Favour Returned

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It would have been a pleasant summers evening but for the fact that I was sitting alone in the hotel restaurant. Staying on business in a hotel full of people relaxing and enjoying themselves is never enjoyable.

I was casually observing the goings on when I noticed the head waiter in conversation with an attractive woman, cuddly but not obese, well upholstered curves in all the right places. My curiosity was aroused as he scanned the restaurant. His gaze rested on me, now my mind was working overtime. He came over and apologised for disturbing me, then explained that the restaurant had been overbooked and would I be willing to share my table with another guest, pointing to the woman. My normal instinct would have been to refuse but something about her made me hesitate. I was just about to agree when, sensing my hesitation, he offered free drinks for the evening for both of us. I accepted. The evening might be enjoyable after all.

He escorted the woman to my table, we introduced ourselves and engaged in small talk. I could not help but notice she was wearing a semi-transparent top through which could be seen a nicely decorated low cut bra to support her ample breasts and enhance her deep cleavage.

The waiter took our order. I suggested an expensive wine as a very suitable companion for both our choices, she complimented me upon my selection. A bottle was duly ordered.

Surprisingly we got on quite well, no doubt helped by the wine. The more we drank, the more light-hearted the conversation became. A second bottle was ordered, the conversation became quite suggestive.

We had finished the main course and were waiting for the sweet when she visited the ladies rest room. After what seemed an age she re-entered the room, I could not help but notice her handbag was bulging. Curious. As she got closer I realised she no longer had stockings on, her previously brown legs were now milky white. Even more curious. As she sat down I realised she was no longer wearing a bra. Her breasts had slightly sagged and flattened, the large brown areola around her very erect nipples could clearly be seen. These were obviously natural breasts and not implants. As I dragged my eyes back to her face I saw a smile playing around her lips.

The conversation resumed.

“What do you think of the scenery in these parts.”

We both knew what she meant.


The sweet arrived. As we ate the merits of the local countryside were discussed. Pausing in mid sentence, she looked under the table

“My napkins fallen on the floor but it’s on your side, could you reach under the table and get it for me?”

I looked and realised I would have şişli üniversiteli escort to get off my chair to reach it. As I stretched under the table I noticed her legs were slightly apart. My gaze travelled up her legs to her thighs and now I knew why her handbag bulged. Her bra, tights and panties were in it. As I rose and gave her back the napkin I knew she knew I had seen her nicely trimmed bush.

“There are some local sights which are well worth a closer look?”

I was being teased and I was enjoying it, now it was my turn to tease.

“Whenever I get the chance I like to explore, particularly mounds and tunnels.”

I grinned. She laughed. Now it was my time for some ham acting.

“Would you believe it, my napkins now fallen on the floor, I shall have to go under the table to retrieve it.”

She giggled.

With that I disappeared under the table, this time her legs were wide apart, I could just make out her slit below the neatly trimmed triangle. I re-appeared and sat back on my chair.

“Yes, the local sights are definitely worth exploring.”

We laughed so loudly other diners looked round. The suggestive conversation continued but it would have seemed totally innocent to anybody listening.

The meal over, we went onto the sun terrace and found a swinging seat overlooking the sea. With the moonlight shimmering across the water the setting could not have been more romantic. My arm around her shoulder, her head resting against mine. I gently caressed her shoulder, she placed a hand upon my leg. No words needed to be said. Her hand sensuously massaged my thigh as I moved my hand to her breast and delicately ran my finger around her nipple. She eventually broke the silence.

“Time for bed.”

She opened the door to her room and entered, I followed and turned, her back was toward me as she closed the door. I held her around the waist and kissed, licked, and blew upon the nape of her neck. She clasped my hands and brought them up to her tits under her top. As I gently massaged her tits and kissed her neck, my rigid cock sandwiched between us, she sighed.

“It’s been a long time.”

Her voice a very husky whisper.

“That cock feels nice”

She lifted the hem of her top and started to raise her arms. We parted so that she could remove her top, as she did so she turned to face me. Her tits were presented in all their glory. Large luscious mounds, beautiful brown areola and large erect nipples. How I wanted to suckle them like a baby. She cupped her tits and lifted them to meet my face as I bent forward, the tip of my tongue gently ran over the tip taksim anal yapan escort of each nipple in turn. Licking around the rim, then sucking and finally gently nibbling. The sounds of pleasure she had been making became deeper and louder.

Her hands moved to my trousers, belt and zip undone, the trousers fell to the floor around my ankles. Again we parted as I took off my shirt. A momentary look of desire and passion passed between us then we embraced. Her tits and my cock being squashed between us, my hands on her beautiful, round, full buttocks, her hands on my back pulling us closer. Our lips met in a hard, grinding, passionate kiss. Our tongues danced together as they explored the depths of our mouths.

As the lust and passion subsided I undid the zip on her skirt and moved my hands inside to part her thighs with my fingers as my thumbs slipped into the folds of her moist, juicy, cunt lips. Her hands slipped inside my boxers as she tried to pull them down but we were pressed so tightly against each other she couldn’t.

“I don’t want you to stop but I want your cock badly.”

We parted, her skirt fell to the floor, her hand quickly moved inside my boxers to my cock which she gently caressed. A quick movement, she was on her knees as she pulled my boxers down to my ankles, her cheek brushing my cock. As she took off my shoes and socks her head was moving against my cock, fluid oozed from the tip onto her blonde hair.

I prayed for her to put my cock in her mouth but no, she stood up and stepped back, it was my turn to be admired. She obviously liked what she saw for a look of approval came across her face. She cradled my balls in one hand and pulled the skin on my cock down to expose the helmet in all its glory.


She led me to the bed by my cock, sat me on the edge, and gently pushed me into a lying position. Was she going to kneel between my legs to give my cock a good sucking? No. Her agility was surprising as she knelt on the bed and swivelled round to face my feet, her legs astride my body, her cunt inches from my face. Did it smell good? The aroma that comes from a woman’s slit when aroused is both heavenly and intoxicating.

“At last.”

With that I felt one hand cup my balls, the other pull the skin tight on my cock and her tongue gently play across the tip of my glans to lick the juices from the eye. Then slowly circling the helmet, gradually spiralling down until the rim was being licked. Her lips closed and gently slid down its length, then up, and down, and up. Each time stopping at the top and gently sucking as if it were an ice lolly.

While taksim bdsm escort this was going on I had not been idle. My own tongue had gently licked up and down each outer lip, then each inner lip, and finally the very slit itself. Each time I repeated the routine my tongue pressed harder and licked more of her juices which were now flowing freely. Finally my tongue, rolled into a tube, pushed into her cunt, then out, then in. For a few strokes I timed it to coincide with her rhythm on my cock.

To ease my aching jaw, her purple clit, protruding from its hood, received attention. I gently licked and got an instant reaction, she pressed back against my tongue. I licked harder. She pressed harder. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked hard. She moaned and eased the pressure. She stopped sucking my cock. I licked and sucked for a few seconds more then gently nibbled her clit. The result was earth shattering, she let out a squeal of pleasure as she pushed back onto my face with her hips moving in spasm. My nose was pushed into her cunt, I couldn’t breathe. Finally she collapsed on the bed as if she had fainted, I was left gasping for breath.

She had obviously enjoyed a great climax but my cock and balls were aching for release. She opened her eyes as she turned her head to me.

“A long time but worth waiting for.”

With that she spread her legs apart and placed her hands on her cunt lips, pulling them apart. Her juicy cunt opened, the invitation was obvious.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Not a time for finesse as I clambered on top intending to ram my cock up her cunt and cum as soon as possible, but I paused. The experience should be savoured. My cock was at the entrance but went no further as I kissed and licked between her tits, gently moving down her body, kissing and licking until I was licking her clit. She was enjoying it but lifted my head.

“I want your cock.”

She pulled my head so I kissed and licked my way up her body again. As I reached her tits her hands slid between her legs, opened her lips and guided my cock into her cunt. My hips moved forward slowly until they could go no further. As she felt my body against her clit and my cock deep in her cunt she embraced me and we kissed tenderly, her legs locked over mine. We instinctively got into a rhythm of long slow strokes. At the end of each stroke her clit was pressed against my body, the rhythm got quicker and more urgent, she held me tighter as her hips rose to meet my thrusts. Finally she pulled me in so tight with her legs and arms that I knew it was time. As I spurted my cum at the very top of her tube so she came again, not so violently as before but still impressive. She was not the only one who could have a tremendous orgasm, the feeling of release accompanying each spurt of cum being mind blowing.

We lay together for several minutes until my limp cock finally slipped from her wet cunt.

I went to get up but she held me and whispered

“Stay the night, tomorrow is another day.”

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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