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Fantasy no 4

We both work for the same company as contractors, you’re hired by the legal department to help with their legal documents and contracts and I’m hired by IT to support with hardware and software.

You’ve been working here for just over a year and know your way around the company, your roots have already been sown and your base set. You’re well known by your peers as someone whose attention to detail is impeccable, every legal document and contract goes through you for final signature.

You are respected and praised for your skill set, for being the top vital member of the legal board. You’ve proven time and time again in a field dominated by men that your $225K/year + 20% bonus price tag is well worth the money as you’ve saved the company over $10.6 billion since you’ve started working here.

You are a very powerful woman, but under all that power and grit you’re very nurturing, caring, loving and family oriented which can be seen in your family of two kids and parents who live with you.

Your involvement in leading five community charity programs for young families in need, abused mothers/wives, autistic children, and adults, a few of old age homes and clean water programs to villages all across the globe.

I started working here about six months ago. I’m responsible for keeping the top executive computer software and hardware operable 24/7. I was hired on as the fourth member of this task force.

Each member is assigned executive accounts that they are responsible for and building relationships and maintaining their equipment, which is the main priorities in this role. Having the ability to be technically in-depth and charismatic are my top two skills that apply heavily to this role.

In my spare time when I’m not spending it with my kid or training fitness too young and upcoming athletes a few times a week, I train my body to be at its best physique and physical appearance for well rounded overall strength and working a little extra in my arms and back to be aesthetically pleasing to women.

During our weekly team meeting, we had to rebalance the executive accounts because our team leader was getting married for the third time and heading on his honeymoon thereafter, so he’ll be gone for three weeks.

The accounts were distributed evenly and I was giving your account. Now I’ve never met you or seen you before but I’ve heard of you from my team and no one likes working with you because you are a “hard ass” and wants everything done last week. You’re like a “nightmare” as they’ll put it and because I’m the noob (new person) I got stuck with your account.

After the meeting, my lead pulled me aside to offer a word of advice which was two words… “Good Luck!” He chuckled and walked away.

Now me being the person I am I step up to challenges and concur them and I like getting to know the “underdog” and form my own opinion, I don’t go on “hearsay”.

I book a meeting with you to introduce my self and let you know I’ll be working on your portfolio for the next three weeks starting two weeks from now

. You responded with a new proposal to meet in the next hour in your office instead. That’s one hour after the regular work day is completed. I need to build a good rapport with you so I’ll put in a bit of overtime.

I make my way over to your office at the specified time walked up to your closed door and knocked three times. You came opened it and invited me in and told me to close the door behind me.

Your office had a nice smell, of which immediately awaken my senses, I became alert instantly after taking a few deep inhalations of the subtly rich citrus scent that was slightly sweet and tangy in odor. I looked around your office space and noticed everything was neatly organized nothing was out of place, even your desk that had piles of paperwork were neatly organized into small stacks.

I was too caught up taking in my surroundings to realize your hand was out while you introduced your self. Up until now, I haven’t really “LOOKED” at you.

I took your hand firm but yet gentle in mine which was met with your soft yet strong and firm shake that commanded me to look you into your eyes, kadıköy escort this is where I got lost. Your eyes were larger than normal, oval in shape and deep rich dark brown color, your pupils were dilated which indicated you liked whom you were looking at.

You said your name and waited for me to say mine, as is customary in professional introductions. I hesitated then stuttered a bit before saying mine. This caused you to grin a little then you offered me to take a seat.

You’re so exquisitely beautiful. Your dark black, just below the shoulder, shiny, silky hair draped primarily to the right side (parted on the left) which indicates you’re focused, driven and compassionate which is shown with success in your career and out of office activities with the young and old.

You’ve also got no room for downtime or patience for adults who lie, make excuses or cause drama. Your high but not big cheekbones round out your eyes and compliments your very proportional sized lips. Your jaw alignment shows off your sleek smooth neck.

As you turned to walk back to your desk I was able to catch a view of your alluring body figure, slim yet well rounded as my eyes were ensnared by your ass and confidence which you emitted on your way back. I couldn’t stop staring at your ass in your fitted long sleeve pencil dress.

I was caught staring when you turned around and looked me dead in the eye with that grin you had earlier. I quickly started the meeting and the purpose of me being there, which I ended with asking you if you had any questions, comments or concerns.

To my surprise you asked me when can I start working on your PC and printer, I said I’m your guy for the next few weeks. You replied with excellent and is it possible to take a look at them now, I’ve been dealing with some weird issues lately.

I got up and made my way over to your computer where you sat and had you show me the problems while I stood just off to your left. Being this close allowed me to inhale your sweet mixture of perfume and pheromones this indicates that you’re ovulating and your sex drive is high.

While showing me the issues you started playing with your hair, After showing me the problems you turned to face me in your chair head tilted and requested I had this fixed in the next 45mins because you needed to finish your work. I obliged to your request.

I was done fixing the issues within 10mins of work and turned to where you were seated in your single lounge chair crossed legged reading over some documents, damn you look amazing!

You put the documents down on the side table looked at me dead in the eyes after I said I was done, which you replied with “no your not…” perplexed I turned to the computer and checked over the work I did, to make sure did I didn’t miss anything, I was so engrossed in my double checking that I didn’t realize you walked up behind me just to my right.

I smelt your heady scent and turned to look where you were sitting to realize you were behind me. You came closer until your thighs were touching my right arm. You leaned over my arm reaching for the mouse and my hand, I watched as this all unfolded in slow motion, frame by frame. I wanted to pull my hand away but your thick thighs were stopping me from pulling away.

You were about to grab the mouse and my hands when I moved my hand off to the left, but as soon as I did that you grabbed my hand and placed it back on to the mouse. You then artistically navigated the mouse with such grace and sensuality, the blood left my extremities and all rush to my groin area which flooded into my corpus spongiosum tissue causing it to bulge uncontrollably, but not fully because it was restricted by my boxer briefs and jeans.

My heart rate elevated to a pace where I could hear it pumping loudly in my ear as I became aroused even more by your touch. I don’t know what you said or showed me on the computer, because I was too caught up with you and your sexual prowess, but when you pulled away breaking all contact and left me yearning and craving for your touch again all I could think about was how do I get üsküdar escort back into that position.

You went back to your chair, crossed your legs and started reading again. I looked over at you and kept staring taking in all of you again. The bulge grew to an uncontrollable size now I had to adjust my self but the only way to do that was to stand up.

I didn’t want to take my eyes off of you. I stood up still looking at you, you noticed me getting up and we locked eyes you had that grin again, you looked at me from head to thigh then locked on to my crotch. You bit the corner of your left lip then looked me in the eyes. I didn’t adjust cock or try to hide it, I owned the bulge and to let it be known you’re the cause of it.

I started towards you while maintaining eye contact letting my primal instincts take control. When I got near to you I could see your breathing quickening with anticipation.

I took what you were reading and placed it on the side table, then I held both of your hands and raised you up while drawing you in closer to me. You didn’t resist, I wrapped my right arm around your waist and placed it on your plump butt while I grabbed a handful of your ass and drew you in closer to my erect bulge. Your body reacted to us being so close in a movement that enticed me even more.

I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I placed my left hand into your hair at the base of your neck and gently pulled from the roots, your head went back to the left exposing your smooth neck. I placed my parted heated lips on your exposed neck and started kissing, nibbling and licking from your collar bone to base of your neck up to behind your ear.

You moaned with pleasure and grabbed hold of my ass with both hands and grind your waist slow and hard on my dick. I proceeded to pay attention to the other side of your neck this time releasing your hair to place my left hand on your other ass cheek and right hand on your subtle breast. By now your breathing is so ragged.

I stopped and stared at your beautiful face just so you can catch your breath and as soon as you opened your eyes to look at me, I reach up with both hands and placed them to the base of your head just behind your ears and drew you in as I tasted those luscious soft lips, covered in a light caramel brown mat finish lipstick.

I devoured your lips one at a time as I gently suck on each, then I plant my lips hard unto yours and invaded your mouth with my tongue. We both stopped for a short bit to catch our breath then started again. I run my hands through your hair, then down your back as I unzip your dress. I need to gain access to your breast.

While still kissing I pull your dress from off your shoulders to expose your breast cupped perfectly in your bra. I hurriedly try to remove your bra as my impatience started kicking in and I failed to remove it successfully without your help.

Once removed I held on to both breasts and began squeezing and stroking from the base to your areola as I suck, bit and caressed each nipple, I bury my face in between them, you then stopped me because I was giving them too much attention and started kissing me again. I run my hands down your sides inside your dress and grab your bare ass in both hands pulling you in closer.

You undid my pants and pulled it down to my ankle along with my underwear. Grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking it slowly at first, teasing me driving me wilder, you squatted down low and look up at me while holding my cock and started sucking and stroking it, wet and sloppy.

I throw my head back in ecstasy and place my hand on your head. We suddenly heard a knock at your office door. You stopped swallowed your spit and my pre-cum stood up told me to sit behind the desk and act like I’m fixing something, as you quickly threw back on your dress bra-less, tied your hair with a sash because your hair was all messy, checked your self in the mirror cleaned up best you could and answered the door.

I’m sitting bear bottom in your office chair with an erected hard dick and pants down below my knees, as I had no time to fix my self hobbling over to get behind your desk. It was tuzla escort your colleagues wondering why you’re still working and asked you to join them for a drink. You declined and said you had some major computer issues and you needed to finish the acquisition legal document by tonight. The tech guy is here working on it now. They peeked in but I pretended to be too engrossed in my work. They whispered something and all giggled, then they left.

You closed the door, locked it and made your way back over to me as fast as you could before I could even move and sat on my lap straddling me with my dick in your hand. I said no it’s not going to be that easy.

I picked you up from our seated position, laid you on your office table told you to hold still, I pulled out my belt and tied both your hands together at your wrist over your head and took your head tie and blindfolded you with it. I hiked up your dress pulled you to the end of the table took off your thong laced panty.

Your pussy was clean shaven but you left some well-groomed hair just in your pubic bone. I reached down and slowly started squeezing and caressing your outer labia avoiding contact with your clit. Your juices started flowing out I opened up your pussy and licked it from the virginal opening to your clit and back again, slurping up your juices which were a bit salty in flavour but that’s because you’ve been working all day. The subsequent licking and sucking brought out your true taste which was delicious and drove me crazy.

I started rubbing my face all over your pussy. I lifted your legs into one hand, to bring your hip higher while I tongue fucked you, relishing in your juices all over my tongue and face.

I stopped and moved to the side of the table where your head was and kissed you deeply, sharing with you the sweet bitter taste from your pussy, which got you even more aroused, you sucked of all your juices from the side of my mouth and my chin.

I turned you over with your legs dangling off your desk, spread them and drove my dick slow and deep into you. My gosh, your pussy is so tight! It’s hugging every inch of my dick and causing a tight suction. It felt so good I started fucking you hard. Slowly pulling my dick almost all the way out then ramming it back in.

After a short, while you came, the constant stroking of my dick hitting your G spot had you spiraling. I pulled out my soaked dick, untied you and removed the blindfold. You turned around took off the remainder of your clothes and removed my clothes as well. You sat on your desk at the edge legs up with your heels on it, spread and called me over.

I move closer as you commanded and you grabbed my dick pulled it close to your pussy, put it in, wrapped your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist and drove me deep inside you. You dug your nails into my back to the point of just bearly breaking the flesh.

I picked you up off the desk and fucked you in mid-air. Our flesh banging against each other making a clapping noise along with the squishy sound from your wet pussy. I walked over to your lounge chair and sat down with you still riding my dick.

When I sat down you rode the fuck out of me at first, face to face taking in my reactions. You turned around reverse cowgirl and stuck that plump ass out, I spanked and groped it as it bounced on my dick.

I wanted you to come again so I turned you around and lifted you up to my face to make you sit on it and performed full blown cunnilingus on your clit while you rode my face until you came again and all your juices running down my chin and neck.

After regaining your self you slid down my body and stopped at the tip of my dick and slowly slid it in without moving, then you reached over grabbed some tissues from the box on the table, cleaned off my face and neck and said “It’s time for you to cum!” it’s ok I’m on the pill so fill me up.

You did me deliberately slow and hard using your kegel muscles to add more resistance. You leaned over whispered in my ear over and over while holding me close, “Cum for me, baby!” After the fourth chant, I unloaded all of it into you and you came a third time because of it. We laid there for about 10mins not moving then we got dressed, cleaned up and decided to head home separately.

Before I left I grabbed you by the arm pulled you in for another long deep kiss and then when we were done you said, “I look forward to working with you for the next few weeks, I think I have some more tech issues for you to fix…”

This ends of fantasy no. 4

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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