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We’d been casual acquaintances for a while; we’d been introduced by a mutual friend who neither of us spoke too much anymore. You were always a beautiful woman, the personification of sex, sex on legs; you could be described many ways. I on the other hand was just your average looking guy, one of many who’d seen you and been instantly smitten with you. Even though we were friends I was often too nervous to approach you to ask you out then one day we bumped into each other on the boardwalk. Bumped literally that is, I’d been wandering along looking out at the view when you came rolling along on your rollerblades, admiring the view as well when you slammed into me knocking me to the ground. At first I didn’t know it was you but I helped you up regardless. Somehow my hand had accidentally brushed against your breast and as I helped you to your feet you wrapped your arms around me for support and our eyes met…and I could see it in your eyes that you were aroused. Whether it was from my wandering hand or something else, the moment I saw your eyes I couldn’t hold back and I kissed you … a soft kiss, but a short kiss as we both pulled away when we realized who each other was. But you … you had a cheeky grin on your face, a Cheshire cat type look and I looked at you suspiciously until you came closer and whispered into my ear to meet you at your place tonight. And then suddenly you were gone, I was left there in shock staring at your back as your bladed away when it hit me … you wanted me … tonight.

The rest of the day seemed to take forever and my nervousness grew. Here I was about to spend the night with the woman I’d lusted after for months. The most beautiful woman I had ever met. I arrived at your place around 8, I knocked on your door and you opened it, my mouth must have been on the floor because what greeted me blew me away. You were standing there in a satin blue robe open enough to show me your black satin panties, but not enough to show me your breasts. I could see enough though to see how perfect they were. You must have thought I was a teenage boy about to get laid for the first time as I stood there in shock, you reached out and grabbed me … pulled me into your apartment and closed the door behind you. You pushed me against the door, kissing me furiously… I respond by sliding my hands into your robe … feeling your soft skin as my hands explored your body. Sliding my hands down over your ass … lifting you off the ground. You respond by wrapping your legs around me and I carried you, our lips still kissing, to the bedroom and lay you down onto the bed. Sliding onto the bed beside you and opening your robe as my lips part from yours and I kiss slowly down your body. Cupping your left breast in my hand and gently flicking your nipple with my tongue before sucking it slowly into my mouth … teasing it … licking it … biting it. I feel your nipple harden under my touch and move to your other nipple … doing the same to it as I slide my hand down your body… over your stomach… your skin so soft. Sliding my hand slowly down the front of your panties and letting my fingers brush lightly against your pussy at the same time biting your nipple … hearing you gasp.

Kneeling beside you as I draw both my hands to your stomach and gently rub them up and down your body… cupping and teasing your breasts… then down between your panties … rubbing at your pussy. Leaning down and pulling your panties to the side and gently raking my tongue down the slit of your pussy … feeling you move beneath me, feeling your hands work at my pants as you unzip and pull my cock out. Licking softly at your pussy, I feel your tongue, then your mouth on my cock as you lick and suck me. Leaning back and laying down you move onto me and start to undress me … pulling my shirt off as I slide your robe off. You slide slowly down my body and slowly lick my cock from base to tip before pulling my pants off… leaving me naked at your mercy.

You gently rake your finger nails up the inside of my thighs… my body quivers at your touch and I watch as you look at me seductively then slowly lower your mouth onto my cock. I moan as your warm mouth envelops me … my eyes roll to the back of my head and I feel canlı bahis şirketleri in total bliss. You slowly work my cock in and out of your mouth… driving me wild with your special touch before I manage to pull away from you. Kneeling beside you as I cup your head in my hands and kiss you passionately as I lay you down… sliding down your body and kissing your soft skin as I go. Your legs part for me as I pull your panties off … revealing the beauty of your pussy … gently caressing you with my hand before spreading your lips and using my tongue to lick you … tasting your sweet nectar as I work my tongue deeper into you. Your body bucks from my touches … I hear you moan … your hands are playing with your breasts as I bury my tongue deep inside of you as you scream out my name … your whole body shaking as I feel the sweet taste of your cum on my tongue.

Sitting back on my knees… you look at me seductively and crawl to me … taking my cock in your hand and stroking me softly. You begin by licking with your tongue as you move up beside me. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me softly as you crawl onto me … feeling my cock brushing against your pussy. You look into my eyes and I see that Cheshire cat look again on your face as you lower yourself onto me. Feeling my cock slide into you … the wonderful warm feeling of your pussy as it envelopes me … I throw my head back and moan. You hold your body against me… never once loosing that Cheshire cat look as you begin to move slowly up and down my cock … holding onto you as tight as I can and kissing your neck and shoulders … moaning in utter bliss as you ride me. I hear you start to moan too as you ride me faster … our breathing quickens … I hold onto you tightly as you slam down hard onto my cock calling out my name again as I feel your warm juices flow around my cock which sets me off. I scream out your name as my cock explodes inside of you … filling you with my hot cum for what seems like an eternity.

You slide off me and lay down … I move to lay down beside you and kiss me softly as our hands continue to caress each others bodies … casting a glance at the clock to see it’s only 9:30 … knowing this night is far from over.

As we lay there caressing each other … our hands become more adventurous and I’m soon caressing your pussy and your hand is around my cock gently stroking me. Looking into your eyes I saw a passion-burning deep within and I lean closer to you for a kiss which seemed to last eternity before I slowly break it.

I take your hand from my cock and kiss your hand softly as I slide down the bed kissing your body as I go and move between your legs. My hand’s slide slowly up and down your legs as I lean down and gently flick my tongue at the lips of your pussy. I bring my hands up your legs and slowly slide one under your ass to gently tease your asshole as I use my other hand to spread your pussy lips as I slowly work my tongue in and out of you. I lick around your lips before darting my tongue back into you again and again as I slowly work a finger into your ass.

I look up at you to see you squeezing and pinching your nipples … I hear soft moans escaping your mouth as I continue to lick in and out of your pussy. Pushing my finger deeper into your ass as your moans increase … I can feel your sweet juices on my tongue as I work it in and out of you.

Hearing you reach near orgasm I drive my finger deep into you and bury my face against you … plunging my tongue deep into your pussy as you grab my hair and hold me as you rock your hips against my face … cumming for me. Giving my tongue the pleasure of your sweet juices as I drink them down over and over until your orgasm passes and you lay on the bed breathing deeply. Not wanting to disturb you and wanting you to rest some more I stand up, my cock once again hard, and grab a towel and head towards the shower.

I stood in the doorway of the shower … I turned and looked back at you … admiring your beauty laying on the bed … you roll over and our eyes meet once more. I can still see the lust in them as you sit up and slide off the bed … heading towards me as I back into shower. Tossing the towel canlı kaçak iddaa away as I step into the shower cubicle, you follow me in and push me against the wall … our mouths meet as you kiss me. Your hand glides down my body to my cock and you rub it slowly … teasing it until it’s nice and hard. I push you away enough to turn the water on … watching you as you move under the showerhead with the water cascading down your body. Moving to you and joining you under the water, I cup your left breast in my hand and bend down to roll my tongue around your nipple … hearing you moan as I suck your nipple into my mouth and tease it between my teeth. I slide my other hand down your body to your pussy. Teasing your lips with my fingers … rubbing my hand up and down your pussy until you push me back against the wall and kiss me furiously.

I slide my hands around your waist and pull you against me … turning us around and pushing you against the wall as my hands slide down and cup under your ass as I lift you off the ground. You wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck holding onto me tight as I lower you slowly. Feeling the tip of my cock pressing against the lips of your pussy as you break our kiss and whisper into my ear “Fuck me lover” which is soon followed by a moan as I lower you down onto my cock … sliding my entire length into you.

Pushing you harder up against the wall and slowly pumping my cock in and out of you … licking and softly biting your neck and shoulder as you bite into my shoulder and moan softly as I fill you with my cock with each thrust. Throwing my head back and getting caught under the water as I feel your pussy tighten around my cock and you moan more … your fingernails start digging into my back … clenching my teeth and ignoring the pain as I thrust harder into you. I feel your pussy tighten even more around my cock … your body bouncing against the wall as I fuck you harder and harder. Hearing you cry out in pleasure and I feel you cum around my cock. Thrusting into you as hard as I can … meeting your lips with mine and kissing you deeply as my cock erupts inside of you … filling you with my hot cum.

Kissing you for what seems like forever as our bodies join … our body’s cumming together … then slowly we part … holding you as you get back on your feet and pulling you back under the water and kissing you. Letting the water flow between us as we kiss and our hands wander over each other’s backs … before you slide down in front of me to your knees. Looking down at you and seeing that Cheshire cat grin of yours as you look up at me and reach out with your tongue and run it around the head of my cock as you cup my balls with your hand and rub softly. Moaning as I reach down and caress your face then watching as your mouth slides over my cock … enticing it back to life as your hand slides further between my legs and I feel your finger gently pressing against my asshole. I moan more as you press harder and push your finger into me. I look down to see your mouth working up and down my hard again cock and gasping as a wave of pleasure washes over me.

Backing against the wall as your finger probes in and out of me … sending me crazy before I somehow manage to utter the words for you to stop … leaning against the wall to catch my breath as you stand up. Taking my head in your hands you lean against me and kiss me softly before stepping away, turning around and bending over, showing your ass to me right under the water … watching it flow down between the cheeks of your ass and down over your pussy. As you reach around and pull your ass cheeks apart … watching as the water flows between them … moving to you and placing my hands on yours as I place my cock against your ass. Feeling you push back against me as I push slowly into you … moaning as I push my cock into your tight hole. The water cascading around us as I fill your ass with my entire length and holding you against me before I slowly start to pump my cock in and out of you. You pull your hands away and put them against the wall … pushing back against me each time I thrust into you … holding onto your hips tightly as your ass opens up to me and I pump my cock canlı kaçak bahis in and out of you.

Faster and faster as you cry out louder each time I thrust into you. Leaning down onto you and gently biting into your shoulder as I reach under you and tease your pussy with my fingers as I keep thrusting in and out of you … feeling your body shake against mine as I pound my cock into you harder and harder. You scream out my name as you push back against me … thrusting my cock deep into your ass and holding you tightly against me as you cum again … pumping my cock into you one final time as my cock explodes deep inside your ass. Filling you with my hot juices … holding you against me … the water cascading over us as our orgasms subsides and I slide my cock out of your ass. You turn around quickly and I catch you in my arms … our lips meeting one more time before you pull away and take the soap … finally getting to the shower I originally wanted.

Feeling your hands wash the soap over my body … I turn to you and take the soap and return the favor … letting my hands glide over your breasts … admiring how beautifully formed they are. Stepping from the shower and wrapping you in a towel, we head back to the bedroom and help each other dry off. I embrace you … sliding my arms around your waist and pull you to me … looking deep into your eyes and kissing you softly … you break the kiss and whisper to me “the night’s still young, let’s go out”. I agree and we get dressed, you chastise me for taking so long to get ready, the truth be told is I watched you as you dressed … still amazed at how beautiful you are. We call a taxi and as we wait for it, our lips find each other’s again and we kiss as the taxi pulls up, we fall in and tell the driver where we want to go.

Turning to you I see you with your Cheshire look again, knowing what you have in mind I kiss you passionately … your hands move to my pants and you unzip them. Pulling my cock out and stroking it until I’m fully erect … I slide my hand between your legs and find you without panties, rubbing softly at your lips before sliding my finger into your pussy … feeling how wet you are. You slide onto my lap facing me … kissing me … my hands slide down your back and I squeeze your ass cheeks … feeling you reach between us and take hold of my cock and guide it into you … feeling you slide onto me as I hold onto you. Looking over your shoulder to see the driver looking back into the mirror and I kiss you softly … you respond by moving slowly up and down on my cock. I feel your tight pussy around me … the little movements of the car as we travel … the scent of you … the warmth of your body against mine … all working to drive me crazy. Your little movements increasing as you thrust up and down on me … all I can do is groan and hold onto you … you kiss me to stifle one of your own moans … gasping as a wave of pleasure rocks me. Squeezing your ass as you push down harder onto me with each thrust … letting my head roll back and gasping … seeing you with that Cheshire look. Knowing you have complete control of me as you lean down and kiss me forcefully as my cock explodes inside of you … emptying my hot cum into you.

You slide off of me and lean down and take my cock into your mouth … cleaning my hot sticky cum off of me before dressing me again. I sit there catching my breath as you lean over and whisper something into the driver’s ear. He nods his head as you sit back beside me and kiss softly. After a while the driver pulls up, we’re back at your apartment. We clamber out of the taxi and you race up to your apartment, I follow behind as we race into your apartment, you collapse onto the bed laughing, I stand at the doorway watching you, glad I could bring you so much pleasure. You get up and disappear into the shower, I sit down on the edge of the bed and you eventually come out of the shower dressed in your pajamas and join me on the bed. Putting your arms around my shoulders and resting your head against me, you whisper a small thank you and I give you a soft kiss only to find you’ve already drifted off to sleep. Lifting you up and laying you onto the bed properly, I tuck you in and kiss you softly on the forehead, watching a small smile creep across your face. I let you have your sleep as I get comfy on the couch, not wanting to disturb you with my snoring and soon drift off into sleep … knowing I’ll awaken and see you in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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