Fantasies 11

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The sound of children playing in the park behind my flat wakes me and I slowly open my eyes. The windows are still open from last night and the bed covers are scattered on the floor where we pushed them off, the night too hot for winter duvets, especially two of them.

Moving cautiously so that I don’t wake you I reach for my phone to check the time, only 9am, far too early to get up. I roll back onto my side to look at you.

You’re lying on your back, still asleep, your legs tangled in the white fleece throw we’d been using as a cover. You’d surprised me last night by turning up unexpectedly, letting yourself in with the spare key I’d told you I kept in the shed, fooling me into thinking my flatmate had returned before sneaking in and waking me up in the nicest way.

We’d eventually fallen asleep as the sun came up and my leg muscles are still protesting a little, unaccustomed as I am to late night exercise sessions. I smile, remembering and reach out a finger to trace the length of your arm, enjoying being able to stare at your nakedness without etiler eve gelen escort you accusing me of being ‘weird’.

I sit up, careful not to wake you, and slide my fingers slowly down your chest, stopping at your waist where the fleece is wrapped tightly around your hips and slipping my fingers underneath ever so gently to untangle you until you’re completely naked.

You mutter something and I freeze, not wanting you to wake up yet and spoil my enjoyment of being able to watch you. I wait but you seem to be asleep and I relax a little, moving my hand to your hip and leaning over to lick along your collarbone. You taste salty and gorgeous as I lick down your chest and stomach to your cock, already hard and waiting for me.

I suck it in to my hot, wet mouth, my tongue licking up and down your length and circling the tip as I suck hard and bob my head slowly up and down. I can taste the mingled after taste of last nights sex on my tongue as I suck, my juices mixed with your cum and our sweat, etiler grup yapan escort and I feel myself getting even wetter.

You make some small noise and I glance up, seeing you watching me, eyes half closed, and I catch your eye, moaning as I start to move my head faster. You can feel the vibrations travelling up your shaft and you’re shocked to realise how close you are to coming. It’s not fair of me to catch you when you’re sleepy and vulnerable and you tell me so, dragging my head off your dick and up to your mouth for a kiss.

I crawl back up the bed eagerly and lie with my leg over yours, my knee brushing not so innocently against your hard cock as we kiss, my wet pussy rubbing against your hip.

You roll onto your side and reach your hand down, feeling just how wet I am. My breathing quickens as you slowly rub your fingers over my swollen clit and I moan against your mouth as I feel myself getting close to orgasm.

I push my hand against your shoulder, rolling on top of you and sitting etiler masöz escort up, rubbing my wetness over the length of your cock before bending down to lick it off with slow strokes of my tongue.

Sitting up again I rest my hands on your chest before sliding slowly onto you, gasping as you fill me up. I rock my hips back and forth with you buried deep inside me, rubbing my clit against you and relishing the feeling of fullness before starting to ride you properly.

You grip tightly onto my hips, encouraging me to move faster, digging your nails into the fleshy part of my back as your breathing becomes rapid and unsteady.

I can feel you growing even bigger inside me and I clench my muscles, pushing down hard so my clit hits against you with each thrust as you move your hips up to meet mine. My eyes are closed and I’m making little breathy sounds as I feel myself on the edge before my muscles clench and I come around you, collapsing against your chest and breathing hard, my heart racing.

Grasping my hips, you flip me onto my back before pounding into me faster and faster, your balls bouncing off my arse as you drive harder, lifting my ankles to your shoulders as you thrust deeper, before emptying yourself into me with a long groan. Kissing my forehead you let my legs drop to the bed, both of us breathing hard.

“Maybe mornings aren’t so bad after all,” I say with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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