Double Vision – Short

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Emily gasped as Chris forced more and more of his cum into her pussy. Chris Huff, a 27-year-old businessman had recently applied for a home under Anderson Realty. The house was in a good area, not to mention it was close to the office in which he worked.

Yet, the real perks came in his agent. Emily had watched as he signed the contracts before dropping to her knees and proceeding the suck the young man off. Before long, he was giving it to her up the ass on top of the marble counter.

He ate her out and she rode him on the kitchen floor, Chris infatuated with her amazing tits. She groaned and moaned with each of his thrusts, letting him fuck her cleavage before finally blowing his load in her cunt.

Leaving him in his new bed, she collected the papers and headed out to her car. 6 houses sold that day and 6 great fucks, with men and women. She could hardly wait to get home and tell Kyle. Not to mention feeling his cock slamming into her for a few hours.


Arriving home, she found the house was empty. It appeared that Marie had a case, the kids had went to the houses of their friends. Her mother, Melanie and her daughters had all went cock hunting and Kyle was tied up at Ciara’s studio, shooting some high-level porn films.

To pass the time, she tidied up around the house and put two large pans of lasagna into the oven. Turning on the t.v, she pulled up a video of a mother sucking off her freshly legal son in their basement. Emily got so wet that she had to bite into one of the pillows to avoid screaming.

“Fuck I wish Kyle was here…” she said to herself.

Sensing movement outside the sliding glass door, she stood and walked outside, hearing scurrying in the bushes. She walked over and looked down to see the Nicholson twins, 18-year-olds Dylan and Daniel stared up at her naked body, two bulges ankara bayan escortlar in their shorts.

“Now, now,” Emily said, “what’s all this then?”

Danny was the most talkative of the two and he spoke up first. “We were playing and Dylan accidentally knocked the ball over here.”

Emily grinned softly. “Is that a fact? Funny how it reached my yard from three houses over. And up a hill.”

Both brothers looked at each other, their eyes soon moving back to Emily’s tits. She held out both hands.

“Come inside,” she said, “let’s talk.”

Dylan and Danny looked nervously at one another but, seeing the gentle look on Emily’s face, quickly complied. Upon entering, Emily locked the door and sat down on the couch.

“So boys,” she said, leaning back and spreading her legs to give them as much of a look at her body as possible. “What really were you doing outside?”

Danny sighed. “We heard our brother and his buddies talking about how you all walk around naked and um… have…”

“Sex?” Emily queried. Both nodded and Emily looked down again to see they were still both rock hard.

She then moved her hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy openly before them. Both of them watched her hand closely, seeing her fingers occasionally entered her wet pussy lips.

“You see boys,” she said, “there’s nothing wrong with fucking. Its a beautiful and amazing thing. Have either of you ever tried it?”

Both shook their heads no. Emily bit her lip lightly and smiled.

“Why don’t you both drop your shorts for me?”

Neither hesitated to comply and Emily smiled as both solid pricks were fully exposed to her. She then wrapped her hand around the cock of Danny who moaned softly at her touch. Dylan looked slightly jealous but then moaned as Emily unexpectedly took his dick into her elvankent seksi escortlar mouth.

The boy began to shake uncontrollably as Emily gently moved her head back as forth, continuing to jack off Danny while rubbing herself. Danny groaned loudly and delivered several ropes of spunk onto Emily’s face before Dylan gushed into her mouth, his cock flopping out and adding to what his brother was deposited onto her face as well.

“I’m sorry Ms. Anderson!” Danny said.

“I am too!” Dylan added.

“It’s fine,” Emily chuckled, “Boys always make the biggest messes.”

She grabbed a cum rag from the coffee table and wiped her face. She then dragged them upstairs to the bedroom and lay on the bed. “Now, Danny, why don’t you push that fat prick into my pussy? You boys have me so worked up I can hardly stand it.”

Danny and Dylan smiled at one another and both rushed to undress.

“Sure!” Danny exclaimed.

In her rush, he accidentally tore her crotchless pantyhose. “I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine,” Emily replied, “you’re just eager…”

Danny shoved in immediately and she groaned. “… AND BIG! FUCK!!!”

Danny began thrusted wildly as he had seen in his brother’s porn videos, many of which had featured Emily as well. Emily moaned softly and clenched the back of his head. “Yes Danny. Fuck me…”

Dylan watched happily and jacked himself off.

“Oh I’m sorry Dylan. I don’t know where my head is at.”

She then wrapped her red lips around Dylan’s cock and began to suck him as his brother continued to fuck her. Sensing Danny’s building pressure, she brought his hands to her tits and he cried out, unleashing his seed into her pussy.

“FUCK!!!” Both brothers cried in unison, Danny filling her twat while Dylan pulled out and fired his jizz onto her boobs.

“That bayan etimesgut escort was a blast,” she said, looking at the exhausted brothers. “But I know we can do better.”

She reached into the drawer nearby and produced two yellow pills. “Take these.”

Naturally, both the young boys hated medicine but when Emily promised them it would make fucking even better they swallowed without further hesitation. Instantly, they felt their cocks grow to gigantic proportions, about 6 inches each.

Emily then got onto her hands and knees, instructing Danny to get underneath her and for Dylan to slide his cock into her ass. Both boys fucked with all their might, Emily having the time of her life taking both their cherries.

“OH BOYS!!!!” she cried as Danny sank his teeth into her nipples and Dylan began to slam his cock into her ass harder and harder. Soon, Danny was fucking her in a spooning position while she sucked off Dylan.

Finally, she rode Dylan in reverse cowgirl while Danny thrusted as fast as he could between her spread legs, sucking her tits. She fingered Danny’s ass, making him almost scream out as he came.


“MSSSS. EMILYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!” Dylan followed.

Both came at the same time, filling Emily’s holes with all the jizz their tiny bodies could produce. By the time they finished, both their inflated dicks were limp and the sheets as well as Emily was covered in jizz. Hearing Kyle’s car pull up, she smiled.

“That’ll be all for today boys,” she said, seeing they were both saddened and relieved. “You can come back next week and we’ll do it again.”

“Really?” Dylan asked excitedly.

“Really.” Emily grinned, kissing them both. “But keep this a secret. What no one sees, no one knows. Okay?”

Both nodded and grabbed their clothes, barely avoiding knocking over Kyle as he entered the room. “New beaus?”

She smiled. “Just waiting on my sexy husband to arrive.”

He smiled and straddled her, sinking his cock into her cum flooded pussy. Soon, the house was filled with loud moans and sounds of mind blowing fucking once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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