filtering into the room, thankfully, and although I knew (perhaps secretly hoped) where things were probably headed I shyly let Bobby be in control. No sooner had he had closed the door behind us than he kissed me again, this time with more passion, and I kissed him back! This wasn’t the token dry air-kiss that a disinterested married person obligingly tosses at their partner as one goes off to work or when bidding their spouse goodnight. His kiss sent waves of excitement radiating throughout my inexperienced body. I wondered if he could hear my heart pounding at a mile a minute. He stepped back from me and started undoing his shirt. I stood there frozen, trying to catch my breath, unable to do or say anything. Fortunately, Bobby realized how nervous I was and helped me by deftly undoing the buttons of my shirt. I tried to stop him but my attempts were only halfhearted.

Soon I was standing there in just my bra and slacks as Bobby placed my shirt along with his on a nearby chair. He then put his arms around me giving me another passionate kiss, this time with our tongues snaking between each other’s lips, his hands moved to my back and he undid the hooks of my bra, slid it off my arms, and placed it on the chair, leaving me naked to the waist. Instinctively I tried to cover myself with my hands. Other than my woman doctor nobody had seen me without clothes on in quite some time. He brushed my hands away and with a soft admiring whistle drew me into his arms. It was so exciting to feel my body, with my nipples already starting to swell, pressed up against a man’s chest after all this time. Taking a step back, and never taking his eyes off me Bobby continued removing his clothes and uneasily I allowed him to unbutton my slacks and let them fall to the floor. Here I was, dressed only in my matronly white cotton panties alone in a room with some naked boy who was basically a stranger. I was too bewildered to move!

He led me to the side of the bed, tossed back the covers and the two of us lay down together. I really had no idea how to behave, what to do or even how to do it. Fortunately Bobby did! He softly stroked and caressed my body, touching me as I hadn’t been touched in years, awakening feelings I scarcely remembered.

For the greater part of my marriage anything physical between my ex-husband and I had deteriorated to either unpleasant rough treatment or his inability to perform due to his continual alcoholic stupor.

It was impossible for me not to respond to this youngster and found myself becoming aroused for the very first time since many years in the past. I stared in amazement at his sizeable erection. (Oh my God! Can I really do this?) This was only the second man I’d ever seen naked in my entire life and the first adult circumcised penis! I was stunned, fascinated, excited and worried all at the same time. As I let him slip off my panties, with their embarrassing wet spot, I couldn’t help thinking (Geri. What are you doing?!) Bobby’s lips and fingers found all the right spots. His tongue circling my excited nipples; his fingers fondling my breasts; delicately stroking all those wonderfully sensitive places I scarcely recalled existed. When at long last he touched my very wet, very swollen, parting lips and slipped his finger inside me I softly cried out yet all the time concerned about whether or not I was pleasing him. Bobby hesitated. I realized why and I assured him there was no fear of pregnancy – I had my tubes tied after my second child.

Eventually Bobby knelt between my open thighs and positioned himself against the warm wet folds of my accessible sex. I have to admit I was terrified! But he was wonderfully reassuring. Gently, lightly he pressed against me and I let out a gasp and pulled him down to me as he opened me and at last gradually slid into me. I could feel him stretching me. It was if I was a virgin all over again. He held motionless, making sure I was alright, and then he slowly started moving back and forth deep within me – the sensations were fantastic! Although everything was exciting and felt breathtaking I was too anxious and self-conscious to really relax. It didn’t take long before I was aware of Bobby’s body tensing up and I could feel the throbbing deep inside me as he emptied himself into me. Even though it felt wonderful to be intimate with a man again after all these years I was far too nervous and unsure of myself to let myself go and permit myself to have an orgasm. I hoped he wasn’t too disappointed. We lay holding each other and eventually we both dozed off.

When we finally awoke I realized that it was just about dinner time and not wanting the rest of the group to have any idea of what had been going on I hastily excused myself explaining to Bobby why I had to get back to my own room and giving him a quick kiss I told him I would meet him downstairs for dinner. My silly sense of propriety told me topkapı escort we should arrive separately. While I hurriedly put on my clothes I made him look out the door to be sure there was no one on the landing. When we were sure the landing was empty I ran back to my room to shower and change. As the warm water ran over my body all sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. Surprise and shock at what I had just done but mostly how wonderful it was to have spent the afternoon in bed with someone who treated me with such tender care. I was feeling really good and really happy – for a change.

At dinner there were 14 or 15 of us with Bobby sitting across from me at the long table. The meal was wonderful, the wine was lovely, and the company – Bobby’s anyway – was electric. Every time I looked into his eyes this warm sensation went through me. After dinner we went back and sat in front of the fire once again. I was truly self conscious imagining all eyes were on me and that everybody knew exactly what I had done earlier that afternoon. Bobby brought us each a snifter of Cointreau and we sat there, carefully not sitting too close to each other, until the rest of the people had gone up to their rooms. It was almost painful for me not to reach out and touch him. Finally, once it had become really late and we were alone Bobby tenderly held my hand and looking suggestively at me with his warm sensitive eyes smiled and cocked his head in the general direction of the staircase. I looked around to check if everyone had left to be sure there was no one there to see us. Yes – we were alone. We got up and holding hands we walked up the staircase back into his room.

There was a dim light on a corner table across from the bed. He pulled me into his arms, kissed me and told me how beautiful he thought I was. I was dumbfounded! Here I was in the bedroom of some handsome and intelligent young gentleman, many years my junior, telling me that he thought me desirable — I found it flattering and exciting yet very hard to believe! He started removing his clothing and helped me to do the same. I felt so awkward undressing in front of someone. We crawled into bed, covered ourselves with the sheet, and proceeded to touch and explore each other in a way that I don’t think I ever had done before. Remember, this was only the second man I had ever been with and up until now I had nothing to compare physical intimacy to. I could feel Bobby’s hardness pressed against my thigh. It sent a tingle through my body. I was so thrilled that I was able to arouse him!

I looked over at him, moved my legs apart, and urged him back between my thighs. I couldn’t believe how wet and sensitive and wide open I was as I anticipated his being inside me once again. As he made his way slowly, tenderly, into me I let out a long soft moan from somewhere deep within my chest. Once he was inside me he hesitated and then started gently moving within my body. This time it was different! My whole being was on fire with anticipation. I heard these strange noises and realized that they were coming from me as Bobby seemed to swell within my body. The muscles of my vagina clenched him tightly deep inside as if I was afraid I might lose him. And then my entire body stiffened and I held my breath as I exploded around him in an overpowering, all consuming orgasm that shook me from head to toe. Bobby continued to thrust into me until shortly he groaned and with ragged spurts he came deep within me. This sensation of his orgasm enhanced the intensity of my own as convulsion after convulsion of delightful pleasure rolled over me to the point where I thought I might lose consciousness.

We held each other, panting, as the wonderful waves of ultimate satisfaction at long last subsided. The next thing I remember was light streaming through the thin curtains and realizing it was daybreak. Bobby was lying with his head on my breast and his arm thrown across my body. I slid out from beneath him, hurriedly slipped on my clothing, gave him a kiss, and snuck back to my room before anyone became aware that I had not spent the night in my own bed. I even mussed the bed so the people tidying up the rooms thought I had been there.

Sunday morning dawned to a perfectly beautiful day. The sun was beaming. I was beaming. There was the just slightest early autumn nip in the air. I went down to breakfast to meet Bobby and sat across from him again desperately trying to deny to the other guests what we had done and suppress my tendency to giggle like some schoolgirl.

Today was to be an all-day ride. I already had on my britches and boots and a little jacket over my light top. Bobby and I went down to the stable with the rest of the group. Bolero was already saddled up for me. I gleefully mounted up and we all went for another wonderful ride through the beautiful countryside of upstate New York. We trotted through the pine forests, waded through the streams, cantered up the hills, walked along the fields admiring the tops of the trees just beginning to change to their autumn red and golden colors and all in all had a wonderful morning ride. We saw all sorts of animals. An occasional red fox, beavers building their dam across one of the streams we crossed, and deer up close. Deer don’t seem to recognize that there are people sitting on the horses and having no fear came within just a few yards of us. It had actually become quite warm so we removed our jackets and as we rode let the breeze cool us off.

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