First Night in Her New Apartment

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Moving out of Nicole’s place was so liberating. An entire year of her bullshit was really making me miserable – the weird household politics were one thing, but her attitude towards sex was really getting hard to live with. The slamming doors and banging on my wall any time I was trying to have completely silent sex with some guy, the irrational anger and judgement when I came home after staying over with someone… I never said a thing about her and her weird boyfriend, and I could never figure out what her problem was with me being single and sexually active, but the result either way was increasingly horrible sexual frustration as I waited for the lease to run down. The move across town had gone surprisingly smoothly, and now here I was, alone in my new one-bedroom apartment, half-unpacked and ready to settle in. I was 22, hot, single and ready to get some serious dick.

Step one had been to reactivate and temporarily “hoe up” my online dating profile. After deleting all the unnecessary stuff and replacing it with a few suggestive emojis and the most revealing gym selfie I had, I took a couple of shameless booty and cleavage pics in the huge mirror in my new bathroom, pausing to admire myself for a moment. I might have spent the last two months restricting my sexual activity to infrequent, brief and unfulfilling masturbation sessions in the shower so as to keep it quiet from Nicole – who never seemed to leave the house – but I had found plenty of time to hit the gym, and I was pleased with what I saw in the mirror as a result. Long, dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes and plump, glossy lips, an evenly tanned petite 5’3 frame with juicy curves; thick, tight thighs, a toned stomach, perky C cups and a nice round, bouncy ass – I showed off for myself in my skin-tight grey booty shorts, eliciting an involuntary groan of desire as I squeezed my thighs together while pushing my butt out towards the mirror… I straightened up and took a few deep breaths to regain my composure. Plenty of time for that later. I quickly uploaded my new pics, spent half an hour or so swiping away, then sat back and watched the matches roll in.


Dating apps really are the height of convenience. I smiled vacantly to myself at this thought as I gazed at the screen of my TV, balanced on a box in the absence of a stand istanbul rus escort in my new living room. The familiar black menu asking for confirmation that someone was still watching the stream was partially obscured by my stretchy little grey shorts hanging from the corner, the display interrupted by the reflection of my new friend Ryan’s muscular, arched back and his firm ass; my legs hooked around his hips as they writhed and gyrated, his muscles rippling and flexing as he fucked me. I looked up at him, biting my lip as I admired him. God, he was just perfect. His thick, jet black hair was messy and tousled, his rugged jaw-line shadowed with coarse stubble, his impressively firm, solid body tanned and shiny with sweat that rolled enticingly down his chest and over his ripped abs. Every muscle and vein stood out in the thick, strong arms that framed my vision of him as he supported himself with his hands on the back of the couch. His breath was ragged and deep, his expression set as he focused intently on driving his huge, rock-hard pole over and over into my tight, wet little pussy. I reached up, running my hands over his sculpted torso, closing my eyes and feeling my way around as my moans steadily increased in volume and frequency, losing myself in the intense pleasure.

I opened my eyes to look down between our bodies, enjoying the contrast of his rock solid muscles against my smooth curves. My gaze was drawn inevitably to his long, thick cock, slick and shiny with my cum. It was deliciously hard, stretching me out as he pumped it relentlessly into me, my pussy dripping wet and throbbing with pleasure, gripping his cock, drawing him in. I gasped and moaned with every thrust, fascinated by watching him entering me. He drew me out of my trance by placing a hand under my chin, raising my face and leaning down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around him, digging my nails into his muscular back as I moaned into his mouth, swirling my tongue around his, playfully biting his lip, trapping his tongue between my lips and sucking, all while he fucked me deep and hard, filling the room with the wet slap of our bodies coming together, fighting to be heard over my unrestrained moans as he kissed his way across my jaw and onto my neck.

Ryan straightened up and sank kadıköy escort his knees down into the couch, pulling me forward, still steadily fucking me as he slowly leaned back. The change in angle brought a series of loud, blissful moans from me, my head thrown back into the couch, my teeth digging fiercely into my lower lip and my eyes rolling back as each deep stroke allowed Ryan’s fat cockhead and thick shaft to slide over my g-spot, sending a jolt of excruciating pleasure through my body with every thrust. My hand subconsciously moved down, my fingers furiously working over my clit, my soaking wet pussy squeezed tight around his amazing dick as I writhed and trembled, feeling my orgasm drawing closer and closer. My arched back pushed my tits upwards and Ryan took the hint, grabbing a handful and groping before focusing on a nipple, rubbing and teasing as he kept up his steady rhythm.

Finally I cried out in sheer ecstasy, my eyes clenching shut as every sensation finally blended into one, my body shuddering uncontrollably as I desperately moaned and wailed, grinding back against Ryan as he fucked me hard and deep, swearing under his breath as he watched my climax. I lost track of time, moaning senselessly and thrashing beneath him, months of frustration and desire leaving my body in the form of aching groans of pleasure. My arched back collapsed into the couch, my hair plastered across my face and my makeup ruined as I finally peaked and the sensations began to subside, my chest rising and falling dramatically as I drew deep and heavy breaths, dick-drunk and dazed as I stared blindly at the ceiling, quiet moans escaping my lips as Ryan smiled, still gently rolling his hips with mine.

He allowed me a short while to recover before he slid out of me and stood, pushing my legs down and guiding me into a sitting position on the couch, reaching down to push my hair away from my face, his still-hard dick inches from my face, making his silent request abundantly clear. I smiled breathlessly at him, wrapping a hand around him and slowly pumping up and down his shaft. I took a moment to admire his gorgeous cock; it must have been at least 8″, the shaft thick and curving gently upwards, wrapped in prominent veins while the head was oversized and fat, engorged and shiny, kartal escort his entire cock dripping wet and throbbing. His balls were shaved and swollen, their gentle pulsating making clear his need to release the tension built up from fucking me.

I kept stroking his shaft as I leaned in, wrapping my plump lips around his swollen tip, my wet tongue swirling all around it inside my mouth, drawing a moan from him as I lightly sucked while I enthusiastically made out with the head of his cock. I looked pleadingly up at him as I began to bob up and down, slurping obscenely, lavishing attention on the beautiful cock that had given me so much pleasure. My saliva ran down his shaft, providing extra lube as I continued to stroke, my free hand moving up to run over his abs, my nails tracing along the deep lines. His appreciative groans grew more insistent, his fingers tangled in my hair as I sucked his dick, his hips gradually beginning to rock back and forth in time with the hot, wet, sloppy blowjob I was treating him to.

Finally he gave a loud moan and drew back, his hand furiously stroking his cock, his face contorted with pleasure as he worked to bring himself over the edge. I looked up at him, my mouth open and my tongue out as far as it would go, pushing my tits together for him, absent-mindedly playing with my nipples as I watched him, admiring his toned body and his thick cock as he gave a deep groan of satisfaction. Huge, thick spurts of hot cum coated my tongue, splashed on my cheeks, dripped down my face onto my tits and thighs; a couple of streaks even landed in my messy hair as he liberally coated me. I closed my mouth, savoring the taste of his cum before swallowing, moaning happily as he rubbed his tip over my pouting lips, taking him back in my mouth and gently sucking the last drops from him, cleaning off the head of his cock before finally releasing it, placing a playful, exaggerated kiss on the very tip.

Ryan collapsed on the couch next to me and, after briefly cuddling up to him, enjoying his strong hand squeezing my ass while I traced my fingers over his chest, I hopped up and walked off towards the bathroom to clean up. I looked back over my shoulder, giggling as I caught him checking me out and pausing to wiggle my hips at him. It occurred to me how nice it was to walk naked through my apartment, cum dripping down my cheek, a cute naked stranger catching his breath on the couch behind me, all without fear of being judged or harassed. I reached the bathroom and grinned at my cum-splattered reflection; hair messed up, cheeks flushed and makeup smudged. I was looking forward to living alone.

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