Forbidden Passion Part 2

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You then take your hand and place it between your legs and you insert first one then two of your fingers and finger yourself for a moment as we continue to kiss. You take your hand from your soaked pussy and wipe the slickness on my cock as you coach it to its full hardness. You raise yourself up and place my cock to the opening of your pussy. You start to slide down slowly so that we can savor the feeling of the first penetration. You are so wet and hot yet your pussy is as tight as a gripped fist. Finally you have all of your weight on me and I can feel my cock fully embedded in your steaming cavity. You start to rise up and back down slowly as we both feel every sensation. As you come down each time I can feel my cock hit your cervix and slide past. Your pussy is gripping me every time you change direction as your muscles relax and then contract again. I slide my hand into your hair and encircle my fingers to pull lightly. Just enough to pull your head back slightly as I kiss along your throat. You moan and my cock continues to throb in your depths. I can feel the strings of your juices dripping on my balls and you have picked up your pace as you thrust yourself up and down on my cock.

As you continue to face me as we are grinding ourselves together I lean over to kiss along your breasts and take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it gently and then just as lightly I close my teeth down on your nipple just enough to cause a slight yelp. I can tell that this is exciting you because you are thrusting harder yet to get every bit of my cock inside of you. As you hit bottom you snap your pelvis foreword so that my cock massages your insides to the fullest extent.

I know that if you keep this up that I am not going to be able to make myself last so I coach you to allow yourself to fall over into the seat with myself staying impaled in you. I pump my cock in and out of you with full strokes from head to base. Our bodies coming together with each thrust sounding like a sponge we are both so wet. With your right leg over my left, where my foot is in the floor and my right leg under yours and leaning up so that I can see my cock plunging in and out of your beautiful shaved pussy. I pull completely out of you and back in with each thrust now so that we are generating a new feeling. Your pussy is sucking at my cock just as you did with your mouth and as my cock comes out each time with a suction pop. You pussy seems to be pouting until my cock goes back in. You have now stretched out a bit from my cock impaling your pussy.

The cool air chills the moisture on my cock with each stroke and the feeling of your heat as I push my chisel hard dick back into you is almost overwhelming. We are creating sensations that are so erotic my cock is actually painfully hard.

I lean over onto you and burry myself into you as deeply as I can as I pull your legs between mine. This throws my balls into a vice between your legs but best of all it allows me to hook your clit between your pelvic bone and mine. As I keep my dick embedded in your depths I rock my hips just a little to grind your clit between the two of us. Almost immediately I feel your legs start to shake and your pussy is gripping tighter around my cock. In almost no time at all I feel your dampness begin to flow like a river, as you are cumming again. I don’t stop to allow you to relax at all. I continue ma assault on your clit as I suck on your earlobes anadolu yakası escort and neck. Your body is shaking almost in the actions of a seizure and your pussy is a canal of molten lava. Your juices continue to flow as you roll right into another climax. This time I back off to allow you to catch your breath and to keep from cumming myself.

Knowing that you don’t have the strength at the moment to stand or support your own weight I turn you on your side and straddle one of your legs as I place the other over my shoulder and enter you once again. I pump slowly in and out of you. You are so sloppy wet at this point your juices are trailing down your leg. I take my finger and pick up some of your juices and offer them to you and you promptly suck my fingers clean. Not wanting to miss anything I take some for myself as you continue to groan softly.

Now that you have regained some of your composure you place your hand on my chest and push me back slightly and guide me to a sitting position once again as you sit back onto my cock. You are rocking your hips fore and aft and then rising once again just to do the same all over again. I reach around you to take each of your breasts into a hand and roll your nipples between my fingers. My cock is so hard that I can feel my heartbeat throbbing at the tip and you stop moving for a moment to feel the same. You know that you have me close to the edge and you start to work yourself more vigorously. You are bouncing up and down on me like a trampoline. I start to feel the churning deep down in my balls as you are careening up and down on my cock. Your moans turn from a low growl to almost a scream. The head of my cock is starting that itch that I know it the impending blast. I warn you that I am getting close still now knowing how exactly you want to handle matters. The answer is soon told by your reaction as you start that little rolling you do with your hips as you hit bottom. You lean over to drag your fingernails up the course of my legs as they begin to tense. We both know that our time is limited so you reach to hold my balls in your hand and that is the pin that pops the balloon. I grab your hair and pull you towards me firmly but not to hurt as the muscles in my cock begin spasm. I can feel the thick cum boiling up my shaft and releasing out of the head. I shoot three or four full shots into the depths of your belly before my load tapers off to a seeping spring. I have cum so hard that I cannot bring myself to move as you continue to rock back and forth on my cock.

Your pussy is so full that it is overflowing with my sperm. It seeps from around my cock and leaks down onto the seat below. You and your flexibility turn yourself to face me still impaled on my cock and you lean over to plant a deep and passionate kiss. As we loose track of time we continue to kiss until my cock as turned flaccid and falls to lie across my balls. Our cum drains out in a sloppy mess that neither of us care about.

You reach down to drag your finger lightly along the length of my shaft and an involuntary muscle contraction makes my cock jump. We both know that we are not through. You and I both have escaped our daily domestic restrictions and are determined to make our time worthwhile. You grin and allow yourself to slide down into the floorboard and take my cock into your mouth and begin to suck ever so diligently to bring ataşehir escort the sleeping back to life. You grasp my shaft and pump up and down as you lick me balls from top to bottom. You then take my cock back into your mouth and suck ever so gently. I can tell by your touch that you are possessed with the heat of passion, the lust of a nymph and the love of a mistress. Your actions become more demanding. My cock has come alive and you are stoking the fires within me once again. You are continuing to devour my shaft as you caress my sack with your delicate fingers.

I encircle my fingers in your hair once again and I ride them on your head as you bob up and down. I cannot say that I am overly endowed, but you take the full length of my cock into your mouth. I feel your nose pressing against my stomach. I have never had someone do this so well before. It is an art long forgotten my most women and a skill that few care to learn. You have swallowed all seven and a half inches and I believe you could take more.

I close my eyes and it seems as though the feeling of your mouth has become more prominent. Your hands running all over me. Your fingers are running through the hair on my chest and when not they’re caressing my balls. Then, I loose track of your fingers and your hands. I open my eyes and although you are still holding my cock in your mouth and sucking as if it the fountain of youth. Your hands have gone to your own body as you pinch your own nipples with one hand and are fingering yourself with the other. I take this as my cue and I lead you back to the seat as I open the door and turn you to face outward. I step up between your legs as the cool afternoon breeze blows between us. The rippling of the nearby stream has a calming effect for a moment but not enough to calm the fire between both of us right now.

My cock still as hard as an oak tree, I channel the head up and down between the moist lips of your pussy. You have tilted your head back and have a breast in each hand. I begin to push foreword into you meeting little to no resistance. Residual cum from before is still seeping out of your pussy. After a few strokes, I raise your legs a bit and pull my cock from your steaming cavern. Our cum from before has coated your asshole and it glistens and seems to beg for some attention as well. I take my well-lubricated shaft and place the head against your anus. There is a substantial boundary but I feel it beginning to open as I press in. You start to press back against me. Ah! There, your ass has opened enough for the head to be taken in. So as not to hurt you and spoil the moment, I let you control how fast this starts. You press back further and my length starts to feed in as well. In no time at all my cock is buried fully in your ass and your grip there is amazing. I begin to pump into you and you are starting to groan louder and louder. I take my thumb and begin to massage your clit.

Now, taking full strokes into your ass you have started to yelp and almost scream. I have worked my thumb into your pussy and as I pull my cock out I push my thumb in and vice versa. Very quickly you have come to the point of shaking once again. Your breathing in short gasps and your legs are trembling. I feel your pussy start to contract and you begin to spray cum into the air. The female ejaculation, such a miraculous event. I high point that only a small percentage of women ümraniye escort experience. You beg me to stop but I know you are not speaking what you truly want. I keep pumping and you keep cumming. This goes on for almost a minute.

Then you relax and I slow down and then pull from you. You are almost completely spent but you beg for me to impale your pussy once more. I feed my cock into you and lay on top of you in somewhat of a modified missionary position. I am thrusting into you at a moderate pace and you run your hands down my back softly. As my pace begins to quicken, and my breathing quicker, you drag your fingernails down my back. I start to pound into you feeling your body shutter as I hit bottom each time, and you urge me on. I lean back and place your legs over my shoulders and wrap my arms around them. I use that leverage to pull myself into you harder. I am pounding into you and your whole body shakes with each thrust.

I tell you that I am getting close and you pull back and tell me that you want to swallow my seed. I lean back and you take my cock in your mouth and begin to suck furiously. You grab my balls and squeeze them gently and you are working your tongue over the front part of my dick just under the head. You turn a table on me that sends a unique sensation over me. You reach up and pinch my nipple and the feeling seems to bounce all over me. As you deep throat me several times in a row I tell you that I am cumming and I begin to shoot down your throat. I cannot believe how much I have cum this time but you have caught it all. You take your mouth off of my cock while still pumping my shaft with your hand. You look at me and smile and then open your mouth to show me your trophy. Then you swallow and grin wider and then take my cock back into your mouth for a few more minutes.

I lean the seat back and you some up to join me. You lean over and we kiss. I hold you close to me and we are both comfortable. We take a short while to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors. Sounds that not five minutes before were the furthest things from our minds, but now they are a peaceful romantic setting. You slowly draw my attention to a deer that has wondered out of the woods to the edge of the stream nearby. The sounds of the breeze whispering through the trees and the stream running full after the recent rains is one that neither of us care to part from right now. They are just too fitting as a conclusion to the events that have just unfolded, but unfortunately, we must redress and go our separate ways for today, but we both agree that this venture will become more and more common.

As we travel back to where we left your car, you lean against me telling me how you had such a good time. When we get there I park and come around to your door and let you out like a gentleman. You put your arms around me and we embrace one more time before we part. Agree not to say good-bye, for we know that we will see each other again, only the time is to be determined. And next time we will make it out of the truck and add more culture and romance to our lust and actually make it to the stream bank where the moss makes a soft bed. A short kiss and you are into your vehicle and off.

I drive back to my house. My thoughts are still with you and I wish you were still beside me. One day, we may take further steps to make that kind of dream reality, but until then we both know that we must maintain our current positions in the homes we already reside. As I pull into my driveway, my phone beeps. It is a text message from you saying you are at home and everything is fine. I go inside hardly noticed. Not a word is spoken, nor a head lifted. She doesn’t even care if I am home or not. After a few minutes I am off to shower and then to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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