French Frolic

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So, there I was, stuck in the middle of France, broken down in the middle of nowhere, my hired Citroen giving up the ghost as steam bellowed from beneath the bonnet. Great, I thought, just great. It was 5 miles back to the town, and while not a bad walk on this glorious summer’s morning surrounded by the picturesque French countryside, I was angry that I was going to miss my appointment with Eva in the next town of Toulouse.

Let me explain. I am an Irish property developer and I hunt down old and abandoned property in European countries for possible development and refurbishing. I have clients from all over the world who are interested in buying property in quiet, postcard-picture areas such as the gorgeous countryside of the South of France. I rely on my contacts to keep me informed when such properties come on the market, and Eva, one of my more reliable (and beautiful) business associates phoned me in my office in Dublin that a fantastic château had just appeared on the market. I flew to France the following day, hiring a brand new (ha!) Citroen and driving the 100 plus mile journey to Toulouse, before grinding to a halt on a country road surrounded by nothing but fir trees. I tried calling her on my cell phone, but couldn’t get through. Either the signal was bad or she had her phone switched off.

I swore as I opened the bonnet, rushed by a cloud of smoke. That’s not good, I coughed. Shutting the bonnet I locked the doors and began the journey towards the town, keeping an eye out in case I was lucky enough to get picked up by a car heading my way. After 15 minutes, and after only 6 cars sped by honking at me (so much for French hospitality) I had resigned myself to the knowledge that I was walking, and that Eva, unless she calls me, figured I wasn’t coming. Beep beep!

Someone behind me slowed down, and as I turned round I saw it was someone on a blue moped, covered with stickers. Not just any someone, this someone was a young woman, an absolutely ravishing young woman. She was dressed like a character from a ’60’s French movie, not something one sees in modern day France. Wearing nothing but white, she wore a wide rimmed hat tied with a white bow beneath her chin. Her hair jet black, it seemed to flow in raven curls from beneath the rim. She wore a white belly top that revealed much of her flat tummy and held in place her two magnificent breasts that swelled beneath, white bra straps streaking across her shoulders. A matching white skirt did little to hide her long, tanned shapely legs, and on her naked feet she wore simple brown clogs. My God, she was incredible.

“Bonjour!” she called, halting her blue moped beside. “Ca va?”

“Non, Madame,” I replied. “My car is knackered and I’ve got to get to Toulouse in a hurry.”

“Can I offer you a lift? It’s a long walk, you know!”

“Erm, sure, I would appreciate that, merci!”

“I have to stop off at my village before I head into Toulouse; I’ll only be maybe 10 minutes, if that’s ok with you?”

Hmmmmm … now there’s a pickle. Do I climb aboard and ride shotgun with a gorgeous, scantly clad French woman and add and extra 10 minutes late to my schedule, or continue walking in the vain hope of getting picked up by a non-too hospitable Frenchman?

I threw my leg over the back of the moped, not knowing were to put my hands at first, either gripping her slim waist or the side of the bike. I decided to play it safe and clutched the side of the moped.

“All set?” she inquired.

“Yup,” I replied, and before I knew it she was revving along the empty country road.

* * *

As we drove we chatted, I telling her who I was and what I was doing here. She said I spoke French extremely well; I told her that along with French I spoke German, Spanish and some Japanese, for being in the line of work I was in it wasn’t so much necessary as polite to talk with clients in their native tongue.

“I’m Lolo,” she told me. “I bet you’re wondering why I’m dressed like this?” “Funny you should say that,” I said.

“I’m an actress, working on a commercial,” she informed me.

“For what?” I asked.

“It’s for apples, of all things,” she answered.

I refrained from saying I’d love to get my hands on her apples, but added, “Ah. That explains it.”

“Explains what?”

“You play the beautiful apple picker who’s seduced by the handsome farmer!” She laughed. “It’s not Porno, you know, but I can see where you might think that. It is very revealing, isn’t it?”

“Looks okay to me, Lolo!” I croaked.

“We’re filming in an orchard not far from where you broke down. I saw the abandoned car and thought I’d see a hitchhiker.”

“I’m glad you came along.” I told her.

“Me too …” she said, looking behind her at me, smiling.

Suddenly we hit a pothole, the bike bouncing, I nearly tumbling off the back. “You ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, fine, shit, I thought we only had potholes in Dublin.”

“And France too,” she said. “Here, canlı bahis you better hold onto me, I wouldn’t want you falling off.”

I reached up and held onto her naked waist, not wanting to pinch her firm skin with my fingers, I trying to grip the top of her skirt. It was awkward, clumsy, I not knowing how to hold on until she said, “I won’t bite, put your arms around me!”

Slowly I stretched my arms around her waist, my forearms resting next to her tummy. I eased my way closer to her, so that my front was brushing off her back, my groin off her ass.

“That’s much better, isn’t it?” she asked, and I had to admit that yes, it certainly was.

“Mmmmmm, you’re so warm!” she cooed, and with her shiny raven hair blowing in my face, her enchanting perfume attacking my senses, I prayed I wouldn’t embarrass myself behind her …

* * *

We entered the small village by way of a steep hill, Lolo speeding through narrow streets waving at friends and beeping at others who wouldn’t get out of her way fast enough. Presently we came to a halt outside a block of 4 storey apartments, I reluctantly letting go. She stepped off the moped, her short skirt briefly pressed between her legs. She adjusted herself before saying, “Coming up?” I was stumped for a second. Not everyday a gorgeous French chick invites me to her apartment, even if it was totally innocent.

“Unless you really have to be going?” she inquired.

“No, course not.” I said. This was true, incidentally. Taking a glance at my watch it was clear I had missed Eva by at least 30 minutes.

“Bon!” she said, leading me into the building and up one flight of stairs to the second floor. There she bent down and took a key from the welcome mat before opening the door, calling, “Andre!”

Ah. A boyfriend. Innocent indeed. However, to my delight a cat came charging from somewhere in the apartment to greet his master, Lolo scooping him up in her arms. “Did you miss me?” Lolo asked, rubbing Andre on his head. The cat, nestling into Lolo’s pillowing breasts and knowing just how damn lucky it was, purred contentedly.

“Close the door, will you?” Lolo told me, heading for the kitchen with Andre as I did as I was asked. The apartment was spacious, and very French. A large sofa lay in the room with a TV and VCR facing it. The walls were smothered with pictures; of family, friends, old lovers, promotion shots of Lolo in various guises and characters. There was a small dining table with two chairs next to the room’s only window overlooking the street. A giant cheese plant sat in one corner, stretching its green leaves territorially.

“Can I get you something to drink; coffee, wine, beer?” Lolo asked me, popping her head from inside the kitchen, her hands busy with a can opener and a tin of cat food. She had discarded her hat, and her jet-black curls spiraled off her shoulders. “Beer, please.” I replied, slipping off my jacket and taking a seat in the sofa. She came to me with two opened bottles of beer, sounds of the cat munching on its dinner distant in the kitchen. Lolo sat next to me, crossing her legs. “Salut!” We toasted the day by clicking the bottles; the beer was cold and fizzy. I nearly let out a loud belch, almost forgetting my manners. Lolo, however, had no such qualms and belched like a thirsty truck-driver. “Excusez moi!” she exclaimed, putting her hand to her chest, looking slightly embarrassed. Her face reddened and her eyes watered.

“Sounds like you needed that.” I commented, laughing.

“Oui,” she replied, taking another swig.

“So, what’s next for Lolo-the-actress?” I asked, settling into the sofa.

“To be honest, I have an alternative motive for bringing you up here, Mr. Harper.” she said.

“Oh?” I asked. What was this about? And she knew my surname?

“I was actually expecting you, you know.”

“Really? But we’ve never met before.”

“You see, I know that you’re here to see the château outside Toulouse,” she calmly said.

This I didn’t expect. “Oh?”

“And I want to change your mind about viewing the property.” Lolo added.

“And why’s that?” I asked, suspiciously.

“The owner of the château doesn’t have the right to sell it, it belongs to the community and we want it to remain so.”

“Surely the owner,” I counter-argued, “if he does indeed own the property, has the right to sell it? And if you have a dispute with him then can’t you take him to court?” “It is not a legal matter. What it is, is a greedy bastard turning his back on his heritage and history. He wants a quick sale and would sell his own Grandmother given the chance.”

“So what do you want me to do, ignore this prime real estate?”

Lolo sighed. “It’s not ‘prime real estate’! It’s part of our community and we won’t allow him to sell it to outsiders who’ll turn it into a fucking hotel or something!”

“But I can’t turn away, I – ”

“You don’t understand,” she said. “We can’t stop the pig from selling, but bahis siteleri what we want is to buy it from him, with no outside interference. We can’t afford it as yet, but given time we’ll raise enough so that we will.”

“Ah,” I said.

“So if you decide to turn around and not view the château …” Lolo said, sinking to her knees in front of me, squeezing her globular breasts together between her arms before caressing my thighs with her fingers, “I’d be very grateful …”

“Um, Lolo, I …” Shit. This is not how I saw this day progressing at all. She was incredibly sexy, my God was she gorgeous, but this was business, after all. And business was business. Even as she nuzzled my legs with her nose, her lips kissing the inside of my thighs, her fingers gently pinching, kneading my firm flesh, I couldn’t help but think of what the château would go for on the open market … ten million Euro, perhaps fifteen? I was dragged from visions of millions as Lolo’s fingers probed my cock, caressing me there. I was already hard, which I’m sure she found extremely amusing, the manipulative bitch!

“Oooooh, Mr. Harper, I see you’re not against the idea. Mmmmmm, you’re cock is so big!” she cooed, unzipping me, pulling my erection into the open, stroking it with her hand, her fingers wrapping themselves around its thick shaft. “Damn it, Lolo,” I struggled, squirming in her grip as she bent her head forward to lick the tip of my cock. The sensation as her pink tongue lapped me there was torture. But the property – nothing she was going to do would make me change my mind –

“You don’t find me attractive?” she asked, bending forward so that my cock slid between her magnificent breasts. “I think your big cock finds me attractive!” she purred, taking me in hand once more and pressing her right breast against my rigid prick.

What choice did I have? She obviously put a lot of thought into this. And if the château meant that much to her… but I was fooling myself, there was no way I was going to back out of purchasing that property. But if she assumed I was, this could be one interesting afternoon …

“Bon appitie!” I smiled, thrusting upward, my cock swallowed into her mouth as she wrapped her lips around me, sucking me deep. She slurped and sucked noisily on my erection, her eyes never leaving mine, even when she released me from her wet grip, pre-cum and saliva oozing from her red, glistening lips. “Suck it, suck my cock, you gorgeous slut!” I told her, gripping her curls and pressing her head down onto me, she swallowing my thick, long cock into the back of her throat, sucking hard. She came up for air, the sucked on me again, this time her head bobbing up and down, before letting me go with a sloppy pop, her tongue lashing out at my circumcised dome.

I reached forward to un-cup her swollen breasts from her top, she assisted me and squeezed them to together between her arms, my eyes widening with sheer lust. They were incredible – round, firm, her pink nipples poking over the rim of her white bra. I teased them with my fingers, pinching them, tugging on them. She moaned approvingly, smiling lustfully at me.

“You wish to fuck my breasts, oui?” she asked, positioning her titties around my rigid shaft, I thrusting upwards instinctively. The sensation of her hot, firm breasts around my erection was heavenly; she pressed them around me as I thrust my hips further, my sticky shaft slowly sliding between those wonderful globes. Lolo laughed aloud, before saying, “Mmmmmm, nice, big cock!”

I let out a chortle, unbuttoning my shirt. Lolo’s fingernails grazed my naked chest and flat tummy, causing me to shiver momentarily. As I flung my shirt to one side of the sofa I watched mesmerized as Lolo let my cock smack back onto my tummy with a loud ‘thwack!’ as she rose to her feet, her right hand buried between her legs.

“Are you wet?” I asked her, sitting up and reaching for her pussy. Her fingers were moist; they allowed me access to her pussy. She was indeed wet, her silky pussy dripping, velvet soft to my touch. She moaned as I entered her, and through closed eyes and pursed lips she steadily rocked to and fro.

“Sit on me.” I told her, sucking on my finger, tasting her sweet honey. Unbuttoning her skirt she let it fall to the floor, I realizing excitedly that she wore no panties. Did she take them off while she was in the kitchen, or was she wearing none all along when she picked me up? The thought intrigued me as I struggled out of my pants and briefs.

Squatting over me, her big, bouncy breasts jutting over her bra and white belly top Lolo positioned her wet, hot pussy over the tip of my throbbing cock and, I holding onto her waist steadied her as she sank slowly down upon my erection. God, it felt incredible; her moist tightness around me, squeezing my shaft, suffocating it with her sucking puss. As her ass found my naked thighs, I reached behind her to squeeze her warm cheeks, slapping her there as she suddenly began bouncing up and down on me, bahis şirketleri her pussy sliding on my cock, making it disappear then reappear in an almost hypnotic vision of wet beauty. As she fucked me, she groaned, groaning louder than any other woman I was previously with. I nearly felt embarrassed, (was it real or was she acting?) if it wasn’t for the fact that she was so fucking hot and bouncing up and down on me, her gorgeous titties wobbling in my face, I stretching to lick and drool on them like a milk-starved baby. I pulled the straps of her belly top down onto her arms, near her elbows. She poking her cleavage at me (she knew only too well what got me off) I massaged and squeezed and palmed her busty breasts, before springing them further from the constraints of her bra. I heard her moan approvingly as I sucked on each of her nipples, gently biting them, licking, my saliva running down her smooth, round flesh.

“I wanna fuck you doggy!” I panted, Lolo reluctantly quitting her pleasurable grinding and climbing off me. Her hair tossed, her face flushed, she smiled as she helped me to my feet. We briefly kissed, our tongues duelling, my hands fondling her smooth ass; I gently pinched it before spinning her around. She presented her rear to me as she bent forward over the sofa, leaning her right knee on the arm. I saw her reach between her legs to tickle her clit, opening her dripping love nest for me.

“Fuck me!” she ordered, I standing behind her before slamming my cock into her tight pussy, filling her with iron-hard cock, this big, throbbing erection that swelled and pulsated within her. My balls resting against her ass I simply fucked her, thrusting into her, my cock jack-hammering into her gorgeous wet puss, my big, cum-heavy balls smacking off her buttocks.

“Spank me!” she gasped, I tugging on her hair, stretching her head back, kissing, licking and chewing on her shoulders and bra straps. I did as I was told and slapped her ass, my hand leaving a red mark on her smooth cheeks, each smack causing her to squeal with sexual delight. My cock piston-like, fucking this gorgeous woman, this edible, sexy hot slut, I had lost all control of my senses and snarled like an animal, wrapping my arm around her neck and pulling her head towards mine, smothering her throat with kisses.

“Oui, oh oui!” Lolo groaned, her body heaving beneath mine, her pussy squeezing my cock as an orgasm ripped through her. Letting go off her neck she let her head flop down as her body tensed, electric bolts seemingly shooting through her. I slowed down my pace to let her enjoy her climax; she purring as my erection wistfully swam within her.

Withdrawing, I helped her off the arm of the sofa and lay her down upon the cushions, I kneeling in front of her before scooping my arms underneath her legs and pulling her closer to me. I entered her once more, she twiddling with her clit, I feeling her fingernails gently scrape my length as my cock systematically slid in and out of her juicy puss. It was truly a sight to see her cup her breasts and pinch her own nipples, moaning through full red lips, her pink tongue flicking white teeth as with each stroke I brushed off her sensitive clit, causing ripples of warmth to streak through her body.

“Come on me, oh please come on me!” Lolo sighed, squeezing my cock as it swelled wondrously within her, I desperate to hold on as long as I could, not wanting this to ever end, but so needing to pop my load it now hurt.

“Oh fuck, I’m, I’m coming!” I stammered, withdrawing from the succulently oozing honey pot that was her pussy, I pulling frantically on my sticky cock. Meantime Lolo, considerate girl that she was, slipped beneath me and, throwing her raven curls behind her opened her mouth, stretched out her tongue and waited for the creamy deluge to come. “Oh shit …” is all I could muster, as a torrent of fiery, thick sliver jets splashed, splattered and shot onto her face and into her swallowing mouth, her tongue flicking, licking, her lips slurping, dribbling and spitting my orgasm as I literally covered her face with my climax. Seething through gritted teeth I gasped and panted as I gazed dreamingly at Lolo who sucked on the tip of my cock, smearing my cum across her shiny cheeks, she smiling knowingly through glistening wet lips …

* * *

Freshly showered, Lolo kindly cooked me a small meal, we sharing a bottle of red wine as we dined sitting at the table next to the window. I couldn’t speak for her but my body tingled and was aglow – I hoped she felt the same. “You know, I can’t help but thinking,” I began, sipping from my glass. “Yes?” “What you did, what we did … what’s to stop me from buying the property anyway?” She smiled. “I trust you.” she replied.

“When it comes to business, especially in the property market, Lolo, you shouldn’t trust anyone!” I scalded her.

Then, from inside my jacket on the sofa, my cell phone rang. “Excuse me,” I said, getting up from the table and reaching for it, its muffled ring becoming louder as I pulled it into the open. Looking at the number the screen said, ‘Eva’s Office’. Back to reality, and business. Sorry, Lolo. Your intentions may have been honorable, but business was business.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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