Freshman Year Ch. 01

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“Can we see it?”

Sean looked around the room, unsure what to do. He had never been in a situation like this before. Just two months ago, he had been a virgin. Now he stood in the middle of a dorm room, surrounded by four freshman girls asking if they could see his dick.

He looked at the four of them. He knew three of them had boyfriends. He thought to himself, “Isn’t that kind of bad, showing your dick to a girl who has a boyfriend? Isn’t that kind of like cheating?”

He hesitated. He was conflicted. On the one hand, he wanted nothing more than to unzip his jeans and pull out his dick for these four hot co-eds to see. He could imagine the looks on their faces when they saw it. Though his dick was totally limp at the moment, he knew that he was probably longer and thicker limp than any of their boyfriends were hard. He really wanted to show it to them. And they were asking for it!

But on the other hand, part of him believed it was wrong.

How had he ended up in a situation like this?


Sean had experienced a lot of new things in the past two months of his life.

He had always tried to be a good guy. Always tried to follow the values he had been raised with. He had grown up believing certain moral rules. But recently, something had changed in him. In the past two months, he had broken those moral rules again and again.

Like when he cheated on his first girlfriend with the girl who would later become his second girlfriend. He always thought he would be the sort of guy who never cheats, but that conviction went out the window the first day of college when Angela walked into his dorm room uninvited, grabbed his crotch, and said, “I wanna suck your dick.” To his credit, he held Angela back for about fifteen seconds, thinking to himself, “What about Britney?”

Britney was his girlfriend at the time. His first girlfriend. The girl who took his virginity. Britney was fun. She was blonde with tan skin. Kinda short. Laid back. Smoked weed. She had big tits, a thick ass, and she sucked his dick twice a kadıköy escort day without him even asking. More if he told her to. She even let him videotape her while she sucked his dick and then put the videos up on the internet.

His favorite video was the one where she was sucking his dick and he pulled it out and came all over her face. Drenched her face in his cum. But that wasn’t the special part. He covered her with his cum every time. What made that particular video his favorite is what she did next. With his cum literally dripping from her face, she reached over to her dresser drawer, pulled out a blunt, lit it, and took a big hit, blowing the smoke into the camera. “Almost as good as your dick, baby,” she said.

Sean would always love her for that. In that moment, Sean even thought to himself, “This is my girl.” But one month later they were standing on the Boardwalk, Britney crying, while Sean told her that he had had sex with another girl the night before, and that he was leaving Britney for that girl. Britney had let Sean do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, as often as he wanted. That was an amazing thing in the eyes of an eighteen year-old guy who had only recently lost his virginity. But in the end, Britney’s willingness to let Sean do whatever he wanted–her passivity–was why Sean left her for Angela.

Angela was aggressive, and that excited Sean immensely. She took what she wanted, like she did the first day they met. It was the day they both moved into their freshman dorm rooms. They were in the same co-ed dorm house, on the same floor. Sean was in the process of moving in, walking down the hall carrying a box of his stuff to his room, when he saw her walking towards him.

Angela had long auburn hair, pulled back into a ponytail. She had on a pink tank top, bright green booty shorts, and tennis shoes. The extreme shortness of her shorts (cut just below her crotch) emphasized her very long legs (she was six feet tall). She had small tits and a narrow üsküdar escort waist. Sean admired her hips and thighs. “Just the right amount of thickness,” he thought. She had the body of an athlete. She was on the tennis team, as Sean would soon find out.

He only had a few seconds to check her out before they walked past each other and she slapped his ass. He stopped and looked back at her with his mouth hanging open. She looked back at him and smiled. “Nice ass,” she giggled.

“Holy shit!” he thought. He had never experienced a woman being so forward. He watched her walk away. Her meaty bubble butt swayed back and forth in her tight green shorts. “She’s got a very nice ass herself!” Sean thought as he carried the box to his room.

Sean was shocked by Angela’s behavior in the hallway. But he was even more shocked an hour later when she walked into his room unannounced, grabbed his crotch, and told him she wanted to suck his dick. Once again, Sean was speechless. He stared into her eyes, his mouth hanging open, and she stared right back at him, a sly smile on her face. She sank to her knees and started to pull down his shorts. He grabbed her hands. “Wait,” he exclaimed. He was thinking about Britney. He felt guilty.

“What?” she asked. “You don’t want me to suck your dick? Are you gay? I mean, you’re really pretty for a guy. I thought for a second you might be gay.”

“No,” he scoffed. “I’m not gay. I have a girlfriend.”

“And I have a boyfriend. But he’s not as sexy as you.” She ran her hand up his shirt, feeling his hard abs. She reached around with her other hand and squeezed his butt cheek. “God damn. You’re ass is like a rock. How often do you work out?”

He smiled. Her compliments were turning him on. She took his smile as permission to proceed. She pulled down his shorts. “Fuck it,” he thought, putting aside his guilt for cheating on Britney. “I can do whatever I want.”

She was face-to-face with his boxers. He was semi-hard, and she could tell by the bulge that what he had under tuzla escort his boxers was at least bigger than average. She looked up at him. “Well, well, big man, what do we have here?”

He groaned with satisfaction. Nothing turned him on more than hearing a woman talk about how big he was, or how manly. “Why don’t you find out,” he said in a deep, authoritative tone.

She bit her lip. “Now he’s acting like a man,” she thought. She felt her pussy tingle. She could feel wetness leaking out. She let out a little moan and licked her lips. She looked at the bulge in front of her, then up into his eyes, then back at the bulge. She pulled down his boxers.

Now it was her turn to be speechless. She had never seen anything like it, and she had seen her fair share of dicks. In fact, it was only semi-hard and it was already significantly larger than any fully hard dick she had ever seen. Her boyfriend paled in comparison. (Soon to be ex-boyfriend!) She guessed it was already nine inches long and as thick as her wrist.

And the head! Oh my god, the head! She had never fixated on the head of a man’s penis before, but this was a thing of beauty. It was slightly wider than his dick and about two and a half inches long. It was like a plum hanging on the end of his thick tube of flesh. The huge head of his dick was so powerful, so masculine, she thought. She could feel her panties were soaked.

She lifted up his dick. It was warm, almost hot, and heavy. Its thickness filled her hand.

Then she looked at his balls. More shock. They were as big as medium-sized oranges. They were almost too big, she thought. They were tight to his body, not loose. She stroked his balls. They were shaved clean, just like the rest of his pubic region. She loved that.

She brought her face closer to his manliness and breathed in deeply through her nose. The strong smell overwhelmed her. She looked up at him.

“What’s your name?”


“Sean,” she repeated slowly. “I’m Angela.”

She looked back at his dick. Now it was fully hard. It’s size was truly breathtaking. She held it up in front of her face. She tried to wrap her hand around the rock-hard tube of flesh. Not even close. “How big is this thing?” she wondered.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She needed his fat dick in her mouth. She pointed it at her mouth and opened her lips as wide as she could.

It didn’t fit.

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