Dom Mark’s Secret Shave Shop

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Debby had had enough of her hair. She was so tired of pushing it off her face and had decided she wanted a short cut. But as she was visiting her cousin Anne, who lived in a little town in Italy, she figured she’d have to wait until she got home in the States.

Anne had been showing her the sights of the town the last few days and Debby was charmed by the architecture and the people. The two of them were now sitting in a café, sipping their tea and eating some tasty biscuits. They were talking about what they had seen and Debby had noticed the lack of something. She asked her cousin why there weren’t any barber shops, only salons, something that she found strange.

Anne was about to explain but her phone suddenly rang and she stepped outside to take it so she didn’t disturb the others in the café. Debby was sitting near a couple of local men; one had a trimmed beard and moustache and had a likable face. She caught him looking at her and she blushed and quickly turned away.

While Anne was outside on her phone, the second gentleman stood, put some money on the table, and left, leaving her stranger sitting alone.

He leans over and in a quiet voice, says to Debby, “I couldn’t help but overhear you ask about barber shops. We have them but they are few and owned by dodgy people who are not interested in proper barber hygiene, so we avoid them.”

Debby replies, “Thank you for the explanation. In the U.S., we have a lot of barber shops as well as salons. Men and women frequent both types of hair places.”

“Oh? Which one do you go to?”

“I go to a salon.” She pauses, looks down, blushes, and lifting her head, she says, “I’ve always been curious about having my hair cut at a barber shop. I love the vintage chairs and would love to know what they’re like.” She pauses and then says, “I don’t know why I’m telling that to a stranger” and blushes even more.

The gentleman, who couldn’t believe his luck, says, “May I ask your name? I am Mark.”

“Nice to meet you, Mark. My name is Debby.”

“Nice to meet you too, Debby. Were you thinking of getting a haircut while you were here?”

“I had hoped to, yes. My hair is driving me crazy. But if all you have is salons, I might as well wait until I get home. It’s not that big a deal.”

Mark thinks for a moment. This was a situation too good to pass up, and he figures nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“Debby, I am a retired hairdresser. I don’t have a shop but I do have hair cutting tools and my own salon chair. It doesn’t compare to a barber chair, but I think you might like it. Would you let me cut your hair?”

Debby looks directly into his eyes, and likes what she sees. He has kind eyes. For some reason, Debby trusts this stranger.

“I’d like that, Mark.”

“When are you leaving our town?”

“I’m here for another two weeks with my cousin.”

“Can you find a way to spend time away from your cousin in those two weeks?”

“I’m sure I can. She knows I want to see more of the sights and she does have to go back to work next week.”

“That’s fine. Today is Friday. I will meet you here at 2 in the afternoon on Monday. I will explain what I would like to do to, um, for you.”

“I will be here. Oh, Anne is coming back. I’ll see you then.” Debby was intrigued by what he meant when he said what he would like to do to her. Her body is tingling at that thought.

Anne stands by the table and takes out her wallet. “That was work, just filling me in on what to expect when I get into the office. Shall we saunter on home and make dinner?”

Debby stands up and they both walk toward the entrance. She turns around and smiles at Mark, who is watching her.

The weekend, though full of fun, sights, and activities, seems to drag on for Debby. She really can’t wait to see what Mark has in mind.

Finally, Monday arrives. Debby spends most of the morning relaxing after Anne goes to work, and then gets herself ready to meet Mark.

He is sitting in the café when she arrives. “I like a woman who arrives on time.” He stands and kisses her cheek.

“I’m excited to find out what you have in mind.”

Mark takes her arm. “Let’s take a walk and I will tell you.”

They leave the café and start walking towards a pretty little park. Along the way, Debby listens to Mark tell her of his interests.

“I do things for women who want something unique and different, something they wouldn’t dare tell their mother about.”

Debby is very curious now and asks what that means.

“In a few words, I’m a Dom. Do you know what that means?”

Debby tells him no, and Mark explains to her about Doms and subs.

“Do you have any questions?”

“Um, yeah, but I’m a bit embarrassed to ask.”

“Go ahead; you might be surprised at what I’ve been asked.”

“Okay. Besides being curious about barber chairs, I’ve, um, always wondered what it would be like to have, um…” she hesitates to go on.

“You can say it.”

She takes a deep breath and blurts out, “my pussy shaved.”

Mark smiles and responds, canlı bahis şirketleri “You aren’t the first woman to wonder. I can make that happen, if you really want to know.”

She thinks for a second, and said, “Yes, I really do.”

“Okay then. Any more questions?”

She’s quiet for a second, and then says, “Not at the moment. It all sounds very intriguing, and exciting.”

They continue walking as they decide what she wants to happen.

After a while, they turn the corner into a small alley behind some stores. She follows him to a red door and down some steps that take them to a finished basement. He opens an inside door for her and she walks in.

She looks around the small room and sees that it’s almost setup like a salon with a salon chair, and a sink with a different chair. Mark walks over to a double door and opens them up. Behind the doors is another room with a bed, table, small refrigerator, and an armoire. Behind another door is a small sink and toilet. One side of the armoire is open and Debby sees some leather restraints and some things on the shelf that she couldn’t quite make out.

“So, what do you think? Are you still intrigued?”

“Oh yes!”

“When do you want to start our fantasy?”

“How about right now?”

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to think about it for a while?”

“I’m sure.”

Mark tempers his excitement with doubt. He’s had women jump at the chance before only to jump out of the chair once they hear the clippers pop and whirr to life, never to return. He wonders if she too will run.

“As we planned, I will start by slowly and gently shaving your pussy. You can go into the other room and take off your slacks and underwear. You may take off your top if you feel comfortable doing so but it is not necessary for now.”

Debby walks into the room with the bed and leaves the door ajar so she can hear him when he speaks. She finds her underwear is a little damp; she wasn’t aware that she was already aroused.

Mark opens a closet door and pulls out his white jacket and puts it on. Looking professional is part of the fantasy for him.

Debby comes into the salon room and sees him in his white jacket, looking like a barber she’s seen in an old photo somewhere. There’s a hitch in her breath and an extra beat of her heart. She’s not sure if she’s more aroused by seeing the jacket, a part of her fantasy as well, or is nervous; maybe both.

She watches Mark as his back is turned. She sees him take a towel out of a drawer and places it on the seat of the chair.


She does as she’s told and sits on the towel covered leather seat.

“For the moisture.” he says with a wink.

He reaches into another drawer and then closes it. She sees that he has some ropes

in his hand. He next pulls over a small stool and sits in front of her. He slowly reaches towards her leg and places his hand on her knee.

“Are you ready?”

She whispers, “Yes.”

“This first time, I’m going to tie only one leg to the chair so you get used to being restrained. Okay?”

She nods yes.

He ties her leg to the arm of the chair, tightly but not unpleasantly so, and with the ties towards her, in case she panics and wants to untie herself. He’s found doing that for the first time allows the woman to relax a bit more if she knows she is in some control.

“I’m now going to turn on the clippers and put them to your pussy. I want you to feel the vibrations.”

She again nods but doesn’t speak.

Mark picks up the clippers and holds them in front of her. She feels a rush just looking at them.

He turns them on and slowly comes closer to her pussy. Holding them lightly to the outside of her pussy, she feels the vibrations and feels moisture forming; it’s so arousing.

After a few seconds, he positions the clippers as if to shave her.

Debby feels panic rising. “No! Stop!” He pulls the clippers away. “I can’t!”

She reaches to untie the rope, and when it’s off, she runs into the other room and slams the door.

Mark just sits on the stool, and sighs. Another one to run. He turns off the clippers and puts them on the counter. He leans against the counter, arms across his chest, waiting for her to emerge fully dressed, which she does, faster than any woman has before.

As she quickly crosses the salon, she apologizes for getting his hopes up and for taking up his time. In the blink of an eye, she’s out the door.

What just happened? How could he have been so wrong about her? He saw something different in her; something that said she was ready to give in to her desires, ready to give up control. He’s sure he’s right about her. He thinks, ‘she’ll be back.’ He sighs again and turns to clean the clippers. They don’t really need it as they weren’t used, but cleaning them gives him a Zen moment and has a calming effect on him.

After the clippers are back in the drawer, he takes off his jacket and goes to hang it up. As he closes the closet door, he hears the main door open and softly close. He slowly canlı kaçak iddaa turns and sees her standing there. Her head is down, looking at her folded hands. Mark folds his arms again and lets her gather herself.

“Well?” he says after a few minutes.

“Um, I’m sorry. I freaked. I don’t know why because I’ve wanted this for so long. I didn’t dare hope it would happen and now I’ve found you and it’s all so real now…” The words came tumbling out of her in a rush, as if she might panic again and run. “I can’t believe I got so wet and you hadn’t even touched me, and, and…”

Mark goes over to her and takes her into his arms. He smooths her hair and says, “shhh.”

He holds her for several minutes, until he feels her breathing slowing and her panic leaving.

He leads her over to waiting chairs along the wall and they sit.

“Are you okay now?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Talk to me. Tell me your fears.”

She takes a minute to think. Taking a deep breath, she says, “I’m afraid of not liking it but at the same time, I’m afraid of liking it too much, and I’m afraid if I do, I will lose control. I’m afraid of what I will become.”

“These are all normal fears. When something we desire deeply and for so long becomes available to us, we want as much of it as we can, like a piece of cake when we are on a diet. But, if you eat the whole cake, you will only feel sick and maybe never want cake again.

This is where I can help. Being a Dom, I can give you what you crave and in the way you crave it, but I can also control how much of it you receive. You will lose control only in how you physically feel when I do things to you, and that is wonderful and freeing. If you want too much of it, I will hold it back until you feel in control again. How does that sound?”

She considers what he said. It seems to make sense. She doesn’t want to turn into a monster, craving it all the time, but can she trust herself? She looks at him and sees that he’s sincere in his concern and care for her.

“I think that does help. I think I understand better now.”

“So, do you think that you can hand over control to me and learn to enjoy your desires?”

“Yes, I think so. I want to.”

“Do you want to try again today or would you rather sleep on it?”

She looks over at the chair.

She remembers the rush of having even one leg tied and seeing the clippers in his hand. Instead of the panic she felt then, all she feels now is a strong desire to experience everything.

“I want to do it now.” She adds, “Please, Sir.”

Mark is pleased with her answer. He stands and offers her his hand to help her up.

“As before, undress from the waist down and sit in the chair.” She obeys and quickly undresses in the other room. Mark again puts on his jacket and grabs the towel and clippers from the drawers.

He turns to her and says, “In light of your panic, I won’t tie your leg this time.”

She shakes her head, “No. I want both of my legs tied this time. I don’t want the chance to run.”

Mark was surprised at her bravery. He opens the drawer and again pulls out the ropes. He holds them up so she can see them.


She smiles. “Yes.”

He touches one leg lightly, sensuously, and wraps the rope around her leg and the chair. When tied, he caresses her leg from ankle to knee. She feels her nether region moisten. He does the same to the other leg and she is now open and he can see her mound glisten with slickness.

He chuckles and wipes her with the towel. “Ready, I see.” She blushes and shyly smiles.

He picks up the clippers. “Do you want this on your pussy?”

“Oh yes, Sir. Please shave my pussy,” she pleads.

Mark’s cock gives a little jump in his shorts. He clicks on the clippers and approaches her as he sits on the stool. She watches his hand as the clippers lightly touch her pubic hair. The teeth snag some longer hairs and makes a shearing sound. He moves the clippers down again and pushes up, just a little closer to her mound. She hears more hair cut away. With each rise of the clippers, they come closer to her skin. Something primal bubbles up inside her and suddenly she wants something more.

He sees how she’s trying to stay in control and knows how she needs to let go. “What do you want to do, Debby? What are you holding back from?”

She whispers her answer. “I want to push into them; I want all of the clippers.”

“Do it then, just do it. Take a few deep breaths and let go, let your desire overtake you.”

She breathes deeply several times and it relaxes her and strengthens her resolve. She moves her body forward so her pubes push into the clippers, helped along by Mark pushing them into her.

The heat of the steel is so near her clit and the vibrations on her pussy send her over the edge. Her orgasm is strong and unexpected and she wants more as she moans. She pushes harder as Mark holds the clippers to her pussy and she gushes honey in a powerful orgasm that shakes her down to her toes and makes her silently scream.

Mark’s canlı kaçak bahis cock is now rock hard and uncomfortable being trapped inside his slacks. With his free hand, he unzips and pulls it out. He keeps it hidden under his jacket, as he doesn’t want to scare her into something she isn’t ready for, but seeing her in her orgasmic glory, knowing how free she can be, fucking her in the chair will definitely be on the menu.

He needs to get his mind off of that, so he watches her as she comes down from her bliss. When she can finally speak, all she can say is, “Wow!”

“How do you feel?”

“Buzzed!” she declares with a mischievous smile. Mark laughs and smiles back at her.

“I’ve left some hair there so that we can make the rest of that part of your fantasy happen later. Okay?”

Debby nods, “Yes. I want to prolong that part and it will be something to look forward to.”

Mark gets up and goes to the sink and wets a towel, and picks up a dry towel as well. He sits back on the stool and gently wipes her pussy with the wet towel, and tenderly dries her off.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You are very welcome,” he answers as he begins cleaning the clippers, putting them away in the drawer. He washes his hands and turns to her as he dries them on a towel.

“You must be hungry. Let’s go back to your hotel, have some dinner and make plans for what’s to come.”

“Good, I am suddenly hungry.”

After dressing themselves, it is a short walk back to her hotel. As they have dinner, they make small talk, learning more about each other. They save the plan-making until the dessert course.

“I have plans to meet some old friends and spend time with them so our next meeting will have to be on Friday. I hope that is okay with you?”

“Yes, of course. I can’t stay away from the house too often as the wife may get suspicious so that will work out well.”

They go over to the elevator and he goes up to her room with her. Using the key card, he opens the door for her. She turns to him and says, “Thanks for making my introduction to kink so warm and welcoming. I can’t wait for what we’ll do next time. Goodnight, Mark.”

He holds out his arms, inviting her in for a hug. “Goodnight, Debby,” he says, as he kisses the top of her head. She closes the door and he walks back to the elevator.

Debby has a wonderful time with her friends from college and her hometown. They tour a castle, wander a museum, and dine on delicious local food. It is so much fun being with them but she can’t wait to get back to Mark and experience what he’ll do to her. She has surprised herself by realizing how much she wants to embrace her kinkiness. No one back home would believe it, or approve of it.

Debby arrives back at her hotel room and drops her stuff. She undresses and takes a quick shower to get rid of the smells of travel. Under the warm water, her hand traces a path from her breast to her stomach, ending at her pussy. She thinks back to the day Mark introduced her to the joy of clippers. She absentmindedly strokes her neatly groomed pussy, remembering how the clippers felt. Without realizing it, she inserts a couple fingers of one hand while the other finds her clit. She’s caught up in both the sensation of masturbation as well as the remembered vibrations of the clippers. Soon her breath quickens and her hands move faster. She’s craving the orgasm that she knows the clippers will provide. Thinking about how hard she’ll come when Mark ties her in the chair and turns on the clippers, her hands bring on a strong orgasm under the cascading water.

It takes a couple minutes to come down to earth before she turns off the water and reaches for a towel. After toweling off, she slips into her nightgown. As she turns back the bed covers, it hits her how tired she is. Pulling the covers up over her body, she’s already half asleep. She sleeps a deep, dreamless sleep.

Waking refreshed and in a great mood, Debby quickly dresses and goes down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After she finishes her coffee, she heads back up to her room. She passes by the front desk and hears her name called. She walks over and is handed an envelope with her name on it. She doesn’t open it until she gets to her room.

She plops down in an arm chair and opens the envelope. It is a note from Mark. As she reads it, a smile appears on her face. He writes how he misses her and hopes that she had a great time with her friends. He continues on, telling her how impressed he was with her bravery and proud of her reaction to the clippers. He says that he can’t wait to fulfil all her fantasies. He ends with a time that she should arrive at the shop.

Debby wanders around the room, anxious to see him. The minutes feel like hours so she decides to go for a walk. She walks down streets she hadn’t been down before and sees stalls full of beautiful flowers, smells delicious bakery items, and hears local music from someone’s window. She feels so full of life, and so happy. The day is so beautiful that she almost doesn’t turn to go back to the hotel, but the pull of what’s to come draws her back to her room.

She freshens up before heading down to Mark’s shop. She’s so excited she almost runs but instead forces her to walk normally. She doesn’t want to be sweaty and out of breath when she gets there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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