Extra Attention Ch. 03

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Just a short one I’ve had for a while but never posted.


“You just couldn’t wait, could you?” Mr. Christiansen glares down at me, his fingers sliding up and down my wet sex.

I look up at him from my position- spread out on his desk- shaking slightly from the frustration building within me.

“I’m s-sorry… I-I just oh, ohhhh…” I stutter out as he slides one of his fingers inside of me.

“You need to be QUIET. Your slutty little mouth is going to get us both caught.” He says in a low, harsh tone.

Mr. Christiansen subsequently brings his newly wet fingers to mouth and I immediately begin sucking in earnest. I can hear the low growl he lets out, knowing my efforts are paying off.

Not that this was anything new or different. Most days I’d come begging to him by lunchtime, unable to resist the constant aching between my legs any longer. There were a few moments when we’d almost been caught; and though he’ll never admit it, those were the times he came the hardest.

“What has you so worked up? You’re particularly needy today, little one.” He muses as he resumes sliding his fingers up and down my pussy.

“It’s Monday… You know going all weekend without you does things to me…” I hesitantly say.

“Mmmm, what aren’t you telling me?” he taunts. Damn, he knows me too well. şişhane escort “Did you touch your little pussy without my permission?”

I hesitate before I finally speak. “Not exactly…”

He immediately takes a fist full of my hair and brings his face to mine.

“Did you let someone else touch you, Ashton? You know I don’t share.”

He wasn’t joking, he looked livid.

“It’s… It’s… That’s not how it is…”

“Then you might want to tell me how it is, Ashton, before I get angry.”

Uh-oh, two uses of my full name in less than a minute. This is not good.

“J-Jessica and I… We just got a little drunk o-on Saturday and it got out of control…” I speak slowly.

The grip he has on my hair loosens slightly as a look of shock crosses his face.

“Are you trying to tell me you and Jessica- my niece- fucked around?”

“I-I… Yes…” I’m still unsure of his level of anger and I don’t know what to do or what else to say.

“Such a little fucking slut.” Mr. Christiansen groans. “Tell me, little one, was she as good as I am? Did she make your sweet little cunt cum as hard as I do?”

He once again starts moving his fingers up and down my slit, but I stay tense, as I’m still not sure if he’s angry or not.

“You’re better, fuck, always better, şişli anal yapan escort Sir. It just felt so naughty and wrong that’s what made me cum sooo fucking HARD.” I moan out my last few words as his fingers pick up speed and pressure.

“Kind of like being bent over your English teacher’s desk?” he smoothly asks, quickly turning me on my stomach so that I’m bent over.

I can’t form a coherent sentence because as soon as I’m bent over his desk, he takes his cock out and starts rubbing it against me. I bite my lip to keep from crying out when he abruptly thrusts inside of me.

“Tell me about it Ashton. Give me every detail of your little whorish experience.” Mr. Christiansen pulls my hair back, gritting out his words.

“She tasted so good, Sir. When my ass was in the air as I was licking her, my little pussy was begging for you to fuck me. Ohh God, I was thinking about you fucking me just like this…”

“So are you a lesbian now, little one? You’re getting so much wetter talking about her.” He quietly taunts.

“No, just the thought of you both at the same time… Ah, fuck…” I can feel my orgasm quickly building. “Please don’t stop, oh please…”

“When did this happen, slut?”

His thrusts were harsh and deep.

“It happened… ” şişli bdsm escort and then my eyes pop open as soon as it dawns on me. “Oh my God…”

“Spit it out little one, or I’ll stop.”

“It happened… it happened Friday.”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Ashton?” Mr. Christiansen forcefully pulls my head back by my ponytail, his thrusts becoming frantic.

“I need it, Sir. Fuck me harder…” I beg, letting the sick reality of what I’d done fuel my pleasure.

“Does she know?” he gritted out. “Does my niece know she ate my cum out of your slutty little hole?”

Before I can help myself, my orgasm hits me. I cum harder than I ever have, tremors spread throughout my body as I desperately cling to the desk to maintain my balance. My muscles quickly give out and I collapse as Mr. Christiansen also loses himself to his orgasm, my cheek pressed against the wood grain.

Mr. Christiansen regains composure faster than I do and he slowly moves both his hands up and down my back in effort to relax my shaking form.

“Does she know about you and I?” he asks softly.

“No,” I quietly respond. “But we should probably start doing this somewhere else if we want to keep our secret.”

“I suppose you could come to my apartment.” he casually responds.

“Where do you live?”

“Glastonbury, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

I bring myself upright and take a moment to adjust my uniform before I turn around to face him.

“Cool, so… When?”

“Tomorrow night?” he suggests.

“That works, text me the address?”

He nods in agreement and I move in to kiss him before I make my exit.

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