Freshman Year at Band Camp

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In high school, I definitely was what you would consider to be a “band geek” or a “music nerd”. While I didn’t decide to major in music at the University, I was determined to go to a school where I could pursue music in my free time. I had been counting the days until band camp, and finally that day was here.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the color guard, which will allow me to combine my love of music with my love of dance. I had looked forward all summer, and while I was nervous to be a freshman in college, I am excited for all the opportunities that the band and university has.

“Jessica, we’re here!” my mom says, which shakes me out of my daydream. Finally, we are at the camp!

She helps me unpack my bags and we’re greeted by a friendly young hot guy holding a clipboard. “Name?” he asks.

“Jessica…Jessica Smith…” I say, stuttering because of how utterly gorgeous this guy is.

“Nice to meet you, Jessica! I’m Dan. I play trombone. What instrument are you…?”

“Color guard.” I answer.

“Nice,” he says, with a smirk on his face. “Okay, cabin 12. We don’t have practice till 3, but make sure you’re on the field at that time. The other guard girls will help you with that. You can spend some time with your mom, but like I said, be on the field at 3. That’s where you’ll get oriented to camp. The returning members haven’t arrived yet.” He smiles, which makes a shiver go down my spine again and clench in my stomach. “Oh, and be careful, there’s not a lot of cell service up here in the woods.”

“Oh..okay…” I murmur, grabbing my bags and heading off to cabin 12.

Once I’m there, there’s tons of screaming and introductions. Lots of names I don’t remember. One girl with curly red hair is particularly nice and helps me get to the field at 3.

“I was new once too,” she says excitedly. “I’m your section leader. My name’s Cassie.”

We are told about the field, the expectations, our uniforms, and do some basic moves. By the time it’s time for dinner, and the sun is down, I’m exhausted.

“Is it always this …exhausting?” I ask Cassie.

She laughs. “Today was easy. Wait until tomorrow, and the next day when the returners are here. We’ll be worked till you can’t move.”

I gulp. “Okay.”

“Don’t worry,” Cassie smiles. “You can do it.”

The next week goes by in a blur of horns, color guard flags, and drumsticks. There’s activities and icebreakers I attend, but by the end of the night, I’ve forgotten everyone’s name and I’m just exhausted.

Finally the last night arrives and we’re let out of practice early.

“Early?” I ask Cassie. “Really?”

“Yep!” she says, laughing. “We have a party on the last night.”

“A party? Noone told me about that.”

“Yeah, it’s a secret. Like, an initiation into the band. It’s fun. Come, get dressed.”

“I have nothing to wear…” I murmur. “It’s fine, I don’t need to go.”

“Yes, you do,” Cassie tells me and pulls me towards her bunk. “I’ll help you find canlı bahis şirketleri something to wear.”

That’s how I find myself walking to the gym, where everyone is congregating. Wearing a borrowed black dress from Cassie, my brown hair braided into a nice long braid. Cassie is stunning in a blue dress that looks great with her bright red hair.

“Welcome!” one of the section leaders shouts, staggering over to me and Cassie.

“Steve, cool it!” Cassie shouts at him. “Jessie’s a freshman and you don’t deserve her. Wander away.”

“Cool, cool,” Steve says.

“What was that?” I ask.

Cassie pauses. “Do you drink?”

“Uh. Drink what?”

Cassie laughs. “Alcohol.”

“Oh.” I say. “No, I’ve never had alcohol.”

“That’s fine, you’ll try tonight! Once we’re done with the official speech by the band director. He turns a blind eye to all this. Are you a virgin?”

I’m shocked. “Well, of course! I mean, I’m 18, but that’s still pretty young.”

Cassie laughs. “Okay, whatever. Professor is starting to say something. We should pretend to listen.”

Once the speech is over, and people cheer for the band, we all disperse from the gym.

Dan runs up to us through the woods. “Hey, Cass! Drink this?”

“What is it?” Cassie asks, drinking it.

“Bacardi. No coke.”

She coughs and laughs. “I could tell. Want any, Jess?”

“No!” I scream. “It’s illegal.”

“Here, silly, drink it.” She gives me the bottle.

“No, I-“

While I’m protesting, Cassie shoves some of the Bacardi into my mouth. I cough. I look at Cassie, who’s laughing at me, and grab the bottle. I take several nice, long sips.

“Damn,” Dan says. “Mmm, look at her go.”

I hand the bottle back. “So everyone’s just drinking? That’s what’s going on?”

“Drinking. And fucking.” Cassie laughs. “Come on, let’s go find people.”

She turns and I follow her. The three of us stumble through the woods and meet up with a huge group of people outside Cabin 7.

“Hey guyssss!” Cassie shouts. “This girl is Jessie. She’s adorable. A guardie! And she’s a virginnn!”

“Cass!” I protest.

“A virgin? Really?” Dan asks from next to me. “Shit, how?”

“I don’t know.” I squirm.

“Hey, come here a sec.” Dan grabs my hand and pulls me off the path. “I could tell you’ve been looking at me since you’ve gotten here. I think you’re cute too.”

I blush. “Yeah, I do think you’re pretty cute…”

“Jessica, has anyone ever kissed you before?”

“I mean,” I say. “Kind of. Not really, not a real kiss.”

“Jess, can I be your first real kiss? And then from there we can see if you want me to be your first ‘real’ other things?”

A shiver goes down my back. My breathing quickens and my stomach clenches. “I’m not sure…”

“Jess…” he brushes my face, which feels like it’s on fire. God, I want to kiss him.

“Okay,” I whisper.

“Really?” he smiles and looks down at me.

“Yes. Yes. Kiss me,” canlı kaçak iddaa I breathe, and Dan leans down and puts his hands on either sides of my face, taking his time. He leans down and finally his mouth is on mine and I wrap my arms around his neck. He moves his hands from my face to around my waist and my back, pulling me to him.

He kisses me hard and fast, moving his hands on my back and pulling me closer, closer to him. His lips taste like Bacardi and soda and sunscreen but it’s delicious.

He moves my lips open with his lips and slips his tongue in my mouth. I’ve never done this before but I push my tongue into his mouth too, touching his tongue and exploring his mouth.

I’ve never felt like this before, but suddenly I feel warm everywhere and I start to feel sensations in my crotch like I’ve never felt before. I just want more, more, more.

I lean back and moan as Dan starts kissing the side of my face and my neck, onto the top of my cleavage. I slip the straps of the dress of my shoulders and Dan pulls down my dress until my midriff is exposed. He’s kissing my stomach, going down, until he comes back up and kisses the top of my bra and then my mouth again.

He shoves his tongue back into my mouth and we make out while he fists his hands into my hair. He reaches behind me, and pops off my bra, throwing it onto the ground. He immediately kisses me harder, biting my lip, biting my tongue, while also feeling and caressing my boobs. He leans down a bit and starts to lick and suck on my right nipple while rolling my left nipple in his hand. He kisses his way to my left nipple and sucks and bites that one too.

This is so hot. I have never felt like this before, but I want to keep going.

“I’ve never done anything like this,” I say quietly, while Dan shoves the majority of my right tit into his mouth. He takes it out, squeezes both my boobs, and asks, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, yes!” I answer.

“Want to go farther?” he asks, staring up at me.

“Yes!” I almost scream, with excitement.

“Okay, cool.” He says and pulls the rest of my dress off. He lays it on the ground. “Go lay on your dress.”

“It’s not mine, it’s Cassie’s.”

“Whatever.” He laughs. “Go on.”

I lay down on the dress, which is on top of some soft tree needles.

“Okay, lay back and enjoy, babe.” Dan says, and pulls off my panties.

A shiver stirs in my vagina, I have no idea what is going to happen next. I’m excited to be fucking out in the open, and scared to be caught. And I am so, so turned on. Dan, the gorgeous senior trombone player, with me, the freshman color guard girl.

He moves my legs farther apart, and I feel his tongue against my clit. He rubs my clit with his left hand, in small circular motions. Around, around, around. He starts touching and biting my labia, and then while he’s already circling my clitoris, he is suddenly putting a finger into my vagina. He thrusts his finger in and out while also wiggling it against my G-Spot. canlı kaçak bahis He continues to lick my vaginal area, while fingering me and still rubbing my clit. I start to feel tension building up but don’t know what this is.

“I …I think I have to pee,” I gasp, after Dan inserts another finger inside me.

“No, you don’t.” he laughs. “You’re gonna cum.”

“Really?” I ask, still feeling tension. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Hang on, baby.” Dan says, and adds another finger to my vagina but starts licking and sucking my clit while ramming into and circling around my vagina. It is so rhythmic…ram, circle, come-hither, touch the opening, ram… While circling, sucking and blowing on my clit. I feel a buildup and suddnely it’s like a dam has broken and my back arches. I press my arms against the pine needles and dig my legs against the ground. I feel feelings I’ve never had, and suddenly I’m so intensely happy. I collapse on the ground.

“Nice, your first orgasm,” Dan says. “And suck on this.” He gives me two of his fingers which are coated in some sort of liquid. “You came, and it was so hot. And you’re so wet. Do you want to have sex?”

“Yes!” I exclaim.

“Okay, Jess. I’m prepared, don’t worry.” Dan gets out of his jeans, and pulls down his boxers. And enormous penis pops out and he grabs a condom from his jeans, ripping the seal off of it and rolling it down his gigantic dick. He comes over to me and puts his legs outside my legs.

“Don’t worry, babe. We’ll go slow. It helps that you’re so wet.” He moves his lips to mine and kisses me, really kisses me. I feel him at the outside of my vagina, circling it around it and then I feel him pressing into my opening. He pounds my mouth with his tongue but slowly presses farther and farther into me. Finally, he’s gotten all of his cock into my vagina. “Good?” he asks.

“Yes!” I gasp. “More.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” He laughs, leaning back and taking his dick out of me. “I will.” He slowly moves back into me and moves back out. He moves faster and faster while he resumes kissing my mouth. Both fucking my mouth with his tongue and fucking my pussy with his penis. I wrap my arms around him while he rides me. He keeps thrusting and I start to thrust into him too. His dick hitting me while I’m already stimulated feels amazing.

Finally, he pushes into me hard and collapses ontop of me. “Oh god, that was amazing.”

I gasp. “I know,” I giggle. “Let’s do it again.”

He laughs, quietly. “Give me some time, I can’t do this right now. I need to recover.” He pulls out of me and rolls onto the leaves and pine.

“I can,” a voice says to my right and I roll over as Cassie appears. Her blue dress is pushed up and I can see that she’s rubbing her clit quickly. “That was hot.”

Dan laughs. “Be my guest.”

“Okay, Jess, trust me, this will be fun,” Cassie says and pushes my legs apart again. Her boobs look gigantic from this angle. I feel her fingers inside me, and she starts to lick me and touch me like Dan did but at this point it feels a thousand times better.

While she’s tongue fucking and finger fucking me, Cassie looks up at me and asks, “So, Jess, how do you like band camp?”

“It’s…great!” I scream, as I orgasm again.

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