Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles Chapter 3: Futa-Mommy Joins Truth or Dare

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Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles

Chapter Three: Futa-Mommy Joins Truth or Dare

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers!

Shannon Baker

Cum leaked out of my pussy. Girl-cum. Futa-jizz.

The slumber party at Britney’s had gone wild thanks to that scented candle burning away on the end table. The air filled with Lavender Relax. My futa-cock throbbed to the beat of my heart. I had a big, throbbing clit-dick. It was so impossible and yet I didn’t care that a scented candle had somehow given me a cock.

A big throbbing girl-cock.

So had my friends. Britney, Sarah, and Mary all had their own cute dicks. Even better, Mrs. Meyers, Britney’s mother, sported a big mommy-schlong that I couldn’t wait to have sliding into me. I sat cross-legged, this slumber party so hot and wild.

“Truth or dare, Mrs. Meyers,” I said, staring at the busty futa-MILF across from me.

Britney was to my right, her round tits dripping in her mother’s futa-cum. More was running down her face. She had blue eyes that sparkled in delight. Her mother, though also a blonde, had brown eyes. Mrs. Meyers sat next in the circle, her mature body gorgeous. Those big tits had me aching to fuck her.

“Truth,” she said.

“No fair,” I said. Then I smiled. “Do you want to breed Britney?”

Mrs. Meyers glanced at her daughter. “Oh, yes, I do. I hope I put a bun in the oven when I came in her.”

We all burst into excited giggles, especially Britney. Her futa-cock twitched and throbbed before her. She quivered there. She grabbed her Mom’s hand and said, “I hope I bred you, too, Mommy!”

“God, I want to breed my mother,” moaned Sarah. The half-Japanese girl sat next in the circle. She had the smallest tits of us, little mounds that quivered. She looked Asian save for her round, blue eyes which looked so vivid mixed with her features. “And my older sister.”

“Yes!” groaned Mary, sitting between me and Sarah. “My mom and aunt… That would be hot.” She pushed up her glasses. A normally shy and nerdy girl, she had blossomed. Mary had bushy, brown hair and a big smile, her round tits jiggling.

Britney glanced at her mother. “Truth or Dare!”

“Truth,” Mrs. Meyers said again.

It was clear what we all wanted. A dare. But the naughty MILF was toying with us. She had us all captivated by her mature beauty. Her big cock throbbed out before her, twitching with her passion. Her big boobs swayed from side to side.

“Aside from tonight, what is the kinkiest sex act you’ve done?” Britney asked.

“Mmm, let’s see…” A smile spread on her lips. “The time your father wrapped me up in rope, my tits squeezed tight, the fibers digging into my shaved cunt and the crack of my ass, and then took me shopping. I wore a trench coat closed tight. We spent hours at the mall while I just went insane until I begged him to fuck me. He found this little alcove and fucked me where anyone could have found us. Then he made me keep shopping with my pussy full of cum.”

“Holy fucking shit, Mrs. Meyers,” I gasped, staring at her, my red hair brushing my shoulders.

Mary’s jaw dropped.

Sarah blinked. She rubbed at her ears. “I really just heard you say that, Mrs. Meyers.”

“My late husband and I had a very, very full sex life,” Mrs. Meyers said. Her eyes landed on me. “Shannon, truth or dare.”

“Dare,” I said, my futa-cock throbbing.

“Mmm, I dare you to suck my daughter’s cock while I fuck you in the ass,” Mrs. Meyers purred.

Sarah and Mary let out whoops of delight. I grinned and knew this game would be amazing. I crawled on my hands and knees towards Britney. She leaned back into the bean bag chair she sat in, her futa-cock throbbing before her. She winked at me.

I winked back.

Then I swallowed her futa-cock. I suckled her into my mouth with hunger. She groaned, a big smile crossing her lips. I swirled my tongue around her cock. She shuddered and moaned, the bean bag rustling beneath her. I nursed on her girl-dick, tasting the lingering flavor of her mother’s spicy pussy cream.

The same scent rose from Britney’s blonde bush dripping with her mother’s cum. I stared at that salty delight as I bobbed my head. While I did, Mrs. Meyers moved behind me. She slapped her futa-dick on my rump.

“Mmm, you just want to get fucked hard in the ass, don’t you?” purred Mrs. Meyers. “Oh, wait, I don’t get to ask you any Truths. You took dare. And look at you, just eager for my mommy-dick to ram into your asshole.”

I squeezed my eyes shut. I was so eager.

I nursed on her daughter’s cock as her dick slipped into my butt-crack. Mrs. Meyer’s MILF-dick slid lower and lower. She reached my butt-hole. I groaned at the feel of her rubbing on my naughty hole. I trembled as she pushed against me.

My asshole stretched and stretched. My anal ring surrendered to her big futa-dick. I squealed around Britney’s shaft as her sexy mom’s cock popped into my bowels. I shuddered as that thick rod penetrated deeper and deeper into my bowels.

“Go, Mrs. Meyers!” Sarah cheered. “Just use that futa-cock on her ass. Make her cum like a slut!”

Oh, I would.

My pussy drank in the heat melting out of my asshole. It poured down my futa-dick dangling between my thighs. The ache built at the tip. That explosive need to erupt. I groaned around Britney’s cock, sucking hard. Her precum spilled over my tongue.

Mrs. Meyers kept sliding her mommy-dick into my asshole, moaning the entire way. She sounded so much like her groaning daughter. I bobbed my head, working my lips up and down Britney’s shaft while my asshole clenched around my mother’s.

She had slid every inch of her cock into my asshole.

“Mmm, yes, yes, that’s a nice ass,” Mrs. Meyers groaned. “Just so tight. Nineteen and such a whore. Tut, tut, Shannon. I always knew you were a slut, but to so readily do this dare.”

“Fuck her hard, Mrs. Meyers!” Sarah moaned. “The whore wants it.”

“Yeah, Mom!” Britney moaned. “Ooh, she’s sucking so hard on my cock.”

I wanted it so badly.

I nursed on Britney’s dick, my tongue dancing around her shaft, while her mother drew back her hips. Her futa-shaft massaged my anal sheath. My pussy clenched, hot cum spilling out of my snatch to run down my cock and thighs. I groaned, my round boobs jiggling.

Mrs. Meyers slammed back into my asshole. She buried into me with such ease. I welcomed the delight of her mommy-cock slamming into my bowels. It was incredible. Like when Mary and Sarah had DPed me.

I loved anal sex with futas.

I sucked and slurped on Britney’s cock, my body rocking to her mother’s strokes. Both blondes moaned and groaned as they enjoyed my nubile body. My hands stroked Britney’s thighs. I caressed her as I worshiped her dick. Her precum grew saltier and saltier.

“I’m going to cum in her mouth, Mommy!” Britney moaned.

“Oh, honey, cum in her mouth!” groaned Mrs. Meyers. She slammed hard into my bowels. She buried to the hilt in my anal sheath, her hands sliding up my sides. “Flood her. Give the naughty whore what she wants.”

“I’m getting there, Mommy!”

Mrs. Meyers grabbed my round tits. I groaned as she squeezed them, her clit-dick plowing into my bowels. She buried into me with hard and fast strokes. She plowed to the hilt in my bowels with force. I groaned, loving every second of it.

It was incredible. I squeezed my asshole down around her cock. I groaned, rotating my hips. I stirred myself about her thrusting shaft. It was fantastic. I groaned, my bowels clenching about her girl-cock. The heat melted to my pussy.

The ache built and built at the tip of my cock and deep in my pussy. My cum aching to explode out of me.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” Britney moaned, her cum-covered tits jiggling above me. “Fuck her ass, Mom! Ooh, yes, she’s sucking so hard on my cock.”

Mrs. Meyers squeezed my tits. “Make my little girl cum. I want her squealing. Then I’m going to dump so much jizz in that slutty asshole. Ooh, yes, yes, you want it. You want my jizz dumping in your asshole.”

I did. So much.

My orgasm hurtled closer and closer, stimulated by her futa-dick burying to the hilt in me. She slammed that girl-cock in deep. I groaned and shuddered. My bowels clenched down on her girl-cock, the velvety friction melting to my cunt.

Britney gasped. Her head threw back and tits heaved. Hot futa-cum fired into my mouth. The salty delight splashed against the back of my throat and then spilled over my tongue. I groaned at tasting such a delicious flavor. Lucky for me, more and more of her spunk fired from her dick.

“Mommy!” Britney squealed as she unloaded in my mouth.

Her mother slammed into my bowels.

I exploded.

My asshole spasmed around Mrs. Meyer’s mommy-dick while my futa-cock spurted cum that splashed on the carpet. I groaned around Britney’s erupting cock. I swallowed her cum as the waves of bliss washed out of my cunt and the jolts of ecstasy fired from my dick.

They were incredible. Invigorating. It was awesome to experience cumming as a futa. I moaned and gasped and shuddered through the wonderful moment. Mrs. Meyers buried her dick to the hilt in my spasming bowels and groaned.

“Yes!” she panted as her cum fired into my bowels.

I closed my eyes, savoring mother and daughter flooding my body with their cum. I suckled out the last of Britney’s cum as Mrs. Meyers was just getting started. She pumped spurt after spurt of cum into my bowels. It was an incredible delight.

I shuddered, the heat rippling around me. As she bathed my bowels, I luxuriated in my rapture. My mind bathed in it. My futa-cock twitched and throbbed as pussy cream ran down my shaft from my twitching snatch.

“Oh, you did your dare, Shannon,” Mrs. Meyers moaned as she pulled out of my asshole. “Mmm, you did it well.”

“Anyone surprise that Shannon did something kinky?” asked Mary.

“Nope,” Sarah said. “Which makes it my turn.”


Sarah Takamaki

Futanari were so awesome. When I heard the name of the izmir escort bayan candles, Futanari Mom’s Lavender Relax, I couldn’t believe it. I had thought it was a mistake. Some American women had grabbed the wrong Japanese word or just like the sound of it not realizing what it meant.

Oh, she knew.

Whoever made these candles knew.

“Mrs. Meyers, truth or dare,” I said, aching and hoping she said dare.

“My, my, you girls can choose someone else,” the mature woman said, a playful smile on her lips. “Dare.”

“Of course,” Shannon muttered as she took her seat, Mrs. Meyer cum leaking out of her asshole and staining the carpet.

“Well, let’s see,” I said. I glanced over at Mary. She grinned back at me. “Mrs. Meyers, I dare you to let Mary and I fuck your pussy. together!”

“Both your cocks in me at the same time?” asked Mrs. Meyers, her eyes wide.

“I, well, read it in some futa erotica,” I said, squirming.

“You read futanari erotica?” Shannon asked. “You read erotica.”

“Yeah, what do you masturbate to?” I asked. These sort of questions would be too embarrassing to answer in the past, but now…

I breathed in that lavender scent and smiled.

“Porn,” said Shannon. “Britney?”

“It’s not my turn to tell truth,” Britney said, a big grin on her face. “I’m here to see if Mom will do the dare and have Mary and Sarah fuck her pussy.”

“Well, I’m up for anything kinky,” Mrs. Meyers purred. “And having two dicks in my cunt at the same time sounds amazing.”

“It does,” Mary said. “How do we do this, Sarah?”

“Yes, oh futa expert,” Shannon said, a big grin on her face.

“Mmm, the sandwich method will be the best,” I said and rolled on my side. My big futa-cock thrust out from me. I had at least one bit of me that was big. I had a small ass and smaller tits, but my new dick…

I smiled at her thrusting out from my black bush. What a beauty.

Mrs. Meyers laid down before me, her futa-cock nuzzling into mine. She scooted closer, her dick sliding down my shaft until her tip hit my bush. Then her mommy-dick slid up until it was pressed between our bellies. Her boobs piled into my small tits. I grinned at the sexy MILF. She stared right into my eyes.

We were snug close. We were about to get wild together. I was so eager for it. My cock twitched and throbbed with my excitement for what was to come. I licked my lips. She winked at me. I shuddered, my cunt on fire.

She kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue darted into my lips while my hand reached down between our bodies. I slid past her throbbing cock trapped between our bellies to grab my dick thrust between her thighs. I pressed it up into her silky bush and found the wet folds of her pussy.

I slid into Mrs. Meyer’s depths. She moaned into our kiss as I penetrated further and further into her pussy. Her cunt squeezed down around my clit-dick. I moaned and shuddered, loving every second of it.

This was awesome.

I groaned, kissing her with passion. My tongue fluttered over her lips. I kissed her with such hunger. It was such a delightful thing to do. I bottomed out in her, loving the warmth of her cunt. This was awesome.

“Now, uh, how do I join?” Mary asked.

I broke the kiss. “Mmm, well, lie behind her and press the tip of your dick into where my cock is penetrating her snatch and then push into her. That’ll be amazing.”


“Mmm, I want to be stretched out,” moaned Mrs. Meyer.

“Yeah, stretch out my mom’s pussy!” cheered Britney.

“We will,” I moaned, my dick throbbing in the MILF’s cunt. Her cock twitched against my belly, so warm and fresh from Shannon’s asshole.

Mary’s cock nuzzled into my shaft. She followed my dick up until her crown pressed into the MILF’s pussy lips. Mary pushed. Mrs. Meyers gasped. She shuddered against me, her face twisting with delight.

Then I felt it: Mary’s cock entered Mrs. Meyer’s cunt.

I shuddered as it happened.

“Uh-huh,” Mary squealed.

I loved it. Her thick shaft penetrated deeper and deeper into Mrs. Meyer’s twat, sliding along my own in the process. I groaned, the friction of her cock sliding up my dick sending heat rippling through my body. My pussy clenched as that thick cock bottomed out in Mrs. Meyer’s snatch.

Our shafts throbbed together, held in the wonderful embrace of Mrs. Meyer’s snatch. I groaned, trembling from how great it felt to share a pussy with my friend. We had done it. We had both our cocks in her cunt.

“Oh, my god,” Mrs. Meyers moaned, squirming between us. Her breasts rubbed into my tits. “This is… I mean… Oh, my god.”

“Right?” groaned Mary.

“Wow,” Britney gushed. “I mean… Wow. They’re both in you, Mommy.”

“Yes, they are.” Mrs. Meyers shifted. She stared into my eyes, her baby blues so deep and intoxicating. “Now you two have to fuck me.”

“Yes!” I groaned and kissed her.

I drew back my cock, moaning into the MILF’s lips. My futa-dick and Mary’s slid out of the MILFs cunt. The heat of her pussy squeezed about us. It was incredible to experience. I shuddered, my snatch clenching.

Mary thrust back in first, her futa-dick slamming past mine, massaging me. It was incredible to feel her cock moving. I rammed back in as she drew back. Our tips kissed in the embrace of Mrs. Meyers’ silky twat.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned, breaking the kiss. The bliss rushed down my dick.

“Mmm, that’s so good,” moaned Mrs. Meyers.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Mary.

We fucked the MILF. Our cocks rammed into her over and over again. It was incredible to enjoy. It was amazing. I shuddered, the heat rippling through me. My pussy clenched every time my spongy crown slid past Mary’s. The heat swept through my body. It was fantastic to experience. This was an amazing delight to enjoy.

I groaned, burying my cock into the MILF’s double-stuffed pussy again and again. The pleasure built in my ovaries. It was so hot. My nipples rubbed into her soft tits as I plunged away at her cunt. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried into her again and again. It was incredible.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my cunt squeezing, aching to be filled.

“Oh, you two wonderful futas!” moaned Mrs. Meyers. “Your girl-dicks are amazing. I’m going to cum on these dicks.”

Her futa-cock throbbed against my belly, twitching with her wild heartbeat. I kissed her again, hammering her cunt. My dick pistoned in and out, slipping past Mary’s hard cock. The MILFs cunt provided all the lubrication we needed to make love to each other. It was incredible. I groaned, trembling, loving every moment of it.

Every last second of fucking into the futa-MILF’s pussy with Mary.

The pressure built and built deep inside of me. It had to be my ovaries. That was where futa-cum often came from in manga. I shuddered, thrusting with all my might into Mrs. Meyer’s wonderful snatch, my cock sliding past Sarah’s.

That made this so much better. It was so hot fucking Mrs. Meyers with Mary. Our two futa-dick slid in and out, caressing each other and her. It was awesome. I shuddered, hurtling towards that amazing moment of eruption. I would have such a big burst of ecstasy. Just a mighty explosion of cum. It would be awesome. I shuddered, trembling, groaning.

I would spurt so much jizz into her.

“You girls,” Mrs. Meyers moaned, her futa-dick twitching against my belly. Her nipples rubbed over my small boobs and brushed mine. “Yes!”

“I know!” I groaned, her pussy squeezing my cock against Mary’s. “Just let us make you cum, Mrs. Meyers!”

“Yes, let us!” Mary panted.

“Uh-huh!” she moaned and then she erupted.

Her hot futa-cum jetted up between our bodies. The jizz splashed across my small boobs and her big tits. Her pussy convulsed around my cock diving into her snatch while Mary’s pulled out. It was incredible at the different stimulations writhing around my dick.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned and then I erupted. “Mrs. Meyers!”

My cock spurted cum into her spasming pussy. Mary’s dick slammed in, sliding up my shaft until our tips twitched. Then she squealed and I knew our cum mixed inside Mrs. Meyer’s pussy. I just sensed it with all my heart. It was fantastic.

This was a magnificent moment.

“Yes!” Mary squealed.

I shuddered and groaned through the ecstasy. It was an amazing delight. Jizz pumped out of her again and again and again. Our dicks unloaded in the MILF’s pussy. It was such an awesome delight. It was fantastic. I savored it. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. I shuddered through the bliss. A big smile spread on my lips.

I groaned, loving how great this was. My heart pounded in my chest. This wild beat that had me trembling and whimpering. I rubbed my nose into her Mrs. Meyer’s as she milked out the last of my cum. This was a fantastic moment.

“Oh, wow,” Mary said. “Good dare.”

“Mmm,” purred Mrs. Meyers, her clit-dick twitching against my stomach. We dripped in jizz.

“And it’s my turn!” Mary said.

I gasped as her cock slid down mine. Then suddenly it was just my dick in the MILF. Her pussy squeezed down around me, snug and warm and so soft. I wanted to stay like this but Mrs. Meyers rolled away, her pussy twisting around my cock until—


I popped out. My cock bobbed and swayed. I blinked and shuddered then I stretched my back and squirmed in place. I sat up as Mrs. Meyers took her place between me and her daughter. Britney threw herself at her mother and kissed her hard.

I giggled.

Shannon winked at me. I grinned back at her, feeling amazing. I loved having a futa-cock.


Joyce Meyers

My daughter kissed me with such hunger. Her tongue danced with mine. She caressed me with this wicked passion. My cum dribbled down my tits, this hot glide, while my cunt brimmed with all the jizz that leaked out of me.

Britney broke the kiss and said, “Go, Mary!”

“Mrs. Meyers,” Mary said, grinning at me. She pushed up her glasses, her brown eyes gleaming behind her lenses

I sighed. “You really, really can buca escort choose someone other than me.”

“Truth or Dare!”

“Dare,” I said.

Mary beamed. “I dare you to sit on my face and smother me in futa-cum while Shannon fucks you in the ass.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, shrugging my forehead. “I forfeit.”

“Forfeit!” gasped Shannon. The redhead bounded to her feet. “Forfeit means punishment.”

A wicked thrill ran through me. “Really? A punishment. Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes!” Shannon said. “And I bet you have all the things we need to punish you in your bedroom. Come along, Mrs. Meyers.”

“What does that mean?” Britney asked, staring at me. “All the things to punish you?”

“Oh, she’s talking about those cardboard boxes on the shelf in my closet,” I said. “The things I packed up after your father died.”

Britney still frowned at me. The poor dear had no idea how much of a submissive slut her mother was. I was the biggest. Mmm, and I loved every moment of it.

I stood up, my futa-dick bobbing before me. Cum spilled down my thighs. I sauntered past the girls to the stairs, all that jizz just spilling down my thighs in a thick flood. It felt so incredible. I shuddered, a big smile spreading on my lips.

I hummed as I took the stairs two at a time. My hips wiggled back and forth. More and more of my jizz ran down my thighs. It was awesome to feel. I had never had so much stuffed into my cunt at once. This was amazing.

The lavender scent brimmed in the air around me, like the candle’s scent had rubbed off. I strolled through the living room to the back of the house where my bedroom lay, the four futa-girls scrambling after me.

They were all so cute.

I reached my bedroom and pushed open my closet door. I smiled at the sight of the boxes. I hadn’t looked at anything in there in three years. I grabbed the first one down and opened it. Here were the ropes and handcuffs and gags. In the second were the paddles, dildos, vibrators and butt plugs.

I picked up the wand massager and smiled, remembering how I had this taped to my thigh and buzzing away for hours while Britney was over at one of the other girls’ house for a slumber party. One of those times, she had gotten sick and my husband had gone to get her.

He left me tied up and moaning. I had been such a mess when he got back.

“Wow,” Britney said as she dug around in the box of restraints. “Is this a spreader bar?”

“Yes, it is,” I said, my hips wiggling back and forth, my futa-cock flopping before me.

“And fuzzy handcuffs,” said Mary, picking one up by a finger. “Wow. They’re real.”

“Jesus, Mom,” gasped Britney. “You have every sex toy known to man.”

“Not by a long shot,” I said. When I saw what she had plucked out of the box, I cooed, “Ooh, those are fun to tape to nipples or clits. Really drive a woman wild.”

Britney, holding a pair of small, cylindrical vibrators, stared at my tits than at what she held. Then her gaze shot down to my dick. I shuddered as I could see something kindling her blue depths. Did she take more after her father or me?

Or maybe she was a switch. Both of my husband and I mixed.

A pang shot through me, that ache at missing my husband, but then it vanished as Shannon said, “Ass up, face down and your hands behind your back,” she said, picking up a ping pong paddle. “You’re in trouble, missy.”

“Yes, I am,” I moaned, pressing my face into the carpet and thrusting my rump up in the air. It was so hot to be given orders again. I loved it.

Handcuffs ratcheted onto my wrists, holding my hands behind my back. I shuddered at the fuzzy caress. I sighed, my cheek rubbing into the softness of the carpet. Then the spread bar was attached to my ankles, forcing my thighs apart.

The futa-cum Mary and Sarah fired into my snatch now poured down my clit-dick and dripped to the floor. I shuddered at how naughty that felt. My dick throbbed and ached. I squirmed in place, so ready for things to get wild.

This would be such an amazing night.

“How do we tape on the vibrators, Mom?” asked my daughter.

“The role of black tape. It’s costume tape. Doesn’t hurt to peel it off skin.”


“You are so bad, Mrs. Meyers,” purred Shannon. “you want to be punished. You want us to spank your ass.”

“What?” I gasped in the most innocent voice possible. “Me?”

Britney giggled and Shannon snorted.

To my delight, my daughter taped two of the small vibrators to the tip of my cock. The clever girl had good instincts. A moment later, she turned it on. I gasped as it hummed to life. My clit-dick twitched and throbbed, the pleasure rushing up to my pussy.

I groaned, my futa-cock swinging like a pendulum, heavier now. I quivered, my tip going numb already. It was incredible. I could cum just from this stimulation alone. My fingers flexed and relaxed as the girls rummaged around.

“Butt plug!” Mary gasped. “Yes!”

“Mmm, put it in her ass!” Shannon said and gave the ping-pong paddle a practice swing.

I shuddered there unable to move, my hands bound behind my back, my ass thrust up in the air. Already, the vibrators taped to my clit-dick were sending pleasure humming up my shaft to radiate throughout my pussy dripping with jizz.

It was such an incredible delight to enjoy and endure. My cheek pressed into the carpet as hands parted my butt-cheeks. I shuddered, feeling my asshole exposed to the four naughty futa-girls. My daughter and her friends were being so wicked.

“Thank you, Sarah,” Mary said and then rubbed the tip of the butt plug into my pussy lips. “Just lube this up with some cum.”

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, my heart pounding in my chest. “That sounds perfect. You have to really, really punish me. I’ve been soooooo bad!”

“Yep,” Shannon said.

“So bad, Mom!” Britney said. “Oh, my god, this is a flogger like from some old Roman movie or something.”

“Yes, it is,” I moaned.

“Your mom as kinky A F!” Shannon said.

A F? What did that mean? Kids and their internet acronym. I knew LOL and BRB but that was about it.

If I asked, they would just call me a boomer. I was a Gen Xer though. My parents were baby boomers. They called themselves zoomers sometimes. I didn’t know why.

The butt plug moved up to my butt-crack and then nuzzled against my asshole. Lube by cum, they drilled the cone into my butthole. I groaned as my sphincter widened and widened to swallow it. A shiver ran through me. It had been so long since I had the butt plug in me.

I smiled. It felt so familiar as it pushed past my sphincter and then it popped into me. I groaned in delight at how good that felt. It was amazing. My face scrunched up as the dildo drilled deeper and deeper into my bowels until I had swallowed it all, the handle nestled between my butt-cheeks.

“Hot,” Shannon said. “Now, you are guilty of not accepting a dare, Mrs. Meyers! Punishment! Spankings!”

The air whistled.


Burning heat burst across my ass from the impact of the ping-pong paddle. I shuddered at the pain blazing over my rump. It was such a thrill to feel. I groaned and shuddered, my butt-cheeks squeezing together.

I whimpered in delight. This was what I craved. What I needed. I shuddered, my asshole burning in just the right way. I quivered there, my toes curling from the agony. I wiggled my hips, my futa-cock swinging between my thighs. The vibrators teased them while my asshole clamped down on the butt plug.

“You’ve been so naughty, Mommy!” my daughter moaned.


The flogger fell across my rump. Those thick straps of leather kissed my ass. I quivered there, gripping the butt plug. My cock swung, heavy with the vibrators.

“So naughty!” I moaned.

“Bad Mrs. Meyers!” Sarah cooed.


Her hand slapped on my right butt-cheek.

“Just so wicked!” Mary moaned.


She spanked my left asscheek. I quivered from the dual impacts, my butt-cheeks squeezing tight. My asshole gripped the butt plug.

The air whistled again.


“Oh, my god!” I howled from the stinging blaze of Shannon’s spank. The ping-pong paddle was exquisite in how much pain it sent racing through me. I groaned and quivered, my hips shaking from side to side.


My daughter slapped the flogger across my rump.

“Yes, yes, yes, so bad!” I moaned, my cheek rubbing into the carpet.


Mary and Sarah’s hands fell one after the other, my butt-cheeks rippling from the impacts. I groaned, the pressure building and building in my ovaries. The pain and the pleasure both fed my growing climax. I whimpered, wiggling my hips back and forth.

“When you choose dare, and we want to fuck your sexy, MILF body, Mrs. Meyers you do it!” Shannon groaned and smacked the ping-pong paddle down hard.


“Yes!” I howled, the pain so intense. I groaned and shuddered through the burning impact, loving the feel of it. This was amazing. Awesome. My hips wiggled back and forth as I savored this agony.

“Such a bad mommy!” Britney moaned.


“So bad!”


“You ruined my hot dare!” moaned Mary. “I wanted to do this!”

She buried her face into my pussy and started licking at my cunt. I groaned as she did. Her tongue licked and lapped at me. It sent this crazy delight racing through my body. I whimpered and shuddered, my face contorting from the bliss of this moment.

Her tongue licked and lapped up the futa-spunk leaking out of me. My futa-cock throbbed, the vibrators massaging the tip. My crown went numb from the delight. I shuddered, my face scrunching up for me the bliss.


The ping-pong paddle fell again.

“Oh, my god, I’m so bad. I’m just such a naughty mommy! Yes, yes, yes! That’s so good. Keep licking my cunt and spanking me!”


The flogger blazed across my butt-cheeks. My asshole clenched on the butt plug. It stretched out my bowels, making me feel so full as the naughty girl licked and lapped at my cunt. She scooped out the cum brimming izmir escort in my snatch.

I rubbed my cheek into the carpet as Mary devoured me. The pleasure shot down to the tip of my cock. The vibrators teased me, building and building that orgasm in the depths of my cunt. I whimpered and moaned, my toes curling. My wrists pulled on the cuffs, trying to break out of them.


“Look at you, just enjoying getting your pussy eaten out by Mary,” purred Shannon. “Why would you want to deny yourself that.”

“Because I’m such a selfish mommy-cunt!” I moaned, humiliating myself. “A dirty, filthy futa-whore. Oh, yes, yes, Mary, lick my cunt!”

“Futa-whore!” my futa-daughter gasped.


The flogger stripped my ass with fresh lines of pain. I groaned, my boobs jiggling beneath me.

“You are a futa-whore, aren’t you, Mom? Yes, yes, just listen to the filth coming out of your mouth.”

“I know!” Shannon moaned. She grabbed my hair and yanked my head up. She moved before me and then thrust her cock at my mouth.

Of course, I opened wide.

Her cock slammed into my throat. She gripped my head to hold me up as she fucked her cock in and out of my mouth. I sucked on her, drool running over my chin. My pussy clenched, the heat building and building in my cunt.

I whimpered at how wild this felt. How naughty it was. I groaned, my cunt being devoured by Mary. The vibrators teased my clit. The pleasure swelled and swelled in me. I rose towards my orgasm. I would have such a mighty one.

“Oh, god, that’s good,” moaned Shannon. “Your mother is such a nasty futa-Mommy! Ooh, she’s sucking hard on my cock.”

“Good!” Britney moaned.


I groaned as the pain striped over my rump. My butt-cheeks clenched, squeezing my asshole on my butt plug. I rose to my orgasm faster and faster. Mary’s tongue swirled around in my cunt, searching for more cum.

The pleasure of it mixed with the pain burning across my ass and the humming delight assaulting my futa-cock. I squeezed my eyes shut, squealing around Shannon’s cock as I detonated in climactic rapture.

Futa-cum erupted from my cock.

Pussy cream gushed into Mary’s licking mouth.

Waves of rapture washed out of my spasming cunt and jolts of ecstasy fired from my spurting clit-dick. The dual delights slammed into my mind. I groaned, loving the delight. I savored the rapture as I sucked down all that wonderful cum.

I drank it with hunger. I shuddered, my cunt on fire. The pleasure rippled through my mind. It was such an intense delight. Stars danced before my eyes. They blazed so hot before me. I groaned as the bliss burned across my thoughts.

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned Mary. “Ooh, she’s cumming.”

“Fuck, that’s why she’s squealing around my futa-cock!” groaned Shannon. She thrust forward, fucking her clit-dick to the back of my throat. Then she pulled back. I groaned at that delight. My pussy clenched, the heat rushing through me was intense.


The buzzing around my futa-dick didn’t stop as my orgasm hit that wild peak. I groaned, my crown numb from the climax. Still, the vibrators assaulted me. Mary kept licking at my cunt while Shannon fucked my mouth.


I squealed from the pain, another orgasm building and building in me. The stripes of agony blazed hot across my rump. The fires melted down to my cunt. My daughter’s flogging set off another orgasm. Another burst of bliss.

My cum fired out of my dick again. More pussy juices gushed out into Mary’s mouth. I flooded her as I trembled, bound. My wrists pulled at the fuzzy cuffs. I squealed around Shannon’s cock. I shuddered there, sucking so hard on her. I nursed with passion on her dick.

“Oh, my god,” moaned Sarah. “She’s cumming again.”

My futa-dick spurted over and over, the vibrators humming away from the tip. I shuddered, Mary lapping at my cunt with such hunger. I groaned, my body trembling, my tits heaving and swaying beneath me.

“Oh, wow,” moaned Shannon. “She’s sucking so hard. I’m getting closer and closer to cumming down your mom’s throat.”

“Mmm, do it,” Britney moaned.


My asscheeks clenched. I shuddered, savoring the heat swelling over them. This wicked passion surged through me. My cock spurted again and again, the vibrators keeping my orgasm alive. I groaned around Shannon’s cock.

I had gone multi-orgasmic as a futa.

I whimpered as I sucked on Shannon’s shaft. She buried her dick down my throat so hard while Mary licked and lapped at my gushing cunt. She thrust her tongue deep into my spasming snatch and whirled it around inside of me. It was incredible.

I shuddered through my bliss.

My heart beat at such a wild pace as her tongue danced around in my convulsing cunt. My orgasms burst out of me again and again. I groaned, wiggling my hips as I ground back into her snatch. My body trembled.

I moaned around Shannon’s futa-dick. She fucked my mouth so hard. She buried to the hilt. I rose closer and closer to my orgasm. It was incredible. it was fantastic. I loved every moment of it. I came over and over and over again.

“Mom,” Britney groaned in awe.

My mind drowned in rapture. In bliss. I couldn’t think any longer. I could only moan and shudder and cum and cum and cum. The rapture blazed out of me. It burst from my body again and again and again.

“Jesus,” Mary groaned, pulling her lips away from my pussy. “Mrs. Meyers.”

Pussy cream gushed down my clit-dick and spilled down my thighs. The vibrators buzzed around the tip of my cock. It grew painful. I shuddered, my shaft twitching. Cum splashed on my legs and my dangling tits. I squealed my ecstasy around Shannon’s cock.

“Oh, my god,” Shannon moaned. She slammed her cock to the hilt in my mouth. She trembled there and then she squealed out in delight. “Yes!”

Her cum fired into my mouth over and over again. She unloaded again and again. I groaned, gulping down her spunk with hunger. I was ravenous as my own clit-dick couldn’t stop erupting. I was beyond rapture.

I was just a thing climaxing over and over.

“Mom!” Britney gasped and ripped the vibrators away.

I groaned and swayed, nursing on Shannon’s cock out of instinct. Her salty cum flooded my mouth and then flowed down my throat. I whimpered, darkness washing around my mind. I trembled through passion. Through the rapture.

“Fuck!” Shannon moaned.

My cock fired for the last time as Shannon spurted jizz into my mouth. I groaned and drank it down. My boobs swayed beneath me. I trembled as I suckled out the last few drops of her cum. I savored that wonderful delight.

“Goddamn,” Mary said in awe. “Look at the carpet.”

Shannon slid her cock out of my mouth. Drool spilled down my chin. I panted, dizzy from all the pleasure. My asshole clenched down on the butt plug. I hardly noticed that by the end. Too much pleasure and pain had overwhelmed me.

I swallowed and stared down past my swaying tits to the massive spurt of cum. It looked like I had shampooed the carpet in jizz. Frothy, white spunk matted the fibers and soaked through it. A puddle the size of a large skillet had formed.

“Wow,” I moaned. “I was multi-orgasmic.”

“It was amazing, Mom,” my daughter panted.

“Yeah, Mrs. Meyers,” breathed Shannon. “And the way you sucked my dick…”

“That was so hot,” Mary moaned. “You have such a yummy pussy, Mrs. Meyers, and the cum in it was a succulent treat.”

“Well,” Shannon said, struggling to sound authoritative. “I hoped you learned your lesson about not doing a dare.”

“Oh, I learned something,” I purred, my tits swaying beneath me. “You’ll just have to see what happens the next time I pick dare.”

Shannon grinned at me.

“Here, Mrs. Meyers,” Sarah said.

With care, she undid the handcuffs binding my wrists behind my back. They came off easily. I groaned, my shoulder joints sore. I braced my hands on the floor, leaning on my arms while my tits swayed back and forth.

My asshole clenched down on the butt plug as I sucked in deep breaths. Britney got up and ran into the bathroom. She filled up the clean glass I always kept in there and then brought me out something to drink. I took it from her.

“Thanks,” I said and then I gulped it down.

My boobs heaved as I chugged down every drop of tap water in it. The girls stared at me with such awe when I finished. Shannon looked at me like I was her heroine. Well, I probably was given the kinky things that slut was into.

Mary and Sarah took off the spread bar, allowing me to move. My ass burned so much as I gained my feet. I clenched about the butt plug and sank onto the bed. The girls were crowded around me, staring up at me with such eagerness in their eyes.

“Well, Mrs. Meyers,” Shannon said. “Truth or Dare?”

I rolled my eyes. “Truth.”

Shannon sighed. “Really. Truth. With me? Again?”

I shrugged.

“Fine, fine,” she said. “Excluding your daughter, which of the three of us do you want to fuck the most?”

“Because I would have won,” Britney said. “That’s why you’re excluding me.”

“No, no, I just didn’t want you to sulk when your mother chooses me,” the redhead said, grinning at my daughter.

Britney stuck her tongue out at Shannon. The redhead darted in and sucked on her tongue. Then the pair were kissing. I smiled and glanced over at Sarah. The cute, half-Japanese girl with her small tits and silky black hair was adorable, but those round, blue eyes of hers really set her off.

“Sarah,” I said. “She’s the one, beside my daughter who is number one hottest girl here, I want to fuck the most.”

Britney broke the kiss and said, “Hah! Suck it, Shannon. I’m the best.”

“She’s your mother,” Shannon said. “You’re the best by default.”

“Well, I’m up. Mom, Truth or Dare.” Britney gave me this wicked smile, a kinky gleam in her eyes.

Part of me, really, really, really wanted to pick dare. “Truth.”

Britney sighed. “Are you just going to keep picking truth until we start asking others?”

“Yep,” I said. “Sarah, Truth or Dare.”

The Japanese girl beamed at me. “Dare!”

“I dare you to go to your home and fuck your mother and your sister.”

To be continued…

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