Feel and Finger Together

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The second chapter in the development of the intimacy in a new relationship. Following from ‘First Intimate Touch’ .

A couple have their third date and enjoy dinner followed by some intimate desert!


Dinner had been delicious in more ways than one. Drinking each other in as they gazed at one another across the table had given her as heady a sensation as drinking the red wine had done. This third date had been romantic, but as always seemed to be the case with them, also highly charged sexually.

Holding hands across a table had never before felt like foreplay, but the soft movement of his thumb brushing her palm and then smoothing across her wrist had sent a charge through her whole body.

She’d removed her shoe during dinner and had stroked his ankle with her stocking clad toes. Slowly at first across his ankle and then edged her toe up above his sock so she could feel his skin through the sheer denier. The slight intake of breath from him told her that she was having just as much impact on him and he was on her.

Returning to the car they had walked not just holding hands, but with their arms around each other, seemingly both needing as much contact with the others body as possible. Suddenly in the alleyway approaching the car park he had stopped, and turned her towards him.

His hands tenderly held her face and stroked down her neck, with a shiver she lifted her face and with his eyes drawing her in they kissed, gently at first and then they both allowed the passion to take over. His tongue and hers probing and feeling as their eyes locked on each other seemingly telling one another the thoughts that ran through their heads.

“I think we need to get home before this becomes indecent,” he chuckled as he took her hand and they continued towards the car.

In between their initial date they’d talked endlessly on the phone, hours had slipped away between them, as they shared their thoughts and desires. Now in each other’s presence words almost didn’t need to be said. They knew this was special, not just a sexual desire, although the chemistry between them was electric, this was a meeting of minds as well.

They both felt something more and wanted to give it time to develop, so they had agreed a plan of steps the Five F’s (French, Feel, Finger, Fellatio and Fuck.) Interestingly the delayed gratification was making the whole experience even more exciting, like a tantric sex exercise. They were definitely at step three tonight!

Arriving home they walked into the kitchen, she poured them a glass of red wine. Standing there next to the granite counter she felt overwhelmed by his physicality, he was tall and broad shouldered, but lean in all the right places. His eyes hypnotised her and she felt like a ditzy schoolgirl when he looked at her with such a deep hunger.

They touched wine glasses and each took a sip, all the while drinking with their eyes the others form. She had worn a sexy wrap dress, knowing it flattered her curves, under it she wore a navy silk all-in-one body and matching stockings. The underwear and dress worked well together giving him a sexy view of her cleavage and hints of the breasts that were waiting to be touched.

Taking her glass from her he placed them to one side he said, “I don’t think we really need this.”

As he turned back to her she caught her breath, his eyes looked greener than usual and more brilliant. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her ortaköy escort towards him. As his lips took hers his hands seemed to be everywhere at once. She gave in to the desire that had been building all evening.

Stroking his head as they kissed, she knew she just wanted him, more than she had wanted anyone, it thrilled her and scared her, but she also felt confident that he was feeling the same.

“I can’t wait to taste you,” he declared.

Then his hands moved inside her dress and brushed aside the fabric covering her breasts. Her back arched as his fingers stroked and teased her nipples.

“Oh god,” she gasped.

Her body shuddered his touch on her nipples was creating a unique affect on her. She could feel them tensing and her breasts swelled and warmed under his touch.

Kisses trailed across her face and then down her neck towards her breasts, she felt dizzy and leaned against the granite counter for support, then his hands were on her leg, slowly tracing her knee and then gliding towards her thigh. She was ready for him, more than ready she was hot and wet for him. She couldn’t wait to see the pleasure on his face when he discovered it.

Her head was spinning and she felt powerless and empowered at the same time. Her hands traced around his back pulling him closer and then she moved her hands towards where she already knew she would discover his cock to be hard with excitement. She wasn’t disappointed, his jeans were strained and she could tell his cock was growing under her touch.

“Not yet, I want to play with you first, you deserve to cum lots, I want to make you cum first,” he looked into her eyes.

She could see that this was what he wanted, not just to please her, but because he enjoyed it. Getting her off was going to be a pure pleasure for him, as it was going to be awesome for her.

How she got there was a blur, but in amongst the stroking and kissing the next thing she knew she was sitting on the cold granite of the kitchen counter.

Her dress was completely open now and he was admiring the sexy underwear she wore, his mouth was enjoying the swell of her breasts and his hands were sending tingles up and down her legs.

Gradually he moved higher and she was pleased to witness the delight and fresh desire as he gathered how wet she was already.

“You’re soaking,” he declared with pride.

“Oh yes hunni, I’ve been wet for you for hours,” she gasped.

His fingers stroked the warm flesh of her clit past the straining undergarment and then he expertly opened the poppers of her bodice allowing himself full access to her pussy. His fingers stroked and smoothed her seemingly gently, but the impact was anything but. She was desperate to have something inside her.

“Oh god, I want your fingers in me,” she cried out.

“I’ve got something better planned, lie back,” he commanded her and gently eased her down on the granite surface.

The contrast of hard cold of the granite felt incredible against the warmth of her pussy. It felt brazen and excitingly naughty and she didn’t want it to stop. He lowered his head between her legs and she felt his tongue upon her, tracing the outer lips at first sucking her and toying with her. Her hands were stroking his head, encouraging him, wanting him to go further. Then his tongue was inside her, lapping up her juices.

“Oh yes, oh my god,” she couldn’t help herself.

The words came otele gelen escort pouring from her as her juices flowed.

She felt the peak of her pleasure and lost herself to it and then he was kissing her and the taste combined with the heat from her clit caused electric pulses to explode in her head. She wrapped her arms around him tightly not wanting the kiss to end, wrapping her tongue around his desperate to enjoy every last drop of her own taste from him.

As they kissed his fingers continued to explore her. She was already on the wave of her first orgasm and he was going to make sure she continued seamlessly into the next. His fingers tweaked, stroked and rubbed her outer lips as they kissed. Then suddenly they were thrusting inside her, she could feel him getting deeper and harder.

With her arms around him for support she thrust herself towards him, matching his tempo, pressing herself towards him, the sensation building and her tension around his fingers increasing the feeling. He sensed she was close, together they looked watching his fingers thrusting into her, in and out, thrusting and pushing her further and further into an orgasmic haze.

“Oh god, oh yes, oh fuck that’s good,” she was becoming oblivious now to anything but the intense pleasure that was building between her legs.

Looking at him she could see he loved the effect it was having on her. He was enjoying watching his fingers thrusting into her warm wet pussy. His movements into her gained pace, thrusting in and out of her, she couldn’t contain herself any longer, her head was dizzy as if she’d been drinking and as his thrusts reached a frenzied peak she rapidly gave in to the second wave of pure joy as she came again!

“Oh my god,” he looked as shocked as she felt.

He wrapped his arms around her and together they could feel the shockwaves that spread through her whole body.

“Oh hunni, that was incredible,” she looked at him feeling like a girl, not the mature woman that she was. “But I want to do something for you now.”

“Trust me that’s done plenty for me, but perhaps we should move somewhere more comfortable now?”

They both chuckled as they realised she was led on the granite kitchen counter.

Together they moved into the living room. The couch was deep and comfortable and kissing as they led there they began again to explore each other. Still half dressed it felt slightly naughty, like teenagers making out on the sofa.

Wrapped in each other’s arms she hesitantly unbuttons his trousers, she couldn’t wait any longer he had already given her numerous orgasms and she wanted him to be pleasured. Holding his cock at last in her hands, she felt an erotic pleasure knowing that it had developed into this gorgeous hard member for her, she has created this wonderful throbbing cock.

Licking her hand she then returned her grip now with added moisture to allow herself to glide up and down the building length of him. The reaction in him was obvious so she again put her hand to her mouth and licking it slowly got it nice and wet before grasping him in her hand once more. She leisurely traced her fingers up and down the full length of him feeling the taught ridge at the back of his cock moving from his balls all the way to the tip.

With joy she realised that there was moisture now leaking from him. She brushed her fingers across the top of him and circled the tip squeezing just a little. Leisurely otele gelen escort she explored the full length of him and enjoyed the warm softness of his balls in her grasp.


He couldn’t just enjoy what she was doing to him though he wanted to play with her too. Just the other night they’d played with themselves while talking on the phone and he wanted to experience it together.

He places his fingers inside her already deliciously soaked cunt and then presents them to her to taste. Once again he see the impact tasting herself has, her eyes glaze over and she is lost again in an orgasmic haze. Feeling her handling him and having his fingers inside her is driving him crazy too.

They both look up and down at one another enjoying the view of her hand around his cock and his fingers in her cunt. He feels inside her pussy and knows that she isn’t far from another orgasm, he wants to cum on her, he feels his spunk building and straining for release, but he wants her to crest again first.

The sight of her licking her hand and returning it to his cock, followed by the deliciously smooth stroking is getting him so hard he knows he is going to burst soon. Giving her a few more deep strong thrusts he feels her shuddering to his touch once more. Two fingers deep inside her he pushes gently with another finger further back, oh yes that got a reaction. Her eyes open wide almost as if to protest but she doesn’t, too lost in her orgasm.

Then he brings his hand up to his face and licks his fingers. Looking at her he sees the hunger in her eyes, she loves the taste of herself and he places his fingers into her mouth once more and she sucks her own taste from him, her eyes glowing with the pleasure it brings her.

He looks at her and sees an idea form in her. She remembers he’d said how much he would like to watch her finger herself, witness her make herself cum for him.

She’s so worked up from what he has been doing to her and from the taste of herself she can’t help herself. She knows he is close to cumming too and from their conversations she knows he wants to watch her. So after a few more delicate strokes of his lovely cock she whispers to him.

“Do you want to watch me, while I watch you? And we can cum together!”

His kiss answers her question better than words could.

Entangled on the sofa, half undressed she slowing spreads her legs to ensure that he has a good view of her pussy. He has already given her multiple orgasms and it doesn’t take long before she’s already on the crest of another. It excites him being able to view her fingers going in and out of her pussy.

His kissing and fondling of her breasts brings her closer and closer to a peak. He sees her looking down at his cock and sees the pleasure in her eyes as she can see him expertly working himself to a matching peak.

“Are you ready? I want to cum,” he declares.

Her fingering speeds up and she watches as his lovely cock seems to grow even harder and longer as he watches her.

“Oh yes baby, cum on me,” she says, knowing he wants to spunk all over her. “Cum on me hunni!”

Looking into each other’s eyes they watch each other, the desire building with intensity as she watches him wank, it thrills him to be watching her as she pleasures herself. Luxuriating in the pleasure of seeing one another losing themselves in this normally private act.

Sharing it seeming almost more intimate that doing it to one another. She feels the incredible release of her orgasm and the fresh wave of her cum and then almost instantaneously he spasms and his thick creamy spunk is spurting out onto their legs. Entwined and kissing, together they shudder and enjoy the wave as they cum, looking into each other’s eyes.

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