Friends Become Lovers Ch. 1

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Shelby is a 25 year old, married woman, who desperately needs some excitement in her everyday life. She’s been married to Bailey since she was 20. Being a virgin when they got together, she wonders what sex would be like with another man. The problem is that she’s shy and not sure she could have an affair on her husband. Until one day . . . .

It was just another day, so it seemed to Shelby. She was going about her day as usual, the boring routine of being at home all the time. The phone rang, it was her friend Chris.

“Hey Shel, what’s up for today?”

“Notta damn thing Chris.”

“What’s wrong girl?”

“Oh nothing, just extremely bored.”

“What do ya wanna do? I don’t have to work today, we could do something.”

“I would just like to get out of the house for once.”

“Cool, I’ll be there in like 20 minutes, can ya be ready by then?”

“But of course.”

“See ya then.” She hung up the phone and thought ‘maybe today I can find some excitement.’ Upstairs she changed into a short summer dress, that showed off her body, which she usually hides.

Just as she was finishing up, the door bell rang. Chris opened the door and yelled, “Hey cutie, you ready yet?”

“Ya know, one of these days you’re gonna regret calling me cutie.”

As she came down the stairs, all he could do was think ‘wow.’ Standing in front of him with her short auburn hair looking sexy, a little make-up on making her look beautiful. The short dress that came up to mid thigh, her perky firm breasts just out there like never before. He finally snapped back to reality when he felt his dick twitch in his jeans.

“Um, Chris are you like alive in there?”

“Uh — oh — sure I am, why do ya ask?”

“Well, because I didn’t get a response from you like usual.”

“Oh sorry.”

“No problem. Let’s go.” Shelby said as she brushed against his arm and headed to the door. She smelled so good, he just wanted to grab her, kiss her sweet lips and fuck her.

As they approached the car Chris opened her door. “Aw isn’t that sweet of you.” She said in a flirty tone, once again brushing against him as she slid into the car. All he could do was think, ‘she’s my friend and married I can’t be thinking like this.’ He shut the door, walked around the back of the car slowly sarıyer escort so he could make his dick more comfortable and less noticeable. Getting in the car he asked, “So cutie where we off too?”

“Hey now big boy, I’m not too sure if I want to go anywhere with you and that major hard on ya got there in them jeans.” She teased.

“What are you talkin’ about woman?”

“Oh come on, I seen you adjustin’ it when you walked around the car.”

“Oh puh-leeze, I did no such thing.”

“Oh really,” placing her hand on his thigh she slowly slid it up to the bulge pressing the front of his jeans, “So what exactly is this?”

“Whoa, damn Shelby.” was all he could say, the whole time thinking how badly he wanted to feel her hands and mouth around his throbbing cock.

“What?” she asked as an innocent tone escaped her lips and a smile on her face.

“Nothing, you’re just making it real hard for me to keep my hands off you right now.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really.” he smiled.

“Well now, maybe we will just have to do something about that.”

“What did you have in mind exactly?” he asked as he leaned over and kissed her softly on the neck.

The touch of his lips on her neck was turning her on even more than she already was. She and Chris have been friends for awhile. She was always attracted toward him, but because she was married she kept it to herself.

Chris was about 5’10” with short, sexy blonde hair, mesmerizing emerald green eyes. Oh and that body was to die for. She had looked at his butt and chest every chance she had without him noticing. But today she wasn’t afraid to let him know that she wanted him.

“Well, how about we go to the park and see what happens.” She said while her hand massaged his cock through his jeans.

“Sounds good to me.” he said as his hand slid up the inside of her thigh. To much of his surprise she had no panties on, all he felt was her warm, wet shaved pussy.

The touch of his hand made Shelby jump a little with shock but total pleasure. Chris slid a finger inside her pussy while rubbing lightly on her clit.

“Mmm, that feels good.”

“That’s good.”

He kissed and nibbled on her neck a little. Slowly moving down to her esenyurt escort perky breasts. Kissing them through her dress. Making her wetter than she already was.

“Do you want to go now?”

“Mmmm, well this feels so good, can we go when you finish? I’ll repay you on the way there.”

“No argument from me. I’ve been waiting for this day since we met.” shocked at what he had said, she thought all this time he just looked at her as a ‘friend’.

He looked deep in her sea-green eyes and kissed her sweet lips with passion like she’s never known before. The touch of his lips on hers almost made her cum. She parted her lips slightly so his tongue could enter and meet hers.

He rubbed her clit faster, knowing she was close to cumming. Her body tensed up, then relaxed. Letting go like never before. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Kissing again he brought his finger to his lips and licked off all of her sweet juices, then smiled at her.

He started the car and backed out of the driveway. Before they were down the block she had his pants unzipped and his rock hard cock in her hands.

She was shocked at the size compared to her husbands. It had to have been at least seven inches since she was used to Bailey’s five inch cock, Chris’s seemed huge. It was so soft but at the same time so hard. She couldn’t help but massage it slowly. Licking the underside of the shaft from top to balls, she found another thing surprising, he was shaved. No hair to get in her way just all cock and balls to enjoy. Circling around the head with her tongue. Slowly she slid her mouth around the head and down the shaft.


She sucked his cock as though she couldn’t get enough of it. Making him start to cum sooner then he expected.

Not sure if her should let her know he said, “Um Shelby, I’m gonna cum.” she continued sucking him faster and farther than she had started with. Feeling his cock swell, she went all the way down and felt his cum shoot down her throat. It was different than she thought it would be. She just continued to swallow his cum then she cleaned his cock off. Shelby sat up, looked at Chris and smiled shyly.

“Wow woman that was intense.”


Almost to the park now and neither one could wait for what avrupa yakası escort they were about to experience between each other. They pulled into the parking lot, parked and walked toward the trees that outlined the park.

Just inside the trees he pulled her by the waist back to him and rubbed his hard cock on her ass. Turning her around he got on his knees, and lifted her dress. She leaned back on the tree behind her. He separated her pussy lips and lightly started to lick her clit then pushed his tongue inside her as far as he could.


He sucked on her clit and flicked it with his tongue, sending an erotic sensation through her body. It didn’t take long and she was ready to cum again. Her body tensed up and she felt like she was going to explode. She came right then and Chris licked up all of her sweet juices.

He stood up, she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. His hard cock sprung out and hit her belly. She lifted her dress, took hold of his cock, aimed it at her hole and they pushed together. It was bigger then she was used to, but she loved the way it felt as he was entering her. A couple more thrusts and he was inside. Stopping him momentarily, she put his hands on her ass and wrapped her legs around him. Still leaning against the tree. It wasn’t very comfortable but the feeling of him inside her outweighed the pain.

He started to move slowly in and out then gradually faster. Wanting this to last she stopped him before he was going to cum.

“Let’s change positions.”

He let her down, she bent over with her ass facing him and her hands on the tree. Looking over her shoulder she said, “Come on sexy, fuck me.” He didn’t hesitate a bit. Grabbing her ass he slid his cock in her pussy and started fucking her like crazy. She reached around with one hand and put it on his ass. It felt so good, she started to dig her nails in his cheek. It was somewhat painful but her pussy was so warm and tight he didn’t care. This was the moment they had been waiting for and they were going to make sure they enjoyed every last minute of it.

He started to cum, to his surprise so did she. He pushed his cock in as far as he could with each thrust. Each time he shot an intense load of cum inside her. It felt so good to feel them cum at the same time. She couldn’t help but be totally satisfied with her decision to fuck her friend.

When they were done they laid on the grass holding each other Chris finally said, “Shel, is this the only time we get to do this?”

All she could do is smile at him and say, “You never know my friend, you never know.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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