Finishing School – Episode 03

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Castlewick Manor stood in several acres of sumptuous grounds, formally laid out according to the latest fashion. An elegant avenue of elm trees swept up to the graceful front portico, and beyond the kitchen garden at the rear of the manor the formal gardens gave on to a rather sweet little pond with apple orchards beyond. An observer perched on the top of one of the elms trees would have seen two figures hurrying away from the house and towards the gardeners’ sheds. Closer inspection would have revealed them to be Miss Diana Mapleton and Miss Fanny Appleshaw, two students at Mrs Castlewick’s School for Young Ladies.

“Do slow down, Diana. This is most unladylike, all this rushing about.”

Diana came to an abrupt halt and spun on her heel to face Fanny, who was a few paces behind and struggling to keep up.

“But Fanny, there is not a moment to lose. Don’t you see? Was that not the most… amazing experience that we were privileged to witness just now? How could you not be moved by the sight of that, oh that wonderful attribute of manhood? Did not the smell, the feel of it touch you to your core? And the denouement, the final eruption – was it not simply the most liberating thing you have ever seen? I must see another! I must!”

Fanny sighed. Her friend was somewhat of a dramatic temperament, given to outbursts such as this for as long as she had known her, although this was a little excessive even by her standards. But Fanny loved Diana dearly and being two years her junior held her in high regard for the wisdom that she possessed, and so she simply sighed and replied, “Yes Diana dearest, I understand and the lesson was certainly… educational, but must we make such indecent haste in pursuit of some poor stableboy?”

“And did not Mrs Castlewick require us to obtain as much exposure to our subject matter as we could? Now stop prattling and come along. We are almost at the sheds and I am sure we will find someone there.”

Hitching up her skirts, Diana strode on towards the small group of wooden sheds that housed the equipment needed for maintaining the Manor’s grounds. As she neared the first shed – with Fanny still some paces behind her – she spied a tall, burly figure that she recognised from a previous lesson.

“Johnson! I say, Johnson!” Diana called out. “Stop there, please. “

Johnson turned towards the young ladies. He stood something over six foot in height, was broad across the shoulders and had the well-muscled arms and legs of one who has spent his life at manual labour. At five-and-twenty years of age, his hair was yet to thin and he wore his shaggy, unkempt locks with a certain pride.

Diana hurried up to him, stopped, and took a brief moment to compose herself. Feisty and confident as she was, she did feel a small twinge of embarrassment as she looked him in the eye.

“Johnson. I am given to understand that the male staff of the school are bound to accede to any request made of them by the students, so long as that request is in furtherance of their education. Is that correct?”

“Yes, miss,” Johnson replied.

“Very well. Then I must ask that you allow us to inspect your…” Here Diana faltered for a second. Her first instinct had been to say ‘member’, but she was determined to embrace the vocabulary that she had learnt in her first week at the school.

“Your cock. Mrs Castlewick was most particular in her instruction that we should become better acquainted with as many cocks güvenilir bahis as we can before Monday’s class. I should be very much obliged if you would accommodate Miss Appleshaw and myself.”

“Very well, miss. This ‘ere shed is good a place as any, if you would care to step this way.”

Johnson led them into the shed. Grimy windows allowed a dim light to enter, enough for the girls to see spades, pitchforks and hoes stacked against the walls, and a variety of other tools of the gardener’s trade hanging from the ceiling towards the back.

As she entered the shed, Fanny gripped Diana’s harm and hissed in her ear. “Diana, are you sure this is alright?”

“Of course it is,” Diana snapped back. “Stop being so wet, Fanny. Honestly. We’re here to learn, after all, and must seize every opportunity with both hands.” Turning to Johnson she said, “Well, Johnson, you may remove your clothes, and pray step a little this way so that you are in the light from the window.”

Johnson removed his clothes, and while Fanny hung back nervously Diana stepped forward. There, hanging between his legs, was the penis that she had seen during her first lesson at the school. Although flaccid it nevertheless hung heavy and pendulous from its tangled nest of black hairs. Fanning out her skirts, Diana knelt down and, reaching out a hand, enfolded the cock in her palm and squeezed. She marvelled at the meatiness of it, and rolled her hand around it so that she could feel its texture over the whole of her hand.

She looked up at Johnson. “Now, Johnson, you must tell me. What should I do to cause your… cock to become erect? Is this the correct thing to be doing?” she asked as she continued to squeeze.

“Yes, miss. That’ll do nice. Very presently you’ll see I’ll start to get ‘ard.”

In fact, no sooner had Johnson spoken than Diana began to feel his cock swell in her hand. “Marvellous!” she exclaimed. “How wonderous, that my little touch can produce so magical a transformation. Fanny, don’t you think it’s marvellous?”

“It’s certainly impressive,” replied Fanny, who despite her reservations was staring fixedly as, before her eyes, Johnson’s cock came fully erect.

And what a sight it was. At 10 inches long, and fat as the handle of a shovel, Johnson’s cock was a formidable appendage. Its bulbous head twitched slightly, and Diana noticed a vein that ran the length of the shaft throb and pulse. “Magnificent,” she breathed. “Magnificent.”

She looked up at Johnson again. “In our lesson, Fletcher used his spittle to lubricate his cock while he masturbated. Must it be your spit that is used, or should I apply my own?”

“Yours will do just as ‘andy, miss. And, begging your pardon, but if you wants to talk like the gents does, you must say ‘wank’ and not ‘masturbate’.”

“Thank you, Johnson, I shall remember that. Now, excuse me while I obtain some lubricant. Oh. Fanny, dear, my mouth is so dry with the heat in here that I can barely produce a drop. Would you be so good as to spit in my hand also?”

Fanny rolled her eyes, but did as Diana requested, dribbling a stream of her saliva into her friend’s cupped hand.

“Much better, thank you dearest. So, Johnson, I apply it like so, do I not? Coating the head of your cock in spit and allowing the rest to run down your shaft?”

“Yes, miss. There’s many of us men who find the sight of our todgers all sloppy with a young lady’s spit quite a stirring sight.”

“Very türkçe bahis good. And then I wank you like this. Rubbing up and down your cock and caressing the end, which I understand to be very sensitive. Yes? Is that good, Johnson? Does that feel good when I wank you like that?”

“Very good, miss.”

Johnson looked down at the young lady kneeling before him. The tops of her breasts swelled from beneath the bodice of her dress, creamy white. He ached to touch them, to bury his face between them and suck deeply on her nipples, but to do such a thing without her invitation would lead to his instant dismissal. Instead, he suggested, “Miss, many gents find it quite stimulatin’ to look upon a lady’s bare bosom while they are being wanked. Per’aps you might care to reveal yours?”

Diana paused as she gave this some thought. “Thank you, Johnson, but I think not. It is such a fuss to unlace and then re-lace one’s bodice and corset that I think on this occasion I must decline your suggestion. Now do be quiet. I wish to concentrate on the matter at hand.”

Diana continued to work on Johnson’s cock. She kept her basic rhythm the same, but every so often introduced a slight variation – perhaps squeezing the head a trifle more firmly, or speeding up her strokes for a moment before slowing down. When she elicited a moan or a gasp from Johnson, she made a mental note of what she had just done to him. As she wanked him, she became aware of the scent of his penis – the sweet-musky smell of the cum that leaked from the head and mingled with the girls’ spit, the sweat from his body – and she breathed deeply, her head swimming, her body seeming to tingle, an urgent wetness seeping between her legs.

It was hot in the shed, and Diana was sweating, her face turning red. Entranced, she took his cock in both hands now, and clasped him to her cheek as she wanked, holding him to her tightly so that the sticky head of his engorged cock rubbed against the soft skin of her face. Johnson moaned, low and deep.

A thought surfaced from Diana’s befuddled mind, and she turned to her friend. “Fanny, dearest,” she purred, “I think you should raise your skirts and allow Johnson to see your arse. I think he would like that. Wouldn’t you, Johnson?”

Fanny, who had been watching her friend’s raptures with a mix of trepidation and desire, replied hesitantly, “Do you really think it wise, Diana?”

“Oh yes. I think it very wise indeed. I think it would be very wise for you to expose your pert, tight arse as I wank Johnson’s glorious, glorious cock. Did not Mrs Castlewick instruct us in our deportment lesson about how best to display our womanly charms? So now you have an opportunity to practise. And practice makes perfect, my dear.”

Reluctantly, Fanny did as she was asked. She had always tended to follow the older girl’s lead – at eighteen, twenty seems very old and wise – and she craved her admiration and respect (and indeed, alone in the dark of her bedroom, she craved other things of Diana’s that she was ashamed to admit even to herself). So she turned away from the couple, bent over, and with much effort lifted her skirts and pulled them up towards her waist. Her pale, white cheeks almost glowed in the dim light, framed by the mass of petticoats, and with her sheer black stockings reaching away below.

“What do you think, Johnson? Is Miss Appleshaw’s arse pleasing to you? Is it as pleasing as my bosom, my titties?”

Johnson’s güvenilir bahis siteleri breathing was heavy now, and he half whispered, half gasped, “Yes, miss. Miss Appleshaw’s arse. Is very fine. Though. If I may be. So bold?”

“Yes, Johnson?”

“If she was. To spread her legs a little. I could see. More of her cunt.”

“Yes,” Diana said mostly to herself. “Her hot, wet little cunt. Her moist, juicy cunt. I’m sure you would like to see that. Fanny, spread your legs apart,” she called in a louder voice.

“Like this?” Fanny’s voice was muffled by her dress as she shuffled her feet wider. The lips of her pussy parted slightly.

“Yes, like that. Just like that.”

Diana shifted position slightly, so that she could see both Johnson’s cock and Fanny’s arse. Her head was spinning now, the heat, the smells, the thrill of doing something she knew to be forbidden yet at the same time – in this place, in this school – encouraged. She was about to bend her head even lower to take Johnson into her mouth when an urgent noise from above made her look up.

“Oh, miss. Oh. Oh. You’re goin’ to make me cum. Keep goin’, miss. Faster. Faster. Don’t you stop, don’t you stop.”

As Johnson’s cock throbbed and pulsed in her hand, Diana had another thought that would add to the debauchery of their act. “Fanny, dearest,” she rasped in a voice hoarse with lust. “Pray take a step or two backwards. I should very much – very much – like to see Johnson cum on your arse.”

As Fanny shuffled backwards, Johnson’s cock pulsed again, and he let out a strangled cry as semen shot forth and spurt after spurt coated Fanny’s tight young buttocks. The first gob landed on her tight, puckered arsehole and slid over her the lips of her pussy, running down its length and dripping on to her skirts. The second and third coated her left cheek in spunk.

“For God’s sake, don’t stop,” Johnson gasped at Diana. She kept squeezing and stroking him, as the spurts slowed to a stop. Johnson staggered backwards, while Diana looked in wonder at the sticky mess on her fingers, and then turned to her friend.

“My goodness, Fanny. Your arse is quite coated in Johnson’s spunk. Look! It’s actually running down your thighs, there’s so much of it. What an incredibly stimulating sight. How does it feel?”

Fanny turned to Diana as she lowered her skirts and stood upright. “Not disagreeable. Rather like one had been hit with a dollop of warm custard.”

Diana slumped to a sitting position on the ground. She sat for a moment with head bowed, and then seemed to collect herself.

“Well, I certainly count myself lucky that we found Johnson. I am sure that this experience has furthered both our educations. And indeed, it has made me quite aroused. Look.” Diana spread her legs and lifted her skirts out of the way. I believe my pussy is quite wet. Can you see, Fanny?”

“Yes, Diana.” Now it was Fanny’s turn to feel flushed. “You are quite wet. Positively dripping. Do you think I might be able to…”

Before Fanny could finish, Diana leapt to her feet and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness. I quite forgot! Lucy Stevenson has organised a picnic down at the duck pond. She asked most particularly that I be there and I promised I would, and it simply would not do to let her down. Her brother is very handsome, so one should stay on her good side,” she said to Fanny with a wink. “Come, we must be off at once.”

Grabbing Fanny by the hand, she pushed open the shed door and led her friend back towards the house. In the shed, Johnson sighed, dressed and stared thoughtfully after the two departing girls for a moment, before picking up a pitchfork and walking purposefully towards the cabbages.

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