Game On

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She turned her back to him. Her pulse was jumping and her hands were threatening to tremble, but she was determined to play it cool. He hadn’t even touched her yet, but he had turned that smoldering gaze in her direction. She’d never met anyone that smoldered before and it was enough to send her knees into melt down.

Determined to play the game as well as him, she tossed a coy look over her shoulder before peeling away her t-shirt. She shimmied her jeans over her hips, making a show of bending over to push them off. Taking a breath for courage, she turned to face him. He was leaning against the bed. He looked utterly relaxed. The smooth rise and fall of his chest, the easy posture… If it weren’t for the heat pooling in his eyes, she would have judged him unaffected.

Eyes on his, she reached around to flick open the clasp of her bra. Hoping to appear the playful seductress, she prolonged the tease; letting the straps fall and the cups flirt with her nipples before dropping it to the floor. She decided to leave her panties on. He liked knowing he got them wet, after all. His gaze tracked her as she slid onto a corner of the mattress. God, if he continued to watch her like that, she might cum from that alone.

“Your turn.” Her voice sounded breathy and low. She would have blushed if she weren’t so riveted by him.

He didn’t play. He simply tugged his shirt over his head, unbuttoned his jeans. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath. And he was already hard. Full and erect and mouth watering. She swallowed a whimper. He kurtköy escort moved onto the bed as well, the corner opposite her. Again, he simply watched her, waited. This was her game, she knew, and that meant it was her move.

Her hands were trembling now. They shook as she slid them over her body. She touched her lips, stroked down her throat. Her fingertips rounded the swell of her breasts. His breath caught. Just the tiniest of intakes, but she heard it. She repeated the motion, tracing the slope, rolling over her nipples. She lingered a moment longer before directing her questing fingers lower. She slid a hand across her belly, over her hips. Slowly and deliberately, she slipped them under the waistband of her panties. He made a small sound, almost a growl. She answered with a little moan of pleasure. Her fingers dipped lower. She was wet, shamelessly wet. And it felt incredibly good. Her eyes drifted closed as she traced over her clit and between her thighs.

She opened her eyes, dragging her gaze over him. He had started to touch himself too. Just his fingertips, tracking over the length of his cock. She brought her damp fingers to her lips, tracing them over her lower lip before sucking them into her mouth.

He muttered something under his breath. She didn’t quite catch it, but she was certain it was profane. His fingers tightened briefly, but he still kept his touch light. She wanted more, she wanted him to lose his grip on that impressive control. She lifted her hips, took her time removing her panties. She spread aydıntepe escort her thighs in a blatant show. Again, she pressed her fingers into the wet warmth.

That slow, sweet ache of arousal was twisting, building. She arched her back, ran her hand back up her belly to caress her breasts. It wasn’t enough. She lifted her hips into her touch, a slow, rhythmic rocking. Still not enough.

His fingers were curled around his shaft, stroking faster than before. And his breathing was a bit ragged. She wanted him to give in first, to cross the bed, to touch her. She watched his fingers move, playing over his cock, tugging on his balls. Riveted, she picked up his rhythm. She moaned, his name trembling on her lips. She slid down, inched just a bit closer to him on the bed.

She spread her legs for him. It was brazen and shameless and it made her feel delectable. Running her fingers over her inner thighs, she arched her back. She teased herself as well as him. Her fingertips skimmed the upper most part of her thighs, over the damp skin of her pussy, dancing around her clit. Another whimper tumbled from her lips. She moved two fingers back to her core. She pressed them slowly inside, deep. Another oath sounded from the other side of the bed. A smile tugged on her lips. He liked it. A little rush of something akin to power scrambled over her. The ability to arouse him added fuel to her desire.

She wriggled a bit so she could see him. He was tense. The muscles in his abdomen were tight and his jaw was clenched. One hand tuzla içmeler escort still played over his erection, the other gripped the footboard. She wanted to bait him, push him to lose his grip on his control. Watching him, she licked her fingers once more.

She rolled to her hands and knees, facing away from him. Angling herself so she could watch his reaction, she slipped her fingers between her thighs, back into the sweet wet. She stroked deep inside her, then withdrew to rub over her clit.

The bed dipped. The mattress shifted and then his hands were on her. He stroked over her back, down to her hips, over her ass. His touch was possessive, dominant, hungry. He leaned over her, hands streaking around to cup her breasts, his mouth pressed kisses against the back of her neck. The tip of his cock pressed against her. She moaned. This is what she wanted. She pressed back against him, just a little.

He thrust into her, hard and fast. The pressure, the sensation of him filling her was nearly enough to send her over the edge. Every little pull and thrust made her quiver. She matched his rhythm, begged him for more.

The tight, searing coil of release began to twist inside her gut. She whispered his name. His fingers tightened on her ass, pulling her harder into him. Her back arched, her hands fisted in the sheets. Giving into her need, she let the orgasm course through her. He clutched her to him, pumped harder, deeper, possessing her completely. Just as her body began to calm, his release began; pulsing and throbbing inside her. It sent her over again and she quivered helplessly in his arms.

He tugged her down to the bed with him, still joined. He tucked her against him and held her while their pulses slowed. Nuzzling at the hair at her nape he whispered, “You win.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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