Eric and Aly Ch. 02 – Electric Boogaloo

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When I woke up the next morning, my underwear was back on, my dress was smoothed out and zipped up in the back, I was tucked in under the blankets, and my phone was plugged into its charger on my nightstand. I looked quickly at my drawer. It was closed. I had done none of this. Eric must’ve after I- Fuck! I fell asleep! I’m pretty sure we were in the middle of sex and I fell asleep. Kill me.

He’d dressed me at least, not left me… defiled for my mother to find in the morning. I sat up and reached for my phone. I had a text from him at 10:03 last night, minutes after I’d fallen asleep.

Hi hun, you fell asleep. You looked like you could use the rest, so I thought I’d get out of your hair. Call me, we can study at McD’s?

I groaned and fell back dramatically in bed. Still, at least he wasn’t totally turned off by my fainting spell. Maybe he was into Southern Bell’s. Anywho, I texted him back that I’d love to and got out of bed, unzipping my dress to take a shower. I grabbed a towel and walked across the hall in my underwear, hitting the bathroom and hopping into a scorching shower that made me feel a lot better.

My pussy was deliciously sore from the deep pounding it had so briefly taken last night. About eight hours ago. My siblings and parents were still asleep. But in a few minutes, my brother would barge in without even knocking and use the toilet, even as I would screech at him to get out since I was, you know, naked?! And then he’d ignore me with a belch and make me grab a towel and scurry out of the bathroom, swearing in another language.

I would’ve just locked the bathroom door, but our bathroom door didn’t have a lock. My dad wouldn’t install one because he wanted to be able to sneak in on mom’s showers and… surprise her. Yuck. Us siblings would always hear it, from anywhere in the house. The garage was the only place to escape it, but we opted not to since it was still full of packed boxes from when we moved months ago and spiders had taken up residence.

Besides my brother, I had three siblings. All boys. I was the second oldest, my older brother was in Uzbekistan studying abroad. The other two were about my age, eleven months younger. I had been one of two twins, but she died when I was very young. Leukemia.

There were no forbidden topics in our house, we talked about her sometimes. Her name would’ve been Genevieve. My parents had hoped she’d be an artist and I’d be a doctor. Though they would’ve been happy with anything we chose to do. Her death was hard on them. Doubly so when they realized Mom was pregnant again a couple of weeks before her death. Those were my younger brothers. Again twins. My parents had a serious talk about going through with it. Were they strong enough for two babies after losing another? But they decided in favor obviously. They say they don’t regret it.

After my brother repeated this act of hilariousness I finished my reflection while pouring a bowl of oatmeal, dressed casually in shorts and a tank top. School day. The Indiana heat was just killing me this summer. I pulled my phone from my back pocket and opened Snapchat, texting friends some streaks and cleaning up my notifications on varying platforms. Like all millennials I had a significant presence on many sites like Twitter and Instagram, but also checked in on some subreddit’s and /b/.

After screenshotting a greentext to show my friends my brothers both walked into the kitchen and the pandemonium of the day started to unfold. We all sat and showed each other memes, and after a while heard Mom and dad in the shower.

We left without saying bye.

School passed, I had all of my classes with Eric but we didn’t share a table for any of them. Trying to distract him during class was impossible since he was reading. Not the textbook, he already knew it. No, now he was reading about something called super-radiance scattering. I didn’t know what it was, and I had too much pride to ask him a couple days ago when he started reading it.

He was pretty distracting güvenilir bahis though, without trying. Just the way he sat in his desk, lounging back against the metal sheet that passed for a backrest. I was imagining it, I knew I was, but looking over at his crotch, which I’d felt through his pants last night, and I could’ve sworn I saw a bulge. Was he erect or still flaccid? I had a lot of trouble focusing on my Algebra test. When the bell rang (read: buzzed annoyingly) I went over to him, smiling sheepishly. He grinned and pulled me into his arms, kissing me senseless right in the middle of our classroom.

He still had the smell of third period gym workout, but not body odor. More like a… musk. I remembered that I’d forgotten perfume that day. FML.

He bopped my nose after he pulled away. “Hey there.” He said with a smile, pulling my hand into his. I embraced it with my own.

“Morning. Look, ah, can we talk?” I asked nervously, wanting to apologize for last night. I felt like I had to, explain that it had been incredible, that I hadn’t meant to fall asleep. That had to bruise any man’s ego.

“Yeah sure. Later at McDonald’s work?” He asked me, grabbing his backpack from under his desk. It had a patch on it that said “Browncoats don’t die.” I wasn’t sure what that meant but it looked like it had some Oriental writing as well.

“Actually I was kind of hoping we could talk sooner? Before we go study, I mean.” I said quietly, as the last of the class filed past us.

“Well… I’ve got a film club thing in a few minutes. You could come with. I mean, just this once. Have you sit in as a nonofficial member.” He offered, starting to walk down the hallway, just expecting I would follow. I did.

“I don’t want to make a fuss. I’ll just talk to you before it starts, then leave.” I said, more to myself. He shrugged in acquiescence. We made it to an unused classroom down the hall that he pushed open for me. I ducked in quickly. He started unpacking his laptop on one desk.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” He asked me, unwinding a cord and jamming it into a socket. I felt sort of embarrassed to say it out loud, even though we were alone.

“Well, I had a lot of fun last night.” I started, hating how cliche it was. He smiled and nodded.

“So did I.” He said.

“I just… wanted you to know that. I’m sorry I… fell asleep while we were…” I said slowly. He stopped arranging chairs in a circle, sat down in one of them.

“You think you fell asleep?” He asked me, gesturing vaguely in a way I took to mean come here. I walked over.

“Well, Yeah… after you… after I came I neglected to repay the favor.” My face was burning like hot coals.

“That’s one way to look at it.” He laughed. I felt like he was laughing at me.

“There’s another?” I said in a small voice, feeling like I might cry. He smiled jovially.

“Sure there is. I fucked you so hard you passed out.” He said with a chuckle. I froze.

“You..? You’re not… mad?” I asked, very confused. Was I not getting something?

“No! Why? I mean, I would’ve liked to cum, but that wasn’t agreed on. Plus, I mean, I fucked you so hard you passed out. That’s awesome!” He said with a wink. I felt pretty relieved, but I still wasn’t sure if he was making fun of me.

“Sure. Okay. Well. I’ll see you later.” I said, turning.

“Wait.” He said. My feet stopped dead. How could he command me so easily without even meaning to?

“You could stay. Repay that favor.” He said, a callback to my earlier words. I felt simultaneously repulsed by the idea of fucking in a school, a public place, and also overjoyed he wanted to fuck me. I can’t explain it.

“What? Are you insane?” I asked him, staring over my shoulder. He shrugged.

“No one would see you under the teachers desk. You could… give me a blowjob.” The way he said wasn’t an order and wasn’t a request. It wasn’t an offhand thought. It was about as close to a command as he’d gotten today.

And türkçe bahis how the hell could I say no to that face, those biceps under a “Married Iguanas” t-shirt? I started slowly walking back to him.

As people filed into the classroom, the only person they saw waiting for them was Eric, the leader of their group. They were all film nerds or wannabe filmmakers. Two of the three people who came in had YouTube channels where they uploaded two or more short films per year. One of these people was named June, but was referred to as Gumball by the group, after her YouTube channel’s name. She was tall, 5’9 or so, with long legs and a bob of curly black hair. She was a self professed lover of hentai and believed eggplant to be superior to squash in every way.

The other was name Mark, often referred to as Mark. His YouTube channel was named Mark Michaels, and he uploaded very serious breakdowns of MCU films. He was 5’7, with spiky brown hair and the same button-down and tie he’d been wearing since junior year when he got into the politics of the school. In his senior year, he was now the treasurer. He was the shortest of the group and this bothered him.

The last had neither YouTube channel nor interest in politics nor eggplant. Her name was Jadzia (named for a Star Trek character, since her parents were class C nerds), she had long brown hair to the tops of her thighs and a Latina complexion, her body toned from the swim team. She privately believed that Communism would make a resurgence in the next five years. Less privately, she watched VHS tapes for nostalgia. She wore a blouse, floral pattern, that she might’ve acquired from the Salvation Army.

They might’ve heard the sounds of slurping coming from a desk, were they not having a loud discussion about the new Star Wars film. Eric was typing on his keyboard, tweeting a reply to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s newest pile of absolute gold. He clicked away from the window after he was done.

“Morning.” He said to them, even though it was past three. They knew what he meant.

“Morning, Eric!” Said Gumball brightly. Privately, she’d been nursing a crush on him for about a year. She did not know he was aware, nor did she know he’d masturbated to her 67 times in the past month. But he knew. He’d counted.

“Morning, m’lady.” Said Mark, also known as Mark, to Eric rolled his eyes.

“Don’t make me snap your neck Hela holding Mjolnir, Mark.” He said.

Jadzia Said far from anything. She nodded vaguely in his direction. She was the quiet one. Nobody in the group knew that she had a butt plug inside of her besides Eric, since he’d put it there just yesterday, before his date with Alison. Alison was currently under the desk, making an effort to be quiet. She did not stop providing oral services to the eleven inch phallus in her hands. She pushed her head down as far as she could, only taking a few inches of him in her mouth, no further.

Eric cleared his throat as everyone sat down and pulled either a phone or laptop out to see their notes.

“You’ve all watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit this week?” He asked them, looking around. One by one they nodded.

“Well, let’s start with it. I noticed that many of the elements in the film seem very out of place. We open with a Looney Tunes style setpiece that harkens back to the Merry Melodies and Tom and Jerry cartoons. The use of color in this scene I find particularly interesting. The starkly contrasting black and white, while the rest of the film has a much more noticeable warm color palette.” Eric started. Jadzia tilted her head to consider this.

Below the table, Alison was wondering how long these meetings run for, as her jaw was getting very sore already and drool ran down her chin in waves. She was, a small part of her, disgusted with herself. The rest of her was just incredibly horny. There was another, very small part of her think about Matt LeBlanc. She didn’t know why. Above and behind her, the conversation continued as these high school students ejaculated güvenilir bahis siteleri all over a Steven Spielberg film like the nerds they were.

While someone or other mentioned the score of the film, Eric glanced down like he saw something on his keyboard and saw Alison staring up at him, deep brown puppy eyes. He smiled, looked up at Jadzia, and decided to cum.

Warm nectar flooded out of his shaft and made his cockhead pulse with each shot of hot spunk. Alison struggled to swallow it all as her mouth filled in less than a second. She gulped like she was chugging Sunny D, but eventually the ejaculation proved too much for her small mouth. It overflowed out of her lips and into her face, running down her chin and getting in her nose, some even getting on her cheeks.

Outwardly, Eric gave no sign of climax, but his testicles were jumping with each pump of sticky white cum he shot into his girlfriend’s face. She found herself sucking hard, her cheeks hollowed out, wanting more and more of his warm seed in her belly. Eventually, he ran dry, and she was left to clean herself up. But first, she massaged his nuts with her wet tongue, trying to coax anymore spunk from his unyielding erection.

Then she started to clean up the mess on her face and throat, scooping it up off of her skin and dropping handfuls in her mouth. She remembered her mother bragging about wearing her father’s facial a few months ago. Wasn’t it good for your skin? She experimented, rubbing it in. Above her head, Eric had taken out his phone and texted Alison.

Thanks, cutie. Was that your first time? You were great.

Her heart soared as she read the text. He really thought she was good? She put a hand to her chest. She replied.

Glad you think so! It was, but not my last!!

Then she included an eggplant and a licking her lips emoji. As it happens, Gumball was thinking of eggplants while staring at Eric’s purple cardigan. She was also thinking of a video she’d watched yesterday. Not the artistic masterpiece that was Who Framed Roger Rabbit, this video was titled “Asian tomboy schoolgirl fucked HARD by mutated nuclear squid!” Leave it to Japan to acknowledge that the radiation from Fat Man and Little Boy was probably the reason their porn was so fucked up.

It had been hot though. She’d played with her clit for the full hour and forty minute video, thinking the whole time of Eric’s big arms wrapped around her, pinning her to the floor, the walls, and, since in her fantasy he had tentacles with suckers on them, pinning her to the ceiling as well. His cock would be huge, too big for a real woman, but perfect for a trained weaboo slut like her. God, she was getting hot just thinking about it.

The only person in the room who was not contemplating sex with Eric was Mark, who everyone called Mark. Mark was contemplating Gumball’s ass in her yoga shorts. He could see a little bit of it since she wasn’t turned towards the center of the room like the others, but had angled her body almost exclusively towards Eric. This granted Mark a vision of her camel toe, when she bent over in her seat to get a water bottle from her bag. He groaned quietly and closed his eyes, his jeans being pushed out from his crotch by his cock, raging hard.

Jadzia was squirming in her seat, trying to get used to a butt plug in jean shorts as tight as hers. It was the largest he’d ever had her wear too, almost three inches in diameter. At least this one didn’t vibrate. She kept glancing at her Master, who was looking at her every so often with clear longing. She wished he would throw her on the linoleum floor and fuck her, fuck her pussy and her ass and her tits and wherever else he’d put his meat before dismissing her. She wanted the world to know. She didn’t want to keep them a secret from Mark and Gumball anymore. She wanted them to know he loved her and she loved him.

But he kept telling her why it couldn’t happen yet, and she knew why. They wanted to move slowly and be friends first, lovers second, and maybe one day boyfriend and girlfriend. She thought about that, a small smile playing at her lips, while she doodled. Her face on Jessica Rabbit’s beautiful body. She wished her tits were as impressive. She supposed that’s what boobjobs were for.

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