Fourth of July

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A few years ago, coming out of my divorce, I found myself hooked on multiple commitments. If having one woman in love with you was good, how about having two or three or more in love with you? Of course, the answer is that just as the pleasure is multiplied, so is the pain. I would experience the “pain” side of things time and again later that summer, but one Fourth of July weekend I would experience the pleasure, with a perfect alignment of sorts.

Thursday Night: My current lover, we’ll call her Contessa, was over at my house the night before, on the 3rd. A tiny, curvaceous dark-haired Mediterranean beauty in her mid-30’s, she had small breasts and a round, firm, fuckable ass. We went to bed at the usual hour, but before we fell asleep, my excitement got the better of my and, reaching over, I felt her ass and pulled her towards me. She pushed back against my rapidly hardening cock. My right hand came around her right hip, slowly moving down into her black, see-through panties, pushing them down until I found her dripping, wet pussy. My left hand came up around her neck, pulling her into me, as my right hand pulled down her panties. She helped me, kicking off her panties.

We rolled onto our stomachs and my legs parted hers. With little foreplay, I entered Contessa from behind, my cock splitting her pussy into as I breathed in her sweet, soft dark mane. Quite expressive, Contessa purred with appreciation as I entered, lifting her hips up off the bed to match my thrusts. I held her down as I pumped her, completely enveloping her petite frame, all the while thinking about tomorrow’s planned activities, and when I couldn’t take any more. I exploded inside of her.

My cock still inside of Contessa , we fell asleep. I knew that sharing my precious bodily fluids might sap some of my strength on Friday, but the sexual energy was high

Friday morning – No. 1: We awoke at roughly the same time. Eschewing morning ablutions, we lay in bed for awhile. At length, Contessa rolled onto me and passionately kissed me. Her legs enveloped mine and she slid onto my cock, riding herself to orgasm. After a few post-coital minutes, Contessa got up and made coffee. I gathered that she had planned on spending the day with me, but I had other plans. Contessa grudgingly complied. We showered and parted ways.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning, and I had some time to kill. I cleaned the house and tidied up in by bedroom. I did not change my sheets. At 11:30, I headed off to the airport, my ex-wife, we’ll call her Claire, was flying in for the weekend. A little taller than Contessa, Claire was Cuban, with a curvy body, dark hair and coal black eyes. In her late 30’s, 5’4″, Claire was a study in contrasts, sometimes frumpy and sometimes ditzy, she could sparkle when necessary and was very bright and cunning. Her innocence and wholesomeness belied the fact that she was a horney size-queen with a deep, abiding love of cock, all cock, anytime, anywhere. The bigger the better, but while she preferred a big, thick cock, she rarely said no to any cock that she liked.

No. 2: I was late. Pulling into the discount airline’s lane for arrivals, I saw Claire waving to me. She was wearing hip hugger slacks and a silk multicolored, long-sleeved blouse and sunglasses. I pulled up and unlocked the doors. She opened the back doors and threw her overnight bag in the back and then climbed into the front seat. We greeted each other with a long hug and plenty of deep kisses. I noticed that her blouse was opened to expose her ample breasts and I could smell her perspiration and perfume. My hands explored her body, bakırköy escort nonverbally cuing her to my continued interest in her. We were no longer together; I no longer possessed her. Still, the passion continued unabated.

I pulled out of the lane and, headed toward the on-ramp to the toll-road; I reached over and unbuttoned her slacks to expose her semi-transparent, multicolored panties, and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. She was no longer my wife. I didn’t care who saw her, I cared only that she was going to suck and fuck me hard and often. Having long since gotten over the pain and humiliation of the slow-motion wreck that had been the end of our marriage, I objectified her as nothing more than a hot and willing piece of ass. What her views were, I no longer cared.

Looking at me longingly, she massaged my cock through my jeans. Stopping to check her voice messages at home in Miami and on her cell, Claire paused to call the Panamanian, her lover at the time, to assure him that she was well, but that she was traveling to Tampa or Orlando to visit relatives for the weekend. Claire didn’t need a jealous lover flying into Miami wondering where she was or who she was doing.

When we pulled onto the toll-road, she unbuckled her seat belt and reached over to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants. Claire pulled out my cock and, never taking her eyes off of it, reached down with right hand and gathered up the pre-cum forming on the tip and licked it off of her fingers. She then bent down and began sucking me off.

I’m not sure when this started, but for years whenever one of use met the other at airport, she would suck me off on the drive home (or to the hotel, or wherever). This time was no different. I pulled over to the right lane and set the cruise control to the speed limit. As she worked my cock in her mouth, she made sure that the shaft was drenched in pre-cum and saliva. She licked up and down the shaft several times and even sucked on my balls. Then she swirled her tongue along the tip of my cock, tasting the accumulating pre-cum. Soon, her head was bobbing up and down my shaft, her right hand also working the shaft. I pushed Claire’s pants down and felt her round, soft ass in my hand. Sometimes, Claire would look up at me to make sure that I was happy, but most of the time, her eyes were either closed or intently focused on my cock. I alternated among her ass, her sopping wet pussy, and her pendulous breasts as we traveled down the toll-road. My mind went back and forth, from Thursday night, to the morning, to what Claire was doing to my cock, to what was, I hoped, going to happen later.

At some point, I knew that I had passed the point of no return. Claire could tell. I began thrusting into her mouth, my bare ass lifting of the seat, as she quickened the pace of her sucking. I looked around to see who might be watching, but surprisingly, this time, no one was. In a rush of thoughts, most of them centered on the chocha cubana sucking my cock, I exploded in her mouth, shooting spasm after spasm of cum into her throat. Claire took it all, never changing speed, never gagging. She swallowed every drop and then slowly licked my cock clean. Pleased with her work, she hugged me and then returned to telling me about the latest in her life.

The rest of the drive home was uneventful. When we got there, I grabbed Claire’s bag and escorted her down to my den and bedroom. We French-kissed and I stripped the blouse from her, followed by her slacks. She was wearing a matching bra and panty set. I remarked to myself that her Panamanian lover beşiktaş escort had had a greater influence on style than I had had. Her dark brown hair had highlights, she had a French nails, and she regularly had a Brazilian wax. The see-through panties gave a beautiful view of a well-maintained (but well-used) landing strip. I moved her over to the bed and we collapsed on it, groping each other and kissing deeply. I slipped them off of her and entered her. Her wide, wet pussy was comforting. I hoped I would have the strength to make it to the end of the day, but I could not pass up the opportunity to fuck this woman. Rolling about in different couplings without ever pulling out of her, we fucked for 30 to 45 minutes before I came in her.

No. 3: I thought of showering, but decided otherwise. I wanted the smell of other pussy on me as I went to pick up my next lover of the day. On my way I thought what Lynn might do when she saw me. She was in her mid-30’s, tall – 5’9″, blonde and blue-eyed, with pert breasts, boyish hips and a woman’s rounded ass. She was a lobbyist, bright, loved to fuck and suck, and very passionate, which was good and bad. Having experience both sides of her emotional spectrum, I had mixed feelings about maintaining a relationship, but her pussy kept drawing me back to her, long after I knew that any relationship with her was unwise.

I drove back into town and pulled up to her East Capitol Street condo. She came out shortly, elegantly dressed with a simple, yet expensive sheath covering her lavender La Perla lingerie. Her legs were bare and she wore open-toed sandals. She stepped into my vehicle and gave me a long, wet kiss. Lynn had formidable charms and when she turned them on, men were powerless.

We drove over to my offices and she made small talk along the way. I hiked up her dress and fingered her pussy with my right hand, knowing I would have to shake hands with some of her friends later on that day. We got to my offices and went up to my office. I locked the doors and turned on the radio. We had some time to kill before the pre-party and then onto the Fourth of July party to watch fireworks on the Mall. After a few beers, I called her over to me and instructed Lynn to kneel in front of me. She complied and gave me a deep kiss. I reached over and unbuckled my pants. She needed no further invitation, unzipping my pants, and pulling my cock out through my boxers. Lynn’s cocksucking was different from Claire’s. Not as adept, but clearly enthusiastic. When we first began seeing each other, she had not swallowed afterwards, preferring to let my cum run down the shaft. After hearing of my preference for a woman who swallowed, she obliged and in time came to enjoy finishing me off in her mouth and then swallowing me whole.

I caressed the side of her head with my left hand as I drank my beer. After a while, I put my beer down and motioned to my desk. She walked over to my glass-topped desk and backed into it. Hiking her dress up higher, she reached down and gently pulled her panties off, sliding them daintily over her ass, letting them slip to her ankles, and then kicking them off with her feet. I dropped my pants and approached her, my cock at attention pointing up. Pushing her against my desk, I lifted one leg up so that I could enter her pussy. She raised her ass a few inches, balancing on the desk and pulled me deep into her pussy. We kissed as I thrust into her for five or ten minutes, before I pulled out and told her to bend over the desk. Lynn was into spanking and authoritarian fucking. I smacked her ass hard. She yelped and beylikdüzü escort reached back to pull her ass apart. Lynn wanted no part of her to hinder my cock from going as deep into her pussy as possible – she loved getting fucked from behind. I gave her what she wanted, fucking her hard as I pulled her long blonde hair and smacked her ass roughly. “Fuck me, fuck me, oh god, fuck me!” she repeated over and over

Boring of this, stopped and told her to take off her dress. She turned so that I could unzip her dress. It slipped off of her body. Now wearing nothing but her expensive sandals, she dropped to the carpet, on her back and waited for me. I climbed on top of her and entered her again. My cock, somewhat sore from the day’s previous eruptions, remained hard and enthused. I pounded Lynn, her gorgeous, long legs straight up in the air, her moans filling my office and, finally, my jism spewing forth in an eruption, rivulets of which ran down the crack of her ass onto the carpet.

Lynn picked up her panties, excused herself, and went into my personal restroom, where she dressed and freshened up. I commanded her to leave my cum inside of her. I wanted to know that for the rest of the day, her panties would be soaked with my semen, her inner thighs covered with my dried cum.

We left the offices and walked the short distance to the party. Lynn had secured tickets and we found ourselves on the South Lawn, watching the fireworks. The rest of the date was uneventful. We drove back to Lynn’s condo and she thanked me for the wonderful evening. She commented about how well-fucked she was and gave me a long parting kiss before running to the doors of her building.

I had a few more hours in the day and Claire was waiting for me.

Friday Night, No. 2 redux: Arriving home, I found Claire in my bed waiting for me. I poured myself a Scotch and went downstairs to see her. Our divorce had been amicable, which is to say, still painful but we continued to see and sleep with each other, for a while at least. What her motivations were never were clear to me. Perhaps it was love, perhaps longing, perhaps lust. When we did spend time together it was always pleasant.

Claire had watched the festivities on television. She knew that I had had a date with Lynn and knew that I couldn’t break it. She knew about Contessa as well. Now, as I finished my Scotch, I was going to tell her about the day’s events.

As we lay in bed, I kissed her held her closely. She was wearing a simple satin slip, one I had given her when we were married. I toyed with her breasts. Low-slung and full, they looked and felt great. Best of all were her nipples. Like all Hispanic women I knew, she had large areola and when her nipples hardened, they were like pencil erasers. Her breasts were very sensitive and she loved having them stroked and kissed and sucked. I did all three to her as I began telling her about the day’s events. Mounting her, my cock split apart her pussy lips as I described how I had fucked Contessa in the same spot where Claire lay, her pussy juices running down her ass and onto the sheets, just as Contessa’s had done. Then I thanked her for the magnificent cocksucking on the ride home. Finally, I described every bit of my time with Lynn. As I got to the end of the stories, I began thrusting faster and deeper. Claire’s eyes closed and she began to moan I recounted other lays in the past weeks on that bed too, but none of them, I confessed made me come as deep or has I hard as she did. Claire screamed out as she orgasmed over and over. I came too, my angry cock throbbing in pleasure and pain, lacking sufficient fluid to ejaculate into her sopping wet pussy.

On that night, all the fireworks had been good. I would learn later about the dangers of having more than one girlfriend at a time, both from Contessa and Lynn, but Claire, if she had any complaints, never shared them with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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