Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 03

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I usually wake up with a case of morning wood, but it’s not often that that it’s caused by a young blonde vixen sucking on my dick.

Britt and I had napped a couple hours after a marathon session of oral delight. She had originally come over for breakfast, but we ended up on my second-floor studio and things just, well, happened. A glance at the clock on the nightstand told me it would be closer to lunch and my stomach growled to let me know it was more than ready.

Britt giggled at my abdominal grumbling and slid up to give me a kiss. Continuing to stroke my cock she said, “Looks like we have a little battle of the organs going on here. Your tummy here says that breakfast is long overdue and my friend here says that he wants to play some more,” rubbing her thumb over the tip of my cock.

“Well,” I said, reaching over to play with a nipple; “You seem to have everything well in hand, and you are my guest, so, you decide.”

“Eee,” she squeaked as I pinched her nipple; “A nice breakfast for my tummy or this big ol’ sausage for my pussy,” she giggled as she slid her hand down to my balls and gave a little squeeze.

I pulled Britt on top of me and kissed her hard, reaching down and grabbing her butt cheeks. I pulled her up until my cock sprang up between her legs, nestled against that bit of heaven. Britt moaned into my mouth as she rubbed her moistening lips along the top of my dick, getting us both primed. As we ground against each other, I pulled her cheeks apart and ran my fingers up and down from her pussy to her asshole; teasing them both.

Food was no longer a consideration and I flipped Britt onto her back and looked her in the eyes. She slowly closed her eyes and bit her upper lip, waiting. Taking my cock in hand, I rubbed the tip up and down her slit and slowly eased my way through heaven’s gate.

We moaned in unison and Britt opened her eyes, now that familiar dark shade of blue that affirmed her desire. She nodded her head in approval as I slowly buried myself deeper, feeling her pulsating embrace, so warm, so wet. When we were completely joined, I paused a second and then kissed her softly. With my hands underneath her, grasping his butt, I dropped my head to the side of hers and whispered, “Ready?” and I gave a little flex, sort of a male kegel.

Britt moaned and squeezed back and answered softly, “Fuck Me.”

Ever the tease, I pushed myself up and stared down at her with a questioning look; “Pardon me?”

Her eyes got darker and her voice louder; “I said Fuck ME!”

I shrugged a little and gave it a little short stroke and stopped.

Britt’s eyes were now nearly black as coal and she scowled at me as she tried to crush my dick with her pussy. “I SAID FUCK ME NOW!!” in a voice so loud that that it echoed off the surrounding brick walls.

As she heard herself, she looked back in shock and clasped her hands over her mouth. “Oh god, I hope nobody heard that,” she said quietly.

I looked down on her and drove myself deep, withdrew slowly and then drove deep once more. As I set a steady pace I said loudly, “NO….ONE…CAN…HEAR…AND…IT….FUCKING….TURNS….ME…ON!!!”

A devilish smile appeared as she thrust back at me. “WELL….THEN….FUCKING….GET…. WITH…..IT!!!!

Well she asked for it! I backed off the bed and grabbed her ankles and drug her to the edge of the bed. Grabbing both legs right at the knee, I rocked her back until my cock rested on her swollen lips. I stroked back and forth, spreading her juices from her ass to her clit.

Britt glared at me as I played, “Stick it in!” she growled as she tried to reach up and push me in.

I pulled back till the tip of my cock rested on her cute puckered asshole. I let go of one leg and pushed the head down slightly. “Don’t you even fucking think about it!” she said through gritted teeth. I had about half the crown in when she took the leg I had relinquished and planted her foot on my chest and ‘tried’ to push me away.

Forgoing the feigned anal assault, I grabbed her free leg and pulled it around my waist and without warning; I slid myself in to the hilt. The initial angle was just right so that the end of my cock slid across her g-spot. “FFFUUUCCCKKK,” she stammered as her orgasm exploded deep within. Her body tensed and she shook like she was having a seizure. I had never seen such a dramatic climax; it was almost frightening.

While she was incapacitated, I slid us both back up onto the bed and while my cock rode out her climax, I laid down on her and held her tight, my face buried in her hair as I kissed the nape of her neck. As she slowly came down and caught her breath, I continued a slow rhythm. Pushing back up, I brushed the hair out of eyes and kissed her softly.

“I’ve never done that before,” she said in an apologetic tone.

“That was a hell of an orgasm. I was worried there for a second.” continuing a gentle rocking.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that, but I was talking about the yelling and the….well….dirty talk.” Britt almost seemed embarrassed by it and it showed on her face.

“Well, kağıthane escort I liked it,” I replied, smiling, as I rotated my hips, stirring the juices.

“I could tell,” as her pussy hugged me tighter.

“Ah, Fuck!” I groaned and I just stopped. I must have had a look of awe on my face as we both remained still while her pussy muscles rolled up and down my cock, drawing me in, milking me.

“You like that, baby? You like having my sweet little pussy suck on your big hard cock?”

Now it was my turn for a new sensation. I’d never felt anything like it. I couldn’t move; I didn’t dare move. Britt just gave me this sinister grin. She relished being in control.

I wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate. I settled back down on her and kissed her deep, rolling us on our sides. Between the kiss and the roll, it was enough distraction to allow me to quickly back out.

Britt’s eyes got big when she felt the emptiness. “Hey, gimme that back, I wasn’t done with it,” she pouted. Her lower lip quivered and it really looked like she was about to cry.

Now what do I ……?

What an actress! Before I could complete the thought, I was on my back and Britt was straddling my chest. Déjà Vu. This was fast becoming my favorite view and this time there were no shorts in the way.

“Sucker,” she said over her shoulder. Britt quickly leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth and picked up where her pussy left off.

I grabbed her waist and started to pull her to my mouth, but she resisted, grabbing hold of my legs. I reached up and swatted her on the ass;”Bad girl.”

Sucking harder, she tried to ignore me, so I swatted her again and she moaned this time. “Well hell!” I muttered and I heard her snicker as she played with my balls, still sliding her mouth up and down.

She clearly wasn’t going to give me the satisfaction of lapping at her wet pussy, so I elected to let my fingers do the walking. I massaged her ass, running my hands down her thighs then back up across her pussy and her little puckered star. Every third or fourth pass, I would slip a couple fingers inside her and borrow some of her juices, spreading them up her crack and teasing her asshole. Her pussy lips and ass were soon slathered and I could feel her moan on my dick. I soon had her squirming and pushing against my hands.

I backed off and just rested my hands on her butt. Britt gyrated, doing a little air-lap-dance. Her inner lips were dark and her juices dripped onto my chest. Realizing I wasn’t taking the bait, Britt backed off my cock and looked back over her shoulder.

“Say it,” she said.

“Say what?”

“Tell me what you want,” her eyes drilled into my brain, flipping a switch. She spit on my cock and stroked me, slowly.

“I WANT TO FUCK YOU TILL YOU CAN’T WALK STRAIGHT!” I said loudly, this time bouncing my desires though the cavernous building. My eyes locked onto hers, her breathing deepened as her nostrils flared.

With a huff, she let go of my dick, climbed over me and grabbed onto the headboard. Head down and ass up, she waited. Her milky juices ran down her thighs.

I crawled up behind her and ran my hands over her ass and onto her back. I drug my nails down her rib cage sending shivers through her. Back to her ass, I played along her crack.

“I love your ass, “I said softly as I rubbed both cheeks and slid both thumbs across her pussy and over her anus. I lingered at the top, massaging her juices into her skin. Britt’s body was in constant motion now, squirming and writhing.

“I love this spot,” as I licked the top of her crack, where it blended into her back.

“And I love these dimples,” and I kissed each one.

Britt was now mumbling under her breath, head down, staring at the pillow;”fuck, fuck, fuck…..” Her ass was twisting and thrusting, looking for something to fuck.

Backing up a little, I pushed her knees a little further apart and ran my hands up the insides of her thighs, slick with her nectar.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…….”

With both hands, I spread her ass, and took in the sights. My cock throbbed as I spread her lips and gazed inside her. Dropping my head, I carefully aimed and licked inside, gathering her essence. My chin rubbed her clit, Britt clenched, a little shriek interrupted her chant.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” My tongue, laden with her juices slid up over her little pink star. I ran my tongue around, probing it, testing. As I backed off, it winked at me. My cock swelled.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck……”

Sliding back up to her, cock in hand, I slapped each cheek with my cock. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck….”

Spreading her open with one hand, I drug my stiffness up and down. “I’m going to fuck you with this hard cock right……….NOW!”

“FUCK,” she screamed, as I drove it home, my balls banging on her clit.

The headboard slammed the wall as I plugged her tight pussy with long, even strokes. I rotated my hips as I fucked her, smearing her juices all over her pussy walls.

I kartal escort brought the head of my cock out almost all the way and I could feel the sucking of her inner lips, drawing me back in. My hands and fingers ran up and down her legs and I tickled the soles of her feet.

“Fucker!” she said as she tried to spear herself back on my teasing member.

My hands were back on her ass where my thumbs played with her puckered back door. I watched in fascination as it winked at me with every stroke as I resumed my assault. My cock was visibly throbbing now and Britt was breathing hard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck….”

I could feel Britt’s fingers rubbing her clit, searching for the final crescendo. Her fingers ran over my balls on the down stroke. I wasn’t going to last much longer and I wanted to give Britt one more crushing orgasm.

I pulled back and stopped, catching my breath. Britt twisted and looked back at me, her face covered in sweat. “Are you ever going to fucking cum? My stomach muscles hurt, I’ve cum so many times.”

“Almost there babe,” I replied as I slowly slid back in. “All I need is a little encouragement,” drawing slowly back out.

“A little encouragement?” she asked as she pushed back. “How does this feel?” as her pussy gripped me tight once more and she rocked back and forth, jacking me off with her pussy.

“Shit babe, your cun…. Er, pussy has me so tight,” I stammered.

Britt glared at me as I mumbled. “Say it!” she shouted. “Say it! It makes me so FUCKING hot!” as she tried to strangle my cock.

I was getting light headed, I had to find a way to let loose. Somewhat crazed I grabbed her ass and began pounding, driving hard. “Your cunt is so fucking tight. I can’t wait to fuck you in the ass!” as I kept pounding. I applied pressure to her ass with my thumb.

“You stay away from my ass, you fucker!” as she pushed back.

Spreading her ass cheeks apart, I slowly pushed my thumb up her butt, minutely stroking in and out. “Fuck, I wish I had my camera; my cock fucking your wet cunt, my thumb fucking your tight ass. Oh I am so fucking going to cum!”

Britt picked up the pace, driving her ass back. “Unnhh, FUCK MY CUNT, FUCK MY ASS!!” she yelled. “CUM DAMMIT …. CUMMING…..!!”

Britt started to quake as her climax struck like lightning and her pussy and ass tried to rip my appendages off my body. As I felt my balls ready to let loose, another synapse fired in my brain, telling me to pull out.

Like trying to pull a watermelon through a knothole, I managed to pull free just as I jetted stream after stream of jizz all over Britt’s butt and my hands, my one thumb still firmly planted in her pulsating ass. I fucked her furiously with my thumb, as I rubbed my seed over her butt cheeks. The sucking sound of my cum-lubed thumb in her asshole was obscene.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck….” She moaned.

Slowly, her climax subsided. I slid an arm under her belly and eased her face down onto the bed, my thumb still tightly clamped in her ass, suckled by the remnants of her orgasm.

I slowly withdrew my thumb, despite her protesting whimper. I snuggled up, spooned to her backside. Hugging her tight and lightly kissing her sweat covered shoulders, I thought I heard a whispered, “I love you.” With a smile, I nestled in for a nap. *********************************

The sun blazed down through the warehouse skylights, warming my open-deck, second story studio. My arms were still holding Britt tight and my right hand had found its way to her breast. Absentmindedly, I ran my thumb around her nipple. Britt moaned and then with feline grace, she stretched. Arms and legs reached; fingers and toes straight. There was a slight tugging where her butt was glued to my crotch, our collective juices cementing us together.

Britt grabbed my pestering hand off her tit and drew it to her face. She sniffed at my fingers and then took a cautious lick.

“Interesting combination,” she said with a satisfied sigh.

Drawing her tongue up and down my digits, she licked and sucked until her stomach announced its displeasure of being ignored.

She wiggled her ass until we were disjoined and rolled to face me. Her eyes were back to their bright blue hue, sparkling in the bright sunlight.

With a soft kiss, she whispered, “Thank you.” “For what?” I queried. “I think we both enjoyed that,” returning her kiss.

“For remembering I wasn’t protected” she blushed.

Yesterday when we were shooting pictures at the house my status as a Boy Scout was questioned because I didn’t come prepared with a condom. Today, the passion was so intense that most of our reasoning powers went out the window. Only that last second warning bell caused me to take a snap reality check and pull out, unloading my seed onto her undulating ass.

“I didn’t say anything,” she continued, “because part of me wanted to feel you cum inside me. I could have gone to State’s health center and gotten a ‘morning-after’ pill.”

Kissing me again, she continued, “But I loved that you were thinking of me enough to not küçükçekmece escort take the chance,” another kiss.

“There is that sneaky old ‘L’ word again,” I smiled.

Her eyes glistened, “Well I’d LOVE it if you would finally feed me that breakfast you promised.”

I slid off the bed, pulling her to me, “shower first, and then brunch,” I said.

I turned to the shower that is in the bathroom portion of my permanent studio set. Britt had other ideas and turned and skipped, bare-ass, to the stairs. “I want to try out that ‘Wonder Shower’ downstairs,” she said as I watched her perky bubble-butt follow her down the steps. I was quickly in hot pursuit.

Hand-in-hand she pulled me into the shower in the master bath. Giggling, naked, standing at attention, she saluted me and said,”Okay captain; show me how to fly this thing.”

As I had said before, one of the downfalls of building custom homes is that you are exposed to all the fancy, high-end toys that are available. The bath and shower in particular is one area of the home that has the biggest selection of options available. A large array of solar panels on the warehouse roof, along with a 2″ water main helps to allow me this extravagance.

The shower is about six feet square and is tiled on three walls, the floor and the ceiling. The clear glass door is set in a wall of glass. There is a built-in bench seat on the back wall and there is a built-in steam generator. In the center of the ceiling is a large head that simulates rainfall that pretty-much covers the entire area. On one wall is your standard shower head with a hand-held hose. I had the hose custom made so that you could reach all four corners of the shower. On the same wall is an array of heads that run floor to ceiling that are adjustable in both their position and also spray pattern.

On the opposite wall is a set of heads in a track system that allows you to set a massaging pattern that will move up and down the wall vertically. The electronic controls and pump system allow you to set the spray pattern, water pressure and duration of spray in any position along the track. The idea was the ultimate water-massage system.

Lastly, on the same wall is a large protruding shelf that creates a waterfall. The volume is so great, that I built in a recirculation system in this area. After you are done, the system automatically flushes itself.

I nearly forgot to mention that there is an array of lighting effects built in also, from starlight to daylight.

“I want to play with all of the areas, but I’m starving, so let’s just get cleaned up.”

Nodding in agreement, I stepped over to the controls and started the rain. Britt squealed like a little girl and stood in the middle, with her arms wide-spread and spun around a few times. The ‘rain’ soaked her hair and it hung straight, rivulets of water streamed down from her shoulders, small streams running off her erect nipples. I turned the lights to the starlight setting. Britt glowed in the night light. She was somehow more gorgeous than ever.

Britt felt my stare and returned it. Even under the stars, her eyes outshined them. She smiled as she looked down and saw my erection.

For some reason, I got flustered and turned back to the controls and brought an end to the summer showers. I turned on the regular shower as I felt her hug me from behind, her stiff nipples poked my back and hands reached around and ran up and down my front, avoiding my cock.

“Where’s the soap and shampoo?” she whispered in my ear.

With a shiver, I pointed over to the bench.

Smiling, she stepped over and made her selections and returned to the shower area and placed the bottles on the recessed shelf. Grabbing a bottle of body wash, she pulled us both just out of the path of the shower head and poured some of the liquid into one of my hands and then some into hers. We proceeded to slowly wash one another. Neither of us missed a single square inch. Careful not to stray from our intended goal of finally eating, we gently washed each others ‘private’ areas. The temptations were great, but this morning’s activities, coupled with our physical hunger, kept us at bay.

Stepping back into the water stream, we lovingly rinsed each other, embracing and kissing.

Turning my back to her and to the shelf, I grabbed the shampoo she selected and turned back to face her. “Turn,” I said, indicating with my finger. She smile and complied, with a shiver of excitement. I stepped up behind her and began to shampoo her hair. I ran my fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp and neck as I went. Britt leaned her head, back and forth, side to side, directing my fingers. Her soft moaning could be heard over the sound of the spraying. Nearing the end of the wash cycle, Britt reached back, in search of my cock. I gave her a little slap on the butt, “Rinse,” I said as I turned her back to face me.

Grabbing the hand-held shower, I gave her a little peck on the lips and then put my index finger under her chin and tilted her head back as she closed her eyes. Taking the opportunity to nibble on her neck a little, I brought the shower head to her brow and began to rinse her hair. Britt’s breathing was heavy, and her tits and nipples pointed toward the stars as she bent back slightly to help keep the soap out of her eyes. I had no option but to take a nipple between my lips and nurse for a second.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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