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Helen and Louise.

I pulled up outside and turned the engine off, I was tired and drained so sat there for a few minutes.

I eyed the redheads as I walked into the flat, they were sitting on the sofa in the front room chatting to Ellen who was sitting on the floor with order forms and other stuff. She gave me a simple hello. I helped myself to a cup of coffee discreetly eyeing the pair of them. Helen was in a simple summer dress that suited her along with white trainers while her sister wore a short green denim skirt, white top and denim jacket and white trainers.

Both were similar in height around 5 6 tall, both slim and attractive. Both had long strawberry blonde hair, pale skinned and showed a scattering of light freckles. Both had blue eyes but Helen the elder sister wore glasses. Both were gorgeous and sexually appealing.

I sat on the single seat taking little looks at them while pretending to do some paperwork. It was apparent they’d come round to order some things off a catalogue my wife was running. I couldn’t help myself, I eyed Helen who was sitting opposite me.

I couldn’t see up her dress, but I kept looking imagining what her pussy was like. She caught me looking, our eyes met, I flicked mine at her and suggested with my tongue looking down between her legs. She smirked and her face began to blush. Louise saw me istanbul escort too, she eyed me and seemed thrilled when I looked between her legs and gave her the same treatment. She spread her thighs a little as she eyed me out the corner of her eye.

It was my turn to make the coffees, so I was told. I happily made the drinks and went in with the girl’s mugs, Helen taking a quick look at my tent that had formed by now. Soon Ellen stood and went off to take a quick shower, of course, Sunday night her apparent Bingo threesome. Still, I didn’t care about that. I’d been naughty with one her cousins and two of her work colleagues.

I made small talk when Louise said something about me being naughty with my tongue. She knew I’d given Sandy oral. That threw me, I couldn’t think of a single thing to say. I felt my face redden as both eyed me. I recovered and said I was a good licker and would prove it and treat them both if they wanted when Ellen goes off to bingo. They just said I was naughty.

The subject was changed, and we were talking about the weather when Ellen came back from having a shower. I took a phone call while the three women cleared up one or two loose ends and the two girls left. Ten minutes later Ellen made her way saying she was going to Bingo for the early session and avcılar escort might stay for the late, well I really didn’t care anymore.

I felt real excitement and I didn’t know why. I slipped into the shower and put on my dressing gown, found the half bottle of brandy then sat on the sofa wallowing in my own self-pity. The door banged, who the hell was that. My surprise at seeing both Helen and Louise on the doorstep, both smiling, and both had put their hair up into plaits, a favourite of mine.

I invited them in, it was obvious what they wanted, and I was happy to oblige. Already my cock showed more than just an interest. Both girls went straight into the front room with me following excitedly. Words of what could and couldn’t be done were exchanged before the girls downed a glass of brandy each.

I put on some soft music and closed the curtains; the fun was about to start. Helen slipped out of her dress and at the same time Louise dropped her skirt. Both were wearing sexy underwear and my heart missed a beat or two as they revealed their breasts and pussies.

Helen took charge, she wanted me on the floor. Helen instructed her sister what to do and duly the two of them begun kissing my stiffening cock.

My fingers were already exploring their pussies. Helen shifted around and her pussy was in my face şirinevler escort and I was eating her as she sat on my face instructing Louise on the finer points of cock sucking. Her mouth slid down the whole length and she was deep throating. My excitement beckoned.

Helen noisily grunted and her juices flowed.

Louise now sat on my face and my tongue and fingers explored her inners. Then Helen was on my cock, I couldn’t believe it, I felt her pussy slip down my cock, she slowly speared herself then rode me hard. I couldn’t take much of that and called out a warning, but she didn’t stop, a long stream of ropey cum filled her inners.

Helen slipped off me, stringy cum trickling down her inner thighs as she knelt and sucked my cock clean. It was Louise’s turn. On her knees over the sofa. Helen knelt beside me holding my cock and rubbing it on her sister’s pussy. I needed no encouragement.

I eased inside her tight pussy pushing all the way in. Helen started to redress as I pounded her sister pulling on her hair and banging her up off her knees, but it was never going to last long. I pushed in deep, my cock exploded sending cum deep into her inners.

I eased out, cum dripped from her pussy. Louise straightened and inspected the mess. She too dressed as someone tapped on the window.

A second tap on the window stirred me and I flicked my eyes open. I was in my car, seat partly down and sat up and took in the surroundings. Looking in through the passenger window was the sexy face of Helen. She smiled as I righted my seat and unlocked the door, she looked good in her work blouse and skirt. My cock stiffened as I thought of my dirty dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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