Gallery Opening

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Copyright Martin Gatsby 2021

(To a past lover, I did not appreciate enough)

Christine tapped her heel in annoyance. The gall of her partner deciding to sell the most prized piece in their gallery was simply beyond understanding. Only two years ago, he had asked her to join him in the partnership. By making a handful of very shrewd purchases and even wiser sales, the gallery had begun to turn an impressive profit. But it was her taste, her drive, and her business acumen that drove the turn around. While her partner may have put up the initial capital, it was her talent generating both dollars and taste. For him to act without consulting her was more than simply an insult; it was a power play.

Her black, shiny Louboutins tapped angrily against the cold marble floor of the gallery. She was already dressed to the nines for an opening that would not occur for six hours. Still, she was ready. Her body was poured into a red bandage dress resting just off her shoulder. The effects of tapping her heels made her body tense and shake in an amazing way. For luck and for fun she had dressed in an intricate, lacey thong panty. Sheer, black thigh highs set off her well-toned legs. The dress did not allow for a bra; and the dress hugged her ass so provocatively she could not help but be intrigued by it when getting dressed. Her long brown hair flowed down her neck and created quite an awe inspiring picture. It was an interesting contrast to see her soft beauty simmering with rage. Her face was sleek with high cheekbones and smooth skin punctuated by wide eyes. She was a woman who commanded attention for many reasons.

She could hear him enter before she could see him. The leather soles of his dark brown wingtips clicked against the floor. His reflection could be seen in some of the art on the other side of the room. He was much taller than her with short, dark hair and piercing brown eyes. He was well-built and wore a well-tailored charcoal pinstripe suit with a maroon, silk tie and a crisp white shirt. Under the right circumstances, she found him attractive and intriguing. Now, however, he just caused a heat of rage to bubble through her. “Let me guess,” he asked. “You’re a bit upset.”

She spun on her heels to face him. “You can’t just sell things from this business. This is as much as my decision as yours,” she barked at him. She kept her voice steady, but it dripped with anger. His only response was a raised eyebrow. She continued and lashed him with facts and allegations about their partnership. When she was through, he paused for a beat, and then his face broke into a large grin.

“That’s your response?” Now her anger was simmering out of control. “After all that? You just smile?” “Oh,” he answered coolly, “I have a response.” “And what’s that?” she all but screamed.

He straightened slightly and answered, “Well, I know the stress you’ve been under Christine. You’ve been overworked and underappreciated. I know you’ve worked long nights. I know how dedicated you are to all this. But let’s be honest. This isn’t about an art piece. This is about you needing release.”

“What?” she spat at him not knowing what on earth he meant.

Pausing, he flexed his chest and removed his suit jacket placing it on a nearby chair. Long and lean she could still see the definition of his upper body through his dress shirt. “You know what I mean. I know your mind, and I know your body. You’re hungry for attention. You need it. It’s been to long since somebody has really given you pleasure. Since somebody had really made your body sing.” He started to walk towards her.

“What on earth are you talking about? Have you lost your mind?” She almost laughed as she said it. Though what he had said rang true on some level. Her appetites, under the right circumstances, were prodigious. She enjoyed sensuality with the right man. And it had been a while. Sometimes her mind turned to sex, but she quickly either shifted her thoughts or lost herself in a fantastic workout.

“Can I be perfectly honest with you?” he asked softly as he put his hands on her exposed shoulders. She cocked her head to the side in answer. Her skin reacted to his touch. Maybe it was the stimulation from her prodigious temper, but she could feel tingles on her shoulders now.

“You…need…to…be…tamed a bit.” He told her in a deeper than his normal voice. “In fact, I’m pretty sure you need to be fucked.” His tongue rolled hard on the consonants of the last word.

“Fuck you,” she hissed back. Her lips were now mere inches from his, though with his height she had to arch her neck backward to meet his eyes. Rather than snap back, he merely smiled and replied, “Oh is that what you need? I see the problem then.”

She opened her mouth to let loose a tirade of vitriol at him, but he raced to lean down and cover her lips with his. The initial kiss was forceful, passionate, and carried all the energy of the previous moments. At first she was shocked. How dare he. How dare he kiss her with his lips — lips that were warm and searching.

Lasting for many counts, the kiss finally eryaman escortlar broke and Christine exploded into gasps. “Oh come on…now you’re really pushing it,” she gasped at him as she started to spin on one heel. His large hand, however, grabbed her body and turned her back to him. She gasped against the sensation, but before she could protest he kissed her again.

While the first kiss was passionate and impulsive, this kiss was considered and deep. It was the difference between a short squall and a diving, thick tropical rainstorm. His tongue started searching out her lips and toyed quickly with her mouth. She found her lips parting and his tongue briefly touched hers causing an involuntary moan to escape her throat.

This time when the kiss parted, her eyes were heavy lidded. Her breathing felt labored but slower than before, taking in needed oxygen that somehow could not clear away building clouds of lust. “Fuck you,” she repeated, but her voice had dropped an octave and radiated with sensuality. She almost couldn’t recognize her own tone. He stared at her. Looking at her like a lion sizes up his prey. He took her long, brown hair in one hand and moved it off her shoulder to around the back of her elegant neck exposing her throat to him.

“Listen…you’ve already crossed some lines,” she whispered unsure of what her goal was now. She was surprised at how husky her voice sounded. “You should stop now.”

“Let me explain my point,” he returned. She started to speak, but her words dissolved into a long “hmmm” as she felt him pull her head slowly back and lower his tongue to her neck. He traced his lips up and down the side of her neck. He would dart his tongue out to trace unspeakable lines up and down her skin. Her defenses melted a bit as her eyes fluttered shut. She felt herself going up on her tiptoes to meet his wet kisses lifting her soft, nylon covered soles briefly out of her heels. The hardness of his body contrasted against the softness of hers.

He broke away again and kissed her full on the lips. The kiss had magnified in intensity. Already off balance, Christine could not steel her resistance against yet another sensuous kiss on her lips. The kiss radiated from her lips to her toes. She could feel her ass clench. Her body felt as if fireworks were exploding up and down her. Her arousal started to radiate from deep in her hips. It slowly trickled out to various parts of her body. She was almost certain her nipples had betrayed her and hardened under her dress.

She could feel his fingers comb through her hair and then stopped as his large hands cupped her head. His finger tips closed around a hank of her hair and he yanked sharply. She responded with a quick bark and her eyes looked at him wide in surprise. Did he know?

He bent down to her ear and first gently kissed her temple. “I know you. Right now you’re going to do every fucking thing I tell you. And you’re going to enjoy it even more than I will.” She looked up at him and noticed his eyes travelling over her legs and smiled again. The idea of being used for a man’s pleasure was always a secret thrill, but now it seemed about to become a reality.

“Turn around.”

“What?” she asked in a voice that seemed distant and tinny.

“Turn around. For me. Now.”

Feeling disconnected from her body she shifted one foot to her left and turned her body away from him. Before turning, however, her eyes darted up and down his body. The thickening rod in his suit pants drew her immediate attention. As she turned, the clack of her heel echoed through the empty studio. Her thighs rubbed against each other as she pivoted.

“You look beautiful tonight. Did you wear this for me?”

“No….I,” he interrupted her answer by roughly pulling up her dress until it was bunched around her hips. Her stocking tops were clearly showing and she could feel air on her thighs. His hands roamed over her stockings. “What about these? Are these for me?” A finger played with the lace tops of them. A blush of embarrassment and excitement shot through her.

“I…….oooh!” Her answer was interrupted as he wrapped one arm around her body and roughly grabbed between her legs. “Wait, what are you doing?”

He tightened his grip around her body and she could feel the thick bar of his hardness through their clothes and against the top of her ass. His free hand stroked the small of her back in stark contrast to the grip in his other hand.

“I want to see if you’re really enjoying this.”

He yanked her panties to one side and used the tip of his fingers to run down her cleft. To her surprise and embarrassment she could feel her lips wetly part and her moisture run over his hand. Before she could protest, his questing fingers found her clit buried beneath her sensitive hood. In a quick, slick movement his fingers stroked her lips upward, and her clit throbbed in response.

“Uhhh…,” she exclaimed as her mouth breathed a reaction to his searching hands. Once he started getting her aroused like this– in her mind and body — there was nothing to do but submit. ankara escort bayan She could feel her body press back against his and her head began to nod a bit with the sense of multiplying arousal. She felt her hips roll unconsciously. When his lips dropped to her neck again, she purred softly. And when he his teeth bit into her flesh there, her thighs clenched involuntarily

“Get down on your knees now. I want you to pleasure me. But first take that dress off”

Almost in a trance now she turned around and slipped the dress down her hips and stepped out of the pool of fabric at her toes. All the while, her eyes were locked on his. She felt more like prey than anything else. Once the dress was at her feet, she playfully kicked it to the side. Her heart raced and she instinctively looked up at him with her chin lowered and eyes raised. With a flourish, he folded his suit coat for her to kneel upon.

“Down now,” he told her as she sank to her knees. She knew to keep her heels on without him even telling her.

Her hands shook a bit when she reached to the front of his slacks. The sound of the zipper slowly moving down made her stomach fill with butterflies. Her mouth watered.

“Tongue first….then hands…. then swallow me.”

Her hands wrapped around his shaft and pulled his hard cock out of his pants. She paused briefly looking up at him and biting her lower lip in anticipation. She turned her head and worked her tongue around his head and then slowly painted his shaft with wetness. Her tongue started flat and thick but became light as it danced across his cock.


She obeyed and licked around and around coating his cock from head to root. Her hands joined the act as they softly encircled his throbbing shaft. Now slick with her work, her fingers moved smoothly up and down. She paused with her hand encircling the base of his cock. She could feel it throb in her hand. She swallowed hard. She always had adored his cock. It was above-average in length, but its girth and form is what she loved. Smooth and chiseled in the right places.

“Now?” She asked as his cock popped free of her tight kiss. She looked up at him with doe eyes. His eyes, in contrast, glowed like a wolf’s and had been taking in her work. He was absorbing every inch of her finely muscled back, and glaring with lust at her thick ass. He nodded briefly and she engulfed the head with her lips. The thickness of his shaft proved a bit of a challenge, but she took him as deep as she could and pulled back. She started a hypnotic rhythm.

Christine bobbed her head back and forth more rapidly now, taking more than half of his cock into her mouth on each stroke. She reached up with one hand and grasped the base of his shaft, jacking it off slowly as she sucked simultaneously. Her other hand snaked beneath his balls and teased lightly. She savored the clean masculine taste of his cock. There was a whiff of soap and maybe cologne. He was warm and hard, and she would periodically close her lips tightly around him causing him to throb. She squeezed her thighs together and shivered as she felt her wet lips slide against each other.

The combination of the delicate little hand jerking his shaft while Christine’s warm, wet mouth and agile tongue went to work on the sensitive end of his penis made him groan in delight. Her lips were tight and slick around his cock, sliding pleasurably up and down. With each of his groans he whispered instructions to her. Softer. Faster. Use tongue. Each time she would obey she felt a shiver of excitement dance from her nipples to her clit. She knew she could take control and almost immediately wrench his seed from him. She knew his triggers — slow, firm, steady, tease under the head, let him see her stockings. He’d explode all over her with those expert tactics in about a minute. But where would be the fun in that?

“Oooooooooo….” she hissed as she felt him grow even harder in her hands and she tilted her head inquisitively searching his face for his pleasure. She saw his face turn to a pleasurable grimace. Her hand made wet, sensual smacking and sucking noises as she milked his hard cock. As he slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, she looked up to take in his body. His chest was well formed and his armed looked thicker now that they were outside the confines of his shirt. She playfully pulled her hand up his stomach and raked her nails down slowly.

His cock head trembled and spilled beads of precum across her tongue. She took it in stride and only bobbed faster and deeper, sucking him until the tip of his cock nuzzled against the entrance to her throat. Her tongue was memorizing every inch of him. The head of his cock had a flared ridge on top that she kept nibbling on with her lips. She wondered if it would be able to touch her g-spot. Her eyes closed and shivered a bit — she already knew the answer. She snuck a quick tweak of her nipples when sucking him hoping he wouldn’t notice. The quick stimulation felt glorious.


She heard his words and stopped. His cock left her mouth with another elvankent escort bayan wet pop that she inexplicably found hot. As she got her to her feet, she could feel a line of moisture running between her thighs.

He grabbed her by her shoulders and roughly pushed her onto a nearby ledge by a window to the outside. She hadn’t even thought about the chance of somebody seeing them. The thought did not dampen her excitement. He pushed her back against the window frame with her ass on the ledge and her back touching the window itself.

“Show me.”

Her eyes locked with his again. Her hands moved her panties to one side and began to caress her shaven lips. With her left hand she shifted her panties to the side lightly touching her lips. Her finger touched flatly against the lower part of her lips collecting her moisture. Then she dragged the finger upward parting her lips and building the tension until she touched her clit. With the touch, her toes clenched in her shoes and she hissed through her teeth.

She could tell he enjoyed the spectacle as he started stroking himself. He grabbed her legs and pulled off her heels. She stopped briefly.

“No. Keep going.”

Her hands returned to her glistening pussy. He took her nylon covered feet and brought them to his cock. Teasing himself with the feel of her nylon covered soles, he watched her pussy get even juicier. Her stoked himself against her rubbing over her ankles and then up her calves. Occasionally, he would pause to kiss her. His lips strong and he seductively bit at her lips. Moisture was now starting to leak all over the ledge where she was perched.

Now it was his turn to kneel as his bent his face before her. She caught her lust filled gaze with his, as he slowly lowered his lips to her cunt. With one broad swipe, he licked his tongue from her wet entrance, up her lips, to the very center of her pleasure. Her mouth fell open with a gasp. He countered by pushing forward with his lips and encircling her clit. His tongue began to suck and circle her clit. Her head jerked back and her eyes briefly crossed with pleasure.

His speed varied at first. Fast, then slow. But soon enough, he slid into a smooth rhythm, lovingly lapping against her clitoris that caused her to jerk and quiver. He drew one hand up to her dripping womanhood and extended his ring finger and slowly entered her. She wiggled her hips as his finger firmly stroked her g-spot. Between that and her tongue she began to spiral. She could feel the storm building. Her ass cheeks clenched. She could feel a rivulet of sweat dripping down her lower back.

And then just as quickly, it stopped. He stood up before her completely nude now. His cock was obscenely hard and jutting out from his body. She thought she could see it bounce slightly as he stood there. Her legs were hanging off the window sill and her face betrayed an animal lust in her.

“Now legs up….”

She pulled her legs back as far as she could as he stepped forward and propped her ankles onto his shoulders. She was spread wide now and could feel her lips part. He stood before her, rock hard with his cock just at the entrance of her.

“Gorgeous,” he muttered. She knew that he had thought her womanhood was perfect in form and shape. He had even made a plaster cast of it…but that was a story for another day.

“Tell me what you are.”

She was shaken out of his spell. “Wha?” He bent down to kiss her roughly and pinched her nipple causing her to squirm on the ledge.

“Tell me what you are.”

Her voice cracked as she answered, “I’m yours?”

“You’re my what?”

He took his shaft in his hand and began to rub his pulsing head over her lips. She started to pulse a bit as she responded to his teasing. She involuntarily groaned as he ran himself across her clit.

Her stomach started to flutter and she could feel even more moisture as her eyes narrowed.

“I’m your slut,” she breathed.

“Good slut. And why?”

She breathed heavily as she answered “Because I want your cum. My tight little cunt wants your cum. And it’s a drug to me. I’m addicted.” These were not the first time she had told him this.

“Good,” he smiled as he moved forward and sunk into her with one movement. His head began to sink into her velvety wet womanhood. Her left eyebrow arch as he bottomed out in her. She moved forward to kiss his shoulder. Her lips relented to teeth and he responded with a deep, throaty groan of absolute lust that she soon echoed with a sigh of her own.

As he began to plunge back and forth into her, she looked at him with pleading sensuality. She whimpered a bit as her pussy completely swallowed his cock and her clit made contact with his body. They stayed there for a moment with her completely impaled on his stiff member.

A connection passed between them. It was hard to identify, but it did. In that moment, something clicked. She rocked her hips roughly, but his hands grasped around her upper thighs and held her down. He wanted to take from her — not have her fuck back with her body. Hips rocked and swayed but his grasp was strong and tight. Somewhere in her mind she wondered if the ledge would mark their encounter on her ass or back. His pace was slow and steady, dragging his thickness back and forth ironing out the insides of her tight pussy. His pace increased.

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