Face Wash

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After a long week’s work, John was glad that the weekend was here and he could relax a little. The weather, as usual, was hot and humid and John did not really have any plans for the day except to laze around at home. But then he remembered that some of the everyday stuff, like shampoo, face wash and the likes were running out at home and he needed to go get some replenishment.

John reached the mall slightly after lunch and was immediately welcomed by the cool air conditioning, a pleasant change from the humid air outside.

He walked around the mall for a while, noticing that the crowd was really thin for a weekend, but thinking it must have something to do with the latest economic crisis that has hit the world like a hurricane. Most of the shops were empty and sales person were just standing around, looking pretty. For people whom were still securely employed, like John, times like that was a good time for shopping as most of the shops were offering huge discounts to bring in more sales. Almost everywhere, one could see signs flashing discounts of 50% or more.

After walking for about 10 minutes, John came upon a shop selling beauty products, a good reminder to him that he needed to replenish his face wash and shaving cream. He lingered at the window for a while, looking at the several products on display, and as with most men, did not have a single idea about any of them.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a sweet voice,” Hello Sir, looking for facial products?”

John turned around and saw a cute young Chinese girl. She had curly hair that reached her shoulder, really fair skin, and a pair of bright innocent eyes. She was wearing a white coat, a common piece of clothing for sales person of beauty products nowadays, probably trying to accentuate their professionalism. She had a name tag pinned on her coat which said “Vicky”.

“Oh, eh, yeah, Vicky, I am looking for some facial wash and shaving cream” I said.

“Do you have any particular brand in mind,” Victoria said, flashing her sweet smile at me.

As with most guys, I was never very particular about my beauty regime, and mostly just got my face wash from the neighborhood super market.

Vicky, sensing my hesitation, said, “Well sir, why don’t you come in and I will recommend some products for you.”

I reluctantly followed behind her, and for the first time, saw her long slender legs, held up by a pair of 3-inch come-fuck-me heels. Her white coat ended about 6 inches above her knee and one could almost imagine the short skirt she might have on under the coat.

Vicky then went on to describe a few products to me; some facial foams, a couple of Toners and Moisturizers. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the products on display, as I have always been an all-in-one face wash kind of guy.

With an almost embarrassing tone, I told Vicky,” Look Vicky, I have never used such beauty products before; I am your regular all-in-one face wash guy, so….”

Vicky , almost interrupting me, said, “Sir, in that case, it’s really about time you tried some of this products and put yourself on a regular beauty regime, I promised you will feel the difference after the first use.”

Sensing my hesitation, Vicky turned around and brought a sales brochure to me and said, “Sir, if you got these products today, you will be entitled to a 20% discount, and I will personally give you a facial treatment using the products you bought, with no extra charge.”

I looked at the brochure that Vicky was holding up close to her chest and suddenly my attention was taken away by the top 2 buttons of her coat which were undone. I was also feeling puzzled when I thought I saw a glimpse of a bikini top below the coat that Vicky was wearing, half expecting to see a blouse or t-shirt.

In a daze, I managed a “yes” and the next thing I knew, Vicky was leading me into the back of the shop and into a tiny room. The set up in the room was like a regular beauty parlor, at least that’s how they looked like in commercials in the papers and TV.

Vicky then went on to dim the lights which led me to ask,” Vicky, how do you do your work when the lights were so dim?”

Vicky held my hand, leading me to the reclining chair, and said,” Sir, don’t worry, I know what I am doing. I promised you will feel like you had a new face when this is over.”

I made myself comfortable in the chair and Vicky went about preparing her stuff. I noticed that her top 2 buttons were still undone and when she moved about preparing her things, her blouse opened more and I could confirmed that she was wearing a bikini top and her boobs were a handful, probably a B cup if I wanted to get technical.

Having talked to her for the last 30 mins, I could sense that Vicky was your regular ‘Y” generation and the fun and cheery type. So I took the chance and said to her,” Vicky, eh…..I noticed you were wearing a bikini top underneath your work cloth, were you allowed to do that?”

Vicky then turned to face me, gave şişli rus escort me a naughty wink and said.,”I thought you would never noticed.”

She then grabbed her coat lightly and said, “Sir, this is not my working clothes, these are,” with that said she proceeded to undo the rest of the buttons and revealed a complete set of white bikini top and a thong bottom to me.

Taken aback, I could only manage a soft “Wow”.

Vicky, sensing my shock, then said,” Sir, as you know, the economy is really bad now, and we need to up our service in order to get more business. Moreover, I do need to work with water in my work and this is one of the best ways to keep my clothes dry.”

She then turned her back to me and fiddle through the shelf in front of me, letting me take in the sight of her perky little ass which her thongs did very little to cover. I let my eyes wonder down to her long legs and saw that she still had her heels on. I immediately felt my cock hardening but was glad that the lights were a little dim which helped to cover my embarrassment.

My little security took a tumble when Vicky retrieved what seems like clothes and then turned and said to me,” Talking about keeping dry sir, I would recommend that you changed into this during the treatment.”

In her hand was probably some thin cotton clothes that one would wear during a massage, which kind of surprised me.

“Wow, Vicky, I thought this is only a facial, I never expected it to be this elaborate,” I said, in a truly surprised tone.

“Well Sir, I have told you before, we need to up the level of our service in this time. This is a new improvement to increase the comfort level of our clients,” Vicky said.

I could almost see the silly smile on my face while taking in the sight of this sweet young thing in a tiny bikini, getting ready to wash my face, of all things.

I got out of the chair and before I could, Vicky was already holding my arms trying to help me off the chair.

Naturally, I reached out my hands, expecting Vicky to hand me and clothes and said,” So, do you have a bathroom where I could change?”

Vicky then gave me another of her killer smile and said,” Sir, this is a shopping mall, the closest bath room is 100 feet away at the end of the building. You could just change here in this room.”

Vicky then turned around to place the clothes on a stool, and thinking that she would leave me alone to change, I started to unbuckle my belt. To me astonishment, Vicky turned around, squatted down in front of me and reached for my belt instead.

And in her compromising position, I could see her deep cleavage and her face was agonizing close to my crotch. I had a great view of her boobs and the position of her lips drove my imagination into overdrive. My cock immediately twitched into life again and I could feel it growing quickly in my pants.

Up to this point, I knew I was only going to get a facial. And seeing Vicky in a bikini is a good bonus, but the thought of flashing my raging hard cock to her was something I have never expected to do, although I would love to.

Sensing my hesitation, Vicky looked up and said, “Sir, remember what I told you, we are raising the level of our service, so you just relax and let me do everything.”

Little did she know that it was not only her service level that was rising, my horniness and blood pressure were rising by the second too.

I looked around and think, “Well, there are only the 2 of us here, so what the hell, I might as well enjoy the treatment.”

I placed my hands to my side and “resigned” to letting Vicky take care of me.

Vicky looked up at me, and then lowered her head again and proceeded to remove my belt and pants.

I tried as much as I could to get my cock to go soft before Vicky sees it, but these things just did not work that way. And while Vicky was pulling and tugging at my belt and pants, her boobs wobbled a bit and gave my cock great visual encouragement to stay hard and probably gotten harder within seconds.

I stepped out of my pants, and saw that my boxers shorts have already formed a tent by my raging cock. I looked at Vicky’s face and she went about her business without blinking an eyelid.

Thinking that Vicky would let me leave my boxers on and slip their shorts over it, I was shocked when she slipped her thumbs into each side of my shorts and proceeded to pull it down. On the way down, my hard cock was caught by the waistband of my shorts and it was pulled from its straight up position to the six o’clock position. The shorts went beyond the length of my cock and the boner caused it to flipped right back to it’s flagpole position, not without a loud tud when my cock smacked my body.

Vicky was shocked, and knowing she has probably caused some discomfort to me, cover her mouth while letting out a soft scream,”Huh……shit.”

And before I could react, Vicky already grabbed my cock softly and said,”Sir, I am so sorry , did şişli türbanlı escort I hurt you?”

Almost instinctly, she started to stroke my cock, hoping to sooth it.

I sucked in a deep breathe of air at her touch, and said,” Hooo….oh……that’s nice Vicky, don’t worry about it.”

Vicky then gave a girlish giggle and continued undressing me. I stepped out of my shorts and steeped into the shorts that the shop provided. When the gutters of the shorts reached my crotch, Vicky, probably still haunted by the incident earlier, grabbed my still hard cock, hold it against my body before pulling the short up, hoping to avoid another “accident”. At her kneeling position, Vicky was not able to pull the shorts up fully, so she had to stand up and on her way up, her boobs brushed across my cock, pumping another extra ounce of blood into it.

She gave my shorts a final adjustment and to my surprise, grabbed my cock softly, gave it a few light squeeze and said, “Sir, you are ok?”

While enjoying the soothing treatment, I managed to said,” Yes Vicky, he has never felt better.”

Vicky then gave me a naughty look and released my raging cock, not before giving it another squeeze.

She then proceeded to unbutton my shirt. She could have easily removed my shirt standing behind me, but for some reason, she proceeded to try to remove it standing in front of me. And while trying to pull my shirt off, she had to stand very close to me and in the process, pushed her boobs into my body. I felt a pair of soft boobs rubbing against my bare chest and my cock grew so hard it was beyond comfort. Sensing Vicky’s naughty nature, when my hands were freed from my shirt, I reached around her and started to hold on to her back, feeling her soft and cool skin. I held on to her lower back and pushed my crotch into her, letting her feel her effect on me. She looked up at me and gave me a smirk, not showing any resistance at all. Still needing to put on my shirt, she pushed herself away, ever so slightly and grab the cotton shirt from the stool. After she helped me put on the cotton shirt, she more then deliberately rubbed my chest a few times and said,” Nice Chest.”

At this point of time, I have already forgotten why I was in the room in the first place.

Vicky then held my arm and led me to sit on the reclining chair again. She was standing so close to me that I felt her right breast crushing against my arm.

She then proceeded to recline the chair back until I was almost lying down. I felt her feet stepping on a lever and the chair was raised to a level, probably most comfortable for her to work.

Not until I lied down did I notice that the ceiling was fitted with mirrors and from my position, I had a vintage view at Vicky’s cleavage from the reflection. I was already feeling that I have made the right choice to have this facial treatment today.

Vicky probably took all of 2 mins to get the chair in the right position, but for me, the moment was frozen in time as I took in the sight of her boobs bouncing in her tiny bikini top while she was working the chair.

Vicky then lower herself to the side of my head and said, “Sir, I will do a facial package for you that is worth about $120, and since you are my first customer for today and you have purchased some products from me, I will do this at no charge.”

I gave her a silly smile and just lay back and enjoy.

Vicky first gave my shoulder a good massage, occasionally pressing her boobs to the back of my head. I was caught in between enjoying the feel of her boobs and the sight of them bouncing away in the reflection of the mirror. But inside my pants, there was only one choice; my cock was getting harder and harder.

Vicky then proceeded to give my head a thorough massage before moving down to my chest. It was really a formality to relax me but Vicky made no attempt to be discreet and her boobs were crushing into my head time and time again.

After the massage, Vicky proceeded to give my face a thorough wash with the products that I bought. At this point of time, I had to close my eyes and was left with the sensation of feeling her soft hands on my face. Vicky then went on to do a couple of beauty things on my face, including some kind of laser treatment which I never knew existed. After a while, I started to relax and my cock began to soften.

After what seems like an hour and several cream going on and off my face, Vicky did a final rinse of my face. I opened my eyes and truth to be told, my face has never felt so clean before and I was definitely beginning to like the whole idea.

Vicky then meticulously dry my face with a towel and adjusted my seat to about 45 degree where I was still comfortably half lying down. At that point, I was so relaxed I completely forgotten about the hardon I had earlier on, and the sight of Vicky in her tiny bikini gave my cock a gentle wake up call. I felt it twitch a little in my shorts which was pretty obvious in şişli ucuz escort the way the fabric moved. I did not know if Vicky noticed, but I did not expect anything more from her other then the side show she was giving me.

Vicky then went to the shelf and took out another tube of cream and with her beaming sales smile, brought the tube to her face and said,” Sir, maybe I could introduce another product to you.”

I was thinking, “Here we go, get the man in the room, lock the door and sell him everything you could find on the shelf.”

I was about to dash out of the door when Vicky said, “Sir, this is our latest product, a male genitals wash.”

I flashed my most surprised look and said,” A male what??!!”

Vicky then half hopped to the chair, sat half of her tiny ass onto the side of the chair and said in a most sultry voice, “Sir, this is our latest hygiene product for men. A foaming cream to wash your…eh…private part.”

I gave another puzzled look and said, “Well, didn’t they call that soap??”

Vicky then moved her bikini clad body forward, placed one of her hand on my torso and said,” This is different, it is perfumed and will keep your….eh….cock …fresh and clean the whole day. It will also leave a very fresh scent throughout the day. We also have it in fruity flavors.”

I almost laughed out loud when I heard the last statement,” Fruity flavor?! Why do I want my ….eh…private to taste like fruit.”

Vicky then giggled a little, covering her mouth and then whispered in my ear,” Sir, the flavor is not for you, its for your girlfriend when she…you know….suck it.”

“Wow…I never thought of that,” I said as a matter of fact, although still a bit surprised.

“Well, I don’t know…really,” I said, still hesitant about it.

But all my resistance was broken when Vicky said, “Sir, if you buy one of this today, I will give you a demonstration on how to use it.”

She said that with the sultriest of smile with her slender finger running along the length of the tube, and I had to say yes to her offer.

Vicky then spent the next 5 minutes preparing a small basin of water, towels and stuff. I did not idle during the wait, not my eyes at least. I had a lot of fun watching her moved around in her bikini, occasionally bending down, giving me an eye feast of her ass and cleavage. My cock had awakened from his slumber and is now rock hard again. Although knowing very well that Vicky was going to rub her soft hands all over my cock in just a few minutes time, I still could not help but feel a little nervous.

Vicky finally settled down and sat herself on a stool right in front of my crotch. She then placed her hands on my thighs and asked me softly,” Sir, as I mentioned , we have a few fruity flavor to choose from , what would you like.”

Feeling a little naughty, I shot back the question to Vicky and asked,” That depends on what was your favourite.”

Vicky giggled a little, then took a tube off the stool beside her and said, ” I prefer banana flavor.”

I looked at her and said, “Well, its seems to be an appropriate flavor, so banana it is.”

Vicky, realizing what I was referring to, covered her mouth and started laughing.

“Here we go Sir,” Vicky said, almost cheekily, and hooked her fingers into the waist band of my shorts and pulled it off slowly. This time she was more careful and pulled the waistband over my cock before pulling my shorts off, all this while giving me a knowing smile.

I felt the sudden rush of cool air to my cock and it twitched right in front of Vicky’s face.

Vicky gave a smile and said, “Hi there yourself.”

For a moment, I felt a bit embarrassed almost apologized to Vicky, “Emmmm, so sorry about this, I did not mean to be rude.”

Vicky then pointed both her index fingers to each of her boobs and said, “Sir, with this, I would be offended if you are not hard by now.”

I gave a silly throaty laugh and sucked in a mouthful of air when Vicky brushed her hands along the whole length of my raging cock,” Hoooooo………emmmmm.”

“Well, looks at you are well prepped for a good wash,” Vicky said.

Vicky then placed each of my feet on a foot rest, which was lifted to such a height that my knee was raised, almost like a doctor’s chair.

She then wet her hands with the water in the basin and squeezed about an inch of the cream into her hands and worked up a lather.

I was now anticipating the touch of Vicky’s soft hand when she held my cock lightly in her hands, I almost burst a load.

Vicky started rubbing her well soaped hands all over my cock, making sure that the whole length was covered with lather. She then went on to rub my balls and very soon, they were too covered with lather. I looked down and could see that my cock has grown another inch, raging red and purple in the head.

I held my breathe and let out a more then audible sigh when Vicky started rubbing my shaft up and down along the whole length, “Huhhhh, hooooooo……..so nice.”

Vicky did not at any time held my cock tightly and was just rubbing it along like how I washed myself in the bathroom. She then pulled my foreskin back and squeezed some lather onto it and started rubbing it lightly. My cockhead was a bit sensitive and I jerked a little upon her touch.

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