Email Follies Ch. 02

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Astacia took a deep breath and bit her lip as she looked herself over in the mirror.

Her long, dark, silky hair was down and she was wearing a black, faintly sheer top that strongly hinted at full, firm breasts underneath and betrayed a faint view of her areolas and rock-hard nipples. Even just the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed was enough to slightly shift the soft, smooth fabric across them and send shivers up her spine.

She didn’t think she’d ever been this aroused before… and she hadn’t even done anything yet. Although she regularly took naughty pictures of herself and sent them to her husband, Miguel, while he was at work, she found it exhilarating to know that the one she took tonight would be going to another man as well.

Last week she accidentally sent a nearly-naked picture of herself to Jason, a soldier pen pal the two of them had been communicating with for several months. Even though she had initially been embarrassed at her folly, her “flirting” with Jason had been a huge turn on for Miguel. He had let her know, too… in the shower and several times in bed that night. Although they shared an intense sex life, Miguel hadn’t made love her that passionately (and that many times) in a while.

He was also the one who suggested the fantasy of her sleeping with Jason, and the idea had certainly grown on her.

Although this picture wouldn’t show nearly as much naked skin as the last one, Astacia’s pussy tingled at the idea of his eyes taking in everything that he could see, and his imagination filling in the rest of the details while his cock stiffened at the thought of her.

So, she tilted her head forward, gave her best “come hither” eyes, smiled, and took the picture with her phone.


After she sent the picture off to Miguel’s phone and Jason’s email, Astacia laid back on the bed in the soft, gentle glow from candles on the night stand. She closed her eyes and started rubbing her warm and swollen pussy through the thin, lacy fabric of her undergarment.

She knew Miguel was due home soon, and she didn’t have to wait long before she heard him come in the front door. He loved it when she was ready and waiting when he got home, and the pleasant surprise normally made their encounter even more steamy than usual.Her body ached for some attention, and she moaned softly at the thought that he would soon be ravaging her.

Miguel smiled as he finished putting his shoes away, his cock already bulging in his pants. He could see the soft candle light from the bedroom and the sounds already coming from his wife informed him that it was going to be a very good night.

He stood in the doorway, unbuttoning his shirt as he admired her beautiful, sensual form. Her eyes were still closed, her legs shifting rhythmically as one hand rubbed her mound while the other toyed with her breast and nipple through the thin fabric. Long, low moans came from deep in her throat as she teased herself, waiting in patient torment for his touch.

“That picture just doesn’t do you justice,” he said softly as he tossed his shirt in to the corner and began to remove his belt.

“Well then maybe you should come over here and I’ll give YOU some justice,” Astacia replied, rubbing harder through the now moist fabric. Her breath was coming in long, deep gasps as she worked herself closer and closer to the edge of her first orgasm for the night. She didn’t know how much longer she could wait for him to come put her over the top.

“How about you keep your eyes closed for a bit and we can pretend Jason found you in this… predicament?”

He knew his question achieved the desired etiler ucuz escort result when Astacia whimpered softly, arched her back, and grabbed her nether region forcefully to still her hand as a small orgasm swept through her.

Before he could say anything else, Miguel’s phone rang. Normally he wouldn’t have even bothered to look at it in such a situation, but it was Jason’s ringtone. “Speak of the devil” he said, pulling it out of his pocket.

“Good evening, Jason” he said, loud enough for Astacia to hear. She was still slowly rubbing herself, but her eyes and mouth were open as she wondered what Miguel was up to. “Did you see the picture she sent you tonight?”

“Good afternoon here,” Jason replied, followed by a stuttered, “Wait, what?” when he realized what Miguel had said. Before Miguel could reply, he continued “No, sorry. I meant to call you sooner but we’ve been pretty busy here. I want to make sure – one hundred percent sure – that I haven’t caused any problems for you two.”

Miguel laughed. “No, no. Not in the least. We have a solid marriage and you couldn’t cause a problem if you tried.”

“Good, good to hear,” Jason replied, greatly relieved. He had been dreading calling for fear the picture had caused tension between them.

“In fact, it’s been quite a turn on for us. Really spiced things up a bit,” Miguel told him as he crawled on to the bed and spooned behind his wife as she rolled on to her side. She kept one hand on her pussy and reached back with the other to stroke Miguel’s rock hard shaft through his pants. Her heartbeat quickened at the idea of where this might be going… they’d never had an audience before.

“Uh…,” said Jason, slightly embarrassed at the frank admission about their sex life and unsure of what to say, “Glad I… could help, I guess?” He thought he could hear Astacia making suggestive sounds in the background, but he wasn’t quite sure. “Did I interrupt them?” he wondered to himself.

“We definitely are,” replied Miguel. “And to show our appreciation, Stacia sent you another picture a little bit ago… You know what? I’ll let her tell you about it,” he said, turning on the microphone so Astacia could hear and talk as well.

Her pussy tingled under her fingers and excited shivers ran both directions along her spine as she opened her mouth to speak. “Hi, Jason.” Her voice came out smoky and loaded with hungry desire. “I’ve got on a sort of see through black top… mmmm.” She moaned softly as she spoke. Her fingers were outside the cloth and not even between her lips, but she could already feel another climax starting to build deep inside her. “It shows off my breasts VERY well, and…”

Her breathing was deeper now, and she paused a second as a small wave of pleasure washed over her. The hand she had on her husband’s cock was still now, her attention focused on the sensation building inside her.

‘Holy crap!’ Jason thought. ‘I did interrupt them!’ He was rather embarrassed… but also highly aroused. His cock was throbbing in his pants as his mind pictured Astacia there, wet, warm, and willing. “I – I- can let you guys go,” he stammered, his mind reeling.

“Please?” Astacia whispered. “Stay and have some… fun,” she trembled with excitement as she said the word. “… with me… with us?” She was practically panting now, her fingers rubbing hard, long strokes on top of her vastly swollen and sensitive lips. “I know I’d enjoy it.”

‘She wants to have phone sex … and Miguel’s cool with it’ Jason’s stunned mind registered. “I… Uh… Um… Yes… But I’m around other people and they might not etiler üniversiteli escort like that very much” he stammered as he thought ‘This can’t be real.’

“Mmmm…” replied Astacia. “That’s fine. I can talk this time.”

She couldn’t believe it. Here she was, about to have phone sex (and possibly real sex at the same time) with a hot, young man while her husband listened (and possibly fucked her silly). “Well, under that I have a matching thong…”

She couldn’t take it any longer. “…and I’ve got my fingers under there now… in my pussy.”

Miguel moved the phone lower down, and Jason could hear the wet, squishing sound as Astacia thrust her fingers in and out of her hot, sopping wet hole. He was kissing her neck and ear, and he whispered just loud enough for her to hear, “Fuck him good, baby.”

Jason gulped in silent amazement as she continued. “Oh, Jason! I’m so close… so close to cumming… ahh… aahh…”

Astacia’s gasps of pleasure grew increasingly louder as she fingered the sensitive spot inside her and quickly broke over the edge of her much needed release. “Gaahhhh!” she screamed, the fell in to a wide-mouthed silence as her pussy clenched around her digits and wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. Her body jerked spastically several times as she continued her rapid, deep penetration of herself.

Miguel lay there in rapt enjoyment as Astacia’s orgasm coursed through her body and she twitched and spasmed against him. He had finished unzipping his pants and slid his member out while she spoke to Jason, stroking it slowly while he listened to his sultry and naughty wife tease another man. Then he put his arm around her waist, under her arm, and pulled her tight against him so that his cock was buried deep in the crack between her wonderful ass cheeks as her body shook.

Jason sat in mute amazement as he listened and pictured what was going on. He was glad that the phone bank had dividers between each one so no one else could see his throbbing erection tenting in his pants. Still, he found it very hard to fight the urge to stroke himself as he listened.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and she worked to regain control of her breathing. “Oh, wow… wow…” she said, her chest heaving with each deep, gasped breath. “That was… oh, that… that was good.”

Normally, she only moaned softly after an orgasm, and was rarely this talkative. Miguel had no doubt she meant every word she was saying.

He slid his hand down to meet hers as she slowly played with her clit, her whole region tingling and sensitive. “That was fucking HOT, babe” he whispered in to her ear. “I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.”

Miguel also began thrusting his throbbing member between her cheeks, gentle at first, and then with more insistence as his own desire continued to build. The phone was now sitting on the bed.

Her husband’s cock was a pleasant tease between her cheeks and his fingers toying with her felt good in addition to her own, but fingers just weren’t going to cut it any longer. She squirmed away from Miguel and started fumbling to get her thong off.

“Oh, fuck,” she said. “I need your cock, Jason. Get this thing off and FUCK me.”

It wasn’t to be, though.

From the phone they heard a voice say, “Number four! Time’s up” followed by Jason, “No! Crap… my time’s up. I’ve got to go.”

“Aaaahhh!” Astacia shouted in frustration, and then she regained her composure and her voice took on its sultriness once again.

“Ok. Thank you, though. Find a time, please, when it’s just you,” she told him. fatih escort “Night or day, doesn’t matter. Call me… and we’ll get to…” She paused for emphasis, “fffuck each other good,” she said, drawing out the “f” sound to emphasize how naughty she felt just saying it.

“Now, go take care of you, and I want you to imagine fucking me hard. Make me MOAN,” she finished, wishing she could take care of his cock herself.

“I’ll see what I can do about calling again. Thanks.”

“Bye, and take care,” Astacia said.

“Yes, be careful out there,” Miguel added.


They heard the phone disconnect, and then Astacia looked deep in to her husband’s eyes. “That was fun,” she said, “but… I. Need. FUCKED.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Miguel replied as he slid his pants off and tossed them off of the bed.

Before they hit the floor, Astacia had her top off and pushed Miguel on to his back. He savored the sight of his voluptuous wife as she straddled herself over his hips, her breasts bouncing and swaying with every movement while she took him in her hand and positioned her dripping hole over his swollen and waiting head.

His hands were on the flare of her hips and she paused for a split second for his eyes to meet her hungry and wanting gaze – then she plunged down, burying his entire length inside of her in one swift motion.

Astacia threw her head back, a hearty “Gaaaahhhh!” escaping her throat as his volume filled her completely. Meanwhile, a deep, satisfied moan emanated from Miguel as her velvety warmth gripped him firmly.

She rose up, to the point where the tip of his cock almost exited her pussy, then slammed back down as hard as she could, repeatedly impaling herself on him in rapid succession.

After a moment she leaned forward to steady herself, lost in ecstasy as she rode her husband’s cock. Only guttural, animalistic moans came from her now as she fucked him harder and faster with each passing minute.

Miguel, meanwhile, feasted on her swaying, bouncing breasts with his mouth and hands, alternating between each one in sheer bliss as his own muffled moans added to the sounds of their love making.

Astacia had planned to imagine fucking Jason, but as soon as she started ravaging Miguel and he began playing with her breasts she was lost in her own pleasure. She had no idea who she was fucking anymore, only that it felt amazing.

Although not quite as much as his wife, Miguel was also enjoying their coupling. After what seemed like an eternity of her burying his cock in her hot, tight pussy, he was suddenly aware of her contracting around him and his own orgasm rapidly building. “I’m cumming,” he warned her, hoping she would slow down and prolong their encounter.

She didn’t, instead begging him “Please cum with me” in a husky half whisper.

He gave her ass a swift smack in acceptance of her request as she started riding him in rapid, short strokes. That smack was the last stimulation she needed to send her over the edge of a pussy-crunching orgasm, her strongest in a very long time.

As she gripped him harder than he ever remembered, he exploded inside her and pumped what seemed like gallons into her, over and over until he began to feel light headed.


Some time later, after they had somewhat regained control of their breathing, Miguel lay there stroking his wife’s long, silky hair as she lay with her heavenly body pressed on top of him.

“We need to do that more often,” he said with a smile.

“As often as we normally do it?” she asked, nibbling playfully on his ear. She could feel that familiar tingling building again deep in her pussy.

“How long ’till you’re ready to go again?” she whispered seductively.

“I really am going to need Jason to come visit, just to satiate you, aren’t I?” he said.

Astacia giggled. “So, not too much longer?”

Miguel smiled back. It was definitely going to be a VERY good night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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