Friend with Benefits Pans Out Ch. 03

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Some days later, Alex and Jackie had been chatting throughout the interspersing days, and after one of the chat sessions, Jackie had invited Alex to supper. Alex accepted and arrived after the appropriate checks and signing of the register at security, and was again met at the door by Jackie in an eye-catching, beguiling outfit that she said was just ‘something I wear to work each day.’

“My god, girl, if that is what you wear to work, I don’t want to work near you. I would be hard pressed to keep my hands off you. Sexual harassment charges or not…! Damn!!”

“I sense a compliment in there somewhere. I hope.” Jackie laughed.

Alex stepped inside the door, closed it and picked up the dog to greet her, she knew him intimately, after all, by now… 😉 and she was very excited to see him. Having quieted the excited dog, Alex put her back on the floor, stood tall again and reached for Jackie and kissed her long and deep, crushing her to his chest as he did so, and playing his hand over her asscheeks. Jackie pressed her pussy against his pelvis, feeling for the growing lump she knew was there.

“I called because I needed TLC…” she said impishly, with a wicked grin on her face.

“TLC, what do you mean by that?” Alex countered.

“That Large Cock, baby…” Jackie said, her hands rubbing his cock through his jeans as she said it.

“Well, I got here as fast as my shiny steed could possibly and legally go.”

“And I appreciate it, now, where is my lovely, naked man… I want to fuck you, and be fucked by you. Now.” Jackie was already wet. Her hands were already working on freeing the large cock from his hiding place.

“Don’t we get to go through the normal things one does of an evening when invited to dinner first, or is this the entrée?” he countered, his hand slipping between the fabric of Jackie’s top, the soft silky feel causing his hand to slide easily inside. He brushed the back of his hand over her naked breast, and he smiled.

‘YOU are my entrée, baby… and I am yours.”

And Jackie kissed Alex again, her tongue wrestling with his, sucking his top lip hard into her mouth. Alex pressed his lips hard against her mouth. The kiss setting a fire in both their bodies that would only be put out once they were totally naked and covered in a sweet glow of complete pleasure, but that point was still some time away.

Alex began to undress Jackie slowly… his hands sliding her top off her shoulders, he found that it was really a wrap-around and it wasn’t fastened with any buttons or zips, and it simply fell away once it was beyond the point of her shoulder. She now stood topless and he bent down and kissed each nipple on those amazing breasts that he had come to like so much.

“God these things are so fucking incredible! You are beautiful, and so are you.” He said to each in turn. Sucking and licking them furiously he watched as each nipple hardened and stiffened. He sucked and pinched each one again and again, and each time he did something, Jackie was now oohing and aahing and making soft little noises of absolute pleasure and appreciation.

“My god, that turns me on!” They both said simultaneously and burst out laughing.

Alex pushed Jackie back against the dining room table and his hard on pressed against her tummy. She pushed back and ground her pussy against his cock. Their hands were now more urgent and clothing anadolu yakası escort was fast disappearing from their bodies, as the intensity of the passion rose rapidly. Alex pressed his now bare chest against Jackie’s magnificent breasts, rubbing against her nipples and causing them to enlarge even more.

His hand removed her skirt, and that too fell to the floor, as he discovered that she wore no underwear at all… and he liked that. He had asked her to do that earlier by text.

“I… see… you… took my… suggestion… and… surprised me with it.” He said in between kisses on her breasts and lips. Jackie smiled and nodded.

She removed Alex’s jeans, and released his large cock for her hands and mouth to work on, also noting that he too, had no underwear on, and she smiled and kissed him full on the mouth again.

Alex, having got Jackie totally naked by now, turned her around and pushed her down so that she bent over the tabletop, shoving her ass out at his cock as he did. He slipped his hand between her legs and ran his fingers through her pussy from behind. Jackie moaned with pleasure.

“Yeah, baby. Fuck me from behind. Fuck me hard.” She begged.

Alex slid his cock between her butt cheeks and found the wetness of her pussy and ran his cock up and down the moist channel that he had come to enjoy so much. Jackie pushed back at him again, trying to impale herself on his big cock, the eagerness of the moment and their excitement, making things a little difficult for them.

Jackie felt his cock move up and down the valley of her pussy, getting her even more wet from the mere thought that he would soon be shoving the big bulbous head inside her and filling her completely.

Alex slid his hand around her and teased her nipple on her right breast, making Jackie squirm and make that amazing mewling sound he had come to appreciate and enjoy so much. Jackie’s breasts were now being squashed under her as she lay across the table, receiving her TLC as it impaled her and made her writhe with pleasure as she could feel him beginning to slide over the best spot she knew, deep inside her pussy, and making her orgasm rush at her like a bull at a gate.

Knowing that she wanted this to go as long as possible, but wanting him to fuck her hard, she surrendered to the feeling and found that it did indeed come rushing, and she soon found herself beginning to moan louder and louder.

“Yes! Baby! Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard. I want your big cock inside me and I want you to cum inside me now…” Jackie shouted.

And soon Alex, too, was rising to the occasion, and he began to twitch and cum. He shot his hot spun into her pussy and jerked as he did, the spasms sending tingling feelings through Jackie as he jerked and flexed inside her and as he held her tightly in his arms.

They lay like that, Alex buried inside Jackie lying over the table top for some minutes. Alex kissed Jackie on the neck and licked her ears, she hated that, then kissed them and her neck again.

They hugged a while longer then stood up from the table.

“Do you think it is time for some food?” Jackie asked.

“I would really love to taste your food.” Alex answered.

“”You are going to have to accept Woolworths food. I don’t really cook.” Jackie admitted.

“I really don’t mind, at all.” Alex smiled. “In ataşehir escort fact, I eat most things.”

Jackie busied herself with getting the last of the food she had prepared ready for them to eat, and she asked Alex to open a bottle of wine while she did. Alex expertly popped the cork from the bottle and poured two glasses for them to enjoy with the meal.

They made small talk as they ate and Alex and Jackie had a really pleasant meal together.

As soon as the food was finished, Jackie busied herself with disposing of the plates and the bowls, then produced her chocolate mousse surprise. Alex’s eyes lit up.

“Chocolate mousse!” He exclaimed. “My favourite”

He picked up a spoonful, and slowly and sensuously sucked it into his mouth, all the while looking at Jackie with a wicked smile on his face.

“What are you thinking?” She asked, almost knowing that he had had some wicked and scheming idea.

“Come here…” he instructed her.

‘I’m eating still,” she replied.

“OK, then I will come to you…”

Alex stood slowly, and deliberately moved towards Jackie, his dessert spoon still in his hand, and chocolate mousse still on the end.

Her clothes had been replaced with her dressing gown after the earlier disrobing which had resulted from their welcoming session, and her dressing gown now hung a little awry, showing her breasts through the opening. Alex took one finger filled with mousse and smeared it on the nipple of one breast and then leaned forward and sucked it off slowly.

Jackie moaned so gently and held Alex’s head to her breast. She pressed his face close and made him suck again. He took another finger full of mousse and smeared it more generously over the breast presented to his face, and sucked it clean as well.

The nipple now stood up, proudly awaiting more mousse, and more sucking. And Alex complied. His clothing had also only been replaced with a towel that he had wrapped around his waist, and that soon fell to the floor leaving him naked and Jackie, taking the opportunity, put some mousse on his cock before sucking it off him.

Jackie slipped out of Alex’s grasp and briefly went down the short passage to the bathroom and turned the taps on and began to fill the Jacuzzi with warm water. She lit a few fragranced candles and some incense to fill the air with the intense fragrances of jasmine and honeysuckle and the dull glow of the candle light flickered on the mirrors and walls.

After some ten minutes, Jackie went back to the lounge and took Alex’s hand and led him back to the bathroom. Alex smiled as he saw the Jacuzzi, having already heard the sound of the running water, and he removed Jackie’s dressing gown completely now, and lifted her up before putting her gently over the side of the tub into the hot water. Then as he stepped up and over the side as well, Jackie closed up to him and took his big cock in her hand and began to kiss it, and lick it, and then suck it into her mouth.

The warm water now wrapped them in its safe warmth, and the dull glow of the candles made for a very pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. Jackie fondled Alex and Alex pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, sucking her lip and gently biting it then licking it and kissing her deeply again. Their tongues were fighting for dominance in their mouths. Jackie straddled Alex and began rubbing ümraniye escort her pussy on his cock and thigh, stroking her lady as she did, and really getting herself hotter and wetter.

Alex put his hands around her and dropped them to her buttocks where he began to fondle and play around with her ass, then slip his fingers between her legs looking for her pussy. Jackie still pushing her pussy onto Alex’s cock and thigh, Alex working the labia from the back caused her to begin to shiver and she could sense a real urgency in her pussy, and she began to work it hard back and forth.

“Oh, baby, I am going to cum, baby. I want to cum on your cock, baby. Make me cum, baby.” Jackie begged.

Alex sat up, spun Jackie around and pushed her a little forward, so that she was leaning over the side a bit, and his hand now spread her pussy and her legs and he leaned forward, leading with his big cock, as he shoved it into her wet pussy. She squealed a little in surprised glee,

“God, baby. You are dominant tonight. I like that…!!” Jackie was smiling.

Alex shoved himself deep inside her and Jackie found her breasts pressed against the wall and her pussy was being rammed with a big hard cock. She put her one hand went between her legs and she began to play with her clit, rubbing it hard and fast, making herself even hornier.

“Oh YES! Oh yesss… I’m cumming. Oh GOD yes…” Jackie erupted on Alex’s cock, pushing back against his thrusts and he too now, began to feel his balls filling up and then the rush of his own orgasm began to take him over the edge.

As it approached, Alex slipped his thumb between Jackie’s asscheeks, and he teased her ass, then on a whim, he began to press his thumb on the hole and it tensed briefly, then open for him, and he slipped his thumb into her ass. Jackie erupted a second time.

“OH GOD! WHAT DID YOU DO? THAT FEELS FANTASTIC!! FUCK ME. DO THAT TO ME, BABY, OH YESSS. FUCK…” Jackie began cumming a second time, and Alex erupted inside Jackie’s pussy, shooting his hot cum inside her and as the intensity subsided, they both slipped down into the warm water again, holding each other and kissing gently, both coming down off an insane high of sexual pleasure.

Alex held Jackie and she rested her now damp head on his shoulder. They lay in the water for a long time and then, as the water began to get cooler, Alex got out and took a fluffy white towel and as Jackie climbed out, he wrapped her in the towel and wiped her dry all over, again taking the opportunity to wipe and stroke her nipples, and tweak them a bit. They again stood up and begged for him to kiss them.

His hands and the towel worked her hips and legs but his mouth was giving the little buttons on her breasts attention, making them tingle more, and Jackie moaned her special little moan that Alex had come to adore. Her hands now busied themselves with drying Alex’s tall body, and when she got to his cock, that was still very big and semi hard, she focused her attention there for a few minutes. She kissed and licked it, slipping the big head into her mouth then letting it pop out again.

Alex picked Jackie up again and walked down the passage to the bedroom and layed her down on the bed, and put the duvet over her, then walked around the other side and climbed in under the duvet himself.

Jackie snuggled in under his armpit and they lay like that for a long time, saying nothing, and just feeling each other. Their hands exploring each other gently, lips kissing various parts lightly, hugs being shared intimately.

And like that, huddled together, without any exchange of mutual agreement, they drifted off to sleep for a short while. Together, and entwined.

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