First Weekend Together Alone

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My parents were gone for the weekend. Jerry and I had secretly planned to spend the time alone at my house. We’d been talking about our sexual fantasies for a while, but hadn’t really thought about doing them. That weekend gave us the opportunity to. Several of the fantasies that we shared were mutual masturbation and anal fucking. We couldn’t wait to try. I was a bit nervous, of course.

The whole day at Friday was boring. I sat in school, imagining the weekend ahead of us. When school let out, I made sure my parents were gone. Then I drove over to pick up my boyfriend and we hung out for a while first. We went to my house, dropped off his stuff, and generally hung out.

Jerry and I raided the fridge.

“Beautiful, do you want to go to Wal-Mart? We need to go get some food and drink,” Jerry said. Then he grinned and added, “And some lube.”

“I think you’ve got plenty of lube,” I laughed, grabbing his dick.

“Hey! Careful. You’re going to turn me on before we even go.”

We left, teasing each other on the way to Wal-Mart. As we always do when we’re at Wal-Mart, we wasted some time looking around at stuff. Then we went ahead and grabbed some food and drinks that we needed. Then we headed towards the toiletry/medicine section where there were always a discreet condom and lube section set aside. We teased each other one which lube we wanted, bickering with each other. We caught sight of this new K-Y warming water-based lube.

“Oh hell yeah,” Jerry said, taking it off the shelf, “This would get us off so bad. It’s supposed to be warm when you illegal bahis rub it on.”

“It’s from that commercial, isn’t it? Is it water-based? I’d rather not have jelly thingies,” I said, playfully snatching it out of his hand. I looked it over and we basically approved it.

It was already dark by the time we got back. At first, we wanted to take a shower or do something else. I went into the bathroom and looked at my tub. It’s wide and circular, enough to fit three or four people in it.

“Jer?” I called, “Do you want to soak in the tub with me?”

He came in, looking at the tub. He grinned at me and said, “Yeah, let’s do it.” At first, we had some trouble getting the water as warm as I wanted it to be. It had hot water at first until it ran a little colder. We spent some time dumping hot water in it while the water ran lukewarm from the faucet.

While we prepared the bath, we set up candles. We placed the towels in easy-to-reach place. Then we turned the bathroom lights off and bathed the room in the warm glow of candles.

Finally, we stripped each other off in between kisses and settled into the hot, steamy water. We moved around a bit, sitting across from each other, and teasing legs against each other. Finally, we looked at each other quietly for a while. We talked, touching each other.

I slid both feet on either side of his hips, spreading my legs open for him to see. My hands moved across my body, then one dipped down to where my spread legs met. He slid his hand under water and wrapped it around his thick cock. His hand started illegal bahis siteleri going at slow tempo, up and down his cock. His eyes were steady on mine.

Our faces were turning pink, our bodies reddening from both the heat of the water and our arousal. I arched my back, opening my pussy wider for him to see, while my fingers toyed with my clit. I slid my finger up and down my clit slowly at first, while watching Jerry squeeze and toy with his dick.

Soon, I felt tension in my legs and my pussy, and heat coiling up in my belly. I rubbed faster, keeping my hips above water as I did so. Lost in my own pleasure, with Jerry watching, I started moving my hips, my fingers moving faster across my hot, hard pink clit.

I gasped, started shuddering, eyes closed, as heat poured out of my pussy and climax roared through me. Slowly I lowered my hips underwater, opened my eyes, and saw my lover’s astonished face in the glow of the candles. He was masturbating like crazy now.

I moved my foot from his hip to between his legs and slid my toe against his ass. He gasped, moved upward so that I could push my big toe into his anus. I toyed his ass with my toe for a bit. I have such little toes that I couldn’t reach too far in with it.

“Can you fuck me with your fingers?” he asked, his head dropping back as he continued to masturbate roughly. I rearranged myself so that I could lower myself into the water, front first, and tuck my legs behind me. I slid my finger up his ass in the water and felt his ass tighten around me. I started moving my finger in and canlı bahis siteleri out, while he moaned.

Then I added two extra fingers into his anus, starting to fuck him roughly up the ass while he arched his hips and increased the tempo of his hand on his rock hard cock. Quickly, I switched hands and continued fucking him up the ass with extra more fingers. His hips started rocking as climax built up in his penis.

His body shuddered while I continued to shove my fingers in and out of his ass. Then he exploded, cum squirting upward and into the water. I continued while he cummed. He was rocked by the cum that kept coming out of him, as he laid still in the warm water for five minutes.

I withdrew my fingers and stood up out of the water, watching him for a while.

“I never cummed this much before,” he said, groaning softly. “I don’t think I can stand up now.”

I laughed and tugged him out of the water, saying, “Come on”. We felt so hot from the heat we’d made in the bathroom. I extinguished the flames of the candles and we left the bathroom. We went into my cool room and laid naked on my bed for a bit.

He grabbed the lube that was lying on my bed and gave me a wicked look. He squeezed some lube on his fingers and, throwing aside the bottle of lube, touched his fingers to my breasts. I didn’t feel any warming from the lube, but I moaned at his touch. He started rubbing it in. I took the bottle of lube and did the same to his nipples. He moaned, too, and he said the lube was really warm on his nipples.

We played around a little with the lube before finally calming down. We cleaned up, grabbed our books, and laid down to read a few chapters. That night, after we turned out the lights, I snuggled in the heat of his body. Both of us wondered what we’d do on Saturday, before we fell asleep.

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