Friendly Passenger

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“Tim, would you like a passenger with you to South Australia?” My sister, Natalie, asked me the question.

“Why? Do you want to come with me?” I asked her but I would be surprised if she had said ‘yes’, because she doesn’t like car swap-meets.

“No, but Bree can be, if you like.” It was more like a twenty questions quiz to find out why Nat asked.

“Bree? Your friend from school days?” Now, it was me asking cryptic questions.

“Yes, all of that. She is going to visit her Gran in Adelaide and was travelling by bus from here, but because you are going that way, you can take her to where you want to be and she can catch the bus from there.”

I thought about it and asked, “Isn’t she the girl who didn’t want to go to the final year school dance with me?”

She nodded, “That was because she promised Stuart Finch. He had asked her before you and she didn’t want to disappoint him by going with you,” she explained briefly.

“But now she wants my help? Is that it?” I queried my sister.

“I guess so. It means you don’t have to travel alone all that way. You know her, so you must have something to talk about for whatever time it takes.” Her reasoning was sound. It’s a long and boring trip on a featureless highway; pleasant company would be welcome.

“Does she know I am leaving early on Friday morning? The trip will take about seven or eight hours, allowing for breaks,” I reminded her.

“Yes, I told her that and she said she would be ready in time.”

“OK, if she can be ready by seven o’clock I will take her. I hope she knows where the bus terminal is when we get there,” I reminded Natalie.

“Good, I’ll tell her. She will be pleased and she will be good company for you,” Natalie assured me.

I was up and ready to go early on Friday. I was packing luggage into my SUV when I heard Bree’s voice behind me. “Good morning, Tim.” I looked around and she smiled with a wide smile and said, “Thank you for giving me a ride. I appreciate it, I really do,” she told me.

“No problem. Here, give me your luggage.” She did so and I packed it neatly beside mine. She was watching me stow the bits and pieces for the trip and she asked me,

“What’s in that box,” pointing to a large cardboard box with oil stains on the flaps.

“Car parts. They are ones I am trying to sell or swap for the parts I need to finish off my MG-B in that garage, I told her and pointed up the driveway. That’s why I am going to South Australia this weekend.

“Can I say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to Natalie before we leave, Tim?” she asked. I agreed. I saw her give Natalie a hug and a kiss and soon she was back and we were ready to go.

I said ‘good bye’ to mum, dad and Natalie and started the engine. We were on our way. We hadn’t gone far when Natalie said, “I don’t think we have been alone with you before have I?”

“No, I don’t think so, but you could have been. I saw a lot of you at school and since we all left you keep in touch with Nat, so I have seen you at home.” Come to think of it, I hadn’t seen much of her since we left school nearly two years ago.

“Natalie told me you are at a business college. Doing what?” I asked. She smiled at my interest and answered,

“Business Administration. It’s a degree course, so I hope to become Natalie Spencer BA, when it is all over.”

“That sounds very professional, but I guess that is the point, isn’t it?” She looked at me and smiled sweetly.

As I turned onto the Western Highway and said to no-one in particular, “Here we go, 100 kilometres an hour for God knows how long.”

“That sounds good, Tim, let’s go,” Bree responded and settled herself into the seat.

“Natalie told me you’ve been to this place before. How long ago was that?” she asked me.

“Two years ago. The swap meets are held every two years and many people go to it because it is very large in terms of stalls, service providers and mechanics. In fact, almost everyone associated with cars and trucks seems to turn up for this event. That’s what I like about it. It’s really all quite friendly.”

Natalie was silent for what seemed like minutes, but perhaps only a few seconds.

“I am going to see my Gran, in Adelaide. It’s her 85th birthday and I want to surprise her,” she told me.

“Gosh, you must like her. I wouldn’t go to the next street to see mine, if I could avoid it,” I said, trying to suppress the bad feelings I have about my nanna.

“Mine has been great to me. She a very caring old lady, although she doesn’t look as old as she is, but I like to visit her when I can,” she told me.

“I suppose Natalie told you I am not going that far, didn’t she?” I asked to clarify my situation.

“Yes, but other times when I come to see her, I know there is a bus terminal at a shopping centre, called Somerton Gardens, where the bus stops between Melbourne and Adelaide, so if you let me out there I will be OK. It’s not far from the farm where the swap meet is being held,” she told me. Obviously, she illegal bahis had looked it up on Google Earth.

We stopped for morning coffee and fuel; we were both feeling more comfortable with each other. We chatted for most of the way. We had a quick look around the town before we were heading for the state border. As we crossed the border I said, “We must remember to set our clocks back half-an-hour at our next stop. To my surprise Bree altered the clock in the car, changed her watch and asked to change mine.

A few hours later we stopped at a popular truck-stop for lunch. “I haven’t been to a truck-stop before, Tim, do they have good meals?”

“Truck drivers wouldn’t stop here if they didn’t, just look at the number of trucks in the truck park.”

Bree laughed, “I see your point. Let’s go.” Her first stop was the toilets, as was mine. When we were together again, she told me, “The toilets are better than at some motels I’ve stayed at.” I nodded in agreement.

“Come on, let’s check out the menu.” As I spoke I felt her catch my hand. I said nothing as we entered the large cafeteria, hand-in-hand to select a meal to sustain us for the remainder of the journey.

We chatted while we ate. It was noisy; it seemed the truck drivers were all talking at once. Over the other voices in the area, she asked me, “How much further do we have to go, Tim?” I looked at my watch and said,

“Maybe two hours to the bus terminal then another half hour to the motel I booked,” I told her.

The conversation had started to lag as we both had expended tales and information about our school days and the years after. It was idle chatter for a next 100 kilometres or more as we drove, so I was pleased to see the Somerton Gardens shopping centre in the distance knowing the bus terminal was there for Bree to catch her Adelaide bus.

“There’s the shopping centre with the bus stop,” I told Bree.

“Oh good, I can catch the afternoon bus in about 30 minutes,” she told me after looking at her wrist watch. It wasn’t long before we turned into the large car park and headed towards the line of bus stops near the front of the building. “Can you wait while I check the timetable, please? If there is enough time I would like to freshen up before I meet Gran. Is that OK, Tim?” I nodded and turned off the engine; I watched her cute rounded backside as she ran to the large timetable boards and saw her scanning one of them.

Very soon she was running back to the car, her face flushed with her exertion, she told me, “There’s no bus until Monday morning. I’ve missed the afternoon bus; it must have come at an earlier time. Tim, what am I going to do?” she asked in apparent desperation.

I shrugged my shoulders and then said, “Perhaps you’d better come with me and see if Mrs Thompson has a room for you.” I was fairly sure the motel would be fully booked, it usually is for the Collier’s Fields swap meet, but there was no other choice.

“What if there are no rooms? What do I do then?” she asked me.

“Let’s wait and see what Mrs Thompson says, she’s a very nice lady to know.” I had no other answer.

The illuminated motel sign was visible in the distance with its large red letters flashing ‘NO VACANCY’. I drove in and Bree went very quiet. “Come on, let’s see what we can do, Bree,” I offered. We went into the office area and Mrs Thompson was waiting, she had heard the car stop.

“Hello Mr Craig, I’ve been expecting you. How are you? Did you have a pleasant trip?” she asked in one breath.

I nodded to all questions and told her, “This is Bree; she was going to get a bus to Adelaide, but found there were no buses until Monday. Do you have a room for her?” I wasn’t hopeful after seeing the sign, but I asked anyway.

“Hello Bree, I’m pleased to meet you.” Mrs Thompson greeted her and shook her hand then added, “Didn’t you know the buses don’t run on weekends now?” Bree shook her head and told her she didn’t think of a change in the timetable, she had no problems previously. “Oh, my dear, then you won’t know that the bus company was sold to a larger operator who said it was not profitable to run weekend buses, so they stopped them,” Mrs Thompson explained.

“What can we do, Tim?” Bree asked, looking directly at me. I looked at Mrs Thompson who was looking at each of us as we stood at the counter.

“Are you friends? Brother and sister?” she asked.

“No, Bree is my sister’s friend and she asked if I could drive her to Somerton Gardens so she could catch the bus. That was the plan,” I explained while Bree just watched on silently as we spoke.

“Well, I do have a solution, but it may not be what you expect,” Mrs Thompson told us. I asked what it was and she told us, “You could share a room, it does have a double bed, but you could make arrangements on who sleeps on the settee, or you can use the extra pillows in the cupboard to make a barrier down the centre of the bed, if you prefer that,” she told us. I noticed Mrs Thompson was smiling at me illegal bahis siteleri as Bree lowered her head in thought.

Bree looked up at Mrs Thompson, but she did not say anything. It was Mrs Thompson who spoke, “What about that idea, Bree, you are not strangers. You probably went to the same school and you are Natalie’s friend.” Mrs Thompson waited for an answer that didn’t come.

“Would you be happy with that?” I asked her. She looked sideways at me before she spoke, “I suppose so. I don’t know how it will work out, but it is only for two nights, isn’t it?”

“No dear, it is for three nights, today is only Friday, so there is the weekend as well. Tim is booked until Monday morning.” After saying that, Mrs Thompson was waiting for an answer from Bree, who was again looking down at her feet.

“I suppose it will have to do, won’t it?” she said to no-one in particular.

“Come on, Bree, we’ll be all right. We aren’t really strangers, are we?” I tried to resolve the issue for Bree.

Mrs Thompson tried again, “Don’t think I will judge you. Many people come here for weekends just for sex. My husband, Ron, and I went to a motel when we told our parents we were staying with friends near the seaside. At least your reason is more genuine than mine was.” She tried to ease the situation for Bree. “I’ll tell you what we can do, Bree, you register your name and you can stay the three nights in Tim’s room for the cost of three breakfasts, how does that sound? No room charge because Tim is a regular here. Is that a deal?”

Bree agreed to the offered deal and asked how much. Mrs Thompson told her that $30 would cover the breakfasts and the extra towels for her stay. Bree paid the money and Mrs Thompson said, “You can use a false name if you like, if it makes you feel more comfortable.” Bree signed in as Brenda Jacobs and thanked Mrs Thompson for her discretion. I took the key and as we turned to leave, Mrs Thompson quipped, “This may be the best weekend of your lives.” I laughed, but Bree was still uncertain of her decision and apparently didn’t notice that comment.

We drove to the room and took our luggage inside without either of us saying a word. I think Bree was thinking about that last comment. I put my bags at the foot of the bed and Bree did the same then she went into the bathroom. She seemed to take a long while. I checked out the same old kitchen facilities and mini-bar then flopped backwards onto the bed, glad to have reached my destination.

Bree came back and I stood up as she approached expecting her to decide the sleeping arrangements, but she walked up to me with her arms raised up and put both arms around my neck and gave me a hug.

“What was that for?” I asked her.

“Because you are so nice. I didn’t know what to say in the office, but you got it sorted out. Thank you,” she said.

“What do you want to do about the bed, the sleeping arrangements, I mean?” I asked, after correcting myself.

“What do you mean, Tim?” she looked querulously at me. I stared at her for a moment and asked her,

“Where do you want to sleep, Bree? You can have first choice.” I waited for her answer. She looked around the room and asked me,

“Can’t we both sleep in this bed?” I watched her in silence before she smiled and said, “I think it might be fun, don’t you?”

“Yes, it could be, but I thought you wanted a different arrangement. Have you changed your mind?” I asked her. I was confused.

“No, but I didn’t want that lady to think I came here for sex. I wanted her to know it was about the bus. I want to sleep in the same bed as you. It’s been a dream of mine since school days. We can make up for lost time, can’t we?” It sounded like her confession and a great idea at the same time. I was thrilled by her choice.

“What?! You didn’t want to go to the-end-of-year school dance with me, but now you want to sleep with me?”

“I know. I couldn’t take up your offer for the dance because I was asked by some-one else and it would look weird if I changed to go with you. I had promised Stuart Finch I would go with him. I had to follow through on that promise.” After that comment she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “This weekend is a bonus. I couldn’t have organised it better if I wanted to,” Bree told me. “Let’s not waste the only chance we have had to be together since leaving school, Tim.”

“Are you serious? Do you know what you are asking me to do?” I wasn’t sure if she was serious enough to go through with the idea.

“Are you getting cold feet, Tim?” she asked me. “Don’t you want to do it?” She sounded disappointed.

“Of course, but can we keep it a secret from Natalie and your brother?” I asked her.

“Does it matter? We are over eighteen, so why do we need to be secret about it?” Bree sounded quite sure of her position. Quite a change from when we were in the motel office.

“So, which side do you want to sleep on, Bree?” Because I knew so little about her, it seemed strange to need to ask that canlı bahis siteleri question. She shrugged and pointed to the bed, “That side, near the bathroom.”

“OK, that’s your side, I’ll have this side. Are you sure you don’t want pillows down the centre?”

“Of course, not, they’ll just get in the way.” She was smiling now and I was sure that we had a good weekend coming up. I needed to remind her that the Collier’s Fields gates open at 8.00AM and I wanted to be there at that time. She promised that she would be ready in time.

We had our evening meal in the motel’s homely bistro before heading back to our room to be ready for an early start in the morning. Bree wanted to know about the swap meet and how it all worked and why I had come so far to it. I found two small bottles of chardonnay in the mini bar which we enjoyed as we talked. Soon it was time for bed.

I gave Bree a chance to change her mind, “Do you want the pillows, ‘yes’ or ‘no’?”

“Definitely not!” she said, “It’s not the first time I have done this, you know.” I had seen that broad grin on her face before, so I relaxed. “Come on, let’s get ready for bed.”

I turned the bed down while she headed for the bathroom. When she returned she was wearing only a pair of nylon panties. “What! No night-wear?” I asked. She said she didn’t wear clothes in bed, but compromised for me, in case I was embarrassed, she explained. “It doesn’t embarrass me, Bree, quite the contrary; I’m delighted with your choice.” That was the truth.

“Nat told me you don’t wear shorts to bed either, so I am happy with your choice too, Tim,” she told me.

“Why would Natalie tell you that? What were you talking about for that to be a topic?” I queried her.

“Nothing, really. She just mentioned it when she told me she slipped into your bed and you were naked.”

“That was a long time ago. You must have a good memory for trivia,” I retorted. She just smiled at me.

I used the bathroom and prepared for bed, but to prove the point she had just made, I wasn’t wearing anything when I came back to the bed, where Bree was waiting with the covers up to her chin. “Wow!” I heard Bree say, “Now I know how big you are. I have often wondered, but now I know.”

“I hope you are not disappointed. What you see is what you get, so to speak,” I told her. I slid into bed under the covers with her.

“Look,” she told me. I turned to see what she was showing me and saw her panties in her hand. “I don’t think I need them now,” she told me. “Perhaps I was over-dressed for this occasion, Tim.” We laughed together at her crazy explanation, but I was pleased she was easy to get along with. It was a good start.

As soon as I put my head on the pillow she came close and put her arm over me and whispered, “Are you going to fuck me, Tim?” I didn’t need a reminder and soon I was lying on her soft body with my cock fully pressed into her moist, pulsing opening; her knees raised up high. As I moved gently in and out of her, she pulled my head closer to her face and kissed me fully on the lips. “I have often thought about what you would feel like inside me.”

“Now you know. Do I match your thoughts, Bree?” She smiled, nodded and looked into my eyes.

“It’s wonderful,” she said. For a first time with Bree, my sister’s friend, I felt I acquitted myself well. I did have thoughts of this being too close to family because she is my sister’s friend and there was the risk of being found out, but now I don’t care if she tells Natalie. It was a very enjoyable first experience. Just like my previous first experience with Gina some years ago. After some fondling, fingering and licking, I turned off the lamp and we settled down for sleep.

It was the early morning sun that woke me, as it shone through the windows. I shook Bree to wake her; she opened her eyes and looked at me then rolled onto her back, “Can we do it again, Tim?” I nodded,

“I think we can make time for an early morning fuck, it’s been a long time since I had one of those,” I told her.

“Me, too,” she said. Come on, let’s do it before breakfast arrives.”

There’s something magical about a morning fuck, I felt so alive. My cock was already in favour of Bree’s idea and it was clear she had no inhibitions. Bree was similarly refreshed and the fun started when she gripped my penis and starting stroking it. I squeezed one of her breasts as she lay there beside me. I tweaked her nipples, which triggered off some kissing and tongue action when she rolled onto her side against me.

“Tim, why hadn’t we done this before?” she asked me.

“You never asked me,” was my off-handed response. “You are Natalie’s friend, and you came to visit her, not me. There were no opportunities at my place,” I added.

“I suppose not, but don’t you think playing with me is better than tinkering with your car?” she offered.

I thought for a while before I answered, “I don’t think so. I can tinker with my car any time I like without fear of being caught,” I told her in jest.

“Can your car do this?” she asked as she bent down and put my rigid dick in her mouth. I responded by arching up off the bed. I watched as she started an expert blow-job on me and I watched as I erupted in her hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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