Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

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“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”

Remember that line? It was from a commercial from the 80’s – a shampoo commercial, I think.

Well, I live the opposite gender version of this -“Don’t hate me because I’m handsome.”

My name is Jim.

The product of a handsome Italian father and a beautiful Greek mother, I was a cute baby,

a cute little kid, a cute boy, a good-looking young man. Now ,in my early 30’s, 6’2″, in good shape, with my parents’ dark Mediterranean looks, I’ve been admired, praised, gazed at hungrily

by women, (and some men) all my life. Think of (for you of a certain generation) Victor Mature,

or more currently, Chris Noth, Gilles Marini….

You get the picture.

Things came to me rather easily, as they tend to do to good-looking people, and I could have grown up to be a real conceited prick. But as much-loved as I was my both parents, my mother could see the reaction her son had on others, and wasn’t about to stand for an arrogant little monster under her roof, especially being the only boy (I had two older sisters)

I remember when I was around 15, the girls were already calling, something my mother couldn’t

stand. Evidently I had given 2 girls the impression that I was taking them to a school dance, and one of them was calling me to sort it out. I was sitting on my bed reading. Mom told me

about the call, but not wanting to deal with the drama, I said “tell her I’m not here.”

Boy, was that the wrong move! I heard her speaking to the girl, she hung up, and next thing I knew she was in my room, smacking me upside the head with her slipper, telling me what a sin it was to be rude to people, how terrible it was to lead those poor little girls on, how she wasn’t going to tolerate a Lothario in her midst (I had to go look it up later), and I was going to grow up to be a considerate, thoughtful and respectful man, even if she had to kill me first!

She was a Greek fury, and I apologized up and down, straightened the whole situation out, and made sure I never pissed her off like that again.

Of course, my father heard about it, laughed his ass off, said something like “welcome to the club.” To this day he’ll mention it every now and again, just to keep me humble.

Fast-forward to the present. Both sisters are married. I have nieces and nephews.

I have a successful career, a nice home, have a good life, and both parents and sisters on my ass

as to why I haven’t found a nice girl and settled down. It’s not that I didn’t have plenty of choices-it was almost too easy, given my physicality (sorry Mom, but it is what it is).

I did a lot of dating and even had some semi-serious relationships. But I was looking for a lovely dark Mediterranean girl (just never understood the American male obsession with the blue-eyed blond California surfer girl look) with a great sense of humor, good sense of self and of what she wanted in life, happy in her career, same values as me, and I just hadn’t quite run across her yet.

Until the day that a new woman showed up in church. I had noticed her in the congregation, but when she joined the choir where I sang bass, I had the chance to get to know her on a no-pressure basis. She physically met the criteria—She could have been my sister looks-wise (but that’s kinda creepy so we won’t go there!). Her name was Anna, we were of the same faith, she was friendly with all,she had an easy laugh and was obviously interested. So we started going out.

She was smart, could hold her own in conversations on any subject, and I found myself wondering why she hadn’t been snapped up already. Of course, she probably wondered the same about me.

We’d been out a few times when she invited me over for dinner. She was a great cook, and after

the meal we were enjoying a drink out on her secluded patio on a lovely summer evening.

Now we’d done a little nuzzling and cuddling before, but I believe in taking things slow, letting the woman indicate when she wants more, since the expectation is that the man always pushes..

That approach had served me well through the years.

We ataşehir escort were on the bench with her on my left, when we started kissing, my arm around her back.

This time, however, she returned the kisses more deeply. I kissed back in kind,

She parted her lips, and I teased her tongue with mine.

She looked at me with those dark gorgeous

eyes – “did anybody tell you you’re a really great kisser?”.

I replied ” um, yes, but right back atcha.”

She smiled and we went back at it.

I let my right hand tease the back of her neck and I could hear her “mmmmm” purring like a cat.

I drew my hand down her back, teasing with my fingers, and coming around her side, slid my hand

to under her left breast. She took my hand and placed it firmly on that lovely mound. My fingers drew ever-decreasing circles until they were right over her nipple. I could tell she was wearing a thin bra under her top, and I began to flick her nipple with my thumb. She stopped kissing me, pulled back and pulled her top over her head, tossing it on the floor. This was a surprise!

I smiled and said “well, aren’t we subtle?”

She laughed and placed both my hands on her breasts. She had on a lovely satin and lace number, and I felt that sweet familiar swelling in my crotch.

I continued to gently caress her, and then she reached back and unhooked her bra. I took hold of lacy cups and pulled them towards me as she wiggled out of them.

And then her naked breasts faced me. God, they were gorgeous! Round and firm and with those

brownish-pink areolas that brunettes have.

I tickled both her nipples with my thumbs as she let out an “ooh” of satisfaction. Then I went back to those long, slow circles around the breast itself, arriving once again at the nipples, tickling them gently which made her arch her back slightly and make more pleasurable sounds. I bent towards her, taking her left nipple into my mouth, I circled around my tongue, and then flicked it across her nip quickly.

She reacted quickly. I then moved over and did the same thing to her right, as her breathing became louder.

“Oh!” she moaned, “thank you so much for not twisting or biting or sucking hard like too many idiots do – this is so wonderful!”

I looked up at her and said ” I was taught to start softly and only go harder if I was told to.”

She sighed “well, those are wise words. Who taught you that?”

I smiled at her “a gentleman never kisses and tells, but I can share with you that it was a cliched scenario – older woman takes younger man in hand, etc, etc.”.

“Well, that’s the way it should always go, especially if the results are this good.” she said firmly.

“Why, thank you!” I grinned back, as I let my right hand travel down her thigh. She had on one of those little flouncy skirts that moved so seductively when she walked.

I started lightly tickling my fingers behind her left knee, moving my hand up her thigh, as she drew her breath in a pleasured “ooh”. My hand continued up to her panties, and then moved over to the other thigh, tickling it’s way down to the other knee.

I kept on with this, making the arc shorter and shorter, until there was no place else to go. She was trembling by now, arching with desire for me to touch her in the middle, her body practically begging for me for me to finger her there. My own organ was throbbing and pushing against my pants.

So, I drew my index finger up and down right in the middle of her pussy, where I figured her clit would be. She moaned and drew herself up against me, and then relaxed down again. “Was that a little coming?”I asked.

She nodded weakly. I moved my finger against her slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, driving her nuts with the sensations.

Then I pulled aside her panties and placed my middle finger right in her wet cleft.

Her teeth began chattering, and I pulled back, looking at her questiongly. “I always do that when I’m very turned on.”

“Wow!” I said. “That’s wild. Love it. Shall I proceed?”

“Oh God, yes.” she sighed.

I avcılar escort returned my finger there, and began moving it up and down, teasing her from her clit to the entrance, feeling the slick wetness there. First slowly a few times, then a few very fast. I’m sure she came again, given the response. I pulled my hand out and when she looked at me to see why I stopped, my finger was at my lips.

“See how marvelous you smell.” I inhaled softly. I ran my tongue down my finger. “taste how marvelous you are.” and offered it to her.

What happened next I could never have predicted. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she began to cry. I felt as if I was dashed with scalding water! In my head I heard “Fuck man! What the hell did you do? Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!” I could feel myself wilt below.

I stammered “sweetie, I’m so sorry! What did I do wrong?”

In a voice choked with tears, she said “Nothing! That’s the most beautiful compliment my body has ever been paid!” I was still a bit in shock, and asked “you mean no one has told you how sweet your pussy is?”

She shook her head. “I guess I haven’t been lucky with men. I don’t know how I do it, but my few

experiences have been anything but like this. I ended up with selfish jerks who thought of me as some kind of trophy, They weren’t even considerate in bed.” The hurt just poured out of her.

Oh. My. God. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My heart melting a bit, I scooped her up and murmured into her hair, “Oh honey – Those weren’t men. They weren’t even boys. Those were just assholes.”

“Now let’s go and erase those horrible memories from your mind, and erase the fact that you just scared the shit outta me.” She started laughing in spite of herself.

I carried her into her bedroom, and laid her down on the bed. It was now past dusk, and the room was dark.

I noticed she had candles on several of the dressers and such, so I lit them.

She looked at me, and said “take off your shirt.”

I knelt by the bed and said “Why don’t you help me?” She began to unbutton me as I gave her my best salacious smile to move her mood into a better place. She pulled the shirt out of my pants and opened it up.

She gazed at my chest – “Very nice.” running her fingers thru the hair there. “I don’t like that bare-chested look, too much like a prepubescent boy.”

As I finished pulling the shirt off, I said “My thoughts exactly. And I’m grateful it’s not too much – you know some of the Italian/Greek boys can look like gorillas!” She laughed. “Whew!” I thought – back on track!

I smiled at her and said “let’s just complete the look, shall we?” tugging at her skirt playfully.

She raised her hips and I pulled it off, revealing the rest of her lovely figure. I stood at the side of the bed while she unbuckled my belt, and unzipped me. Happily, things had returned to their earlier state.

She pushed my pants down to reveal black silk boxers that had become a tent. “Oh wow! I LOVE

men who wear sexy shorts!” she gushed.

I worked my pants off my feet and joined her on the bed.”Well here ah is! Now, where were we?” as I laid down beside her.

She took my hand, and placed it between her legs, “I think we were here when you overwhelmed me.”

I began tickling her again a few moments through the silky fabric, as she took my stiff cock in her hand.

Oh – wow! Did that feel great! She massaged me up and down while I diddled my finger on her

pussy again. The air was still except for the sounds of our mutual pleasuring. I removed her

panties and we viewed each others’ naked bodies with lustful looks.

She had a bit of black pubic hair on top, which pleased me – Like the male chest, I don’t like a bare pussy that looks like it belongs to a 10-year old gir. Her inner parts were the same dark pink color of her nipples, now glistening in the candlelight. She complimented my generous cock, noting that we had the same coloring of our “goodies” as she put it.

She made me lie back while she made a tickly motion with her fingers up and down avrupa yakası escort my erection, and lightly ran her fingers over the hair on my balls.Oh LORD!!! The sensations were unbelievable! .

She heard my groan and said “Do you like it this lightly?”

My eyes closed in pleasure, I replied “you have no idea.” I just laid back and enjoyed it.

When I found myself getting a little too close to the edge, I sat up, put her on her back and got on all fours over her. “Didn’t you enjoy it?” she wondered.

I winked – “Just a little bit too much.” and she understood.

I started kissing her face, then worked my way down, ever so slowly, hovering over each breast for awhile, tongueing her lovely titties, then pausing over her bellybutton, which she quickly shoo’ed me away from, giggling as it was too ticklish.

I continued down, licking the insides of her thighs, using my tongue and lips where before my fingers had excited her, I tickled the hair on her Venus mound with my fingers, and let them trace down either side on the outer lips.

She shivered a little. The smell of her was such an aphrodisiac, I pushed my nose and lips right into the middle of her, kissing her inner lips and tasting the wonderful juice from her cunny.

She let out a long “ohhhhhh!” and grabbed my head with both hands. I continued tickling her sweet pussy with my tongue. First a long flat lapping, going from her pink petals, up to the top, where I did a quick flick with the tip of my tongue on her clit, then went back down with a side-to-side movement. I repeated this for a few minutes, hearing her cries of delight,and feeling the movements of her pelvis.

I came up for air. She sat up and pulled me towards her, kissing and licking her own juices off my face. “Doesn’t that taste wonderful? See why I love doing that to you?” I asked. There were no tears this time. She surprised me by pushing me down on my back, scooched down between my outstretched legs, and returned the favor.

I was blown away. This little church girl had quite the technique. She licked and lapped and sucked my cock with abandon. Her tongue tickled my balls. Between her hands, tongue, lips and mouth, I was in Heaven. I suppose my response was as noisy as hers had been to me, because I’d look up to watch her at work, which turned me on even more, and she had a wicked little smile on her face.

Finally I couldn’t take any more, I wanted to be inside her, and told her so. “How do you like to do it, you nasty little thing?”, I joked, grabbing her and kissing her hard.

“Me on top? You on top? On our sides? From behind? What?”

“Surprise me.” she smirked.

So, I had her lie down on her back, with her bent legs over me, while I laid on my left side. I took my cock and teased her wet pussy with it. I slowly pushed into her, and encouraged her to scootch a little closer. I went very slowly, a little more at a time, then pulled back, a little more, then back, both of us not holding back our sounds of pleasure. At last I was all the way in.

Oh God! She was so tight, and I could feel her pussy pulsing. We started a rhythm — a few strokes ve-ry slow-ly, then several very quickly and stop! We could feel the little aftershocks. Slowly and quickly, slowly and quickly, me playing with her clit during some of the slow strokes for added pleasure. I could see with each time she was coming closer and closer. We kept this rhythm for quite a while.

Then at the end of one of the quick phases she pleaded ” please, faster, and harder, don’t stop!” We both moved against each other with quicker and quicker strokes, our bodies slapping against each other in that bawdy percussion of unabashed fucking. Harder and faster, gasping and panting, until I heard her scream ” Oh honey, I’m coming! Oh God, Oh!!!!” At that moment I could feel her walls grabbing, grabbing my cock, and I let it go.

A sweet, dizzying explosion went from my balls out into her, down my legs, up my spine, into my gut, and I yelled in ecstasy “Oh God, I am too!” I swear, we must have made the walls shake with our climaxing. My mind was whirling, whirling, and we collapsed in a satisfied heap.

Once we came to ourselves, I moved up with my head on one of her pillows and stretched out the length of the bed. I beckoned her to come to me. She cuddled up beside me, and I’m sure the thought in both of our minds as we drifted off to sleep, was “this one’s a keeper.”

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