Flight Attendant Lust Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: Please read Chapter 1 first. They may not make sense unless you’ve read Chapter 1.


I wasn’t sure if that had been an invitation to her hotel room or if I was to just call her or if she wanted me to order her room service. I was conflicted. I got back to my room and called her.

“Airlines Customer Service. Can I help you?”

It was her. I chuckled.

“I get it. Because you just got serviced by an airline customer.”

“Hahaha, good one. Come here and let me return the favor.”

She hung up. This girl had made that one fool proof. The night wasn’t over. In fact it was only 9:10pm. I was thrilled.

Dressed in just sweat pants and a fresh t-shirt I headed for the elevator and up two floors to her room. I was semi hard before I even left my room. I felt like a teenager. She casually answered the door wearing nothing but a towel. As soon as the door shut, the towel dropped. As little as her swim suit had covered, this view was much better. Her tiny body was flawless.

“Hi, Daddy. Do you wanna play with me?” She asked me with a smile. My mind raced. She had said I reminded her of her father. Was this simply an opportunity to play out some taboo fantasy? I quickly realized I didn’t care. I couldn’t wait to play with her some more, regardless of any underlying fantasies.

We embraced and I could feel my throbbing genitalia pushing against her navel as the difference in our heights became more noticeable than before. I grabbed her and lifted her off her feet kissing her neck as I held her by her firm, glorious ass. She grinded her bare delicate parts against the bulge in my pants. I couldn’t imagine how good it was going to feel to be inside of her, as just this felt like heaven. I continued to kiss her neck and lick her ear. She cooed with pleasure.

“I want to taste you, daddy.” she whispered softly into my ear. I knew right then that this was a night that this fifty four year old wouldn’t soon forget.

I let her down and she motioned for me to sit on the end of the bed. She dropped to her knees and immediately took güvenilir bahis hold of my nearly aching member through my sweat pants. She smiled at me as she and pushed my shirt up to kiss my stomach

She licked my rod as the fabric stretched around it. She sucked on it through my pants. I couldn’t wait for her to taste it. She slowly pulled down my sweatpants until my cock sprung out catching her in the chin. She smiled at me with excitement as she marveled at the sight of my 9inch uncut member.

“It’s gorgeous, daddy”, she exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it, baby girl”

“I love it. I’m getting wet just looking at it.”

She gave it a quick peck before pulling back the foreskin and tonguing the slit. It felt amazing. She moved down to my scrotum and took one of my recovering testicles into her cute little mouth. She looked me in the eyes as my cock lay across her face from top to bottom. What a sight. She took both balls into her mouth and rolled them with her tongue while her hand corkscrewed up and down my shaft.

I had the girth of nearly six inches. It was a sight to see, this child sized woman taking as much of my thick rock hard member into her mouth as she could. This random rendezvous was nearly too much for me to handle. This young woman was making my toes curl as her mouth rolled across my veiny member.

Without notice she stopped and climbed past me into bed spreading her legs as wide as possible. “I gotta have that cock in me, daddy. Like right now.”

I was happy to oblige. I crawled in bed and climbed on top of her and lined my cock up for insertion. I towered over her and with our privates aligned, she kissed my chest. I pressed my head against her slit and to my surprise slid in with much more ease than expected. A soft moan escaped her lips.

She was so wet, so ready, so wanting. My tool entered her slowly yet deliberately. I sank all the way to the bottom of her juicy pussy and then stopped. We both moaned loudly as I settled the majority of my length into her waiting hole.

I started to stroke in and out of her, holding her legs türkçe bahis wide as I pushed deep into her. Her muscles contracted making her even tighter. Faster and faster I pumped into her. Her body bucking up and down to meet mine, she whimpered softly. Our eyes were locked as I pinned her to the bed with passion. My hands were holding her wrists over her head as we fucked.

“I was a bad girl at work today, daddy.” She began. “I flirted with a stranger. Talking to him made me wet and I think I made him excited too.”

“Naughty, naughty, naughty!” I responded. “Well I hope it was only flirting and you didn’t let anyone else touch my little girl.”

“Ohhh, I did daddy. I’m sorry! I let this man play with my pussy, daddy! Please forgive me-” In one quick thrust I buried my length nearly completely into her. My grip on her wrists tightened and I lowered my head to her nipple and gently bit down. She moaned deeply.

Playfully, I slapped my naughty girl and fed her two of my fingers she sucked on them hard before letting them go.

“Well you’re with me now, Princess. And I’m gonna make you all mine”

I lifted her legs so that her ankles rested near my armpits as I continued to thrust into her dripping snatch. The hotel bed slammed against the wall. As she lay below me, our eyes still locked and we kissed. Her beautiful breasts were jogging up and down on her chest to the rhythm of our lust. Before long, her head was back and she was screaming the calls of orgasm as her vagina throbbed around my invading rod.

“I’m cumming, daddy. You’re little girl is cumming on your dick.” Never had dirtier words been spoken to me. This was incredible.

I stood up and brought her with me. With her arms around my neck and her legs draped over my forearms, I began lifting her up and down on my raging member. We kissed and I held her close. She was nearly jumping up and down on my cock and the sounds of our privates colliding was orgasmic all in it’s own. For a young girl, I suppose this work out was nothing, but for an old dog like myself, it was quite rigorous. I fell back on the güvenilir bahis siteleri bed and she came with me. Never did our organs part ways.

She sat up on my dick and rode me like a real cowgirl. My hands were firmly placed on her hips as our pelvises bashed together. Daddy’s little girl was a real rider and my balls were boiling as I was well on my way to my third ejaculation in Minneapolis. My thumb was back to square one and was rapidly rubbing her clit. For the second time in the last fifteen minutes, my partner was overcome with pleasure as she ground her body into mine and rode the waves of orgasm. She collapsed onto me and we kissed. Her hips were still moving as I continued to slide in and out of her. She must of felt me nearing too. She whispered into my ear.

“I want to feel your load in me. Fill up my hot little pussy, daddy!” She then began jumping up and down trying to shove every bit of my flesh into her twat. “Cum in meeeee, Daddy”, she whined. I pulled her to me and took her beautiful nipple into my mouth and sucked vigorously. My hands were planted firmly on her ass as I controlled her pelvic motions. Her hands shoved pulled my hair has my face was buried into her chest and two handfuls of her beautiful butt cheeks. I felt my balls tightening. “Daddy, don’t you want your little girl to feel your hot sperm inside of me?”

I rocketed my thick steamy goo deep into my petite princess’ waiting hole. She was kissing my ear as I filled her with every drop of daddy’s semen I could produce. Our lips met and we kissed passionately.

As we made out, my now softening man hood escaped her love tunnel and fell to my stomach. I looked down as gobs of my fresh semen dripped from inside my little girl and dribbled onto my exhausted member.

She got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. When she climbed back into bed, I noticed she had picked up my sweat pants and brought them with her back to bed. That was my cue. I knew this was nothing more than a one time fuck. We had both gotten off and it was time for us to part ways. Frankly, I had been hoping she felt the same way. We kissed once more and I put my pants and shirt on and headed for the door. I turned around for one last look at her before opening the door and stepping back into reality. Then it hit me.

I didn’t even know her name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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