First Time For Us Both

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During the summer of 2011 my mums best friend called Eve visited us most days.

She had two daughters Ellie and Rose. They would come with her too.

Ellie was 18, the same age as me and she was very pretty and a bit of a tom boy, she was very outgoing and not shy, unlike me. I really fancied Ellie but was too shy to ever make a move on her.

My sexual experience at the time was very limited and consisted of a few kisses and a quick grope with various girls over the past year or so.

On the first day of their frequent visits they had planned to go shopping at a big shopping centre near where we live. I was staying at home to watch a movie on TV.

Ellie asked if she could stay too as she wanted to see the film so Rose said she wanted to see it as well. So my mum and Eve went shopping and us three stayed behind.

We had two sofas, a three and a two seater. I sat in my usual place on the right side of the three seater Rose sat on the two seater with her feet up so Ellie sat on the other end of the sofa with me. There was a spare seat between us so Ellie put her legs on it but had her legs bent, she asked if she could put her feet on me and I said yes.

Rose was sprawled out and very comfortable on her sofa and Ellie was comfortable with her feet on my lap. As usual I was wearing my very thin soft cotton shorts and pants and Ellie said they feel nice and soft and fleece like on her bare feet. She started to move her feet on me and touched my cock a couple of times. I wondered if she knew what she was doing and decided she obviously hadn’t realised and didn’t know she’d touched my cock. I obviously knew as I started to get a hard on.

I looked over at Rose and she was engrossed in the film, I then looked at Ellie and she was too. I looked down and my hard on was obvious but with Ellie’s feet on me it was impossible to hide it. Ellie moved to turn from her back to her side, as she did her foot touched my hard on and without looking at me she stroked it with her foot for a few seconds, I must admit it felt amazing. I was nervous as hell but said nothing. I looked at her and she was watching the tv as if nothing had happened. Once again I wasn’t sure if she knew what she was doing.

The movie finished and the three of us went to the kitchen to get a drink and a snack. Ellie acted as if nothing had happened, my cock was still hard but I managed to hide it.

We went back to the living room and chose another movie, we all assumed our previous positions and watched güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the second movie. Ellie immediately put her foot right on my cock, I now knew she was doing it deliberately. I was enjoying it so turned my body slightly towards her so she had better access. This time she stroked it for a long time, making my cock very hard. She was laid on her back and I looked at her but she kept watching the movie, deliberately avoiding eye contact. Her legs were slightly open and I could see the bulge of her pussy through her shorts, I saw a glimpse of her white panties up the leg of her shorts and I almost cum.

We heard a car outside and it was my Mum and Eve returning home.

Ellie moved her foot and sat up on the other end of the sofa.

I dare not move as my hard on was obvious. So we sat there and talked as our parents made a drink in the kitchen. Ellie and I swapped phone numbers, Rose went into the kitchen and we talked about the film. I was waiting for Ellie to mention stroking my cock but she said nothing. Eve called Ellie to say they were going home, I asked her if she was coming over tomorrow and she said I hope so and smiled.

That night I went to bed early, I started stroking my cock thinking about Ellie then decided to text her. I simply said ” hi”. She replied that she thought I wouldn’t get in touch and asked me if I enjoyed it. I obviously said yes and hoped to see her tomorrow to see what would happen. She stunned me by saying maybe she could turn around use her hands and I could touch her too. We made arrangements for her to come over next day and said goodnight.

Ellie and Eve arrived without Rose which excited me, my only hope now was mum was going out again. I couldn’t stop looking at Ellie, she was wearing very little, shorts and a vest and I was eager to carry on from yesterday.

Mum asked if we wanted to go out with them and simultaneously we said no thanks.

I was sat in my usual place and as soon as the car pulled away Ellie sat next to me very close as our shoulders were touching. I was wearing the same thin shorts as yesterday but didn’t put pants on underneath.

There was an awkward silence until Ellie said shall we watch a movie. I put a movie on but it was her I wanted. Ellie put her feet on the sofa this time she had her head on my belly and put her hand on my bare leg. I was silently begging for her to stroke my cock.

She was softly stroking my leg so I put my arm across her back and stroked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her back and neck. Unlike me who was silent she said that feels nice, so I said her stroking my leg does too.

Her hand was moving closer to my cock as she stroked up my leg, sometimes gently touching my cock before moving away. I stroked lower down her back closer and closer to her perfect little round arse. Next I just stroked her arse and she never complained so I carried on, she then gently but confidently put her hand on my cock. It got hard in seconds and she just stroked it through my shorts, I asked if she’d ever done it before and she said no. We continued like this for a few minutes until she took her hand away and laid on her back with her head in my lap. She looked up at me and just said ” kiss me”.

I kissed her and it was amazing, I’m sure this was the second that I fell in love with Ellie. We kissed for ages and I brushed my hand against her boob. I apologised but she smiled and said help yourself. So I did, I caressed those perfect boobs for about half an hour while we kissed.

Ellie then sat up straddled me put her arms around my neck and kissed me with a passion I never knew existed. Her pussy was grinding against my very hard cock and I could feel my cock was soaked in pre cum and probably a lot of her pussy juices.

I was in heaven and thought life could not possibly get any better.

Ellie and me carried on kissing and the inevitable happened, I couldn’t control it anymore, I cum in my shorts. I felt embarrassed but Ellie hugged me and said it’s ok.

She got off me and I went to clean up. As I was getting changed Ellie went to the bathroom, when she came back into the room she told me she had to get cleaned up too as she was soaking. We spent the rest of the day talking kissing and hugging. We decided that we would be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Our mums returned home and a little later Ellie had to go home, not before we got a last kiss in behind their backs.

Ellie started texting me as soon as she was in the car and we spent all evening texting each other. My mum asked if Ellie and me were getting on ok, I said yes she’s great and I hope to see her soon.

As soon as I woke up the next day I texted Ellie asking if she was coming over as I knew my mum was going to work and we could be on our own all day. She said she’d get her mum to drop her off. Sure enough about 9:30 she arrived. We kissed passionately as soon as the door güvenilir bahis şirketleri was closed. I locked the door and left the key in the lock so nobody could get in, I took Ellie’s hand and led her to my bedroom. She never resisted and sat on the bed next to me, we kissed again and I laid her down and continued to kiss her. I put my hand inside her shirt and felt her boobs through her bra. My cock was already hard from kissing and Ellie started to play with it. I took her shirt off and removed mine too. Ellie put her hand inside my shorts and touched my naked cock for the first time. We were both very nervous but excited too. Ellie took off her bra and I got my first look at her amazing boobs. They were a good handful but not massive, the areole were big and her nipples very hard. I pulled my shorts off and I was completely naked, Ellie was naked except for her panties. We laid next to each other touching and kissing and I loved how soft yet firm her boobs were, I kissed them and sucked on her nipples, all the time Ellie was stroking my cock and massaging my balls. Then I plucked up the courage to touch my first ever pussy. I touched her through her panties first and it felt amazing. I put my hand inside and felt her soft hair, then I felt her smooth lips followed by her wetness, I was amazed how wet a pussy could get, I slipped a finger inside and then moved it up and down the length of her pussy before putting it back inside and fingering her. Without a word Ellie just slipped her panties off and we were both fully naked. I quickly moved back down to her pussy, my palm touched her soft pubic hair, and my finger slid across the smooth, slippery flesh between her pussy lips.

We knew today was the day we would lose our virginity and now it was about to happen. Ellie got on top of me and started rubbing her soaking pussy up and down my cock but not putting it inside her. I almost cum so I grabbed her and laid her down, kneeling between her open legs I grabbed my hard slippery cock and put it at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed but nothing happened so Ellie took hold of it and guided it to the right spot, it went in quite easily because of our combined wetness. I thrust in and out of her and couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. After a very short time I cum inside her and it was the best feeling I’d ever had in my life. We then got in the bed and just laid there cuddling and talking and kissing for hours. I didn’t want it to ever end.

We spent almost every day of the next few months together, we made love almost every day and learned a lot about sex from each other.

Ellie was everything to me and I told her I loved her, she told me she loved me too. That was six years ago, we are still together and very much in love.

Many more of our experiences to share if there is enough interest. Enjoy.

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