For Her

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I know you’ve had a long day. Friday is always the longest day for you. You are left with the most work, and you must often stay late to finish it. I don’t like it, but I know how much you love your job. I admire that quality about you. I love you, and I want to be supportive. Tonight is going to be your night, and it is going to special.

You call me before you leave, like you always do. I put my plan into action. As I prepare, I think about all the things you like the most. All the tiny little things that make you the happiest. I look forward to seeing just how much you will enjoy them. I have everything set. Everything is perfect.

I hear the hum of your car from outside. I watch you from the window coming up the walk. I always like the watching the quiet moments on your face. You are smiling. It warms me inside that you look forward to seeing me.

I meet you at the door. I say nothing. I just look into your eyes and smile. I take your bag, and set it on the table. I help you with your coat. You look at me inquisitively. You wonder what I am up to. I kiss you on the forward, and take your hand. I lead you down the hall.

Every room is filled with candle light. I have a light smooth Jazz playing on the stereo. You’re favorite incense is burning. You are smiling wider. You start to talk but I but my finger to your lips. You get that look in your eye, that look that first melted me inside. I can’t explain it to anyone, which is fine. It is the way I feel for you and you only. I keep leading you down the hall to the bathroom.

I have a warm bath drawn and ready for you. You love to take hot baths when you need to relax the most. Candles surround the tub. You’re favorite bath bubbles foam up over the edge. You are starting to glow with the anticipation of what I have prepared for you. I start to unbutton your blouse, as I gaze into your face. You try to help and I stop you. I tell you that everything will be done for you tonight. You will not do anything. This is for you. Just for you. I have your blouse off and I am unhooking your bra. I gently kiss the back of your neck as I pull the straps off your shoulders. Even after working all day – you still smell wonderful. You start to ball up from the sensation of my kisses. I whisper relax in your ear. I unbutton your skirt and slide it down your legs. I let you balance you hand on my shoulders as help you step out of it. Still on my knees, I reach pendik escort up and slip your panties down your legs. I love the underwear you have. Never too frilly, but not too simple. Always very flattering to your curves. You stand naked before me. I remember how shy you used to be. It took you awhile to trust me enough to be this intimate with you. Now you stand before me in all of your beauty, without hesitation at all.

I take your hand and help you step into the tub. You sink slowly into the haze of bubbles. You let out a sigh as you rest your head against the small bath pillow I have laid out for you. I let you soak for a minute as I brush your hair back from your face. I take your bath mit and start to smooth the bubbles across your shoulders and chest. You close your eyes. I work the mit down into the water and around your body. I love to touch you. I study the reaction on your face as I massage your entire body. Slowly. Smoothly. Your face gives off a thousand subtle expressions with every inch. I know you like how I touch you. I run my hand up and down your legs. I tease you a little by brushing up between your legs. Not too much. Just enough to send a sensation up your body. Just enough for now. I let you drift in the water. I sit back and watch you for a moment. You look into my eyes. You are pleased. You are feeling special. This is only the beginning.

I leave you for a awhile to get the second part of your evening set. I think about your face the entire time. The look of complacency. The look of pleasure. The looks I strive to get from you. Making you feel special makes me feel special.

I return to the room a few minutes later. You are gently swaying in the water. I ask you if you are ready to get out. You reach your hand out to me, and I help you rise up. I take your favorite fluffy towel and drape you in it. I dry you as you step out onto the bath mat. I hold you as I run my hands through the towel. I don’t want you to be cold. The gentle embrace soaks the water from your skin. I hold you tight in the the embrace of the towel. I have your bathrobe ready. I drape it around your body. I tie it around your waist, and give you a soft kiss. You thank me. I tell you that there is more.

I take you into the living room. I have a blanket laid out on the floor. In the middle of the blanket there is a bottle of your favorite wine and a plate of fruits. You survey kartal escort the small feast in front of you, as I sit you down. You reach for a strawberry, but I remind you to do nothing. I sit next you. I pick the strawberry up and place it to your lips. You grin and take a slow bite of it. Your eyes never leave mine. I feed more pieces of fruit to you. You are really into it now. You try to be more seductive with each bite. I poor you a glass of wine and I gently hold it as you take sips from it. As hard as I try to prevent it, a few drips roll down your chin to your chest. I lean over and lick the wine from your skin. You recline to make sure I have full access to your neck and chest. You shift around to make your robe open a little. I pick up a piece of melon and slide it up between your exposed cleavage. I expose a breast to run the melon around your nipple. Following the fruit with my tongue, I start kissing up your neck. I place the fruit in my teeth and move toward your lips. Playing along, you bite the other end of the piece. Our lips meet as the melon gets chewed away. We share a passionate kiss in the juice of the fruit. I pull back smiling, as you finish chewing. I continue to cater until you have had your fill. I take your hand again to lead you into the bedroom.

You stand in the door amazed. The soft light of the candles dance across the smooth satin bed sheets I have bought for us. You run your finger along them as I start to untie your robe. You are beaming right now as I turn you around. I ask you to lie down. You slide down across the sheets. You roll your entire body across the surface. I had set your favorite lotion on the night stand – the lotion that gives the slight cooling sensation on your skin. I sit next to your body and squeeze some lotion into my hands. I begin to rub it into your skin. I smooth the lotion onto your skin. You keep yourself so well. You have the softest skin of anyone I have ever touched. The cooling starts to set in. I encourage you to roll into the sheets. You start to slowly move about on the bed. The heightened sensation makes you wither in pleasure. I keep rubbing your exposed skin as you move about. Your movements are graceful yet raw. Every touch creates a stir. You are very excited at this point. Your nipples are swollen and stiff. Your breathing is heavy and coarse. You are at the mercy of my touch, and your body moves in and out maltepe escort of my hands.

Now that your body is flush with sensation, I run my hands across your swollen nipples. They dig into my palms as I begin to circle your breasts. So soft – yet so firm, your breasts mold into my hands. I bend down to take your stiffened pink nip into my mouth. I suckle it between my lips before gently biting down with my teeth. You let out a soft groan from your pursed lips. I twirl your other nipple between my thumb and fore finger. You thrust your hips upward. Don’t worry, I intend to satisfy you soon. I kiss down your rib cage across your stomach. I stop near your belly button. I circle my tongue in your cute little inny.

You giggle with an exasperated breathe. I curve down past your belly. The skin gets hotter and more sensitive as I get closer to your sex. My tongue begins to split the hairs of your well trimmed pubic area. I let my hands slip down your body, giving you one last thrill before I dive in between your sweet folds. Your legs spread outward giving me full access to your hot spot. I lick up and down and around the outside of your swollen lips. you whither and skip a breath. Your body skips up from the bed wanting me to give you more. I push my whole face into you as my mouth does the stimulation. I work and work to find all the right places to pleasure you.

I stiffen and relax my tongue around your clitoris. When I wiggle it you grab the sheets in your fists. My hands firmly hold your hips, keeping your pelvis in place as your chests heaves up and down in quick breathes. I know it is coming. I can feel it in your heartbeat. I am so very close to you. This is as intimate as two people can be. We are one with your excitement. I carefully react to your whimpers. I look up at your gorgeous body. I watch your face. You are so beautiful. The world has stopped for this moment. This single awesome moment. Deep inside your body, the tremor begins. A low moan builds to a powerful shriek. You freeze for a single moment before you scream out in ecstasy. The wave of orgasm radiates throughout your body. Each shutter is followed by a yelp of pleasure. I continue to french kiss your private area to extend your experience. You peak while sitting straight up. You fall back onto the bed in full satisfaction. I gently kiss between your legs, as you sigh with relief.

You thank me. I crawl up beside you to embrace you. You ask me if I need anything, and I tell you no. This was all for you. Just for you. You only. You smile back at me as you snuggle into my embrace. I watch you fall to sleep. You are nearly purring with love and security. I know you are happy, and that is why I do it for you. Just for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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