Friends No More

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Rachel had known Justin for two years when she realized that he was the one. She met him freshman year of high school and they had become friends during the second quarter of that year. He sat next to her everyday in the classes they had together, but he didn’t seem to pay her very much attention. Rachel didn’t really mind. When sophomore year rolled around, Rachel became infatuated with Justin. She wanted to know everything about him, be with him everyday, and be the only one he cared about. Justin was the class clown and although everyone in their class laughed at his funny remarks, Rachel hoped that her laughs would mean the most to him. They didn’t, not then. But their friendship did grow slightly that year.

The crush that Rachel had on Justin was huge by the time they were in their junior year. As the year went by, Rachel’s relationship grew greatly with Justin; however, it remained strictly platonic. Rachel was head-over-heels in love with Justin, and Justin just tried to make her laugh. As all people do when they have a crush on someone, Rachel imagined that everything Justin did was a sign that he liked her too. She began to realize to give up when she realized that he was just being who he was, he wasn’t dropping any hints for her.

One day, Rachel looked at herself in a mirror and began to dissect her appearance. She was tall, 5′ 8″, but he was taller, 6’5″. She also noticed that she was gaining weight. Every time she gave up on Justin, she nursed her sadness with food. Rachel knew that if she were to have any chance with Justin she would have to perfect her appearance as much as she could. So she went on a diet and she started to exercise.

Summer came and the pounds began to melt off of her. She watched as pant waists grew wider and she finally bought herself a size 6. At the end of August, she replaced her wardrobe with smaller, more fashionable clothes and hoped that Justin would like the way she looked in them.

Senior year would be the year, it had to be. She had four chances, and she had already blown three. She drove herself to school on the August 26th that she hoped would turn heads (hopefully Justin’s) her way. Rachel opened the door to her Jeep and slowly put one denim covered leg out the door. The few people that were outside the small school turned to see who it was, as the stunning body followed, their jaws dropped in surprise and Rachel smiled at them all and removed her sunglasses.

She found everyone in the library listening to their boring principal’s beginning-of-the-school-year speech. Someone started to hand out schedules, and she found hers. English, first period, she knew Justin was in that class with her, they had signed up together.

The walk to her English class was torture, what if the seats next to Justin were taken? She walked faster. There was nobody there. She went to find her locker and put her two books inside of it and then returned to her English class. It was an eight-person class, three people were there, and one of them: Justin. She looked at a boring “Writing is Fun!” poster on the wall and kept his position memorized so that she could walk over to him without looking at him. As she turned towards his row of desks, she looked at his face. His eyes were wide open but other than that, his face showed no expression. She sat down next to him. “Hey,” she said.

“Welcome back,” Justin said to her, without the vaguest hint of emotion. The class rolled on and he didn’t even glance in her direction. He cracked his usual hilarious jokes and well-timed funny statements, and she laughed along with every other girl and boy in the room. Nothing was different.

Two weeks went by and kocaeli escort bayan Rachel was very frustrated. She decided to ignore him. She sat with a different boy and paid attention to class. When Justin cracked a joke, she just stared at the white board. When she saw him in the hall, she made sure that he didn’t know that she saw him. She walked by as sexily as she could and stood next to her friend Jenna and started talking about a funny television show that they both watched. Justin stared at her and wondered, ‘Why is she doing this to me?’

Her new tactic didn’t get her anywhere further than her old ones did, so she reverted back. She spoke to him, he laughed, he spoke to her, she laughed. She couldn’t take it anymore, he had to like her, and if he didn’t at least she’d know. After he said one of his less funny jokes, Rachel said, “Listen, Justin, would you- well- you see… I’ve… I’ve liked you for some t-time now, and I was w- wondering if you would like to uh- see a movie with me?”

Justin stared at her, ‘This has to be a joke,’ he thought, but he said, “Hah- uh- yea, sure.”

‘Four years and this is the best that I can do? I am the biggest pussy in the world,’ Rachel told herself.

They saw the movie, and although they were nervous at first, they began to get more comfortable with each other, even though they had been friends for years. They even kissed each other goodnight, Justin didn’t know that was Rachel’s first kiss, and Rachel didn’t know that Justin thought it was magical.

The two of them were almost inseparable at school. They had four classes together and would sit together during their free periods. One could even catch them making out in Justin’s car every now and then. They were great together, loving, happy, fun. But Rachel wanted more.

It had been almost a month and she felt it was time to take the plunge. She had waited three years and one month, and she would be damned if she had to wait another month for him to be completely hers. Justin was comfortable with the idea and he asked her if it was her first time. She said yes, and his answer was the same.

Rachel was ready, Justin was ready. They had set the date and both of them worried about it day and night. Rachel spent the week cleaning and shaving herself, making sure that her body was perfect for him. Justin spent the week exercising, making sure that his body was perfect for her.

The day had come. They both woke up in a cold sweat. Erotic dreams had plagued them all night long, erotic nightmares with no release that were filled with utter disappointment and shame. Rachel’s parents were gone for the weekend so she knew her house was safe. Justin was going to come over at seven. Rachel got out of bed and decided not to shower yet. Instead she went out running to calm her nerves, but that only gave her time to think, time to regret. She couldn’t turn back, this was what she wanted, this was who she wanted.

Rachel cleaned her house to perfection and laid out her sexiest outfit with her sexiest underwear to match. There would be no disappointment tonight. She showered and got dressed. As she surveyed her appearance in her mirror she thought, ‘You look as good as you can, now knock him dead and then let him return the favor!’ She ate quickly and early. It wasn’t even 6 o’clock when she was finished. Rachel decided to lay down on her bed and watch some television. Before she knew it there was a knock at her door. The walk from her bedroom to her front door seemed like the green mile, but she had to do it.

Justin was standing on her porch looking as if he had put no effort into looking great. He smiled at her and came in. She izmit escort bayan wondered if he was as nervous as she was. She decided to play it as cool as he was. He led the way into her bedroom and then lay down on her bed, his eyes on the TV screen. She followed suit. Rachel didn’t know what movie they were watching and neither did Justin, they were both thinking about what they both were about to do, they were both buying time.

A sex scene in the movie brought them both back to Earth. Justin turned to look at Rachel. ‘God, she’s beautiful,’ he thought. He ran one long finger up the small of her back, sending shivers down her spine and making her body arch. ‘My little cat.’ Justin could see the remote on the floor next to him. Rachel didn’t notice him reach for it, but she did notice the TV turn off. She didn’t know her heart could beat that loudly.

Justin flipped her over onto her back and then went in for the kill. She opened her mouth and received him. Warmth flooded to their private places as his hands went up her shirt, cupping her breasts for the first time. Panting like dogs, they tore at each other’s clothing until they were both in their underwear. Rachel was glad she had made the guilty trip into Victoria’s Secret to buy their sexiest bra and thong set. Justin was glad too. They began to kiss madly again as Justin reached behind Rachel to unhook her bra. He didn’t even look at her, he just ran his hands down her sides until he found the straps of her thong. It came off easily and floated to the floor like a dirty feather.

He laid her down again and admired the beauty that was his. Nobody had ever seen her naked before, she was glad that he was her first. His boxers stayed on, she wasn’t ready for that, yet. He kissed her voluptuous lips and then moved on to her rosy cheeks. His lips ventured down to her neck and then further still. Rachel’s nipples hardened from anticipation and he took one into his mouth and another between his fingers. Justin ran a hand down over her belly button and then over her stomach. The sensations made Rachel feel alive.

He wanted to explore, but he also wanted permission. He glided his fingers towards her pussy and Rachel pushed them closer. He traced the contours of her pussy and then slid his middle finger into her opening. He felt surrounded. She was so tight. He pushed his finger in deeper until it was all the way in. He moved it around a bit and then decided to squeeze in another. He was scared for her, if she was so tight around two of his fingers, how would his penis fit? Justin pulled his fingers out slowly. He wanted to taste them but he was afraid. Instead he wiped them on the blanket beneath them, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

Rachel sat up, she looked happy. She wrapped her arms around Justin as she began to kiss him deeply and then she lowered her hands to his boxers and began to slide them down. She took them off of him, her eyes avoiding what she was sure to be a gigantic cock. She knew it, the girls at school knew it, and Justin definitely knew it.

Sensing freedom, Justin’s penis sprung to life. Rachel had to see, she couldn’t get through the night without seeing it, that was impossible. It was as big as she thought it would be, proud and purpling. Rachel knew what she was supposed to do and she knew what Justin wanted to do. She got up off of the bed and sat Justin down. She wrapped her long, thin fingers around the base of his penis and she got down on her knees. This was what Justin dreamt about at night, this… and other things. Slowly she lowered her head towards his and wrapped her lips around it. Teeth will hurt him, she knew that, so gebze escort she kept her mouth as open as possible and lowered herself onto him. Inches were disappearing, she had maybe five in her mouth when she couldn’t go any farther. She didn’t want to disappoint him, so she raised her head all the way back to his cock’s tip. She sucked on it’s head like a lollipop and flicked at its hole with her tongue. Then she placed her tongue at the very base of his cock and licked upwards as she wrapped her fingers around his balls and gently massaged them. She didn’t want to bore him so she put her mouth over his head again and lowered again. Justin couldn’t hold on any longer. “I’m coming…” he moaned. There was a decision to be made, Rachel decided she wanted to swallow. She sucked on his cock head as hard as she could and then she felt him spasm slightly. She tasted salt and then her mouth was filled with liquid. She didn’t realize he could squirt it out that quickly and she struggled to swallow it all. She did it, she was proud.

Rachel didn’t know that pleasuring him could actually arouse her, but it did and Justin noticed. She was lying down on the bed again and his fingers were back at her pussy, slippery now. He could slide in three and wanted to have more fun. His cock read his mind, or he read its, and suddenly it was standing eight inches high, a nightmare for any virgin. Rachel wanted him though, Rachel needed him.

“I’m ready,” she said.

“Me too.” Justin stood up and Rachel could see how big he was. Fear shone in her eyes, fear mixed with desire. She moved towards the edge of the bed and he guided himself towards her. ‘The opening’s too small,’ he thought. He had to try. He had his cock right in front of her vagina and he pushed forward. His head entered her. ‘God, she’s tight!’ He pushed forward slowly and gently. She seemed to be moving away from him, but it was too late. A cry escaped her lips and surprised Justin. He pushed forward hard and was all the way in. Rachel’s pussy grabbed him like a strong fist. Her eyes were clenched shut and Justin stopped moving. ‘Maybe I hurt her.’ Slowly, she opened her eyes and slowly, Justin started moving again. Out slowly, then in again. Then out faster, and in faster. Soon passion took him over and he started thrusting into her hard. She didn’t cry out though, she rose up to meet his thrusts. He wanted to go faster, he wanted to go harder, he wanted to pound into her so hard that she broke in half.

“Harder,” Rachel said. Justin was surprised but happy. He started to pound into her and he could hear his balls slapping against her ass. He went faster. He thought he was going to explode inside of her. She wanted more of him and she wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him into her. Justin had never been so alive with pleasure. Rachel was on fire and her heat was spreading into him. She let go, she liked it when he went fast. She couldn’t do that for him.

Rachel got off of his long cock and rolled over onto her hands and knees. Justin came up and impaled her from behind. He held onto her waist and beat her pussy with his cock as fast and hard as he could. He didn’t even know he was about to come. It came like a volcano and Rachel was filled to the brim. Justin couldn’t stop, he wouldn’t. He continued to pound as white goo oozed out of her reddening pussy. Suddenly, Rachel became even tighter. Justin thought his dick was going to fall off it was being held on to so hard. Her pussy clenched at his cock and she began to cum down his shaft. He continued to thrust as more liquid came out of her. He couldn’t go any harder; he pulled her onto him to meet his hard thrusts and then came again. There was nothing left. He felt empty. He let himself flop out of her and he then fell onto the bed. She collapsed next to them. He had forgotten she was there.

“I’m sorry…” he said

Rachel smiled and then said, “Don’t be.” Justin was definitely worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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