First Time at the Crew Club

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I was in DC last year for a couple of days and decided to check out the Crew Club after getting into town. It was a pretty good setup and nice and clean. I got there pretty early, about 7:00 pm. I got to my room, stripped down, lubed my hole and put my jock on and went for a walk to check things out.

I saw a few tops lying in their rooms and said hello to a couple including one hot black guy that looked like he had a nice cock although he had his towel over it. I went back to my room and lay face down with the door open.

The black guy came by about 5 minutes later and started rubbing my ass. When he felt my hole already lubed, he shut the door and mounted me sliding what felt like a nice fat 7″ inch cock into me. As he slid inside me, I took a big hit of poppers and felt that warm all over feeling as they hit. Every movement of his cock as he slid in and out made me tingle all over. He fucked me good for about 10 minutes, moaning in my ear what a hot little white slut I was, and blew a nice big load inside me. He acted kind of surprised when I thanked cihangir escort him before he left.

After resting for a little bit and getting my head down from the popper cloud I was on, I went wandering again. I played with a couple of cocks in the steam room although it was way too hot to fuck in there. I wandered up and down the halls, finding all the little corners where people liked to sit and watch. I got turned on seeing the discreet gropes as others found each other and connected. I saw some hot scenes through open doors of rooms, including an incredibly hot black twink getting spitroasted bareback by 2 white daddies. I watched from the doorway as they fucked him from either end, occasionally spinning him around and swapping holes. I was so jealous and wanted to be the twink in the middle.

I finally found the dark room and just sat on the bench for a while watching the shadows of 2 guys making out and groping each across the room until an older white top, maybe late 50s, came in and fed me his cock…a esenyurt escort nice thick 6-1/2″ one with an up curve to it. He held my head and controlled the pace of my sucking, pushing as deep as I could take him and holding me there a few times. After about 5 minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face. I stood up and put my hands on the wall and bent over sticking my ass out. He pressed the head against my hole and sank it into me. He had some moves…fast, slow, hard, soft, changing angles.

We both realized we had an audience and he decided to play pimp, offering my ass up to the other guys, which made me moan in anticipation. One older black guy stepped up, and while the first guy stood to the side and held my ass open, slid what felt like a baseball bat inside me. It just took my breath away as he pushed the last few inches of that big cock into my hole. I think he rearranged my insides with that thing. He held it there, completely buried in me for a minute and just rotated his hips. etiler escort Once he felt me pushing back, he started fucking me. He long-stroked me for about 5 minutes, pulling that big cock all the way out and pushing it all the way back in, while the first guy pinched my nipples and talked dirty in my ear about what a fucking whore I was.

When he came, I could actually feel the cum spraying my insides. He smacked my ass once as he pulled out and was gone. His cum started dripping out of my now gaping hole and the first guy stepped up again, rubbed his cock in it and jammed it back inside me. I guess all the dirty talking and watching me get bred by that big black cock had him pretty worked up because he came about 2 minutes later. He grunted like an animal very loud when he came and the whole room knew he was giving me his load. Before he pulled out and walked away, he said in my ear, “Come back on Saturday. I’d love to pass that slutty little fuckhole around to all my friends. There’s usually 8 or 10 of them here. They like cumdumps.”

I wandered back to my room and changed into my other jock because the first one was soaked from all the cum leaking out of me. I stayed for about another hour, but nothing else really happened and I still had to catch the Metro back to my hotel and it stopped running at 11:00 so I left. All in all, a pretty good night for a Thursday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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