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Walking home from the subway, Liz realized just how tired she was. It was sometime after 9:00 on a Thursday night. If she’d met any of her friends, they would already be toasted, and all she really wanted was a quiet, but strong drink. Cruising by a newsstand she picked up a Daily News, not something she usually read, but she felt in the mood for it tonight. Now the only thing to do was find a nice quiet bar in which to have that drink and read the paper.

Remembering what looked like a small hotel closer to the East River than to her apartment, she thought that might be the place to find exactly what she wanted. With a destination in mind, she quickened her pace, her low heels clicking briskly on the sidewalk. She cruised by her apartment, glancing up at the windows and remembering she had to do something about getting a new roommate. Katherine was moving out in a couple weeks and there was no way Liz, a junior associate at her law firm, could afford a place on her own.

Liz crossed the last street, recalling the place was in the middle of the block. She wasn’t even sure it was a hotel it was so small, but there was a small brass plaque next to the door and it had a well-kept awning leading from the curb across the sidewalk and up the short flight of stairs to the front door. Liz had seen some very nice cars parked out front and she had even seen a diplomat plate or two while she was out on one of her early morning jogs by the river.

Liz climbed the stairs. “D’Orr,” the brass plaque read. She was so close to a drink, or so she thought, that she could almost taste it. She took the last step, reached forward and opened the door.

She hadn’t seen the man through the door. He was standing at something like a hostess stand, with a phone to his ear. He seemed just as surprised to see her as she was to see him. When he lowered the phone from his ear, Liz was a little taken aback at how good-looking he was. He spoke with a bit of a French accent.

“May I help you, mademoiselle?”

“I was just looking for a nice, quiet bar to have a drink in. Do you have a bar here?” Liz replied.

The man looked her over and met her eyes again with absolutely no sign of embarrassment. “We do. Through here and to the right. Enjoy.”

Liz was a little put off by his blatant overview, but had there been a little more light she might have done the same thing. She laughed at herself and walked into the bar. It was small but exquisitely appointed. There were only six stools at the bar proper and a handful of tables. A couple of the tables were occupied but it was fairly dark and she couldn’t make out the occupants. The only real light was by the bar, where no one was sitting. The bartender had just put down the phone and she turned to smile at Liz. She was stunned by the woman’s beauty. Taller than Liz, who was no slouch at 5’10”, she had dark hair and light blue eyes and could have been anywhere between 35 and 50 years of age.

“Good evening. I apologize for the holdup at the front door, but it’s not often we get people off the street looking for a drink. We’re generally not open to the public, and almost no one simply walks in. You look like you need a drink more than we need our privacy. What can I get for you?”

Liz placed her paper on the bar and pulled out one of the stools to sit down. She looked over the bottles and asked for a martini. “I’m sorry. I thought this was a hotel. I was just looking for a quiet place to get a drink and read the paper.”

“Well, you’ve certainly found a quiet place, although I’m afraid the lighting in here is going to be a little hard to read by.” They both laughed. “My name is Charlotte.”

“I’m Liz.” They shook hands and continued talking. Liz ordered another drink.

“So, is this a hotel?” Liz asked.

“Yesss,” the women drew out, “but our guests seek as much privacy as they can find. We simply provide that. We do no advertising. Word of mouth only, and even then you can only get in if you have a reference. Do you live nearby?”

“I just live in the next block west, for the moment at least. My roommate’s moving out in a couple weeks and I may have to move. It’s my place, but I don’t think I can afford it on my salary.”

Now it was Charlotte’s turn to look Liz over. Liz noticed and lowered her eyes with uncharacteristic shyness. She’d been gangly in high school and occasionally was still a little self-conscious about her body, even though she had nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, as she had aged she’d filled out in all the right places, and now in her late 20s she had a great body, which she usually kept hidden under her work clothes. She’d known her roommate since college, and even she had remarked at how great her body had gotten over the years. Still, as tall as she was, it wasn’t often she ran into a man who was up to the perceived challenge of the taller woman. Now, that guy at the front, the host or bouncer or whatever he was…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” Charlotte said. “Drink on bizimkent escort the house?”

Liz looked at her watch. It was after 11:00 and she had to get up early. She did feel considerably better than when she’d come in, though. “Can I take a rain check? I’ve got to be up awfully early in the morning.”

“I enjoyed meeting you, Liz. Come back anytime you need a quiet drink.”

“Thank you. I’d like that.” Liz picked up her things and left the way she’d come in, passing by the man at the front.

“Good night,” he said. “Will we be seeing you again?”

Liz turned toward him. “Yes, I think you will,” she said, smiling. She could feel him watching her as she went through the door. As she went down the stairs she realized how good she felt. She felt warm inside, and was glad she had stopped in. She felt like she had found a little place she could call her own. She was going to keep this place to herself. She liked the woman behind the bar, Charlotte, and found herself wondering about the guy at the front.

As she climbed the stairs to her apartment she recalled how long it had been since she’d really been with a man. She entered her apartment, dropping her keys by the door and her bag on the sofa. Her roommate wasn’t in. She was glad of that, and wished yet again that she could afford the apartment by herself. She went into the bathroom and slipped out of her dress. She brushed her teeth and hair and went into her bedroom. She undid her bra and let it slip off her shoulders. When she bent over to slip off her panties, she noticed a damp spot on them and smiled to herself. It might have been a while, but she still had the interest. She went over to the air conditioner and turned it up a notch.

Liz threw back the covers and flopped down on the bed. She reached over and turned off the bedside light, but the city lights cast an orange glow throughout the room. As she lay there, she thought about the guy at the bar, and about the last guy she’d slept with – he hadn’t been very good, but there had been others. As she lay there, she slid her hands down her belly to the inside of her thighs. She pulled her legs up and out, imagining someone else was parting them. With both hands she rubbed the inside of her thighs, climbing higher and higher, her hands finally meeting at the same place her legs met.

Liz finally arched her back and let out a long, quiet sigh just as she heard her Katherine’s key turning in the lock. Liz took one of her extra pillows, clamped it between her legs and rolled over on her side to go to sleep. In minutes, she was fast asleep, a satisfied smile on her face.

Liz awoke late on Sunday morning, still exhausted. The rest of the week had been very long, not ending till early Saturday evening. But Friday there had been a bit of a bonus. Her boss had called her into his office and told her she was being promoted to associate. Along with this promotion, she would get her own junior associate to do some of the tedious legwork. She might not gain a lot of hours of free time, but there would be a few. In addition, she’d be getting enough of a raise that she wouldn’t have to find a roommate right away. Just on the frugal side of free-spending, Liz had squirreled some money away, and so, with the raise, she could afford to take a little more time to figure out her living situation.

Liz pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt and ran out to get a paper and coffee. When she came back she stretched out on the sofa and read, watched TV and napped for the rest of the day. By early evening she was finally starting to feel sociable, and went in to take a shower. While she was drying off, she thought about what she wanted to do about dinner. She grabbed a pair of jeans and slipped them on, turning to check out the view in the mirror. She had developed a nice ass as she’d aged, and she was glad she hadn’t filled out till later in life – it meant she could make it last for that much longer. She had plenty of friends who were round and voluptuous in high school and even college, and she’d been jealous at the time. But now they were fighting weight problems she didn’t think she’d ever have, and she was glad for that.

Liz picked out a white, silk button-down top and pulled it on, tucking it into her jeans. Still with no plan in mind, she left the apartment and went down to the street. When she got to the sidewalk, she looked up the street and then down the street. Remembering the little place she’d wandered into the other night, she decided to head there for a drink first. Maybe there would be something to eat there as well. She covered the block and a half quickly.

When she approached the door, she didn’t see the guy, whatever his name was, at his spot. When she pulled on the door she found it had been locked. A little confused, she looked around and saw a small buzzer set into a round brass cover. Shrugging her shoulders, Liz pressed the button. She couldn’t hear anything and was ready to turn away when he came to the bostancı escort door looking ready to send whoever was ringing on their way. When he saw Liz on the other side of the door, his face loosened and broke into a smile. He unlocked the door and welcomed her inside.

“Come in, come in. I am so sorry it was locked for you.” He held the door for her as she came up the last step and inside. She turned toward him and held out her hand.

“I’m Liz. What’s your name?”

“You may call me Michael. Charlotte told me your name and said that you were welcome here any time. Unfortunately, she is not here right now, so if you were looking for her bartending skills, I am afraid you will have to put up with mine.”

They both laughed, and Liz led the way into the bar. She could feel Michael’s eyes checking out her backside in her jeans, and she was glad she’d worn them. “Is Charlotte going to be in?”

“I am sorry, but not tonight. She usually takes Sundays off, when we’re slow. I hope you will not leave because of that.”

“Well, it depends on how well you mix your drinks,” Liz joked. She liked Michael’s apparent humility. It was so refreshing when compared to all the male egomaniacs she generally met in her business. “You don’t have any food here, do you?”

“No, but I was just going to call for some Indian food. Would you care to join me?”

“I don’t know what to order,” Liz replied.

“How spicy do you like your food?”

“Medium to spicy.”

“Good, me too. I know just what to order. Have a seat. What would you like to drink?”

“Indian food says beer, doesn’t it?”

Michael poured her beer and went around the corner to call in the order, giving Liz the remnants of a leftover Sunday paper. Liz heard Michael mumbling into the phone and then heard him pick up the phone to make another call. He hung up the phone and as he came back behind the bar she heard a door close somewhere in back.

“So, what is your job here?” Liz asked when Michael had settled into a bar stool behind the bar.

“Well, I watch the front, do the books, and watch the bar when Charlotte’s not here. It’s primarily her business, but we’re sort of partners. I lent her some of the money for the renovations.”

He could sense Liz’s attitude change when he mentioned “partners.” “We’re not married or even dating. Never have. We’ve just known each other a long time,” he clarified. “I met her in France when she was traveling over there. I expressed an interest in coming here to do some work and she had this idea.” He waved his hand to indicate the bar and hotel.

Liz relaxed and smiled. “And the rest is history?”

“Something like that.” The buzzer rang and Michael went out to retrieve the Indian food. He brought it back in and said, “We’re not expecting anyone tonight, so, if you don’t mind, I’ll sit on this side of the bar.”

He poured a couple more beers and started pulling containers out of the bags. The conversation lagged as they both ate, the spicy food inviting more beer.

After they’d finished, Michael picked up the containers and asked Liz if she’d like something else to drink. She asked for a gin and tonic, which he got for her, and then he made one for himself and again sat down next to her, so close their knees were almost touching.

After the drinks and the company, Liz had made up her mind. She was going to take Michael to bed. She needed it badly. “How long do you keep the bar open?” she asked, looking up at him from her drink and turning just enough so their legs touched.

“My choice, really. There’s no one staying here tonight, and no one’s scheduled to come in, so I can close any time.” Michael looked into Liz’s eyes and knew immediately what she was really asking – “How soon can I get your clothes off you?”

“Do you live here, or do you have an apartment nearby?” Liz asked, sliding a little closer toward him.

“Actually, I stay here,” Michael responded, while thinking to himself “She’s not wasting any time.”

Liz stood up and placed her hands on the arms of Michael’s barstool. She liked taking charge, and it had been so long, and she found this man attractive. She leaned forward and kissed him just below his earlobe. He tilted his head to one side. “Show me?” she whispered, taking the tip of his earlobe between her teeth.

Michael responded by reaching around her waist with one arm and pulling her toward him. “Let me get the lights.”

Liz went behind the bar and poured herself a glass of cranberry juice. She’d had enough to drink. Michael came back from out front and took Liz’s hand and led her down the front hall toward the back of the brownstone. At the end of the hall he led her into his studio apartment, which dwarfed Liz’s one-bedroom. The furnishings were exquisite, not too dark, and it was an apartment Liz felt immediately comfortable in.

Michael approached the bed and turned to face Liz. She walked the last few steps to him and reached up büyükçekmece escort to pull his mouth toward hers. She pressed her lips against his, slowly working her tongue inside his mouth where their tongues intertwined. He sensed she liked taking charge in bed, and, going against his normal reactions, let her continue.

Liz reached in between them and with one hand undid his belt, and then the top snap of his pants, not breaking off their kissing for a second. She felt for the top of his zipper and slid it down very slowly, her free fingers brushing against his growing cock. When she had lowered his zipper all the way, she reached inside the top band of his boxers and took him in her hand. She slumped against him and gave a little moan. As she kneeled in front of him, he held onto her shirt, pulling it free of her jeans.

Liz pulled his pants down to the floor, leaving his boxers on for the moment. He lifted one foot at a time as Liz pulled his pants out of the way and slid them across the floor. She turned back toward him, her head even with the tip of his cock, which was straining the waistband, eager to be released. Liz hooked a finger in each side of the waistband and slowly pulled them down to his knees, where they fell the rest of the way to the floor. She had thought he was bigger than what she was used to when she had first touched him, but now that she was at eye level with his pulsing cock, she almost wondered what she had gotten herself into. She pulled back the foreskin of the first uncircumcised cock she had ever seen, exposing the bright red head. Liz firmly tongued the underside of the head, and then pulled it forward just a little and in one smooth motion took as much of his cock into her warm mouth as she could.

Michael moaned and placed his hands on her shoulders to guide her closer. She reached up with her other hand and cupped his balls. He spread his legs a little and her middle finger reached further back to press against the puckered bud of his ass. Liz continued her ministrations on his cock, taking as much as she could on the down stroke, occasionally suckling on the tender area underneath. When Michael felt he could take no more, he reached under her arms and lifted her up to him.

Michael started unbuttoning her top, leaning forward to kiss the tops of her breasts when he revealed them. Liz leaned her head and shoulders back to expose more of them to him. He took the hint and undid the clasp of her bra, fully exposing her smallish, but perfectly shaped breasts, nipples fully erect. One at a time, he took them in his mouth and rolled them around, Liz pressing into him each time. He removed her shirt and bra, turned her around, and gently laid her on the bed.

Michael stood by the side of the bed and pulled his shirt over his head. Then he kneeled on the bed and placed his hand between her breasts. Slowly, he drew his hand down the center of her belly, stopping briefly to draw a circle around her belly button. Liz arched her back, and Michael started unbuttoning her jeans. He grasped the top of them and slid them down over her hips as she arched her back again, then he stood back, grabbed the bottoms of them and pulled them off her, leaving her with only her panties on. He dropped the jeans on the floor and started kissing up her legs. When he got to her panties, he noticed how soaking wet they were. Slowly he pulled them off, and as he climbed back onto the bed he pulled them the rest of the way, Liz kicking them off from around her ankles. She turned to the right, her head close to the foot of the bed.

Michael followed part way, and started kissing her belly. Liz had had enough. She grabbed his head and pulled him up so they were face to face. “I really need this. Fuck me now, please.”

These were not words Michael had expected to hear from someone who looked like she was from the farm somewhere. She spread her legs and raised her hips off the bed. Michael looked her up and down, and rolled on top of her. She reached between his legs and guided him home. As he entered she closed her eyes and tipped her head back, relishing the feeling of the hard, hot cock entering her. Michael entered slowly until he was all the way in, then he pulled part-way out and thrust hard and deep. Liz pushed back, his size more than filling her, but it had been so long that it felt so good. He kept a slow but forceful pace, and for a couple minutes, each enjoyed their own sensations, when Liz stopped him. He looked surprised, but when she raised her legs and placed them on his shoulders, he knew what she wanted. He entered her again, but in this position he was able to get deeper inside of her. Her outer lips cushioned the base of his cock on every down stroke, and then they opened up to welcome him in.

Despite the attention she had given him, she was going to be the first to come. She could feel it building inside of her. By raising her legs she had guided him closer to her G-spot, and he was stroking it on every thrust. She lowered her legs from his shoulders and wrapped them around his upper waist, pulling him in closer. At every stroke she gave a little moan, and as she got closer, her eyes squeezed shut and her face contorted in an expression that looked to Michael like pain, but he knew that couldn’t be the case. Not with the noises she was making.

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