For the Fate of Humanity Pt. 01

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The year is 2024. The world has experienced mass human extinction and there has been no sign of life for months. Well, that is except for my friend Faiz. He was the only other human I’ve come in contact with ever since this global disaster happened. Not a single person or body was found or spotted. They all just simply vanished from life without a trace, leaving mother nature rightfully in charge once again.

Now it was just Faiz and I against the world. For months, we’ve been searching for other humans, for a sign that we weren’t alone. We’ve been walking from town to town, foraging and stocking up on food left unattended in the empty shops (or at least of what hasn’t gone expired) to sustain our survival. Faiz would lead the way and I would just follow, not because I had to, because I had no choice.

I would be fucking scared to be on my own another day, and with Faiz I had that sense of safety, of completeness, of reason to be alive. Even though he was twenty-three years old, he felt like a big brother to me, and he would see to it that I was physically and mentally okay, no matter what. He could get overprotective, even for the smallest things.

Once we tried to walk across a rocky path near a mountain and I mis-stepped and fell, causing a cut in my left palm and knee. Faiz rushed to me and cried out “Oh my God, are you okay Kyra? That looks sore. I’m gonna get you a bandage. Let me see if I have one…” as he swiftly lifted me from the ground and started examining my cuts. He might have been thin, but he was so strong. He found a few bandages in his backpack and gently applied them over my cuts. I trembled at the touch, making him think I was hurt from the accident. He gave me a hug, wrapping his arms around me.

At first it felt fucking awkward, especially being nowhere higher than 1,6m. He towered over me, so he always had to bend when hugging me. Maybe I was just too concerned about my height being so short. God, I hated being small. But I knew at this young age of eighteen, I was still growing (but holy shit it seemed like an eternity).

Hugging actually became a daily thing; usually one for greeting each other in the morning, one before we went to sleep, and one for when he thought I needed one. And to be honest, I actually love them so much. The feeling of being in his arms comforted me in ways I couldn’t imagine. A few times, I would hold for just a few seconds longer than it should have been, then I’d feel him pull away.

Today however, he was in a grumpy mood. He didn’t even give our morning hug. He’s hardly ever like this, and I knew something was bothering him. So, I asked him what’s wrong. “Wrong? It’s everything, literally. All of this is wrong. Why can’t we find anybody? Why can’t we come across another human being like I did with you Kyra? Are we really doomed to survive alone in this unforgiving world with nothing but our strength and intellect?” he snapped. I couldn’t answer that, because I had no clue either.

Nearly three months after we’ve been surviving together, and this was the first time I’ve ever seen him this upset. I felt that it was best I gave him some alone time so he could calm down from this situation we had to face every day. “Faiz, I’m gonna go wash. I’ll be back in a bit okay?” I said to him. We haven’t washed in days, and if we were lucky enough, we would find a find we could easily break into and make use of.

I entered the bathroom, got undressed, stepped into the shower and turned the water on, adjusting the temperature. I grabbed a nearby bottle of shampoo and started rubbing it over my hair and body. As I finished washing my upper body, I started going lower, running the shampoo down my breasts, my hips, my stomach, then just lightly brushing over my private area. I shivered, getting that familiar feeling of self-pleasure. At first, I didn’t want to continue, but I couldn’t control myself.

The light strokes over my clit slowly turned to gentle rubbing, first running my palm up and down the opening and then my fingers. My mouth was opened, breaths starting to quicken, the enjoyment of masturbation completely taking control of my body. My pace gradually quickened, I closed my eyes and then I had a most unforgiving thought escort izmit — the thought of Faiz being under me. I moaned softly, gathering more and more wetness between my legs. I sat down in the shower, legs still open, rubbing at a quicker pace. My legs started shaking uncontrollably, pulsating a small wave of orgasm over me. Two minutes later of doing this, I stopped shaking and I opened my eyes again to see the cum oozing from my vagina.

Just then, I heard a faint footstep, and in the corner of my eye I swear I saw someone’s shadow disappear from the bathroom door. “Oh shit,” I thought. I didn’t lock the bathroom door. Faiz probably wanted to check up again if everything was okay, and he must have heard me doing that. I was really fucked, and was trembling in fear this time. He accidentally invaded my privacy and knows now that I pleasured myself. Did I mention his name while doing it? I really hope not, because then I’d be humiliated for the rest of my life if he did. I guess I had to find out from him.

It was evening, and the crickets were chirping outside. I wrapped a gown over my body and a slowly entered the dimly-lit lounge of the isolated house we were using. To my surprise, he was just sitting on the couch, reading an old magazine he found somewhere. I quietly crept to my backpack on the other side of the room when he finally spoke. “Kyra?” he said, still looking at his magazine. “Yes Faiz?” I replied shyly. “I know what you were doing in the shower…” he confessed. Fuck. He did hear me after all. “…and I just want to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for stepping in on you by accident. I thought I heard you crying softly from the lounge and that you maybe needed some comforting again,” he apologised.

He really did care a lot about me, and I’m not even mad at the fact that he knew I did it. He was apologising, and that melted my heart. Not only was Faiz the most caring being ever to come in my life, but also the most lovable. I feel in love with him at that moment, and once again I gave way to my feelings. “I know how you can make it up to me,” I said to him. He put down the magazine and looked at me. “How, Kyra?” he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Alright, here goes nothing,” I thought, as I untied my gown and let it fall to the ground, exposing everything from top to bottom and standing in all my naked glory in front of him. His mouth dropped to the floor, his eyes nearly popping out of his head. He had a clear view of me, every part of my pale-skinned body, and needless to say, it turned me on a bit. “You like what you see?” I playfully asked him. He just nodded, hypnotised at my nude figure. “Well then, what are you waiting for?” I asked. “Kyra, this is so wrong,” Faiz finally managed to say. He knew that under normal circumstances that this was a shameless act to be doing.

“Faiz, remember that conversation we once had? About saving humanity? Well, this is it. We are saving it. We are once again going to begin the human race, just as Adam and Eve did before us,” I reminded him. “It’s not that that’s bothering me… It’s your age Kyra. You are too young to be saving humanity right now, and I would be hurt to see you suffering with childbirth at the age of eighteen,” he explained. Literally every decision that he makes, it’s because he cares about me. “Faiz, we don’t know if we would live long enough to wait until I’m older. We could yes, but can you guarantee us being alive in the next few years? The very fate of humanity lies with you and me, right here, right now. My hormones are growing rapidly, and I can’t control it any longer unless you see to it Faiz. Please, please help me see to it? Not just for the fate of humanity, but for me?” I begged him and I started to cry, falling on my knees with flowing tears.

He got up from the couch and walked over to me. He kneeled down to my level and cupped his hands over the sides of my face, gently wiping my tears away with his thumbs. I opened my eyes again, seeing his face filled with deep concern for me, and the next moment he started kissing me passionately. I was startled at this sudden act, but it was perfect. Our lips locked onto each other, syncing in motion. As his tongue moved left, mine moved right. We were exploring izmit darıca escort another dimension.

And then he stopped. He pulled back and I was no longer seeing stars, confused at the abrupt pause. “What is it Faiz?” I asked, wondering why he was still hesitating. “I need a shower,” was his reply. Really Faiz? Of all the moments he chooses to shower, it had to be now. I got a little annoyed. He got up and was heading for the bathroom, and I was about to put my gown back on when he said “Care to join me?” I was dumbfounded. I just nodded in agreement, realising that I was about to see my best friend nude for the very first time.

As we both entered the bathroom, he closed the door. “As if anybody is gonna walk in on us,” I said, getting a few laughs from Faiz. I loved it when we laughed. That was the one gesture that told me he was happy, and I wanted to make him happy for as long as I possibly could. As he turned the water on and started removing his clothes, he pulled me close to him and we continued our passionate French kissing. Fuck, we’ve both never kissed anyone like this before, but at the rate we were going was as if we’ve been doing this our whole lives. Once Faiz reached for his pants, I pulled back. I wanted to see what he had under there for myself. “Okay, I know how to take off my own clothes!” he joked. “I know, I just wanna see what the very tool of saving humanity looks like up close,” I confessed, as I got to my knees again right in front of him.

I pulled down his pants and as expected, his penis was erect and standing upright, still covered by his underwear. I started to get nervous, not expecting it to be this big. “Here goes nothing,” I said as I slowly pulled down his underwear, revealing his cock. Holy fuck, it was big. It nearly measured my full hand in length, veins bulging out in pure stiffness. I started to have second thoughts about taking this cock, and Faiz noticed the worried look on my face. “Hey, look at me Kyra,” he said, trying to take my attention away from his cock. “You really don’t have to do this,” he continued, knowing how much pain was going to be involved. I was fucking scared of course, but then I wouldn’t be doing my part for saving humanity. It had to be in me.

“We are Faiz, and I know you will try your best to hurt me as little as possible,” I reassured him. “Always, Kyra,” he responded, this time with a tear running down his face. Hot got emotional, knowing that although he was about to pleasure me for the first time, I first had to endure the pain he would have to cause. I stood up again, on my tippy-toes to reach his height and we embraced again in our passionate kissing.

We stepped in the shower, not breaking our lips apart, the hot water hitting our bare skin. I could feel the heat of his cock pressing against my taut belly as we kissed for what seemed about ten minutes. Our lips parted, and without noticing I was once again wet not just from the shower, but between the legs as well. “Are you ready Kyra?” Faiz asked, again with deep concern in his eyes. It hurt me to know he was hurting, so I had to try my best not to struggle. It was after all our first time fucking. “I am Faiz,” I replied. He picked me up and pressed my back against the wall, positioning my clit right above his cock. “Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re about to do this!” I cried out with a mixture of excitement and fear. “Me too Kyra,” Faiz agreed.

“Now remember, the first part is going to hurt like hell, and I’m so sorry that you’re gonna have to go through it, but in a few minutes it will all be worth it,” he reassured me. I trusted him with my life, and there was no one I would rather have in this position of being fucked by other than Faiz. I nodded, smiling at his worried face, letting him know that he was the one for me. He held me against the wall with his right arm and placed the head of his cock at my entrance with his left hand. He smiles back at me. “I love you Kyra,” he says, then slides inside me. “I love you too Faiz!” I cried out, wincing in pain at the first thrust.

It wasn’t very gentle, but it wasn’t rough either. My eyes felt lie they were gonna pop out as I succumb to this new feeling of pain and pleasure. izmit rus escort Tears were streaming down my face, feeling how I was being torn and stretched inside. I covered my mouth with muffled cries, trying to hide the excruciating pain. Faiz stood still when he saw me in this state and his face also teared up and cried, as if he was sharing my pain. “K-Kyra, it is s-super tight,” he stuttered, feeling how his cock barely fit in my little hole.

Each minute that passed by, I worked the courage to take a bit more in me. Over time, my cries of pain slowly turned into moans of pleasure. As the shower kept providing us with lubrication, so did my pussy. The amount of wetness it created seemed to make the job easier, allowing Faiz to exit and enter me without struggling as much. I cupped my hands around his face started kissing him again, hoping it would help this painful situation. Both our eyes were closed, our mouth automatically working together in harmony, his cock being firmly wrapped around my tight eighteen year old pussy.

“Oh fuck… Oh God,” I yelped, the feeling of pleasure starting to overtake the pain. I was certain he was able to put half of it in by now. “Fuck me Faiz, fuck me!” I cried out, wanting to feel more and more. Faiz nods, then begins to move his hips, fucking deeper into me. “Oh… Oh God… Oh fuck!” I moan out in delight as I ride Faiz for the fate of humanity. Faiz continues to grunt as he slides in and out of my wetness. I grip tighter, my legs now wrapped around his back and my arms behind his neck. My breathing turns into shallow gasps as each thrust sends a ripple across the walls of my fertile pussy, building up what was possibly going to be my biggest orgasm yet. The thought of it turned me on even more.

“Faster Faiz!” I commanded. “K-Kyra, I c-can’t do that…” he began, but then I cut him off by rolling my hips back and forward onto him, making him lose focus of whatever he was gonna say next. I was in control, and he got the message. “Oh, fuck Kyra!” he shouted, experiencing the deep pleasure I was helping him create. His pace quickened, faster me faster than before. His cock seemed like it was gliding in and out of me, getting harder and harder by the minute, and I could tell by this new force he was using to fuck me.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more exciting, Faiz adjusted the position, grabbing my ass with firmly with both hands and was pulling me into his cock, taking all seven inches of it. My long blonde hair was bouncing up and down as our rhythm synchronised perfectly. Tears were flowing down my face again, this time in absolute pure pleasure. I could not control myself any longer, and I rode his cock as if my life depended on it.

“Yes… Yes… give it all to me Faiz! Just like that! Oh my fucking God!!” I exclaimed my love for our love-making, knowing how deep and pure it is for each other. Just as our privates connected, so did our hearts, as we intertwined in our most intimate relationship. “K-Kyra, I’m about t-to… Holy shit…” Faiz groaned out as he drove me all the way into him and out again. “D-Do it F-Faiz. F-For the f-fate of h-humanity,” I ordered him, and without losing my tempo, I roll my hips as hard as I could, tossing my head back, breathing hard. I knew I was close too, and I had to let him know that.

“Faiz… Faiz I’m cumming!!” I screamed as I bury my hands into his hair, my legs clinging for dear life onto his back. “Oh… Oh fuck Kyraaaa!!” Faiz shouts as his seed burst forth. I felt his hot cum drench my insides along with mine, sending me over the edge, a garbled sound of pleasure screaming out my throat. He pumps his hips a few more times into me, making sure he got all of his cum inside of me. When the motions finally stopped, we breathed heavily in exhaustion, feeling the sweat covering our sleek bodies, despite the comfort of the shower water. As we got our intimate breathing under control, Faiz softened enough to slip out of me and lowered me to the floor.

My cheeks were red from his firm grasp, which I found really hot. “Wow… That was… That was amazing Faiz!” I finally managed to say. “You, you were amazing Kyra” he tells me and gives me another passionate kiss for reassurance. It was there that I had no doubt I was no longer a virgin, but I also no longer questioned my love for Faiz. It was pure love, and he proved to me over and over again. Our deed for the fate of humanity has been done, and we both knew a child would soon be on its way.

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