First Time at the Gynecologist

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Big Boobs

1955 and I’d been offered a typing post with the Civil Service. I’d left college after my 5th Year and after taking several typing exams I’d waited for the right job. The interview had gone swimmingly and i was due to start the following fortnight providing my references were ok and subject to a medical.

The alarm woke me from a deep slumber, I reached over and turned it off and cuddled up to my pillow. Gradually I came round and decided to get up. My doctor’s appointment was at 10:00 and i need to leave the house by 9:30. I threw back the bed sheets and blankets and felt the cool morning air. I brought my long legs up and placed them on the floor, stretching my arms as i did so. I stood up and my bunched up pink baby doll nightie fell down to my thighs. I picked up a towel, went into the bathroom turned on the shower. Went to the toilet, did a wee, wiped myself and checked the tissue, thankfully my period had finished the day before and I was all clear. I would have hated to have gone to the doctor’s wearing a Dr. Whites.

I pulled the nightie over my shoulders, dropped it to the floor put the towel on the side and climbed under the shower. The jets of hot water hit my head and after wetting my hair allowed the water to run over my body. My breasts took the full force and my pink nipples began to react to the different temperatures. Taking the soap and cleaning myself the bubbles and lather soon did their job. Cleaning everywhere including between my legs, the brown pubic hair became a wonderful lathery soap sud. I looked down and angled two of my fingers into a downward V and gently rubbed. Oh my word, that was a funny tingling sensation and rubbed a little more. I had noticed the slight changes my body made and reacted to whenever i soaped myself in the bath or a shower or even when I accidentally brushed against my breasts and nipples or even when I slipped on my knickers that hugged snugly around my inner thighs. I’d had no experience of any kind of sex, I came from a time when you didn’t have sex until you were married.

I did wonder though at times, especially at night when i was laid in bed and when my nightie rose above my thighs. I had a teddy and would sometimes practice kissing him trying to imagine a boy. I had on an occasion placed teddy between my thighs and imagined a husband making love to me. Gently brushing teddy up and down between my open legs, usually rubbing against my cotton knickers. The friction made me so excited that I would always stop, it was simply too much. I’d never experienced a climax but i did begin to wonder that if i carried on my orgasm would soon arrive. But I was too noisy. My mum on a couple of occasions had knocked on my door and asked if I was ok, I would shout out that I was singing. My teddy, my poor silent teddy kept our secret and as I looked at him with his little black cotton smile it was almost like he knew he was helping me. His little furry body intent on ravishing me, so warm cuddly and cute.

Anyway i finished showering, dried and went back in my bedroom to put on my dressing gown. Went downstairs and had breakfast saying hello to mummy and daddy. Daddy worked in an office in London and was intent on looking at his newspaper headlines as he waved bye bye, walking out of the door.

Mummy had toasted me a slice of bread and scraped butter on it, I nibbled at it whilst drinking a cup of tea. Mummy asked if I would be ok at the doctor’s and wondered if i would like her to come with me. She asked which doctor I would be seeing and I said Dr. Smythe. She frowned a little and said that examinations could be a frightful business and she was only too happy to go in with me. She squeezed my hand and kind of looked worried. I told her I would be ok and not to fuss so.

Finishing my breakfast I went back to my room. Took off my gown and let it slide to the floor. I dried off my hair, pulled out a hair dryer and proceeded to make it look nice. I brushed my shoulder length hair, tied a ribbon in the back and made a nice little ponytail.

Going over to my dressing table i opened a drawer and pulled out a white suspender belt, a pair of nylon stockings, a pair of white cotton knickers and a white bra and proceeded kocaeli escort bayan to wear my attire. Looking at myself in the mirror I thought I looked quite attractive. I pulled my stockings up to within a couple of inches below my inner thighs. Standing on tip toes I twisted my body to take a nicer look. I went over and pulled out of the wardrobe an Audrey Hepburn style dress, cream with blue stripes running vertically with buttons all the way down the front.

I finished off my little fashion number with a pair of heels, walked downstairs, picked up my handbag waved Mummy goodbye and closed the door behind me.

Thirty minutes or so later, here I was 19 years of age sat outside the doctor’s office. The receptionist had given me a warm smile but a knowing look. I wasn’t sure about the look but she said that Dr. Smythe would be seeing me shortly. She gave me a form to fill in, the usual stuff name and address, age, my employer etc.

The receptionist shouted out my name, I stood up smoothed down my dress feeling the bumps of the suspenders on my stockings and began to walk into the doctor’s room. Closing the door behind me I looked down at the doctor who must have been in his late 40’s. His glasses perched on the end of his nose, he looked more like a bank manager than a doctor.

He motioned me to sit down and as he looked over my notes he said

‘Right Miss Peterson, I see you have come for a medical and if I can ask a few questions. When was the last time you were ill and are all your inoculations up to date?’

I said that the last time I was ill was several months ago with a bad cold and yes my jabs were all up to date.

He ticked off a few boxes and asked me to go behind the screen and take off my dress. I could leave my underwear on.

I reddened slightly and went behind the screen. I undid my dress belt and undid the buttons on the front, my dress as I pulled out my arms from the sleeves fell to the floor. I picked up the dress and neatly folded it. I caught sight of myself in the mirror, white cotton underwired bra size 34a, white suspender belt and knickers and tan stockings. I pulled the stocking tops back up my legs and smoothed down the nylons. I thought I looked quite nice, I did think about taking them off but the doctor did say just down to my underwear.

I stepped from behind the screen and the doctor stood up and walked towards me, stethoscope in hand. He looked me up and down with an approving eye. He moved the stethoscope to my chest and feeling it cold it made me giggle. He didn’t say a word but carried on in his professional way. He asked me to draw breath several times and each time moving the stethoscope to a different area. He asked me to turnaround and did the same to my back. Breathing in and out slowly his stethoscope warmed up. But my nipples had reacted to the cold metal. I coloured up as I turned to face him. His eyes dropped to my bra but he showed feint interest. He took out an instrument and looked in my ears and he was happy with those. He asked me to lay on top of the couch and checked my tummy, pushing gently either side of my belly button. He suggested that I might take off my knickers so he could check the waterworks.

I hooked my thumbs into my knicker elastic and slid them down my long stockinged legs. He pulled over a seat at the end of the couch and pulled up leg rests either side. He instructed me to put my legs on them which I casually did.

There I was laid on a couch with my nipples hardening through my bra, legs either side and my thighs slightly open. He sat down at the end of the couch and adjusted the leg rests to part my thighs ever so wide. He made me adjust my bottom so that it was now positioned on the edge of the couch. My neck was not supported and I looked right up at the ceiling.

He said that he was now going to examine me internally. He put on rubber gloves and gently parted my labia. This was the first time anybody had touched me down there, let alone seen me.

As he did so I felt a slight tingle and it took me by surprise.

He said ‘Ah, you’re a virgin, I can see a complete hymen’.

I told him that I was and was waiting for my wedding izmit escort bayan night and that I’d been brought up to save myself.

He said ‘That’s fine my dear, you must be sensible these days’.

His fingers gently parted my lips even more. He mentioned that I had quite a pronounced hood over my clitoris. With that he touched it softly and he seemed to make a circular motion.

I closed my knees a little and he said

‘That’s ok my dear I’m just checking on your response. But you do seem rather tense.’

He pulled open a drawer and took out a medicine bottle and took out a tablet, handing me the little white pill he offered me a glass of water and asked me to swallow it.

‘Don’t worry’, he said the tablet was there to relax me, to stop me feeling tense.

‘You are rather responsive but young ladies often are. You have gentle petals with a little pink nub of a clitoris and I can see that you didn’t dislike being touched. Your hymen looks to be quite thick and you will definitely experience discomfort when you first make love. I can slightly adjust that for you and ensure your first intercourse won’t be too painful, if you wish?’

He was right of course I hadn’t disliked it and if I’m honest it was rather pleasant. The way he spoke in what was a husky voice was nice too. I could feel myself tingling. I also felt woozy, I seemed very relaxed but distant. I felt I was beginning to daydream and my eyes started to feel heavy almost like reading in bed. I cared little, I was so relaxed and happy.

My legs didn’t even care that they were wider. My labia lips seemed to be opening on their own. It was a strange sensation and one that I’d never felt before.

He said ‘I’m just going to put some lubricating jelly around there to make it easier to slide in the speculum’.

I sensed him squirt it on his finger and with that he began to rub it on but wait, he wasn’t rubbing, it was almost like he was massaging it in. Like I did when I put hand cream on my hands. It was nice and I relaxed even more in fact I was totally under the doctor’s control.

I felt the lubricant being massaged around my clitoris and around my vagina. His finger penetrated me to put more inside and doing it with more circular motions. I felt myself loving it. My breasts started to rise with my breath getting quicker and shorter, my nipples responding. Could I feel a wetness, moisture between my thighs? I wasn’t sure and if the truth be told, I didn’t care.

Then he stopped and I heard him unzip a bag.

My eyes partially closed so as not to give anything away he told me that he was taking out a vaginal speculum. I acknowledged him by saying, ‘Uh ok’.

He stood up because I could see him from the neck up now. He’d taken off his glasses which seemed unusual.

He said ‘Right I’m just warming the speculum, it is a little large but don’t worry everything will be fine. Ok, just inserting it now. I’ve put more lubricant on to facilitate its easing’.

I felt a kind of warmness as he inserted the medical tool. I felt my lips being pushed aside, widening me even more. It was certainly large and quite unexpected. He rested, I felt it just slightly inside but then felt a finger or was it his thumb return to my clitoris. Softly touching at first then a little flicking. Rubbing now, back to those circular motions. My breathing became quicker again.

‘Ok my dear, I’m inserting the speculum now, I’m doing it slowly. Take your time my dear’.

I felt it slide in and then a pressure as it came to a blockage, a barrier, my hymen.

‘Ah, I’m at your maidenhead now, gently does it, pushing more, deep breaths my dear’.

The pressure increased, I felt it widening me and as the speculum went further I felt a pain. I instantly reacted with my stockinged legs closing but the stirrups held me fast. I took in a sharp intake of breath and said ‘Ow ow ow ouch. Wait doctor please it hurts…’

He went back to rubbing my clitoris and i felt the speculum go further. Deeper inside me opening up my vagina pushing my lips further apart. God but it did feel large.

‘Ok, im just going to rest the speculum gebze escort to allow you to get used to its size, I will allow it several minutes’.

It must have been quite a heavy speculum because the tool inside me seemed to point upwards and then i felt the warm base resting against my bottom. I could just make out the doctor through my halfclosed eyes looking over the top of my bra, my chest heaving with excitement and breathlessness. I bore down a little and felt the speculum widen me, I was so glad that it was warm. I’d heard stories of how cold they were but my kind doctor had warmed mine up for me, he was so considerate. The base of the speculum was tickling me but because I was so unused to something that size, I thought it normal.

The doctor said

‘I’m just going to slide the speculum slowly in and out so you can get used to its size while i further examine you’.

Oh what pleasure I felt as that warm speculum ignited a fire inside of me. I felt the long strokes as the doctor pulled it slowly out and pushed back in. I was becoming so wet that I was scared that on sliding the tool out it would shoot across the room. My eyes watered and I felt I could see the doctor himself moving slightly but i knew this was just my imagination. I thought I could smell the coppery tinge of blood from my recently broken maidenhead but my senses were so enthralled I couldn’t be sure. I felt something building up inside of me like a little wave at first building from a ripple to something larger. Unusually the doctor seemed to have gripped my thighs, touching my stockings I presumed he was having to steady himself as he was quite old. His breathing too seemed to be quicker but again i just thought he was out of breath due to his age. He’d taken to gently stroking my legs and stockings and had even put a hand on my tummy and suspender belt, the speculum worked away. What had started as a tingle, an almost electric touch was now building to a crescendo. I’d heard of a climax and orgasms but never thought I’d experience one.

I had taken to moaning a little but stifled it with a hand to the mouth. My eyes watering more and my breath quickening. My vagina clasped the tool and gripped it harder encouraging my orgasm to a conclusion. I groaned and shuddered, my bottom opening and closing in a rhythm, my vagina pulsating. The speculum seemed to jump on its own and I felt it squeezing inside of me, pulsing and squirting. Oh my I thought, what on earth is happening to me. Then it subsided, the doctor gave a little cough and pulled out the speculum with a bit of a slurp. He sat down again and I heard him put the tool back in its bag and zip the tool in. I myself was coming down. I felt liquid oozing out of my vagina and thought that I must have wet myself. I asked the doctor if I was ok. He told me that all was fine and that sometimes it happens, whatever that meant. He told me that he would help me clear up the mess. I heard him pull tissues out of a box and began wiping away at the sticky mess. As he did so he must have touched my clitoris again because I involuntary jerked a little. He must have used quite a few tissues because when I stood up later I noticed the bin was half full.

After a while he said well thats all taken care of and when you decide to begin experimenting with sex you will find that there wont be any barrier to cause you discomfort. He told me that I could get dressed now and as he helped me climb off the table i went weak at the knees. He held onto me so i wouldn’t fall. I noticed that his shirt was slightly pulled out which i thought was unusual as he seemed quite smart earlier. The tissues in the bin and some were tinged slightly pink, were almost to the top I thought. Oh dear, I must have really embarrassed myself.

I went behind the screen, picked up my knickers and began to put my feet through and slide them up my legs. I noticed a little silvery smudge on the inside of my thigh at the top and thought it was some kind of discharge. I would check that later I thought when I got back home. I finished dressing and came back from behind the screen. The doctor explained that everything was ok and I had passed the medical. I thanked him, turned to the door and walked out. Strangely though I did feel different, as though something had been taken from me but quite couldn’t put my finger on it. I walked out back home my senses drifting in and out, moisture seeping from my recently examined private parts…I walked home.

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