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As she placed her car key in the lock, the hairs on the back of her neck gave her a shiver than ran down the small of her back as she felt herself softly throb. The simple act of sliding the hard key into the well-lubricated lock was enough to bring her previously forgotten nighttime fantasy back into her mind. As she slid into the leather seat and sat holding on the wheel, she closed her eyes and felt herself fall into that glorious state of daydream.

She has somehow been walking down a roughly paved country road. She was alone, and she could feel the soft wind on her face as she walked down this seemingly never-ending road that was lined with tall rows of corn on either side. She upon an old barn and as she quietly walked inside, she heard the sound of a car driving down the road. As the sound of the engine grew louder she held her breath. Suddenly there was silence. Frozen with unknown fear she stood there waiting in the darkness for whomever or whatever would be coming to her.

As the door swung open into the blinding light of the setting sun, she saw the outline of a man coming to her. Motionless, she said nothing. As he came closer she tried to sarıyer escort see his face only to finally be close enough to see when the door suddenly closed. Leaving she and this man in the darkness.

He reached out and touched her face, running his hand down to her neck. His touch was so familiar, and she arched her neck encouraging his caress. She felt his lips on her neck, and his hand on the small of her back. Their lips met and she could taste him.

He laid her back on the soft hay that was scattered about, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She closed her eyes in the darkness, allowing this stranger to have his way with her. As he opened her blouse to her voluptuous bare breasts, his lips could not help but to find her pert nipples. Softly he kissed them, taking turns teasing them with his tongue and lips. Playfully biting them between kisses. His other hand gently pulled up her shear shirt and found her soft creamy thigh. Running his fingers along her outer thigh until he reached her panties, he then followed their edge until he reached her warmth. As she parted her legs, his finger found it’s way to her. She softly moaned sefaköy escort as he found her hot throbbing clit. Softly rubbing her with gentle circles she began to arch her back and reach her fingers into the loose hay to futilely grasp for support. Still mouthing her full breasts, he reached one finger inside of her pussy to feel her moist heat. She began to shake as her breaths began getting deeper. Slowly he moved up on her, and even in the barn that was dimly lit by the setting sun outside, she saw his cock in front of her. She timidly began to take him into her mouth, then began to hungrily slide him in and out of her mouth, supporting his balls with one hand while she softly teased the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. She heard a low moan coming from him as he looked down to see her working on him. He began to pump his member in and out of her mouth with such force it was all she could do to maintain her breathing as he teased her tonsils. Relaxing her throat she took him all in deep eagerly massaging his balls.

Suddenly he moved off of her to leave her gasping for air, as he found her panties. Sliding them silivri escort down, he then parted her legs, and with his tongue leading the way from mid thigh, he began to lick and suck on her clit. She moaned and shuddered with ecstasy and his tongue flicked her and his fingers probed her. She reached down the felt his course hair and ran her fingers through it as she felt his warm tongue flicking and teasing her.

Sensing her want for him, he adjusted himself so he could enter her. Grabbing her thighs and pulling her to him he thrust himself into her. Together they moved, as he placed his still wet finger into her mouth. Fervently she cleaned her juice from him, as she felt herself building up to a powerful orgasm.

Swiftly he picked her up and placed her on top of him. Still in her skirt with her white blouse open, her breasts moved with her, as she rod his hard cock. He reached up to touch them, but she grabbed his hands and firmly held them at his sides. As she rode him hard and deep he loosed his hands, and flipped her back over onto her back. Grabbing her legs and holding her wide open, he pumped her with all the force left in his body. She moaned with pleasure, and as she climaxed he felt the rush of his own orgasm as he held himself against her.

Limp from gratification, she opened her eyes to see him as he walked out of the barn into the early twilight… Once again alone in the barn, she closed her eyes and awoke to the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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