First Date

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Well, I played out our first date… We went and got ice cream, of course, then went out driving in the woods. I pulled over to the side of the trail, and walked around to the passenger side of the truck, stopping you before you get out. I turn you so you’re sitting sideways on the seat, and lean in to kiss you on the base of your neck, running my hands up from your hips along your sides, up to cup your firm breasts in my hands, subtly pinching your hardening nipples through your bra…

I push you back just enough so you catch yourself on your elbows, and slide your shirt up, taking your bra with it, leaning down to suck hard on each nipple as it’s exposed to the cool air. I pull my shirt off while you finish taking yours off, and I stand back to take in the sight of you topless, subconsciously rubbing my hard cock through my shorts. You notice me rubbing myself, and lean forward to grab my cock through the fabric and start squeezing and stroking me, taking my hands and putting them on your tits to play with you, while you undo my belt and slide my shorts down just enough for my cock to come out. You look up at me and slowly drag your tongue up the underside, swirling around the tip and moaning loudly as I pinch harder on your nipples. bakırköy escort To distract me, you grab the base of my cock with one hand, bobbing your head down onto me, pulling me in deeper with your other hand on my ass…

I grab a fistful of your hair and start fucking your mouth, pulling out after a few minutes and telling you to get out of the truck. So, as I stand there with my shorts down around my ankles, my cock poking you in the stomach, and your tits pressed against me, I turn you around so your ass rubs against me, and I go from cupping and squeezing your breasts to sliding both hands down along your sides, leaning down to nibble and suck on your earlobes, tracing the vee of your pubic area through your shorts, putting pressure on your pussy as I drag my hands back up…

While I fumble with the snap on your shorts, you’re reaching around behind yourself to grab art my cock, loving the feel of it in your hands, hard yet soft, heat radiating into the palm of your hand as you feel my pulse throbbing, getting faster as you take my other hand into yours, sliding it down across your stomach, dipping my fingers into the folds of your hot pussy, already extremely wet. I moan into your neck as I plunge beşiktaş escort two fingers up inside you, making you gasp and grip my cock tighter, bracing yourself against the door of the truck as your knees start to tremble a little. I pump my fingers deep up into you, pushing against your G-spot with every small thrust, whispering into your ear “Does that feel good, you naughty little tease? Am I gonna make you cum?”

With that, I abruptly pull my fingers out and give your pussy a quick sharp slap, turning you around and pushing you onto your back on the seat. You’re still a bu3t surprised by the stinging sensation of the pussy slap, and you can feel the warmth from it spreading out, but before it can start to actually be painful, I lean down and thrust my tongue into your smooth pussy, both sucking on your clit and thrusting my tongue up inside you, reaching up to grab handfuls of your breasts, squeezing as I flick my tongue against your clit.

Now the heat from me slapping you is starting to make your pussy more sensitive, and you feel an orgasm building up. You grab the back of my head, humping your pussy against my face, moaning and breathing heavily, grinding on my chin as the first wave hits you. beylikdüzü escort You let out a groan as you intensely grip my head, forcing me to eat your sweet juicy pussy. Just when you think you can’t cum any more, you feel a finger pushing against your tight asshole, which is well-lubricated from your pussy juices. As I push my finger up into you, you relax enough to let me slide deeper in.

I curl my finger up and slide deeper into your ass, rubbing against your G-spot through your pussy walls, still sucking hard on your clit, flicking my tongue against it. The stimulation is more than you can take after a bit, and you scream as you cum for the third time, squirting on me. I drag my tongue up and down your pussy slowly as I bring you down from your orgasmic high, eventually pulling away as you moan with the feeling of my fingers leaving your body. Fingers? You wonder when I managed to get a second finger into your tight ass, but your mind is still a bit foggy from cumming so hard.

You slide down out of the truck, steadying yourself as you bend over the seat. I’m running my hands up over your ass, leaning down to kiss each cheek. You giggle a little because it kinda tickles, then you reach down between your legs and start stroking your pussy, spreading your lips so I can enjoy the view.

You look back over your shoulder at me, and doing your best innocent look, you ask me…

“Am I gonna have to give myself an orgasm, or are you gonna fuck this tight hot pussy, Sir? Fuck it hard and make me cum, please!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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