Forced Enjoyment

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Carrie turned into the alleyway. She was always really bad when it came to guys, she didn’t really like them much, and she had begun to have dirty thoughts about women.

It was a Friday evening, as she walked back to her apartment from university, that she noticed the sexy women waiting. Her name was Katy, and she wore a short black frilly top, with very short denim pants underneath. She had only slippers, no socks, and was playing with her top. She looked up at Carrie and winked, beckoning her to follow, before going into an alleyway just beside her. Carrie suddenly got very horny and felt her panties begin to get wet. She followed Katy but couldn’t see anyone in the alley. Suddenly Katy jumped on her from behind, and Carrie realised how much she didn’t want this.

Katy pushed her towards the back wall, and as Carrie tried to get out, Katy shoved her tongue in a Carries mouth. She pulled out and planted kisses all around her neck and cheeks, before moving back in to kiss her again, pushing hard against her and tonguing her fast. She piled at Carrie’s short grey skirt güvenilir bahis and it fell to the floor. She then pulled Carrie ‘s pink flowery top over her head and threw that down too. She leaned down and began to kiss her stomach and breasts, pulling her pale blue bra off. Carrie was out of breath, so Katy stepped back and pulled off her black top, revealing her braless breasts.

They were enormous, and as Carrie recovered her breath, Katy forced her back, re-engaging the tongue and pushing her hands over Carrie’s tits . Her hands slowly moved down her body, into her panties and over her vagina. She pushed two fingers inside, and began to push hard. She then moved her mouth to Carrie’s breast and began to nibble on it, going faster and faster on her cunt. Next she pulled down Carrie’s nickers and licked wildly, forcing Carrie into an orgasm. She licked up all the excess cum and began to kiss Carrie. She slowly moved her lips around Carrie’s, nibbling her lower lip and moving back. She pushed Carrie’s head back and began to kiss her neck.

Then she pushed Carrie back türkçe bahis into the wall, were she lay exhausted. Katy reached into her shorts and pulled out an expensive phone, taking pictures of Carries cunt, breasts, and entire body. She then took Carries clothes and left.

Knowing she had to find something to where to get home, she pulled a baggy too out a trash can in the alley. Rushing back to her apartments, she passed a nice 28 year old woman who offered to help her.

‘Thank you miss, a women mugged me and took my clothes.’

‘Why don’t you step inside?’ Replied the woman.

After a short conversation, they had established that the woman was called Rachel, and even though there was only one bed, Carrie would have to sleep here tonight because it was too dark for her to head home now.

Later that night, Carried undressed and got into the bed, as Rachel sneaked in behind her and pushed her down.

‘Don’t you know I now have complete power over you? You should be more careful with your face and body.’

She kissed the back of Carries naked güvenilir bahis siteleri body and moved her fingers underneath, pushing them in and out. She licked Carries ear and continued to do so while she picked up Carrie and leant against a wall. She put her arm under Carries cunt and held her, fingering her hard. Carried moaned with pleasure as Rachel’s other hand squeezed her right breast. Carried could only support herself with her left leg, and all the pleasure was making that hard.

Rachel then pulled her hand out as Carrie let her cum go all over the floor. She then pushed Carrie into a kneeling position.

‘Now that I’ve made you Cum, it’s your go. Do what you want, but if I haven’t cummed in 15 minutes you’re going to be punished. ‘

Carrie quickly began to lick Rachel’s naked pussy, and squeezed both her tots. It didn’t take her long to get her wet, but she wasn’t pleased.

‘I thought you would be quicker, you’re going to need discipline, lie on your back.’

As Carrie lay down, Rachel pulled pushed her fingers into her cunt and pushed hard. Carried cried out in pain and Rachel slapped her. She pushed again and then pulled her fingers out. They were covered in cum. She put her fingers on Carries mouth, and then just put her in the bed, falling to sleep with Rachel on top of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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