Fishing For Passion

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The day started off so inocencent. But, little did we know what was about to happen.

It was Saturday, and we didn’t know what we wanted to do, so my husband, our friend, and I decided we would get together, and do something. The weather was hot, and steamy yet nice to be out in the outdoors. We decided we would go fishing since we all liked to fish. I was feeling a little horney, and kind of slutish, so I wore a see threw shirt with no bra , and no panties, but very short, shorts that showed my shaved pussy lips. My shirt was white that showed my nipples off very well. My nice round nipples where erected, and you could see it all. So we all got together and rounded up our stuff so we could go. We grabbed our poles and our bait , and off we went, to the place where we always go.

We arrived at the pond, it was so hot, the sun shining in our eyes, yet we were having fun, I sat on the other side of the pond , the guys sat together on the other side, they just stared at me from across the pond, that was really turning me on. When the guys saw me they just stared, and licked their lips, cause they could see my nipples threw my shirt. All hard and erected.

We fished for a very long time, and never caught a thing, soon it was night , nothing happening with the fish, bored out of mind, I got this earge, this earge to doing something wild, something crazy, something outrageous, so I slowly went to my husband, and I kneeled down in front of him, and whispered in his ear” I want to suck your cock”, so then I took his pants off, wanting his cock in my mouth so bad. I wanted to taste his cock right then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri , right now, and just then , I started licking, and sucking , taking the head of his penis in my mouth letting it slide in and out of my mouth,my mouth so hot , wet and moist, cock sliding in and out, thrusting harder and harder, into my silky wet mouth, taking all of his manhood into my mouth at once, and this whole time, our friend was right there watching, and very excited by what he was seeing , we had a very big fire going while this was all taking place.

Our friend just watched in awe. I undressed my husband, he was completely naked, as he the same too me. We layed a sleeping bag down on the ground next to the big fire, the fire so bright , and so hot, it set the mood off, our friend watched, getting so excited by what he was seeing , my husband layed down on the blanket as I hovered over him grabbing his cock in my hand, I slowly went down on his cock again, slowly licking up and down the shaft of his penis, and teasing his head with my tounge, I started getting faster in the motion of my tounge use, using my hand on the shaft at the same time all at the same speed, my tits swaying, as I went with the motion, harder and harder, faster and faster.

He was about to explode then he pulled me away, and he flipped me over to where I was on my back on the blanket, I was looking up at him, into his eyes, I could feel the warmth from the fire , and the desire that he wanted me , he wanted to take me , he started softly kissing around my neck, and licking around my ears, and slowly made his way down toward my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri thighs , kissing and licking every inch possible, and moving inward toward my hot wet pussy lips, my pussy nicely shaved all hot and moist , ready for him to attend too, he continued to slowly eat my pussy, and softly sucked on my clit with his mouth. As my husband ate my pussy , I glanced up at our friend threw the fire, he was watching in awe , yet i knew he wanted to join in.

I was so excited , so wanting cock, I motioned for him to come over to us, he came over to us without hesitation, and he had a huge hard on that was aching to be set free. He was very excited from watching us, so I slowly pulled his shirt off, then his pants , then his under-ware. I couldn’t believe what was happening. We were all naked now, lying on the blanket, my husband lying next to our friend, while I am hovering over the both of them , I slowly took both of their cocks in each of my hands and slowly started massaging them softly. Feeling their cocks in my hands, smooth , very hard, very moist, wanting to be taken, my tits sway with the motion I am going in.
While I was massaging, my husband reached down and started to finger my hot, pink, steamy, moist pussy.

I then turned around, and the guys moved off the blanket , and I layed down on my back on the blanket, looking at both of them at the same time in front of me was so overwhelming, I wanted them both so very badly, my pussy so hot, and wet, eagerly wanting cock, I motioned for our friend to come down to me, so he came down to me, I grabbed his cock, stuck it in güvenilir bahis şirketleri my juicy, wet, hot, mouth, and began to suck. While I was doing this, my husband was in front of us watching, then he came down to me, he started sucking on my hard erected nipples, and made his way down to my pussy again. It felt so exciting, so erotic, so wild.

I could feel my pussy getting so hot, and so wet from all the excitement. I then stopped and set up on the blanket, the guys setting next to me, I had one in front of me and the other be hide me, they were both touching and caressing me, their hands like silk, moving all over my body. I felt so overwhelmed. I then kneeled on the blanket, our friend in front of me , my husband be hide me, I started sucking our friend’s cock again, oh the taste of his cock in my mouth, so sweet, so erotic. My husband stuck the head of his cock in my hot, wet , pussy. Oh yes, I cried, yes that is what I want, Give it too me.. So he began to fuck my pussy, harder, then harder, faster and faster, we were all making noises and getting louder.

We then switched, my husband in front of me, our friend be hide me, he stuck his cock in my pussy, oh yeah, give it too me I replied, so he started fucking me, in a really fast motion, my husband’s cock going fast in and out of my hot mouth. We then stopped and I layed on the blanket again on my back, my husband in front of me, our friend beside me, I started sucking our friends cock, while my husband started pounding my pussy, he was pushing cock hard in and out of my wet pussy, I then began to orgasm,Yes, Yes, Oh Yes, Yes, Don’t stop, Please don’t stop…. And just then, I felt this warm, wet, hot, liquid fill my pussy, my pussy so wet, so hot, cum dripping from it, and as that was happening our friend began to cum, Oh yeah, here it comes, take it, take it all….. And just then, he blew his load all in my hot mouth, as I swallowed, I could taste his sweet cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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