Double Trouble in Seattle

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You touch down at SeaTac airport, tired hungry and just wanting to relax in your room. First things first, hit the factory to see what needs to be done. Then maybe you can find some dinner and hit the rack. It’s colder than home, the fall leaves are almost gone, the skies are gray. What a way to start a job.

You sit down in the motel diner. Just like all the rest, plastic seats and bad lighting. After ordering you look across the room and see a beautiful brunette walk in. Being all man, and horny all the time you just have to stare…man, you think to yourself. Some eye candy. She catches you looking at her and smiles. She walks over to your table and asks you if you mind company. Of course you tell her to “please sit down”. Talk is all general, but the eye contact is something else. Finally your food arrives, and she tells you that she needs to be on her way. Reaching into your pocket, you take one of the two room cards you were given, slide it across the table…”If you like, I don’t have anything planned after I get off work tomorrow.” She looks at you, then down at the room card, smiles and takes the card.

The next morning you wonder just what the hell you were thinking giving a complete stranger a key to your room. But on the other hand she was one hot girl. All day you have her in beylikdüzü escort the back of your mind. Finally you call and end to your day and grab something to eat before heading back to your room. You have decided that you probably won’t have company, so you will keep yourself company with the internet.

You unlock your door and walk in. Oh sweet Jesus! There she was on the couch. Looking at you, she says “hi, sorry I got bored waiting for you, and I hope you don’t mind I brought a friend with me. Safety in numbers and the more the merrier!” What you were looking at stopped you at the door, unable to believe your eyes. The beautiful brunette was totally nude and working on pleasing a beautiful blond!

This was supposed to be every man’s dream, but you are taken back a bit. Married, old fashioned and now totally scared at what might happen tonight. Oh hell, go for it man. You walk over to the couch and tell them to please continue, and you were sorry that you interrupted them. The blond laid her head back on the pillow as the brunette began to suck and nibble on her breasts. Kissing her down her smooth belly, finally reaching the glistening mound of blond hair below. The blond is smiling at you as you walk towards the couch. The brunette is really going beyoğlu escort to town, licking and sucking the blond and making her moan. You can’t stand it any longer and take your rock hard cock in your hand. You tell the brunette “Hey, save some for me!” She laughs, and tells you that there is plenty to go around. She stops what she is doing and starts to unbutton your shirt. She stands up, and slides your shirt off, rubbing her wonderful hard tits on your chest. She takes you in her hand and begins to fondle the very tip of your cock with her finger. You grab one of her breasts in your hand and with the other pull her to you to kiss her. The blond comes over, and takes you both by hand and leads you to the bedroom. Together they sit you on the bed and take the rest of your clothes off. A bit forcefully they lay you down and tell you that it is your turn to be pleased.

The blond 69’s you and takes you deep in her mouth. You grab her hips and pull her to your mouth. One taste and you were in heaven. She was so very hot and juicy. The brunette was fondling the blonds erect nipples as she stroked herself. You were so excited, and so close, you move the blond off of you and tell the brunette to lie down. You had to have a taste of her also. You spread her legs wide and bomonti escort tongue her juicy clit fast and hard. Soon you see a hand slide in…the blond begins to finger her as you suck and lick. Her hips start to buck against your mouth; she is moaning and telling you that she is ready to cum. The blond fingers her harder, you suck harder and her body shakes and her back arches; she screams ‘oh yes, god yes!” You tell the blond “get on your knees, I need to fuck you now!”

She does as she is told, and as you ram your rock hard cock into her juicy waiting pussy, she cums almost instantly with a load moan. The brunette comes behind you and starts to fondle your swollen balls. Shit, this feels so good, such a tight hot pussy. The brunette surprises you by sliding a well lubber finger into you and finds your G-spot. Rubbing in and out slowly, you can hardly take it anymore, but you slow down because you want it to last forever. The blond starts to buck back against you, “Baby, fuck me harder!” You can’t hold back any longer, and tell the blond to roll over. As the brunette rub’s you G-spot, you grab your cock in one hand, the blonds pussy in the other and shoot the hottest, longest cum shot you have ever had all over her beautiful tits. It almost make you pass out it was intense.

In a heap of sweaty arms and legs, the girls ask if they could shower before they left, and you told them “of course”. The brunette looks over her shoulder as they walk into the bathroom, and the a sexy smile says: “Well, aren’t you going to join us?” I guess there isn’t going to be much sleep for you tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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