Four for the Handyman Ch. 03

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Sleep wasn’t an option. I hurried downstairs before anyone could wake up, glad of the numbing cream on my raging shaft. The cool air and goofy bobbling were almost as effective at calming me down, though I swore my nuts had grown to twice their already swollen size, surely a figment of my imagination.

Suzy wanted a romance novel hero. As a handyman, I supposed I fit into a certain category there. I tried to remember what I knew of the genre, not terribly much as it turned out. I suspected that I’d have to rope her into a ‘situation’ where I could ‘take advantage’ of her… in my handyman role that is. I thought it might be customary to give her a couple of ‘warm-up’ scenes first, where I pushed her to near ‘bodice ripping’ then let her back out, leaving her gasping for more, yet letting her think she was in control.

But then, I couldn’t actually say I’d ever read a romance novel or not. Maybe I was thinking of the sex novels I’d read in highschool when regular porn was hard to find. I wanted to peruse her collection, see what she was into, but frankly, with Tatiyana’s side deal, and Marie’s ‘rule’ that I wasn’t to touch the other women until after I’d succeeded with Suzy, I was growing a bit desperate for a release. Reading a bunch of books would take days, particularly since I had only a few hours alone to do so during the week.

On the other hand, the trading clothes for nude cooking was coming along well. Of course, Marie, true to her word, no longer ate with us, since I was already pushing past her ‘limit’. Keeping the treasure chest well under wraps, that girl was. I had to admit it was working. I’d pretty much seen everything everyone else had to some extant or another, yet I really… I do mean REALLY… wanted to see what Marie hid under her short shorts and tiny shirts, or under her swimsuit. It had to be somewhat annoying for her, given this heat, to abstain from further swimming gatherings, though to be honest, they had never quite approached the level of the first one, either in teasing or exercise. Of course no one tried to get my Speedo’s off anymore, they were still on the grass somewhere. I’d have to pick them up before I mowed.

I debated waking the girls with breakfast, in hopes of tightening the deal, but really I needed the distraction of work. Mowing it was then. Besides, that would give me an excuse to be sweaty, and from there the chance to negotiate on being allowed upstairs for a shower despite Suzy’s almost forgotten rule.

It promised to be another hot day, so I stuck with my shorts and some sturdy shoes, nothing else. I knew the sound of the mower would wake the girls up, if not right away by the time I had finished. That meant they’d be wide-awake, instead of half asleep, when breakfast time came.

An hour later, with eggs and bacon sizzling on the stove I greeted the two women that I had expected to feed directly. Karen was already naked, I doubt she’d dressed since she came home from school the other day, honestly. Suzy had argued with her about the ‘nastiness’ of putting bare cooch to the hard seat of the stool, but had lost when Karen had started rolling her hips against it like she was going to get off on the seat.

Suzy was in a summer dress, easy on, easy off, she was learning. She pouted when she saw I was still wearing my shorts.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the naked cook?” she asked with a pout. I smiled, stirring the bacon a little. Hot grease and bare skin were a bad mix, so I cooked it lower and slower to keep the spitting to a minimum.

“I will be, once you’ve paid my price.” Was my reply, a very minor twist on the usual game, and a necessary one I thought. Suzy smiled back, reassured, quickly pulling off her dress and tossing it aside ready to take her seat. She was wearing matching undies, a little sexy, a little demure, though she’d trimmed her bush back since I’d moved in. No more peek-a-boo hairs sticking out.

“Ah ah!” I held up a hand. “Fair is fair, you’ve been getting off easy, young lady.” I told her. “Bra, now.” I snapped. She blinked, ready to balk. “Do it, or the shorts stay on and you have to cook your own breakfast.” I could have gone for the full Monty, I’m sure, but I was playing it easy. I had all day, after all… all weekend if necessary.

“Surely Karen is topless enough for both of us! She hasn’t wore a bra at all!” she wailed in protest.

“Actually, Karen is setting the standard YOU should be meeting. I’m going easy on you. You want naked cooking, I want naked eating.” She flushed until her face threatened to match her hair then reached, slowly, for her straps.

“Just the bra, right?” she asked for reassurance. I didn’t dignify a response. I’d relent, if I’d intended to push the issue I would have opened with that bid and negotiated from there.

The bra opened with a faint pop, her breasts springing free with a firm bounce. Her nipples were hard, no mistake, but I didn’t dare check for wetness yet. I wondered if I was on to something, however, if something about canlı bahis the tone of our deal just now hit her button, or if she was like the sleeping beauty upstairs, and got excited by being watched.

God her breasts were gorgeous, magnificent, glorious. Karen stared openly, envious, lustful… take your pick. Suzy raised a hand to cover them instinctively, then with some effort relaxed. She didn’t sit yet, probably wouldn’t until I doffed my shorts, and I estimated that if I waited long enough she’d drop her panties on her own.

Marie chose just that moment, as if summoned by Tatiyana’s earlier prediction, to walk up and take her seat, fully dressed, and slide her plate across the counter.

“Food’s ready.” She stated flatly, almost ugly in her voice, though she managed to hide it a little. “I’m bored with this game.” She stared me in the eyes, challenging me. Yeah… she wanted Suzy to stop being the cock blocking prudish V, but when I started to come out ahead she panicked… just as expected. She’d made a promise she wasn’t quite ready to keep.

Behind her Karen first stared daggers into her back, then, smartly, began pulling Suzy away, upstairs. Hopefully I wouldn’t have to go through the entire ordeal over again, but I was pissed enough as it stood. As the other two made their retreat I slowly pushed her plate back.

“I don’t think so.” I replied evenly. “You don’t get to make that call. You can either play the game, or you can see to your own food. That’s it.”

“You telling me what to do in…” she started with a hiss. I slapped a palm hard against the counter, interrupting her.

“You were about to say ‘your house’? I’m sure the others might be a bit surprised to learn they’ve been cut out of the loop.” I shot back. “I’m not your slave, your guest. Cooking wasn’t even in the deal, I do that out of the kindness of my heart.” I slipped around the edge of the counter, she scurried out of her seat like a scalded cat. I heard doors open and close upstairs, almost violently as I stalked Marie, pushing her back with my very presence.

“Fine.” She managed, “Then…” I cut her off again.

“What? Get out? I can you know, leave you right were you were a week ago, with a bunch of broken toys, and a girl who can’t decide if she wants men or wants to run from them.” I snapped. “You want to break the deal? Hey, I can do that, you know. I can bend Karen right over the kitchen counter and wake the neighbors with her screaming. I can do Tatiyana on the front lawn… she’d like that. I’ll be back every night for weeks, months even, fucking the two of them… and where would that leave you? Suzy?” She ran out of space, backed against the wall. I could see the two women I’d just named out of the corner of my eye, Suzy hiding in her room if I didn’t mistake my guess. I pinned Marie, my arms trapping her in place.

“Do you understand me?” I snarled. “You’re going to play along, and completely this time, not like you are above all this. You’re going to stop the petty bullshit, the interference, you’re going to be meek… Is that perfectly clear?” I growled, inches from her face. She stared up at me, knees shaking, then slowly nodding.

“Good.” I snapped, reaching down to the neckline of her shirt, tearing it apart with a forceful yank. She gasped, hands covering her breasts before I could get a good look. No rush, though. She wasn’t dressing today, that was a given. I hooked my thumbs into the waist of her shorts and tugged them down, admiring the lack of tan lines, the sweet pussy bare but for a tiny trail of neatly trimmed hair forming a line right to her sex, directions. I had to lift her feet out of the shorts one by one, giving me plenty of opportunity to see how wet, how open she was. I took the shorts with me as I stood. I glanced over, seeing a sleepy, approving smile on Tatiyana’s face and I realized that this was ‘the moment’.

Still pressed close to the trapped ‘ringleader’ of this little group I began tugging my shorts down with violent jerking movements.

“What… are you doing?” She gasped, eyes wide.

“I’m making a few addendums to our deal.” I replied, still in full on snarl mode, cowing her a bit more than perhaps strictly necessary. I felt two pairs of hands behind me, tugging on the recalcitrant garment, helping me out of them, my angry, seeping cock leaping free to tap against Marie’s taut belly.

“First: If I’m naked, you’re naked. In fact, none of us should be wearing a fucking thing unless absolutely necessary until this is all over with.” I turned my glare on the other two, making sure they understood that it included them too. “And no hiding upstairs, either, no avoiding me just because you’re nude. Kinda violates the entire point, right?” I asked. I didn’t wait for an answer.

“Secondly: No more treating me like some outsider, some pet or stray dog. I live here now, for the near future, I’m not a guest. That means no more rules that don’t specifically relate to the deal, I’ll make up my own mind.

“Thirdly: bahis siteleri When I’ve done my part, you WILL see your part of the deal through completely.”

“I…” she started to protest, I covered her mouth with my fingers.

“Completely. You’re not going to toss me a little quickie, reluctant and dry. You won’t renege claiming I’m getting it from the others. I expect you’ll make yourself available at my convenience for as long at least as long as it takes me to hold up my end… no. Until I move out. That is: as long as we’re both living here, you won’t deny me… within reason, and if something happens the absolute minimum is… as of this moment anyway, a single week.

“On that note, no more threatening me. If you want to make changes to the deal, you want to throw me out, you want to claim I’m violating my end, you need a unanimous agreement between the three of you. You don’t have the right to make a unilateral decision on this, not since you started imposing restrictions on everyone else about it would all go down.” I waited until she, finally realizing she was trapped, nodded her agreement.

I put one hand on her head, pushing her downward, slowly causing her knees to buckle.

“What the?!” she snarled.

“One last thing. There isn’t a ringleader job here, sweetheart. I told you, I’m adding to the Deal. Karen got to test me to make sure I was good enough, Tatiyana gets to tease me, to keep me motivated and ready to go whenever the time comes….

“… its your job to make sure I don’t pop off as soon as it does. No sex, that’s the deal, but you can damn well suck me off when the pressure gets to great. I’m in pain here because of you.” I cupped my purplish sac. She looked around wildly, her legs already failing her, both from the adrenalin/nerves of our confrontation, and from the slow insistent pressure I put on her.

“You made this bed.” Tatiyana told her mildly.

“Yeah, suck him off!” crowed Karen, no help there. When Marie closed her eyes, her lips opening wide I saw the Russian wink and blow me a kiss.

I spread my feet wider, looking down at the incredibly sexy brunette kneeling before me. She started with her tongue, the talented amateur, no hint of her outspoken reluctance once she got started. She gripped my thighs with her hands, using only her mouth on my Johnson.

There isn’t much to tell. I know, you probably want me to describe her technique in loving detail, to compare the merits of her mouth to Tatiyana’s, or perhaps some woman from my past, to give you the sloppy details.

Of course, it had been a hard week of teasing since I’d last cum; I’d spent several hours in the predawn hours being teased as no man in my position should ever have to endure; I had lusted after Marie since I’d accepted her help, she was sexy and gorgeous and eminently fuckable, not to mention naked and eagerly engulfing my rod.

Oh, she noticed the oils and smells on my skin, she had to guess, at the very least, what I had been up to before her. There were even angry purplish marks fading into my skin from the rings, still. She didn’t even blink… of course her eyes were closed as I already said.

Seconds after she sucked me into her mouth I went rigid with the expected/unexpected lightning bolt that shot through my spine, my swollen balls draining forcefully into her mouth, choking her, spilling out her lips, blasting across her face, her tits, her hands as I utterly lost control and she failed to anticipate my reaction.

I staggered back a few paces, feeling somehow smaller, deflated, though my cock hadn’t really had time to go limp yet. Marie swore softly as soon as she swallowed reflexively the load in her mouth, wiping fruitlessly at her face.

“Let me help you, dear.” Tatiyana offer, helping her stand, kissing her violently so the white cream smeared between the two sexy women. Karen took ahold of my still leaking member with one tiny hand.

“I guess I’m stuck with clean up and getting you ready again.” She stated happily. No one protested, though Marie did weakly attempt to keep Tatiyana from licking her clean, where she didn’t just rub the jizz into the shorter girl’s skin like some sort of lotion. I was equally weak pushing Karen away, my balls ached, different now, like a vacuum had sucked the guts out of them, and my poor dick was so sensitive I just about jumped out of my skin when she nibbled the head gently.

When Suzy came down at last, dressed still in her sexy/demure panties, we were all ‘cleaned up’, the girls sitting primly, and nude to a one, across the counter from me where the food waited. I was also naked, a deal is a deal after all. Despite the slightly posed look to the tableaux, Marie managed to have a distant, thoughtful expression on her face. What Suzy didn’t notice that was readily apparent to me was the fact that all three women were seeping fluids onto their chairs. From my angle I could even see the petals of their flowers winking at me, fluttering when they weren’t pressed bahis şirketleri tight to the curved wood.

We waited for her, for our dear, shy Irish rose; waiting to see what she’d do. After a long moment of tense silence she sighed and skimmed her panties down, revealing a lightly trimmed bush of wiry copper hair, thin and natural. She set the wadded panties on the counter, pushing them across to me as she took her seat. I pushed the plates across to the waiting girls, then turned and dropped the panties deliberately into the trash behind me before digging into my own food.

“So… its the weekend, none of you have school. Aside from making suggestions about what we can all do, I’d like to ask something? Do you really want me going unshowered for two days?” I put out, testing, watching Suzy. She was a bit more reserved than normal, not skittish actually, or shy, just… reserved.

“You can always go swimming, that’ll keep you clean.” Shot back Marie, finding her groove easily enough. I chuckled, preparing for the lively discussion that was sure to follow.

“I’m not entirely stupid, you know. Or deaf.” Suzy said quietly, dropping a bomb on the four of us. For a moment it seemed like we’d missed it, but sure as the sun rises every eye turned to her, and she squirmed in her seat.

“I… I know what you guys are trying to do for me.” She hurried on. “I mean… I don’t know everything… I mean I heard… I heard some things that didn’t make sense to me exactly… oh… I’m making a mess of all this…” she moaned, covering her face. Karen, the closest threw an arm around her, comforting her.

“Say your piece.” I offered, even though my cock drooped slightly, mirroring my fears.

“You… you don’t have to seduce me.” She managed. “I…. I want… to… you know. I mean… I’ll do it… you…whatever. Today. Right here and now.” She challenged, standing as she attempted to bull through her obvious case of nerves.

“Oh… honey, not like that.” Marie told her softly. “I’ve been… well, I’ve been a bit of a bitch about all this, but I really do want your first time to be special. Not some hurried rut over a counter.” She stood, going over to stand at Suzy’s free side, hugging her. “Let Karen take you out, go shopping, get pampered. When you come home… then we’ll… you’ll… well, you’ll be better able to relax and enjoy yourself, or refuse, or whatever.” She managed awkwardly. When the girls started crying… sobbing really, I backed slowly away, giving them space. This wasn’t my business and I knew that.

Tatiyana caught up with me just inside the garage door, stopping me with a hand on my shoulder.

“Running out like that… not the smartest thing.” She smiled. “I WAS planning to go back to bed, but I can see that won’t be happening now. I’ll have to call in sick tonight.” She shook her head. “You and I… and Marie, we have things to do while Suzy is out.” I blinked…

“I don’t think any of us realized that she’d make her call so soon after you confronted Marie. I’m sure your endurance is up to the task, but why take chances. To be honest, I think a hard fuck over the counter was a perfect way to get started, but Marie does know what she’s doing I suppose.” I heard the girls, not sobbing now but talking quietly and rapidly, moving away from the kitchen. Marie joined us seconds later.

“Well…. I guess I underestimated two people today.” She admitted sheepishly. I shrugged. I couldn’t disagree.

“I underestimated her as well. I was actually thinking how I could find time to read her stash of romance novels to get into her mind…” I admitted. She nodded, still looking thoughtful and distracted.

“Tati, do you mind helping me get our stud ready for his mare? I know you must be dreadfully tired.”

“Not at all, I was just explaining to him what we had in mind. Do you know how long they’ll be out?”

Now Marie shrugged. “At least a few hours. I gave Karen all my tips for the past two months, a couple hundred, and she has some of her own salted away for this. I gave her a few suggestions that should keep them busy until… oh… around lunch time.”

The blonde chewed her lip, thinking for a moment.

“Ok. Its still early, I know you haven’t gone to the gym today… please do so, take your time, get as pumped and hard and masculine as you can. Even exhaust yourself if you need. At least two hours.” She told me. I whistled at the time, that’d be one hell of a workout… a disruption of my normal routine, but I didn’t argue. “Marie, call Karen, ensure at least four hours, at least four. Two hours with him will be enough, more and we risk having to start over from the blowjob…” she smiled wickedly as Marie blushed through her tan. “I will go back to sleep until he returns. I suppose you have preparations to make while I nap?”

Marie nodded, I did the same; Tati gave my cock a gentle squeeze before padding out, headed back to her room for much needed sleep.

“I…” Marie began, uncertain, even perhaps apologetic.

“Forget it. I’ve got to get going, and there’s nothing that needs to be said.” I brushed her off kindly. She hung her head a little, starting to turn away as I started for my suitcase and gym clothes.

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