Fate Begets Love

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“It was amazing… But not even that, because it always is.

This was… Different.

Almost like there was something in the air, and the parfum was filling our heads with thought of lust and love. You… You (I want to say for once, but I know that isn’t true) felt the same way I did. We wanted the same thing, and we wanted it bad.

You were completely into it; Enjoying yourself while I enjoyed you and enjoying yourself while you enjoyed me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many pleasure soaked moans coming out of you just from teasing with my warm wet mouth.”

(“You teased the hell out of me.”)

“And even when we were slowly making love.. Which is what it was… (making love I mean) I wasn’t the only one who had to try to be quiet. I saw your face. It may have been dark, but I saw it. You were biting back sighs with every gentle thrust.

(“To be completely honest, if I did conceive last night, I’m glad it WAS last night. It was perfect.”)

Whatever it was to cause this… Some company testing a new toxin at your house, pent-up sexual frustration, or just the wanton love of a couple that used to be in such dire need of affection… It was incredible.

I’d like to say never again will we do it as we once did, but that isn’t true. In today’s “lingo” (and man am I dating myself when I say that), quickies in the morning, getting pounded a bit before work, sharing a shower because there’s no where else to be alone… They’ll all still happen.

You’ll still wake up in the early morning before the sun with your arm wrapped around me, your hand resting on my pelvis and your sweet breath warming my neck. And I’ll still wake up to you pressing your engorged member into the small of my back, it pleading for a little TLC.

We’ll still roll over sleepily, kiss each other awake and make love slow and steady until someone releases. And when that happens, we’ll still kiss each other, whisper I love you, and nod back to sleep. To some, it may all be for naught, but to us, every second we can spend connected in such a way is heaven on earth.

(I suppose you can say that each second we’re with each other in such a fashion is one more second taken off the years we both spent alone.)

And yes, we will still take a little time and explore each other’s bodies before you head off to work. And yes, (I promise) I will still stand at the door when you come in after a long day with my apron on, breasts bouncing slightly with every step, the friction of the coarse cotton making my nipples erect and firm. I shall never disappoint you… Fresh iced tea in şişli rus escort hand, I will ease the knot out of my apron, and stand there in all my naked glory waiting for your hungry lips to ravage the most secret of spots.

And, (forever) yes, we will slowly undress ourselves, caressing every new bared inch, licking, kissing, nibbling, until the floor is littered with our heavy garments, and the steam rising from the awaiting shower clouds the room. We will still step gingerly into the hot water, still wash the other, soap on skin, skin on skin, until we are clean and dirty and clean again.

But I must digress. When the chance comes, and our soon to be kids are asleep, we will fetch the fluffiest blanket in our linen closet, and we will undress each other (once again every inch being sucked, flicked, and rubbed) you will once again set yourself gingerly upon the couch, and I will tenderly place my body in yours, facing you, legs slipped to either side, and we…

[We shall once again feel the passion the was like electricity in that room. I swear it, though I remember it vaguely, the moment your shaft first probed into God’s most heavenly valley, all the years I’ve spent pining, waiting, unloved, dissipated from our bodies through our already slick skin. While you were inside, every pulse, every throb, every time your pressed against my forbidden fruit, I felt newer, cleaner (though that may be ironic) more fresh. I felt no more hate to those who’ve shunned me, and I felt the purest bliss.

And in the second that you tense up and release deep inside me, every drop diluted all the pain. And, as we now wish, I’m almost sure one drop was rushed to where it belongs. Just as I am sure, though only one day after, that deep inside my once-virgin womb, a tiny, lovely child is starting to grow.]

We shall feel that bliss once more. I will gently rest my warm, moist alter on your pelvic region, letting you relish in the emanating heat, before I guide your hands swiftly to my bosom, allowing your fingers to entice my nipples until they peak. My head thrown back in a breathy sigh, you will instinctively lean in to kiss and nibble the creamy white skin that is now bared. I will be able to feel your penis throb against that oh-so-sensitive nub hidden between my thighs, and the combination fills me with want and desire… and need.

I will scream. Or, I will want to, and if the new circumstance allows, I will, and if not, I will lean in quick and allow your soft lips to engulf my own, my scream swallowed with the delicious juices your mouth şişli türbanlı escort has created,

Slowly, like it was all I’ve ever wanted, I will lift my body onto my knees and reach between our sweat-glazed bodies to palm your thick manhood. My thumb will graze the smooth head as quick as a long awaited breath of wind on a hot day, and as my thumb reaches the other side, I will quickly put my weight back on your lap, engulfing you into your own little piece of heaven.

Quickly then, your will hands move to my waist, each palm perfectly cupping the protruding bones there. Firmly, lovingly, dazzlingly, those hands once coveted by none will press me against you, holding your phallus deep inside and holding me against you. I will see you looking up at me and the new four inches of height the couch cushions give me will give you what you call “the most wonderful sight you’ve ever seen” My swollen and slightly bruised breast are at your eye’s level, and my nipples, which you so skillfully made firm, are feathering your cheeks each time I inhale.

Your eyes will once again be filled with over-powering lust, and my right hand will leave the wall behind us and place my awaiting breast by your mouth. Teasing your lips will only work for so long because as skilled I was, your skill will be far greater. In the blink of mine eye, My breast, nipple and all, will be sucked deep into your mouth, your tongue playing with my protruding nipple, flicking it as one would a bothersome mosquito.

And then… My eyes will go wide. Another scream will be tugging at my vocal chords, and as the first orgasm (one of many) erupts out of me, my delectable juices coating the curly hair your penis calls home, I WILL scream. Impossible describes my ability to deny it. Your eyes will say, “shhh” but your smile will say, “more.”

And more I will. I can feel myself swell and tighten around you, pulling you in wanting you deeper, thicker. Your mouth will release my now tender breast, and you will once again cover me with kisses. Kisses so swift, so wanton, that they encompassed my heavy breasts, to my shoulders, then my neck, my flushed cheeks, and finally my awaiting mouth before I even had a chance to exhale. Your fervent lips upon mine will only fuel the blazing fire we will create, and kisses will be shared until our lips are purple.

“Faster,” you’ll say, and simultaneously your firm, callused hands will drive my pelvis onto yours, and my hips will start to bob. Each movement a little quicker than the last, but each long and sinfully planned, the length şişli ucuz escort of you sliding out til the tip teases my engorged sex, and painstakingly glided back in.

A small moan will then escape your lips and a louder one from mine, and my second, more powerful orgasm is slammed out of me in tune with the quick thrusts. I feel you come back inside me, every inch hitting all the right places, and before you are able to leave, I tighten around you, drawing you in deep, and I release yet another, louder scream and you leave, a fresh wave of ecstasy swimming over me, through me, and onto your slick waist.

This time your mouth will find my chest on it’s own. You will duck your chin and suck my lonely left breast into your mouth. You’ll suck hard, and the brisk feel of your teeth on my tit will drive me to the brink. “Hold on,” I’ll whisper, and the muffled, “Mhm” from your busy mouth will give me the get-go. Harder and harder will I feel my cunt –

(I am completely on fire at this point, and his torch has lasted too long. I’ll need to douse it, and I suppose for this, I can’t help stop from being profane.)

– driving onto his shaft. I’m on top, but I can feel his warm, cum-filled balls graze my ass with every movement. “Soon baby, please soon,” I’ll whisper as I continue harder, faster, more wanting.

I know he can’t take it when I do this. The hot-warm-cold-warm sensation of being pulled completely out and then being driven back it is euphoric. “You know I love that. It feels amazing… Oh!! Grace*!! Oh!” And he will groan a loud, guttural moan, and press my hips onto his dick with such force I’ll swear I can feel it hit my womb. And I will moan as the hot, decadent liquid fills me to the brim.

A fierce, passionate kiss will be shared, and I will sit with his cock resting inside me. Softening by the second, it still has enough solidity to be rocked against. He will be able to tell I don’t want him to leave me, and even if his cock becomes sensitive, he will allow it.

After a few moments, the kiss will be broken, and he will look up at me, gently wipe my forehead with the back of his hand, and cup the back of my neck. I will rest my head in the hollow of his neck, and slowly, so very slowly, I will lift myself off of him, and onto my own couch cushion. He will then carefully stand himself, for his legs are unsturdy from his recent release, and after a moment of fumbling for a towel to bring me, he will return and lovingly wipe my slit, tender but firm, catching all of our combined juices. And once he deems me clean, he will sit down next to me, and carefully cradle my head in both his hands. A hard kiss will be pressed on my lips, and then he’ll let my head fall into his warm lap. Instinctively, I will curl my legs onto the other half of the couch, and fondle him gently as we nestle ourselves into each other, slowly waning from the intense pleasure we just felt.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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